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  1. Auction is back up. http://cgi.ebay.com/Rare-Transformers-G1-C...1QQcmdZViewItem If the link fails again, just do a search for "classic grimlock".
  2. Well Skywarp has already been announced (in the Target-exclusive Skywarp - Ultra Magnus 2-pack) so that's three out of six already.
  3. Well ofcourse there'll be RID/Armada/Energon/Cybertron-collectors in 10 years time. There's herds of collectors for pretty much everything. Besides, a big part of the reason why people collect toys in the first place is sentimental value. For today's kids, RID/Armada/Energon/Cybertron will have the same sentimental value as G1 has for most of us here. Plus, if the line stays hot, RID/Armada/Energon/Cybertron will be far more affordable in 10 years time than G1/G2/Wars will be by then. For some of us, that's a big push too.
  4. I like the design better than I like BB's, Megs and SS'. Weird eyes though. I wonder if that's why the previous pic had a black bar across them.
  5. Well either that or just to piss off the fanbase.
  6. A giant Michael Bay-head with flashing horns and red eyes.
  7. Teh wha..? The board game people?? Yup them. MB held the rights to TF in some countries before Hasbro took over.
  8. <universal_answer> Why, subspace ofcourse! </universal_answer>
  9. Ahhhh...yes... First: Warpath Last: Either FlameFeather or the Micromaster race Car Patrol (or whatever the hell it's called... the one with the racecars!). Favourite: Soundwave and Sludge on par
  10. Well I hope a change of heads is still possible for the Starscream-mold. Heck, even some hands would come in handy (no pun intended). The mold as it is now, is more like a pre-Headmasters Apeface.
  11. Well I heard that Tom Hanks is actually a big TF-fan (and a pretty good director IMHO). But then again he's not the type of director who'd make an all-explosions-no-plot movie. Same goes for Kevin Smith I suppose. Quentin Tarantino would just have them do nothing but talk for the biggest part of the movie (although most likely with brilliantly written dialogue). My point is that those are three topbill director's there who have a love for TF.
  12. I've got a confession to make... As a kid, there was a short time when I thought Screamer was a female Transformer...
  13. Oh yes, a metallic gun-shaped object shipping through airmail. That'll be fun at the customs office I am going to shoot you.
  14. My response to THAT is: neither of those
  15. I feel like I'm being r*ped... Seriously, I am going to find out what Bay loved as a kid, rip it apart and make him watch me. EDIT: oh, and I hope that no one even THINKS about demanding Welker to voice this piece of donkeydung
  16. I especially like the black Autobot shirt. Then again I wear mostly black so I'm very partial to it (And yes... I like metal, so sue me ) The Soundwave one would be even cooler if it was just the cassette door with the Decepticon logo (and perhaps a vague Laserbeak in tapemode behind it).
  17. "Oh sh*t! What are we gonna do now?!" But i guess you chose that particular quote because of the character who says it, don'tya?
  18. MP-04 is, for now, a Japanese exclusive. The cab is almost identical to Hasbro's 20th Anniversary Prime, but has chromed parts and longer smokestacks (as opposed to Hasbro's "Oh Noes! These could poke someone's eye out!"™-versions). MP-04 and MP-01 unfortunately (if you care for such things) lack the stand with soundeffects though. If you're a Decepticon fan: MP-03 is Starscream. Opinions on if it's actually any good differ on this board as the colourscheme is slightly off and the mold has a few annoyances according to some (including myself, to be honest).
  19. Hey all, Lately, bootlegs of G1 Optimus Prime, Beachcomber and Soundwave's cassettes have shown up. These bootlegs are very accurate and are nothing like the Constructicons, Terrorcons, Protectobots Aerialbots and "TechnoStuntibotcons" sets that can be found on eBay. In fact, the new bootlegs come in realistic packaging and have working rubsigns. An example of bootleg Beachcomber can be found here, while this is a set of bootlegged Buzzsaw and Rumble. More worrying is the bootlegged Prime which is now also sold in parts (i.e. box/insert or unused stickersheets) on eBay (here and here for example). Has anybody on here been fooled by these yet? Is there a way to tell them apart from The Real Thing (other than the fact sellers usually have stacks of them in stock for really low prices and stuff like transparent or black versions are freely available from them instead of being show exclusives that is)? The reason why i'm asking is that I recently purchased a MOSC Seaspray on eBay. Now i'm beginning to wonder if it's a real one or not.
  20. I'm beginning to fear I see the reason for the weird "spaghetti"-panels covering the botmodes instead of larger altmode-parts. I suspect the bots won't transform in the classical sense of the word, but the panels could slide and connect like lego's or luxaflex instead, covering the bot's body as his limbs rotate and fold away. Maybe even without making a sound... I dunno, it's just the vibe i'm getting trying to figure out how Bumblebee, Prime and Blackout wil transform.
  21. That's OK, we're all aware of your alter ego by now j/k!
  22. I'm pretty sure it's a bootleg, albeit a very, very nice one. The same company produces the "Walt Disney's 100 Years Of Magic" 72-disc DVD set. The set has all the Disney movies ever released, each on its own disc. In fact, the Disney-set includes Antz, Ice Age, Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland version) and a few other films....that aren't even by Disney! Wizard of Oz is a WB film, Antz is a Woody Allen film released by Dreamworks and Ice Age is a Fox-franchise. That goes to show that it's just a set of bootlegs thrown together with nice packaging. The Transformers G1 set is probably the same. The seller from your link offers the Disney set too.
  23. I can't wait for the rest of this series: Vegatron Devas-tater Rodimus Fry-me Dinobot Spud-ge Jetfryer etc... ..and ofcourse the Potato Head Masters
  24. I've noticed that the people who like it are mostly Joe-fans
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