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  1. I didn't like the original Prime statue (did someone colour that using Wasco or something?) and this is even worse. IF you're going to do something that's 2 meters high and should cost €1,850+, atleast do a transformable giant Masterpiece Convoy or something. Then again, you'd probably need someone to help you actually transform a giant transformable Masterpiece Convoy... so maybe not Still, this thing is too ugly to cost me a paycheck.
  2. Judging by this, I think he'll bring a softball ball on a string
  3. Let's just hope he doesn't go and kill the guy who legally changed his name to Optimus Prime in 2003. (linky linky!) ...or the other way around should they have seen the live action movie.
  4. Does anyone know if the Japanese version of seasons 1-3 used the same BGM as the American release did? If so, this would be a cool boxset
  5. Here ya go: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BEE-OTCH-TR...146695269QQrdZ1 The real thing, not the promotional "Transformers" tie-in version that's being sold at a premium at some outlets.
  6. Because it would seriously freak out all the little sisters in the theatre? Perhaps it would cause an uproar on the Furby-boards? But most likely, the TF fandom couldn't handle the payback to be done to TF if they ever make a real life Furby-movie
  7. Wow... they could've just hired Frank Welker if they wanted Megs to sound like Dr. Claw
  8. 7-4-7. That's 7-3-7 in metric.
  9. lol i LOVE the Jurassic Grimlock one!
  10. I for one expect there to be lots of little in-jokes included (Die-cast, rubsignes etc.). Lots of other Hasbro-toys get cameos too (My Little Pony and Furby are both confirmed). On the G1 Transforming-sound: don't get your hopes up. To me it sounds like something they've edited into the trailer and won't be in the final scene. But ofcourse I could be wrong, we'll see I love the scene where Starscream transforms and smashes into the ground. That's amazing. Also, him flying underneath a bridge, transforming and landing on top of it does his ape-like botmode real justice IMHO. But what strikes me as odd is this. Volkswagen has always stated that they will no longer be associated with Transformers because they're "wartoys". Yet, the movie obviously has Porsche product-placement (Porsche is a Volkswagen sub). Ugh. But still, I'm going to see this movie
  11. In short, make sure you make her believe you LOVE doing chores around the house. And I do mean LOVE! That way, she'll see that asd primary competition and, if you're lucky, she'll not want you around the house doing stuff!
  12. Finally! A G1 Prime with long smokestacks that I can actually afford! lol But seriously, again? I mean I'm happy I can get a Japanese Prime, but isn't it a bit soon for this after the TFC? Then again, the movie will probably hit Japan this summer too, so perhaps this is their way to cash in on non-collectors who suddenly feel nostalgic after leaving the cinema. I must say it's a pretty good line-up though, character wise. Also, Starscream is the standard G1-release as opposed to the "Anime Accurate" TFC-version.
  13. Oh I do love that he claims his G.I. Joe-figures have good arthrosis! Arthrosis is good! Also, that knockoff "Fortress" is about 5" tall Synch!
  14. Let's all be realistic here: - The characters would have to be remembered by most people who see them on the shelves, not just us G1 fundamentalists (so no Blaster, Wheeljack or Ironhide. Face it: most normal shoppers won't recognise them). - Molds will have to be owned by Takara/Tomy (so no Shockwave, Skylynx or Omega Supreme); - Molds will have to pass the current safety regulations tests (that means no Gestalts, Metroplex, Fortress Maximus etc.); - Molds will have to comply with current toy laws (no Megatron with a gunmode for example); - No new molds that haven't already been done by Takara/Tomy will be reissued (that includes Grimlock etc.); - Preferably, the molds should be reusable for repaints. - The movie will act as a refresh for most people, so characters that appear in the movie will have an advantage. Taking the above into account, my guess would be: - Prime - Starscream - Bumblebee - ... errr that's it really.
  15. Shockwave. With lights and sounds. Soundwave, as a mobile phone with his minions as memorycards. And MP3-playing capabilities. Aerialbots/Stunticons. With full combiner functions. A real Constructicons/Devastator-set. Omega Surpeme. With lights and motorization. Skylynx. With motorization.
  16. Ah, see, the thing with KO-producing companies is that they don't know when to stop producing. This has both a good and a bad side. The bad side is the quality of the toys will become worse over time as the single mold they have wears out. The good side is that prices will come down rapidly. In any case, don't spend your $90 too early.
  17. Pffft. Twin Twist and Top Spin transformed by themselves too. So did Runamuck and Runabout. And ofcourse Broadway (stand flattop on rear end and presto!).
  18. Oh let's see... Most of the stuff that was released from '86 onwards really. The Hasbro-designed (i.e. non-diaclone/microman-derived) toys were usually not as nice as the earlier toys. The Duocons suck in botmode (Arms? What arms? You mean those side-ways tilting stubs? How the hell do they aim their weapons?). The Pretenders (well the bots inside them) didn't transform, they merely folded up. Gimmicks at the cost of transformation and alt-mode. Same goes for most Headmaster and Targetmaster toys. Throttlebots... 'nough said. But I have to agree that Wheelie is the ugliest of the bunch. Eww. He's actually scary.
  19. The name reads "Blood Kyu", but I've never heard of that. The names underneath the figures translate as "Armoured Shoes", but that's most likely not quite right My Korean is rusty (oh ok, I can't read Korean, but my Mac's translator app makes a mess out of the text )
  20. Item 230061535625 from the same seller shows more models. I especially like the snake. Damn expensive though
  21. Hi, I'm Erwin, 29 years old, single, and i'm from the Netherlands. Started collecting TFs as a kid (must be around '85 or so) after religiously watching the show on british satellite TV. I work as a debt collector for a housing agency.
  22. Well the Walkman wasn't introduced until 1979 Microcassettes have been available since 1969. (source) Seriously, Soundwave is a microcassette player, not an audiocassette/musicassette player. Hell, it even says so on Soundwave itself. No really, go grab your Soundwave and look closely. Another hint are Soundwave's weapons. They transform into penlight (AA-type) batteries that can be stored in Soundwave's back. If Soundwave was supposed to be a Walkman of sorts, and the batteries would be in scale to the tapes, those would be some big-ass batteries. I agree on Blaster though. But Blaster's altmode is seriously scaled down. When you view Transformers tapes as audiocassettes, Blaster is pretty much in scale as a boombox. Oh, and no piss on my chips please, I'm not french
  23. Transformers cassettes aren't supposed to be audiocassettes. Atleast, not the ones you're thinking of. They're meant to be microcassettes. You know; the type of cassettes used in 80s answering machines and voicerecorders. In a way, the TF cassettes are lifesized.
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