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  1. *states the obvious* I know, i'm Dutch too Anyway, there's not a lot of stores that sell TF over here. The Dutch branche of TRU doesn't even stock G1 re-issues (even though there's Dutch text on the British packaging which would indicate they're meant to be sold over here aswell)
  2. Very nice! Are your Devastator and Superion Knock-offs?
  3. With the prices on Beastshop, you're better off buying off of eBay. € 150 for a DW Megatron re-issue? Come on! Dutch people are seriously getting screwed sometimes...
  4. This isn't the first TF game by far. There were one or two on the systems popular in the 80s (C64, NES, Spectrum etc.) starring Ultra Magnus. In the mid-nineties there was a BW game for Playstation and PC BTW, Starscream is a b*tch to defeat. Been at him for two days now...
  5. Just found this item on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.nl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...3192617253&rd=1 It's Grimlock, but with strange T-Rex-hands and yellow where chrome is supposed to be. Bot looks greenish. According to the seller it's a "taiwanese version" Grimlock. The box doesn't look official to me (then again i'm not a real "Taiwan Transformers buff" either) but the text on it is English. Anyone?
  6. Oh dear! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=3192149082 Is that really worth $900?
  7. I rip open everything i get instantly I DO have a MOSC C9 Seaspray though, which i got off eBay dirt cheap (€ 9,80, about 12 dollars). It's not rare, the guy i bought it from puts one up every now and then.
  8. Call of the Primitives is drawn in a different style to the other episodes in the series too. More like TF:TM and how the later japan-only episodes would look. Possibly a try-out of some sorts? Different studio maybe? It looks awesome though :0) Call of the primitives is one of my favorites, but i'd have to go with Return of OP and Ghost in the machine for s3. s4 is best left unmentioned. My all time favorites are still "Microbots" and "Cosmic Rust", with "The Key To Vector Sigma" 1&2 close second(s). I still remember the thrill i felt when they introduced the Aerialbots!
  9. I didn't know there was a bust of him though. Gotta look that one up sometime.
  10. According to several sources, that game seriously sucks. Sure, the animation and cutscenes look awesome, but gameplay is limited to running around in a really small playfield shooting things. It gets repetitive fast. Also, the storyline is shabby at best. Just thought i'd warn you before you shell out for a modchip or swapdisk and import the game
  11. I have three knock-offs from this manufacturer: - Devastator: good quality, metal parts are replaced by plastic, making the 'bots rather weak. I broke Bonecrusher's legs in a day or so. Looks great though. Comes with (most) of the bots' individual weapons, but Devastator's "headgun" isn't included. This set is available in different versions, including the original "green" and G2 yellow. - Superion: Weak plastic, again no metal. Colors and designs match the originals and even the rubsigns are present (but not functional). Doesn't come with the individual bot's weapons. There's also a version of this set that has military-style transfers instead of Aerialbots-style transfers. - Abominus (Terrorcons): the colors on Rippersnapper and Sinnertwin are inverted (like a photographic negative). Also, plastic where the originals have metal and the plastic used is not very strong. Hun-Grr has lousy connectors on his shoulders that i had to modify to fit Blot and Rippersnapper in. All 'bots come with individual weapons (two for eacht bot 'cept for Hun-Grr which only had one originally) and non-functional rubsigns. There's also a version of this set that has two Technobots replacing two Terrorcons. Overall these knock-offs are spot-on if you just display them. Don't transform them too often though, parts tend to come off easily (like the Aerialbots' cockpits and tailsections). These are also great to replace lost gestault-parts like feet, fists or heads as these parts are basically identical in quality to the originals.
  12. That's an idea for a custom i've never seen before: Autobot Spike. Anyone tried that yet?
  13. I don't even want to know how much i've paid up till now, but it's surely over € 750 in the last eight months. I only re-started buying toys last september. I only collect G1 and re-issues (although i DO have a RiD Prime, but that was a steel at € 10,- in a local toyshop), so i don't have to spend the equivalent of the gross national income of a small country every year to keep my collection up to date. I can't imagine me ever spending over a thou on my collection each month... I have other things to spend my money on aswell
  14. To my knowledge, Megs' box didn't come with an overlay. Here's some pics I found (none of which show an overlay):
  15. Here's an example of the grey-cardboard overlay.
  16. Or one of these.. Takara/Hasbro have lots of examples to choose from i think http://www.classicchevytrucks2.20m.com/48%...od%20flames.jpg http://networkgeek.org/flames/right-after-3.jpg http://www.petrolheadsmcc.co.uk/acespages/...wcab-flames.jpg
  17. Maybe a bit "too much BW", but i prefer this
  18. I've seen pics of a "redfoot" before, but never in re-issue packaging. The versions i've seen were all Mexican versions (toxic-paint ones hehe). Edit: i just noticed the Mexican redfoot was already mentionted in a previous post... sorry!
  19. I still find it questionable that this figure has the Hasbro-style large guns... I think it's a home-made figure, but i'm not sure.
  20. I don't know, but everytime i see an item that's "rated by AFA" it seems to be heavily overpriced... is it just me, or is it just AFA? hehe
  21. Actually it IS an official dub... It was done by StarTV (now part of Rupert Murdochs Fox/Sky emperium) for the Asian market (think Hong Kong) at a time when StarTV still broadcasted in English. The dub was done in-house, so knowledge of the TF universe was pretty much non-existent. This explains why some characters' names don't sound quite right. As for subs, i haven't been able to locate any. I imagine some japanese TF fans would have digitized versions of the episodes in japanese, so maybe somebody'll do a dub sometime. In the meantime, let's hope Rhino picks up the rights and release Headmasters, Zone and V as follow-ups to the current sets.
  22. It went for $ 110.50, so the bidders have noticed it's not an original either (it would have gone for more if it was). Let's see how long it'll be until the next "Stepper" emerges...
  23. Did anyone notice the large guns?
  24. http://cgi.ebay.nl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...8&category=4696 This seller claims this Stepper to be an original. Still, it seems to have the big Hasbro-Jazz-reissue-missiles aswell as Prowl's gun. His waist section seems to be silver instead of gold. So, the figure is not unlike the Stepper "prototype/homemade repaint" we saw on eBay earlier this month. Thoughts?
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