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  1. Whirl never was a Diaclone as far as i know? the mold was licensed from Bandai, while Diaclone was made by Takara. Cheers, HN.
  2. Most Protectobot-bootlegs come with Decepticon-insignias though. Maybe that's what threw him off... Cheers, HN.
  3. Yes, You Canucks would finally be equal to us: no re-issues in stores! muahahaha! forced to buy overpriced ones off of ebay! double Muahahahaha! lol just kidding ofcourse Remember that this is all just speculation mate, nothing's even sure about TRU going toes-up, let alone which (if any) chain gets the exclusives. In the words of the ever-wise Janet Jackson: 'Let's wait a while' and find out Cheers, HN.
  4. Any lime constructionvehicle called 'Scavenger' should be a Decepticon anyway Seriously, is Blokker NL (mothercompany of both Bart Smit and Intertoys) buying these crazy amounts or is it Hasbro's fault? I often wonder... On one hand, they're spending huge amounts of floorspace on the same toys. On the other hand, they're complaining that they're not selling very well. Doesn't it occur to these people that people only need ONE Scavenger in their collection (OK, maybe two, to keep misb). Cheers, HN.
  5. Yes, but Octane changed sides in S3 after he was kicked out of the 'cons by Galvatron (as i would've done when someone stole my robotic city ) Cheers, HN.
  6. I think i saw Ramjet, Dirge or Thrust in S3 though... Cheers, HN.
  7. Omnibots is a team of three autobots that were available through mail-ins only (remember those robotpoints on the boxes? That's what they were there for!). The characters are not in the cartoon. Here's all of them: Camshaft Downshift Overdrive They all had a second official 'alt mode' that usually meant you pulled out the arms and stick the guns in the fists while the rest remained in car-mode A bit like Track's official second alt-mode. Cheers, HN.
  8. Why not download the original manuals at tfracetrack.com ? Cheers, HN.
  9. Good point. I retract my statement lol Seriously, how does Takara (not Hasbro) know that there's demand for Predaking? I don't know, but I guess they keep their eyes open at cons and on auctioningsites like eBay. Maybe Takara-officials are lurking boards like these, i really don't know. Takara has re-issued Soundwave and Hound, both molds were known to be damaged. This ofcourse could have something to do with the rumours that Takara wants to release the entire line of series one G1 (they're pretty close now, only a few more to go), but who knows. Still, both toys were greatly sought after, so it might not be a coincidence. I'm also sure they're not doing it 'on a hunch' and actually do market research before spending large sums of money to repair a mold. Cheers, HN.
  10. Why is Skalor renamed 'Archerbot'? Or is someone at Hasbro simply honouring Mr. Archer? Cheers, HN.
  11. According to sources 'in the know', Wheeljack's mold is damaged. It costs a lot of money and time to repair a mold. It can be done though, as both Soundwave's and Hound's molds were damaged aswell. If there's enough demand for a Wheeljack re-issue, i'm sure Takara will release him in the future. Keep in mind though that Wheeljack, like Jazz, will need to come with new transfers/labels, as the contracts with the companies on the original labels will have expired (like the 'Martini' and 'Porsche' logo's on Jazz). The same goes for Mirage (if they ever re-issue him that is). Cheers, HN.
  12. These "annoying errors" are part of what makes it fun imho Although having the option to have the correctly coloured cells would be nice Cheers, HN.
  13. Wow...Mr. Vampire Slayer collects them too? i didn't know that. Also, Frank Skinner (yes i have ITV/ITV2/Paramount @ amazed british people). Cheers, HN.
  14. LOL Yes, they can fight the army of Armada Skywarps/minicon-packs/Megatrons that they seem to stock through the roof over here. They also can't seem to get enough of RiD Hotshot, RiD-gobots (or whatever the heck they're called) and ofcourse miniature RiD Prime/Ultra Magnus over here. I'd say: get RiD of them for cheap, but noooo... why should they Also: why on earth doesn't TRU Benelux carry re-issues? The packaging on the UK-releases is partly in Dutch, so they were atleast planning to do so. Or are they going to wait until they stop selling in the UK and then dump them on the market here? Cheers, HN.
  15. Ooh, and Starscream. Although he should never be anything other than a jet ofcourse. Cheers, HN.
  16. Here's what he looks like with the insignia instead of the '38', so you can judge for yourself: Smokescreen's Insignia Or you could just leave them on the labelsheet. Cheers, HN.
  17. Would I be the only person who would cry like a teenage girl at a Justin Timberlake concert if it was Andy Serkis? Yeah, but I would be much more happy if it was the guy that did Gollum's voice. @smilepunch@ Personally, I think Anthony Michael Hall would make a great Prowl, but that is just me. I just hope he does American accents then, because a British Starscream would be a tad strange Also, how about the chick in the Electric6 video "Danger! High Voltage!" as Starscream. Seriously though, how about the actor who did the wizard at the end of the first series of Farscape (yes i watch that, now stop laughing and pay attention). One of the many voices he did sounds exactly like Starscream. With Chris Latta gone (sadly), we'll also have to find another Wheeljack and Sparkplug... Cheers, HN.
  18. Ratchet and Ironhide in fact have heads... they're behind their windshields. As for Shockwave, don't hold your breath. Unfortunately, Shockwave was a licensed mold that neither Takara or Hasbro currently has the rights to reproduce. Let's hope that changes soon though. The same goes for at least the following: Whirl, Jetfire, Deluxe Insecticons, Omega Supreme and Roadbuster. Cheers, HN.
  19. Aha! So i DID miss something lol OK, they look nice, but it's not my kind of cookie to be honest. I'll stick to the Takara's :0) Cheers, HN.
  20. Hang on... "e-hobby insecticons"? Did i miss something? Are the announced re-issues E-hobby exclusives or are e-hobby releasing some repaints? Cheers, HN.
  21. I agree, Astrotrain in his original purple colourscheme would be nice. Besides, i already have the white Takara Astrotrain. Cheers, HN.
  22. The usual Armada-toys you'd also find at Bart Smit's and Intertoys, but at Bijenkorf prices ofcourse . That's why i didn't mention them. Scavenger (also Treadbolt,€ 35 i think they were), Megatron (€ 40) and a few minicon-packs. Nothing special. Cheers, HN.
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