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  1. What about the grill-type mouths? Like Bombshell, Warpath and Wheeljack have? Like mouthplates, but they don't move when they speak.
  2. I give you: Robotmasters! Tada! Seriously...have you checked out it's Starscream and Mirage incarnations?
  3. No thats just three decepticons over and over and over again just painted in different colours @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Just kidding ofcourse, it looks amazing
  4. Thats actually more like Chinese, vietnamese, Kantonese or Korean Japanese has more 'r's and 'k's in it Cheers, HN.
  5. I just completely misread this topics title...sheesh Cheers, HN.
  6. I know, i think everybody on this forum knows too... it's just that not everybody else knows and might be tricked into buying this overpriced junk from this guy. If you want it, you can get it off of eBay for around $6... Cheers, HN.
  7. I found this guy on eBay claiming to sell 'FULLY AUTHORIZED TSHIRTS'. Upon visiting his website, i was amazed at the guts this guy has for charging the prices he does on some items... Take these knock-offs for example: http://www.toymatrix.com/transformers-imported.shtml "Imported Transformers". Ofcourse. Especially note the "identical to original XXX mold" notes with every item. Ideal way to rip people off. Cheers, HN.
  8. Damn, if my phone didn't rang during me typing my post, i'd have beaten CD Cheers, HN.
  9. Reflector and Perceptor are Takara owned, part of the Microman line that also spawned Soundwave and Megatron (a.o.). The only ones that aren't (and this is from the top of my head mind you) are: Autobots: - Jetfire - Whirl - Roadbuster - Omega Supreme - Skylynx Decepticons: - Shockwave - Barrage (Deluxe Insecticon) - Venom (Deluxe Insecticon) - Ransack (Deluxe Insecticon) - Chop Shop (Deluxe Insecticon) Cheers, HN.
  10. I recieved my #14 Hound yesterday. I noticed that the episode guide thats in the little booklets is already way into season 3. I think they've got maybe one or two re-issues to go until they've listed all G1-episodes (that is if we don't count "Masterforce" as G1). I wonder if that's it for the bookstyle re-issues then? Maybe they'll switch back to the original re-issues packaging (i.e. the packaging that Ratchet, Ironhide, Ultra Magnus etc. came in before the whole DW Bookstyle thing came along) after the episodeguide is completed? I wonder... Cheers, HN.
  11. Because everything on eBay is rare. Didn't you know that? It's really common knowledge Some people will buy an empty cokebottle for $100+ if you convince them it's rare... Cheers, HN.
  12. Oh i'd love to get a Predaking for $4.99 flat shipping rate to Europe Cheers, HN.
  13. Maybe he's packed sitting down or bending over Cheers, HN.
  14. I like the IKEA-showcases you have I recognise the steel frames where the glass shelves rest on hehe I have the same showcases and display my Transformers in them aswell Cheers, HN.
  15. As the spacebridge wasn't invented until later in the series, it's unlikely the other seekers 'just came over'. The other seekers were only seen in MTME, not again after that (bar some animation errors, but those don't count). So did they just dissapear? Were they the first TF's to be killed off? We only saw Hauler in crane-mode, and only the front at that. He looked identical to Grapple. In the cartoon, Hauler is yellow, not green as the toy would be 20 years later on. The Hauler-character wasn't an official TF until e-hobby released him as an exclusive in 2003. Even though Grapple didn't appear 'again' until season 2, the toy was out for years as a Diaclone and i'm pretty sure Hasbro was already planning the next wave of toys by then. Your explanation of him being a 'tool' or a drone is possible. But then why name him? Are you sure Autobots can fly? I know Powerglide and the Airealbots can, but they didn't appear until later on either. The Autobots didn't fly again until season 3 i think. Prime even needed a jetpack to fly. True, but not to the extend as in MTME! I mean, it's horrible lol. Especially Prime. He wouldn't have been taking as seriously as he is now if the jokes had been in every episide after MTME. That sounds plausible. I'll give you that one Cheers, HN.
  16. Compressed air and static-towels. Compressed air can be bought in most computerstores (it's actually meant to clean out the insides of PC's), static towels can be bought in any supermarket. Also, the 'stuff that removes scratches' is called 'Displex' and quite expensive. You spray it on the scratched surface, rub it in with the supplied cloth (special fabric) and leave it to dry. It's primarily used for repairing CD's and displays of mobiles and PDA's. You can buy it at any good computerstore or mobilephone-specialist. Cheers, HN.
  17. :D I prefer Megs, his saturday-morning plans were brilliant! Cheers, HN.
  18. Roller talks by playing back sampled R2D2-sounds ;0) According to his bio in the Marvel-comics, Prime is a trinity: his conciousness is present in the cab, trailer and Roller at the same time. In the cartoon (MTMTE parts 2 and 3), Roller appears to be sentient. Those episodes contain lots of stuff that was contradicted in later episodes though: - Grapple being called Hauler; - the Decepticons suddenly having an army of seekers on Earth instead of just three; - Autobots being able to fly in robot-mode; - Transformers needing air to survive (see Hounds diving-mask); - Autobots making horrible car/driving-related puns in every other sentence Roller was only in MTME 2 and 3 as far as I remember, so you could say that Roller is concious in the cartoon (as nothing proving the opposite was ever shown). Cheers, HN.
  19. Careful what you wish for Tom! This craze has brought some excellent re-issues That would stop when the craze ends for sure Cheers, HN.
  20. Technically, PM Optimus Prime wasn't Optimus Prime at all. Hasbro just named the character that way because he looked a lot like G1 Prime. In Japan (where the character actually appeared in the cartoon unlike in the West), "Powermaster Optimus Prime" was God Ginrai. A completely different character to Optimus Prime. Prime had died again in the Japanese mythology by the time God Ginrai was introduced. It all really depends on which mythology you like best: the Marvel transverse has PM Prime as the leader against Scorponok (who replaced Galvatron), so in that case he counts as a Prime. He needed help from Hi-Q (to stay on topic ), but in the end didn't defeat Scorponok if i remember correctly... The US only had PM Prime as a stupid talking puppet who introduced G2-episodes. Europe was spared that disgrace (unlike the other stupid thing about the G2-cartoon: the Cybercube) and only had the figure as a toy (also called PM Prime over here). There you have it. Cheers, HN.
  21. I KNEW IT! Take a look at this! Protectocons Cheers, HN.
  22. lol yes, i must sell it on eBay for $1000 at once Unfortunately, i don't own one (relatively speaking ofcourse). I'm beginning to doubt myself now... perhaps i've dreamt it. i'm keeping my eyes open though ;0) Cheers, HN.
  23. Most Protectobot-bootlegs come with Decepticon-insignias though. Maybe that's what threw him off... Cheers, HN. Really? Mine came with Bot insignias... oh well... Alright, maybe not 'most' (i can't find any on eBay right now) but i'm sure they exist. It's the same set as the one with 'red Hot Spot' but comes with different transfers. The decepticon logo is on Hot Spot and the chestshield, i'm not sure if it's present on the other members aswell. Other transfers differ aswell, saying things like 'fire-engine', 'rescue', 'police' etc.. Cheers, HN.
  24. Here's a good example of a kitbash. The creator of this masterpeice added articulation to the Constructicons individually aswell as Devastator. They all still transform and are more or less cartoon-accurate now. Devastator/Constructicons kitbash Cheers, HN.
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