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  1. Just to let you know, General Admission is only available on Saturday. Friday is resereved for attendees only. So you would not be able to get into the Friday seminars or purchase the exclusives. If they do a para drop though you will be able to see/attend that. Reading on the other boards, it appears that a good number of regulars are going to the convention, so the attendace should not be too bad. See you guys there! Michael Bulletman Big B
  2. Just to clear thing up a little here this years para drop is going to be diffrent then years past. It is being done indoors so the drop is in the main atrium of the building. You do not pay to throw figures off or to catch them. I really doubt they are going to let the kids catch them this year from what Lanny has said about the Red Ninja. After the paradrop they will sell the figures with chute for around $20-30. The Chut will be silked screened with the new Club logo in color on a black chute. The harness for the chut is actuall a good and no worries about a figure coming loose unless someone does not snap all the buckles on it. Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  3. We do not know, other then the Rowdy Roddy Piper figure, what else is planned. Lanny has said he will put up the artwork for the Piper figure. No good samples of the figure yet. Everything else is going to be kept under wraps until the convention. But we all figure a Mauler, a possible 2 figure pack (Grand Slame with silver pads and jet pack maybe?? and Rumbler maybe?) or a 3 figure pack, and one more vehicle (from Clutch's filecard, the Vamp or AWE or I think the Hammer) Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  4. Just got the Club email, they said the hotel block is over 100% full and they have more rooms added and they are looking into another hotel in case of overflow!! This has to be a good sign, wonder how well the convention sets are selling. Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  5. Really? I swore they did it last year, I remember talking with someone who did it and I was cursing the fact that I had already renewed at the beginning of June. Well sorry for misinforming, blame it on the late night and a lousy weekend! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  6. Okay, so just to get everything straight... To get the extra exclusives (for certain), I should pre-register so I can get them Thursday night along with the figure set. Or I can (most likely) get them Friday morning, whether I pre-register or not. Correct? Correct! Since I'm flying in I'll really have to come Thursday either way, though... Thursday registration is a fun night and is the kick off for the convention. If you are there come down to the check in area and just hang out and have fun. Now do I have to be a member for the extra exclusives? Do members get discounts and/or are guaranteed to get one if they want? You do not have to be a member and there is no price diffrence AT the convention. There is no guarantee to get one, that is why they made the limit 1 per badge to try and help assure people can get at least one. I really do not see any exclusives selling out before saturday night. Though if you are not a member, join up then order your set, or join/renew while at the convention as you will be able to get this years membership figure(Copperhead) and you will also get next years figure when that one is shipped! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  7. No the diffrence with the Collectors Club Iron Mech was that it was made in a limited run. The smaller production run, around 500 to 700 for the Iron Mech, then a much, much larger run, 10,000+ for the Defence Mech. That raised the price more then the packaging did. Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  8. The only thing I know for sure is the 8"(Sigma style) Red Ninja for the "Paradrop" per the brochure. They MAY do something else, but so far have not gotten any answers to our questions on the Club forum. Will let you know if we find anything out. The first day (thursday night and friday morning) the convention exclusives are limited to one per badge. This is to make sure everyone has a chance to get at least one of each of the exclusives. Then on Friday afternoon or possibly saturday, they will allow you to purchase as many as you want. So basicly the Mauler(speculated but pretty much a lock), Piper (confirmed), and probably a 2 pack of figures will be limited to one each on thursday night check in and friday morning. Then after that time you will be allowed to buy as many as you want of each. Hope that helps! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  9. So when do those become available exactly? I believe only if u pre-reg u can pick up one pre box set of the exclusives that night! Includin a loose set anyone who did not pre-reg has to wait till the next day. Or if u want more then one exclusive and only got one box set. Sorry, is that Thursday or Friday night? What do you think they're going to do with all those 8" Red Ninjas? The Red Ninjas will be tossed from the top of the hotel for the para drop, if you catch one you keep it! Thursday night is Convention check in, it starts around 6pm, everybody lines up and chat and pick up your box set and free attendee item and badges. Then if you want you can get in line to purchase the other Convention exclusives from the Club store. (Convention exclusives are limited to 1 of each per badge on thursday and friday morning) Friday morning you can also check in, the para drop is usally about 10am, sometimes there is a noon roundtable. The dealer room opens up for previews at about 1pm and closes at around 4pm. If you need any other info just ask! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!!
  10. A darker grey would work much better then black on the knee pads and boots. A nice charchole grey to help break up all the black. But I agree that is the better looking Snake Eyes that has been released. Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  11. These then, will move like crazy. If you see 'em.... BUY 'em! I agree Ken! I plan on getting a set for Toys For Tots this year along with a set (or two) for me. With the Wal-Mart homeoffice down the road and at least 9 Wal-Marts within an hour of me, I am hoping to have no problems finding them! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  12. Forcehunter, yes you will get the attendee bonus when you pick up your set, even on friday. If you get in around 2 on friday that is around the time they open the dealers room for attendee preview, so grab your badge and box set and get ready to spend!! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  13. The Club has confirmed that the MSRP is going to be $10!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on these guys! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  14. From the interview in the June Club newsletter this wave should consist of all new molds as this is the first wave of the "expanded" line. The first batch was done so they could get something out to store shelves on time. I expect only Cobra Trooper and possible Beachhead to be the only figures to use previous parts. Again this is going by the interview with the designer. Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  15. I do not see the TRU 6 pack being used as they do not look very female in the chest region. I think they may use the Jinx chest with removable web gear. Like the DTC wave 4 officer gear. Then use any arm, waist, and leg combo and a new headsculpt! For the tanks I am hoping maybe one or two Slaughters Marauders tanks, or possible a kitbash in the spirit of the Marauders, as the description said that Cobra is using tanks based on stolen Joe blueprints!! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  16. Yeah the convention set will be RAH, maybe a head or accessory may be new sculpt (like with Bludds Skull Squad). There have been hints that there may be an 8" exclusive and it seems to be that it will be the Paradrop figure. We will find out soon though! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  17. I have no idea, I don't think there are too many, probably a dozen. This is testshot I figure, as it has the talkbox and the hardware inside the figure. The ones they had at Toy Fair that year the talk boxes were a seperate part. I thought the head did look familiar and it is Viggo from GBII!!! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!!
  18. Well ALOT of our questions about the line (including the thoughts behind the the line) are answered in the new Club Newsletter! There was only going to be the 2 5 packs, but late in the process they decided to go with single packs. So that is why we have re-used parts for the first part of the series. There are pics of the back of the boxes, a great montage of artwork, ad pics, comic art, and cartoon art. Some great insight into the thought and design ideas behind the figures! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  19. Well I was not going to buy the collection sight unseen and when I saw the pics I thought it was not a good deal, as you said they look incomplete. Though when I talked to the guy he says that he has a couple of other boxes of Joe vehicles and Transformers. I am going to look at them sometime next week. Though if they are anything like his other pics it wont add to the value! Thanks for all the help guys! Michael
  20. showing up with or without the wife? Don't know yet, she just got a CFO position at a new company, so it is still up in the air. My buddy from England is still undecided, though if he does go he wants to split a table. All I know is I am going and I should be bringing some more stuff to sell. Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  21. Yeah the head had to be a little bigger due to the "talking" mechanism that moves his mouth. But Bigger body types has been one of the biggest request from the 1/6th community for years now. Only thing we get is hight diffrences, not bulkier really just taller or shorter. Also since this is a proto the head may have shrunk some for production if it ever got there. Here are his phrases: "Duke, I will crush you" "Venom Troops answer only to me" "Victory is mine" "Prepare the lab for maximum Venomization" "Venom Troops follow me" "Our fight is with G.I. Joe" "You are no match for my might" "I shall command Cobra" "Cobra will reign supreme" "Now I control you" "You cannot resist Venomous Maximus" "You have no chance against me" "GRRRRAH" (a growling sound) "I will deal with you" 14 phrases in all, and like the Duke they did if you push the button once it says one word, hold it down and he says the whole phrase and if you push the button softly it says the word or phrase softly, push it hard and he "yells". I like making him talk like Shatner from Trek (you HAVE no chance....against...ME) It drives my wife nuts! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  22. Hmmm I wouldn't bet the bank on it. Aside from new heads and maybe a new upper chest mold for Lady Jaye, you could make all the figures above with parts from figures already made. Okay? you really must be living up to you name. Explain how they can make serpy with no new parts please @firedevil@ Hmmm, should of included "new web gear,detachable parts" to that statement, my bad, but here goes... Serpentor - Gung-Ho Body and arms, Destro Legs, new head, new add-on(web gear?) armor for the chest, thighs, and forearms. Paint accordingly, and alter card art as needed. Buzzer - Duke body with a new head and different paint job, maybe substitute Dukes arms with Gung-Hos arms, alter card art as needed. Beachead - Snake Eyes body with a new head, new "web gear" and a different paint job, alter card art as needed. Cobra Trooper - Nothing new needed at all. Lady Jaye - This is the only figure I see that actual new figure parts would be needed. New head and upper chest, Scarlett lower body and legs, Baroness arms. Paint accordingly, and alter card art as needed. I think it would be easier and probably cheaper for them to make molds for new detachable gear rather than completely new figure parts. And again on Serpentor, Gung Ho has the vest molded on him, that would not work at all for Serpentor. Especally since he has the "snake skin" armour. Sorry Serpentor cannot be Frankensteined. Buzzer and Shipwreck I hope will get a new shirt/chest that they can share, a more open collar. Also Dukes chest has the Jump Wings, which Shipwreck better not have. I can live with Shipwreck having the Duke/Flint arms, though I hope he has new ones. BeachHead and FireFly can use Snakes and get away with it with little to no griping. They all wear the combat sweater and it is more the gear and colors that make them. The Scarlett legs and Baroness arms would not work as Jaye wears BDU's and combat boots. Hopefully she gets new parts all around, then her legs could be shared with Cover Girl and Jinx!! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  23. Hey guys I got really lucky and was able to get this guy. I really wish he was made as I feel he would of gone well with the "Talking Duke" I can get all the phrases if anyone is interested. The detail on the armour and his hair is great. The staff is really cool, it is like the one from the 3 3/4" version. The multi-bladed weapon is...diffrent! Here are the pics! http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...%20shots/vm.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm1.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm2.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm3.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm4.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm5.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm6.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i33/toy-...20shots/vm7.jpg Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!
  24. Hmmm I wouldn't bet the bank on it. Aside from new heads and maybe a new upper chest mold for Lady Jaye, you could make all the figures above with parts from figures already made. Okay? you really must be living up to you name. Explain how they can make serpy with no new parts please @firedevil@ Characters used from repainted parts only have to superficially resemble the character in question. Destro's body (first figure that came to mind) might work for Serpentor. Would I rather see Serpentor get his OWN mold? Hell yes (I'd RATHER see someone OTHER than Serpentor, but I digress)! But I think there is a high probability that all these guys will be repaints. I think a more pertinent question might be if they intend to do full body repaints (like Flint) or to ACTUALLY mix-match parts and create some real frankenjoes. Wait a minute! How can Destro's body be used for Serpentor?? There is no way! The Destro body has too many molded on details to work for Serpy! The biggest is the open collar shirt! Not to mention his arms and legs do not work. No Serpentor will be all new sculpt. Along with Lady Jaye, Zartan, and I believe Shipwreck. Shipwreck should get a new shited chest, that can be used with Buzzer. Buzzer should have new legs. FireFly and Beach head can use the Snake Eyes chest and arms and have new heads each. Zartan will have a new chest as the Roadblock chest does not work. The arms and legs ok, but not the chest. There will be a good mix of new parts and re-used parts, but it will be worth it! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
  25. Gah! I cannot stop buying these things! I just wish Joe would get the Attacktixs!! Michael Bulletman Big B All Hail DOB!!
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