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  1. I LOVE this idea. LOVE IT! A few weeks ago, I was even saying I'd love if someone just did a bunch of generic goons for our superheroes to beat up.
  2. I love my Brachiosaurus so I'm TOTALLY in for this girl! I think what one of the above posts mean is we're nowhere near out of dinosaur species, but...most the film dinosaurs/creatures have been done by now in some form. I believe the only ones not are: - Mamenchisaurus as seen briefly in The Lost World. It's the massive Sauropod (long-neck) which the dirt bike drives under and through it's legs. I really have my doubts it'll get made. Firstly it would be bigger and longer than this Apatosaur but its neck as high as the Brachio. I don't really think it's distinct enough to be made. But who knows? - Corythosaurus as seen briefly in JP///. This I think has a high chance of getting made someday. Realistically they really could even just repurpose the Parasaurolophus body with a new head even. I believe that's it actually. I mean even the Compsognathus has been technically done as pack-in's for the Legacy figures. You could argue that some of the baby dinosaurs haven't been made like the Baby Stego from Lost World. Now for Amber Collection though, that's a different matter. It doesn't seem like they want to go beyond mid-sized Dinosaurs. So far we've gotten multiple Raptors, the Dilophosaurus, and now the Pteranodon is coming. If they stick to just mid-sized there's still options. Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurus, Dimorphodon, and Stygimoloch. I SUPPOSE they could do the Baby Rex from Lost World and a pack of multiple Compy figures though. I think that's about it though if doing ONLY films. WOULD they do medium-large to large in Amber Collection? I'm just not so sure. I'd LOVE it, but I'm hesitant. An Amber Collection Rex would be MASSIVE and a Brachio would just be out of the question entirely. That would have to be the size of a freaking teenager. Hah. I mean even smaller ones like a Carnotaurus or Triceratops would still be huge too. I think the future of Amber Collection lay more in humans. We have Ian, Owen, Nedry, and now Ray Arnold coming. I've heard rumors of Hammond, Grant, Ellie, and Muldoon too. Would they do the kids? Genarro? Lost World characters? I'd LOVE a Roland. I'd assume at LEAST Claire would come for the World films.
  3. I mean, what it boils down to...for me anyway...is I don't think anyone is necessarily saying he's some horrible person. That's overexaggerating. I'm sure he's a fine dude in real life. We may not be his biggest fan at moment, true, but is that REALLY a big deal? I'm sure there's plenty of people who dislike me in this world. In fact, I sure can think of a few choice women who'd love to monologue on that subject. Hah! But he's behaving like we're going to burn him at the stake. Equating this to Cancel Culture is just ridiculous. People can accidentally come off bad, I get it. We're human. All we're saying is...man...(again I'll repeat)...just have some accountability for your actions instead of blame-shifting. I don't think the outcry would nearly have been as large had THIS not been written. Be mature and I'm sure forgiveness will follow and it'll get swept under the rug and be forgotten in less than a week. Let me use a metaphor: If you're caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you don't play pathetically innocent and call the one who called you out a bully. You did the questionable deed. You got the appropriate response. Now live in it. Instead he's denying that responsibility and swapping blame on US for something he executed poorly.
  4. Well end of the day, the whole thing erupted for a simple reason: zero accountability. The article is an attack on what he perceives as his attackers, that in and of itself is juvenile. The article boils down to basically an insult to half the community. Turning it into an article on the front page then portrays a level of self-important ego. It's blame shifting and using Cancel Culture as a motional defense when it in no way applies to the situation. Cancel Culture was likely utilized here simply because it's just currently topical; Gina Carano for example. Instead of just confessing he made a post in relative poor taste simply for attention and bragging rights to get praise...he points the finger and accuses anyone who didn't grant that praise (that he seems to feel he rightfully deserves) of being a bully. And now, through that comparison to Cancel Culture, frames himself as someone to be consoled for his apparent "victimization." But again, no one can fire someone from a hobby. The whole thing is just very high and mighty, it's this awkwardly stubborn attempt to say he's right and we're wrong. I deserve an apology...well, does he? Now he faces the consequences of his actions, one of which is simply for just not nutting up, which are no more egregious than basically just, "Hey, you're kind of a jerk!" That's it! Get over yourself! He's milking it to pathetic proportions. He quite literally can't be cancelled. I mean...give me a break. Insulting people is not exactly a genius way to win people over. Now again, I'm not denying that bullying exist in the toy community. Of course it does, the difference is...I hesitate to call this bullying. I call this consequence. Bullying only applies to the innocent. Now I'm not saying he did anything that egregious either, it's not some grievous offense, but I am saying that to not expect a level of negativity toward his posts is just willful ignorance. And to thus call it bullying is just dodging that accountability for his own actions and words.
  5. Thank you for conceding to some of my points and I'll concede to some of yours as well. Sorry about the educated comment, I didn't realize the bio was satire. I knew it was tongue-in-cheek of course, but I took it at face value. That's my bad. End of the day, I'm not saying the dude is a villain. I'm not saying he did something utterly unforgivable or some drastic offense. All I'm saying is...it comes off (to me) so self-pitying and insufferably arrogant that it's downright cringeworthy. Then to equate it to cancel culture, a term that in no way applies to his situation, isn't going to really do wonders for his public reception. I said before and I'll say again, I don't think anyone has an issue with Army Building per se. I believe the negative response wasn't toward the act of purchasing multiple troop builder figures, at least not for me. It's due to HOW this and the original post were executed. There's an etiquette that wasn't there. There was an air of "Look at me!" bragging. It came off less sharing a hobby and more show-off boasting...and I believe this article, due to the content of the words, proves that. The intent doesn't come off as sharing something fun. It comes off as a clout attempt to get praise. People, simply put, don't respond well to that. That is what people took issue with IMO and this article just made it so much worse. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. He faces negativity response not for the inherent action of purchasing an amount of rare figures, at least not from most IMO, but rather in how he behaved in doing so. Again, there's an etiquette to it all that was lacking. And take it from me, I'm not even a Joe collector so no one can accuse me for having really just an ulterior jealousy over his figure score. I have no investment in this as far as the actual toys go, I weighed in because of the sheer audacity and pure egotistical clout of the content in the article. I don't have interest in Joes at all, but I sure can recognize an ego when I see it. And no one likes a cocky jackass.
  6. Well end of the day, I can't speak for anyone else...but for me what made this article utterly insufferable was the boisterous claim that this constitutes as Cancel Culture. I'd say that's a gross exaggeration but it's really not. It's actually a fundamental misunderstanding of what that term means in the first place. This was seemingly done as an attempted sympathy ploy. Attention! You can't "cancel" a collector from hording...but with hording comes inevitable controversy. For one so "educated," he ought to know that. Does he insult someone's mother and wonder why he was punched? It's simply causality, cause and effect. I'd classify this, if anything at all, to be "consequence culture." The whole article comes off with an air of egotistical smugness. Does he think he's important enough for the "mobs" to want him fired in the first place? Does he think he's integral to the foundations of the community, untouchable, famous? You can't get someone fired from a hobby. There is nothing that can be cancelled except his "popularity," so to speak. Does he consider someone getting banned for being an intolerable douche to be "cancel culture," because if so that's comical. His presumed social status, one he seems to arrogantly believe has some air of reverence and significance in the toys community, is a conceited delusion. He has no more significance than anyone else. The very fact that TNI would even indulge him in this and publish this is outright bizarre. Can you imagine if Pixel Dan or Toy Galaxy said the things he's saying? The implications of self-entitled import. The sheer playground level of juvenile "I'm better than you, I have more toys than you, look at me" clout is cringe-level absurdity. That is clearly on display because he felt this need to write a FREAKING article about it. His ego was wounded and now he wants to boohoo and gain some level of condolences when it's completely unwarranted. The not so thought out wording in the article sends a clear cut message: Status is all he seems to care about. Well...that and excessive amounts of selfish and gluttonous toys bragging. Look at me. Pity me. I'm a victim of cyber bullying. Now can you like, share, and subscribe? Hah! Well...perhaps don't be a self-centered and gloating jackass and people will treat you with respect. I gave plenty of examples to what would constitute as cancel culture framed through the topic of toys. Don't say I contributed nothing of substance here. Hell...give ME a writing job over this squirming hack! I listed ideas for what would make an interesting and thoughtful article on the subject of cancel culture. Someone getting internet flamed for hording and boasting is not it...the only consequence you get is being disliked. But alas, seems the shallowness of HS level popularity is all this dude deems of value. He fashions himself the Quarterback Prom King when in reality he's just another schmuck.
  7. I agree now that I come to think on it more. Thanks guys. It feels more like a scheme to just put a closet mark-up on it so they can gain more profits while basically guilt-tripping the buyer. A good example would be, say, I think we've all encountered the infamous too good to be true Ebay price...only to discover this usually $50 item listed for $20 has a shipping cost of $50. They think they're slick...but we know. Imagine an uber driver that makes you pay for their gas too...like you made them get the job. Probably not the most apt example as a percentage of the gas probably does go into just the overall price, but I assume you get my gist. Now one could argue that's the tip, but...end of the day, they provide a service that can be a necessity. Toys are not a necessity.
  8. That's actually a pretty solid point and this is coming from a dude who doesn't really mind paying for gas. But you make a very valid case. If these are folks that are going out to look for their own collection and happen to pick up extra in case of others, we didn't ask them or make them do that. We didn't gun-point force it. The elected to do it themselves. Example: If I went to the grocery store, saw milk was on sale and knew a friend was out...it would be pretty petty for me to ask him/her to pay for it AND my gas money when I went for groceries for myself. Agreed it's one thing if you DID ask a favor and they went out of their way to for you and you alone, then it just a sort of courtesy to pay for gas. But often that ISN'T the case.
  9. I quite literally made an account just to post on the sheer ridiculousness of this. Longtime reader of TNI, used to post ages ago fairly regularly. Been a long time! This will be addressing the original article and nothing more. Cancel Culture, eh? The ignorance of its meaning being displayed in the original post is...astounding. I saw the headline and immediately assumed it would be on topics like: - Multiple Cara Dune figure cancellations due to the Gina Carano hubbub. - Lego bowing to the mobs and taking their Jabba's Palace off the shelf because it "apparently" resembled a mosque. - Slave Leia being deemed taboo now and its forced re-labeling to "Hutt slayer." - Old toys like the vintage Kenner Alien doll or the talking Matchbox Freddy Kruger doll being deemed inappropriate. - The utterly bizarre parental outrage over the McDonalds Batman Returns Happy Meal Toys. I'm sure I'm forgetting many others examples, but that's Cancel Culture applied to the subject of merchandising. It's nothing new to mass-produced toys. Topics of that nature would make for an extremely interesting sociologically insightful article; Real-world controversies over toys that resulted in their removal from selves or end of production. Now that could be fascinating and deep. This is what I expected from the article. That's not what I got. It's clear I expected too much. If you're going to attempt a pseudo-intellectual yarn on the contemporary boiling point of opinionated entitlement and the (sometimes unfair) forced censorship that can result from over-sensitivities, you might want to do more research. If you want to touch on sociopolitical stemmed harassments due to presumed damning forever offensiveness through the lenses of plastic toys and collector communities, you might want to learn what Cancel Culture means. You literally cite the official definition and yet don't seem to grasp the context of its meaning... Instead I got an article from a borderline narcissist downright tantrum-throwing at playing the victim. You made it about...YOU! Considering you bought that many Vipers, it seems everything is about you. The sheer amount of self-pity in the original post is...staggeringly pathetic. Let's get one thing straight: Snagging a horde of the same rare toy and getting a level of backlash is not Cancel Culture. It's an "occupational" hazard; rather in this case a hobby one. If you're going to excessively horde particularly rare pieces, a supposed "intellectual" like yourself should be well-aware of a percentage of what the response will be. I don't think anyone is inherently anti-army building...but it's in the intent that produces the response. You speak of entitlement and yet are immune to your inherent hypocrisy. You seem to think you're deserving of inherent praise and worship for your cheap plastic commercial material. Like, thumbs up, hearts! Way to GO! The shallowness projected in the pretty blatant "Look at me!" attention grab is disturbing for an adult. I expect a teenager to place such obsessive importance on such surface level superficiality, the misconstrued delusion of "I got more likes" competitively juvenile popularity, but not from someone who professes to be matured. Then to go on a pity party sympathy ploy article rant over it? Wow...just wow. I think I can speak for many in just three words: Get over yourself. Claiming it's Cancel Culture because your feels were hurt is downright self-centered. Way to make a mountain from a molehill. No one is inhibiting your ability to horde. No one can "cancel" that. You're not being stopped. You're not getting "fired" from collecting action figures, you're not losing your precious toys, you're getting critiqued for being a self-centered and gluttonous braggard. Those are your consequences. No more and no less. The irony is that if you'd have just dropped it, shut your mouth, and let it pass...most probably wouldn't even remember in under a week. The internet is fickle. It moves onto the next "offense" at rapid pace. Your conceitedness made it a big deal. Think this is Cancel Culture, you lost your presumed relevancy status, why don't you tell Gina Carano that and see what she has to say about loss. But poor thing still got his much required attention to feel valid, the comical part is it's not those up-votes he so desires. I'm not sure even a few dozen more Viper figures can mend an ego this size. This is quite possibly the most embarrassing post in the history of TNI.
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