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  1. Every Joe down in Joe-ville liked Christmas a lot... But the Snake, who lived just north of Joe-ville, did NOT.


    The Snake hated Christmas! The whole holiday season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be his legs weren't screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his gloves were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his helmet was two sizes too small.

  2. didnt hasbro say at the con they wanted to redo all of the original 13?


    we're already getting or have




    Snake Eyes



    Grand Slam


    with Rock N Roll being rumored


    which only leaves




    Short Fuse




    i think it safe to say we will see those by fall 2008

  3. Joes:


    1. Recondo V1

    2. Quick Kick

    3. Dusty V1

    4. Footloose V1

    5. Barbecue V1




    1. Major Bludd V1

    2. Tomax/Xamot V1

    3. Scrap Iron V1

    4. Zarana V1

    5. Zandar V1


    Joe Vehicles:


    1. Snowcat

    2. Skystriker

    3. Mauler

    4. Dragonfly

    5 USS Flagg


    Cobra Vehicles:


    1. Rattler

    2. Flight Pod

    3. Fang I

    4. Stun

    5. Ferret

  4. well they say it will be similar to X-men and in that movie the new characters are wolverine and rogue who are thrust into the world of xavier and magneto, the teams are there, a history is hinted at, and the escalation of a threat is established in the beginning


    magneto is around but he becomes more militant


    so you apply this to gi joe, the team is there, they re a top secret daring highly trained special mission force whose purpose is to defend human freedom against cobra (after the threat is escalated, cobra already exists in some form) a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world


    if you want to follow x-men and star wars more closely you'd need a anti hero to be introduced like Wolverine or Han Solo the hardened skeptical ousider, the Joe analog would to me be Shipwreck, afterall that is how hes introduced in the revenge of cobra miniseries. Shipwreck would also be highly recognizable to people who havent been engaged in GI Joe since they were kids, I know he wouldn't be a lot of people's first choice but he would serve the purpose of the character that draws us into that world


    the other probablyt most obvious thing to do it follow some mysterious character's background, for x-men it was wolverine, for star wars it was vader (in the originals), so for Joe the obvious connection is storm shadow and snake eyes, that would have to be worked in some how to drive the plot


    then you need the mcguffin device (no not necessarily the the item in once upon a joe) some item for the teams to fight over be it the holy grail, death star plans, one ring, allspark, or weather dominator components

  5. I wouldn't put in a ton of characters, a few keys on each side




    Hawk- Dennis Quaid

    Duke- Matt Damon

    Flint - Christian Bale

    Snake Eyes- Ray Park

    Scarlett- Alicia Witt (i'd prefer a natural red head in the role)

    Roadblock- Tyrese Gibson

    Breaker- Jake Gyllenhaal




    Cobra Commander- Gary Oldman

    Destro- Gerard Butler

    Baroness- Kate Beckinsale

    Storm Shadow- Jet Li

    Major Bludd- Robert Carislie

    Firefly- not sure

  6. I noticed it too and when i told some one i was with they mentioned it in armaggedon. since one of the produicers is working on developing gi joe as well i doubt its a coincidence, and bay didn't write the script so the whole armaggedon thing could be coincidence.

  7. its on rt 37 a bit past the walmart on the east bound side, its called marquee cinemas, I saw shrek 3 there the other day and it was ridiculously clear and the sound was amazing, also its stadium seating so now worries about some ones head in the way. Its literally been open for a week and a half/two weeks. might be worth looking into, I'm going to the 8 pm showing there.

  8. Gi Joe does not seem as popular as some of other Hasbro properties on the current market. What does Hasbro attribute this to and how are you going to attempt to remedy this to make GI Joe a a stronger presence and more stable (instead of reinventing it every couple years) in the future?

  9. Several prominant Joe fans (notably General Hawk), have suggested these might actually be listings for 8" figures, not 25th figures.


    As is, Alpine and Torpedo are supposed to be part of the second series of Combat Squad, and Major Bludd and Wild Bill are rumored new Commando figures.

    Plus there is the Soldier assortment (which is getting a new rendition of Short Fuze this summer), which could account for as many as four of these figures


    However, even if these are for the 8" line, the mere act of grabbing these names (assuming they end up on packaging like this) would mean good things for the 4" line.


    hence my question mark in the title :)

  10. Why has there been such a slow start for this line to turn up at retail? Out of all the items shown at Toy Fair I can think of, Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel properties, have all had a significant amount of the product that was shown arrive on store shelves so why the delay with GI Joe and when can we expect these figures to start showing up in store shelves if they already haven't by the time this is answered?

  11. Since you folks at Hasbro have decided to at the very least make a few more figures in the new 25th Anniversary style what can be expected by us, the fans, as far as scope of the line? Are all series of GI Joe being considered going ahead or do the development teams have a certain frame of reference (time period) on which they will be drawing from going foward such as 1982-86? Let me be clear in that I'm not asking to give away that time frame if there is indeed one, but feel free to share.

  12. this was posted over at joesightings.com


    original thread can be seen here:






    I know that I'm new to the boards here, but these were found in a major retailers computer yesterday.


    65356928936 Blade Destro

    65356928932 Snow Job

    65356928934 Flash

    65356928935 Snake Eyes Black

    65356928931 Crimson Guard

    65356929251 Armor CC

    65356929253 Torpedo

    65356929254 Major Bludd

    65356929252 Rock N Roll

    65356929255 Wild Bill


    I'm not guaranteeing that these will be released just that they are in a retailers computer.

    The number strings in front are the products UPC codes, so someone should be able to validate these other than myself.


    I hope this information is helpful. Now lets discuss...


    If the info proves to be true, I can't wait to get my hands on Snow Job and Rock N Roll.


    PS the mystery figure from the cardbacks is Red Ninja in their system


    Thanks Slicer X "


    sounds like a good list but can only imagine what "blade destro" and "snake eyes black" are supposed to be


    plus helmetless pics of Duke and Roadblock here


  13. I'd also just like to go on the record that I do NOT want to see figures like Kamakura, Hi-Tech, Bombstrike, etc. At least, not until this line is long underway, maybe in 3+ years or so. I just think they have plenty of old school characters to take care of in the meantime.


    100% agree!



    same here


    I don't want anything beyond the movie at least until this lines been around for a bit

  14. I'll be happy if any of the following show up in 2008:





    Rock N' Roll

    Short Fuze




    Hawk V1

    Grand Slam

    Major Bludd



    Snow Job




    Cover Girl

    HISS Driver

    Wild Bill


    Mutt & Junkyard



    Scrap Iron



    Deep Six


    Stinger Driver


    Wild Weasel





    Crimson Guard




    Quick Kick


    Snow Serpent

    Tele -Viper






    Heavy Metal



    Toll Booth

    Sgt. Slaughter


    Dr Mindbender

    Dial Tone

    Hawk v 2




    Low Light



    Sci Fi






    Cross Country

    Lift Ticket

    Motor Viper







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