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  1. The fan campaign had everything to do with it, and WB also had nothing to do with it. None of this would have happened if AT&T hadn't merged with WB. The execs at WB absolutely hate Snyder's movies and they never had any plans to allow the Snyder Cut to be completed (although there has always been a cut that was shorter than 4 hrs but longer than the theatrical cut....this is the one that Mamoa and others referenced when they said they had seen it and Snyder has said it was a completed edit with Junkie XL's music at that time in place). As soon as the merger happened, the Snyder Cut was greenlit when they knew it would be perfect for HBO Max content. WB absolutely did not want it...period and fought it, but AT&T and HBO Max have all the power right now, so the Snyder Cut, fans, and Snyder himself won in the end. I hated the theatrical version, but I love the hell out of this one. There's some company out there that says they have methods that can tell them how many people watched it and they're saying 1.8 million views within the date range they used which I'm guessing is the premiere weekend. WW1984 had 2.2 million views in it's opening weekend. Of course, that doesn't tell us how many subscriptions happened, and it can't tell us how many people who started one haven't watched it, yet. There are tons of people who don't like the other Snyder films and/or JL theatrical who do like or love this one (Red Letter Media and Dan Murrell are two good examples on Youtube), and there are tons of reactions from people saying they thought it would be crap or not that great and were pleasantly surprised to blown away. And then there's people like Andy Signore whom made himself look foolish with his likes it doesn't like it wishy washy reaction. He's biased and has major baggage going in, so I don't care what that idiot thinks at the end of the day.
  2. I'm sure there's a reason the sword went away. It could be a licensing issue with the game company which would flat out prohibit him from selling the figure with the sword or something else we wouldn't be privvy to.
  3. The Batman figure from the Gold label wasn't a repaint. It is getting a repaint, but the Gold version was the first. Everything else is a variant and based on the color gold. I have no issue with it. One doesn't have to buy it which is the beauty of repaints.
  4. Yeah, the Loot Crate fad has been fading because you pay what you pay and get a bunch of stuff you don't really want and occasionally got something you did want. They were about to close down and then the person that owns NECA swooped in and took over Loot Crate and that was when NECA figures started showing up. This would be back when the pre-TMNT Splinter Spirit figure was offered (the glow in the dark variant).
  5. The Loot Crates aren't sold in stores, so I don't know why you'd say they never see the light of day in your neck of the woods. They're sold exclusively online through the Loot Crate website. NECA bought the Loot Crate brand after it went out of business, and they have successfully found a way to make it work and profitable for certain things.
  6. There's about 50 Slimers and Stay Puft in Walmarts around here right now, as well as all of the Ghostbusters and some of the other items they've put out. They've been warming pegs for months here, but they recently refilled everything on top of a new Plasma series Ecto-1. I don't foresee that line continuing given the poor sales of wave 1. I don't think it would have mattered if the movie had come out, either. Kids don't care about GB, and anyone that was going to buy these would have already bought them whether there's a movie or not.
  7. Is this the 4" line or 2.5" line? Probably 2.5" but I only buy 4" so I don't want to worry about looking out for this if I don't need to.
  8. There are well over 150+ Fortnite figures within the 4", 6", and 7" figure lines, so I don't see that happening. Well over half of those are 4" and McFarlane made 30+ 7" figs and has one more left. The rest go to Jazwares 6" and those numbers don't even include the smaller scales. All 3 lines are fantastic, and I always preferred McFarlane's line. They were just built better than the 6" line, and he definitely has the best Peely out of all of them. The 6" and 4" Peely are awful. The fact that 4" will continue makes me happy. That's a huge and varied line and they always release a massive amount of characters.
  9. If he was in the old cartoon then we'll get him eventually, but I have read he was only in one of the arcade games which means he'll never see a release in the Target line. The same holds true for the pirate Bebop and Rocksteady figs in the Arcade line.
  10. This pic is missing the 3 paint deco variants painted to reflect the original 80s toys. These figs are even better on the card given the artwork is half the reason to own them. These are superior to Ultimate for me.
  11. An entire wave of four 2-packs is $225, so the costs per figure is a bit more given there are only 5 of them, but you're paying for the exclusivity factor after that and the fact that this will probably be the only time you'll be able to get these. Any figs you don't want you can sell off on eBay and given the prices they go for this entire thing pays for itself. I paid $150 for the first Lootcrate, but I only collect the Animated stuff, so I got the entire $150 back and change reselling the rest. If I had hung onto them a bit longer, I could have doubled+ that.
  12. EDIT: The press release says the 3D render is from the kid's show and NOT the Smith show, so that's a relief. Now, if series 1 of Masterverse is supposed to be from Revelations then does that mean these 3 fantastic figs and Battle Cat are the Smith versions? Pics of the Masterverse Skeletor, He-Man and Battle Cat, and Evil Lyn are over on Toyark. There's also a 3D render of He-Man and Battle Cat from one of the two new shows. The Masterverse figs are awesome. I love them. The "show" design is effing awful. I haven't gotten into details beyond it's from a show, so I don't know if it's the Kevin Smith show Revelations or the more kid oriented show. It has to be the kiddie one, because if this is what Smith has done then what the heck happened? It's a total embarrassment. If that's Smith's He-Man and Battle Cat then that man needs to be embarrassed right about now. This along with the awful transformation music and awful Prince Adam/He-Man voice are not filling me with hope. The Masterverse figs are though.
  13. It says it'll be a "diverse lead." That's fancy talk for race and/or gender swap most likely.
  14. They look exactly what they're supposed to look like. Since when is screen perfect accuracy a bad look? Think before you post, friend. If it goes like the past 2 or 3 releases there will be plenty to go around. I've literally run across 50+ Splinter 2pks and around 20+ Android bodies. I can also go out and find Splinter/Shredder movie 2pk at Walmart at multiple Walmarts right not, so assuming this increase in availability isn't a fluke, this set will be easy to find. The wildcard though is the cost and who knows if a $100 item will be available in plentiful quantities or not.
  15. While people love the BTTF movies, I don't feel it's a property that many toy collectors want to buy. They're boring figs at the end of the day.
  16. It's not weird, it's just that NECA has few options at this point beyond a deco like this or a grey scale which we'll probably get if this one sell well enough. They don't have the license to do anything related to the new Kong movie or the 1933 movie (and this is why they didn't use the original poster art this is based on for the packaging), so they gave us this in between colorized version based on an old magazine cover/poster. It's in that grey area that won't get them into trouble most likely.
  17. Yes, the figures are $50 because of things beyond their control. They have to make money at the end of the day and they have to make a certain percentage of profit compared to the overall cost per unit, so they price something at a certain point to recoup the cost of making the item and then they mark it up a certain percentage to insure they make the amount of profit required to justify the item. This is how every company operates in the toy industry and most other industries that exist. The TC figs are $55 because of an increase in cost of living which includes inflation and an increase in the price of materials (which is also due to inflation among other things). These higher priced items are made to order, so if 5,349 people preorder the tank then they make 5,349 tanks. They know roughly how many tanks they'll probably sell and I'm sure it's not based on the number of people that buy TC figures. It's a percentage that I'm sure some statistician came up with based on tried and true methods that they trust in, so there's probably an industry standard percent of X percent of customers who buy vehicles like this vs. much cheaper retail options that cost a tenth of the cost. At the end of the day they aren't blaming fans for anything. If you want to blame someone then blame China, since the $10 increase in price is due to everything over there going up. EVERYONE needs to prepare for this hobby to get very expensive from here on out and including regular retail options. COVID and COVID relief checks in the USA have resulted in a massive shortage in the workforce which leads to less product being able to be made and also results in a decrease in the stuff used to make the toys we buy. The relief checks aren't free when you look at the big picture, and they will have to be paid for in the future which is where major league inflation comes into play. When it finally happens we'll be looking at major increases in the price of food, gas, and everything else, so $7 per gallon gas or $7 dollar gallons of milk and equivalent increases in everything else aren't out of the question. Around 2/3 to 3/4 of all USA currency (physical money) was printed in the last year which is just frickin' nuts, so we're gonna be wham, bam, thank you ma'am'd at some point in the not too distant future. It has already started with gas going up a quarter since Biden took office (because oil companies knew he would jack with them so they increased prices to stockpile extra cash and what do you know but he shutdown that pipeline and banned fracking on federal land and 70,000 to 80,000 jobs disappeared overnight and all of those people belonged to unions that supported Biden, so there's a bit of voter remorse going on in that world which I find funny because they were warned of this leading up to the election). Anyway, it's coming and you may have to make some financial decisions about what you want to collect at some point. My point is things go up for a reason, and it isn't the fans not buying it that is the problem.
  18. The 4" Peely playset and 2pk from Target is pretty nice. It's a playset of a study complete with a bookcase that is on a turntable and there's a nice chair the figures can sit in. Dark Peely is in a black tux (just like this 6" fig) and when you rotate the bookcase (ala Scooby Doo finding a secret passage) then all of a sudden you have regular Peely in his white tux. Heck the chair makes it worth it.
  19. Hopefully given that both the Android and Splinter releases are easily available, this means that all releases will be just as easy to find from here on out. The Targets around here now put both of those releases on an endcap in the toys section, as well as the NECA section in the Adult Collectibles section. They even had them by Pokemon/Fortnite Jazwares/Mario/Sonic figures just before that. Between a couple of friends and myself we've probably found 40 to 50 Splinter 2pks amongst our 5 or 6 Targets, so they're everywhere. I watched them restock this 2pk a couple weeks ago, and it wasn't a NECA rep. It was the normal Target person with their red cart with unopened cases of TMNT (6 per case) and some Pops. One of those friends and myself are hitting Targets daily since he's needing the Tragg 2pk, and we're both after those mythical Cobra Island releases we've heard legends about, so I think we'll find them unless we're plagued with bad luck.
  20. It's not a re-release and even if it were it's a necessary one to make the entire line have consistent paint. They were obviously wanting to go with a flashier paint scheme and when the primary audience complained, they made the change on all post-series 1 figs and are now changing the first wave. Stop complaining when it's a good thing, and if you don't like it then don't buy it. I think I'll buy two of this one now and give it away. Thanks for providing the reason to do so.
  21. No, it isn't custom. This line's paint is all that good.
  22. The last 2 or 3 TMNT Animated releases have been much easier to find. I've run across 5 Krang Androids at 2 of 5 area Targets and around 24 Baxter 2pks at 4 of the 5 Targets. Before that I found 6 of the Roadkill Rodney 2pks and 3 of the other Triceraton 2pk. The only one I've never seen at all is the Tragg/Grannitor 2pk. It simply never showed here at all and I found all of the earlier sets multiple times. This along with those damn Target GI Joe Cobra Island figs (mainly the 2 new ones and Cobra Trooper and Baroness) are the hardest damn thing ever to find.
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