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  1. There's no reason for these unmasked variants to exist. Just put the unmasked head in the normal version release like everyone else does. McFarlane has a questionable house style with his DC figs and his borderline anticonsumer ways are pathetic.
  2. McFarlane prototype publicity shots always look different than the final figure or almost always. There's a better than good chance that the final figure will look nothing like this.
  3. McFarlane's figs don't struggle with proportion. It's a deliberate house style.
  4. I don't think the car in the actual movies was all shiny and chrome looking like this, so no it isn't the Batmobile I always wanted. There's already a shiny/chromed out Batmobile like that will cost you between $5 and $8 down any aisle that has Hot Wheels on it. You can also get the shields for it and are for some inexplicable reason super super shiny. Anyway, back to the car itself and there's a super shiny version just like this complete with opening canopy and a non-shiny matte version which is what you'd actual want. Maybe I'm wrong and it is shiny in the movie, but I always remember it being flat/matte.
  5. Theyve already released a Gamorrean Guard. How about something new for a stretch goal for a once in a life time offer? There's reuse and then there's ridiculous laziness like this. That Guard better be bitten in half or something else unique.
  6. That GITD Reaction figure is older and came out NYCC week and is actually the 2nd version of that boxed figure, so with today's release that makes 3 versions of this figure we've gotten in less than 6 months. That carded Dark Green one is new for Godzilla Day, though. I guess that's technically part of the preexisting Shogun Warriors line, so we haven't seen the Reaction line, yet. I figured the silhouettes were going to be Ultimates, but it looks like I may be wrong.
  7. I saw one of those 6" Eleven The Void Collection figs along with a couple of Gunslinger Spawns last night. I hadn't seen the story about the Void Collection, so it was a decent little surprise. Also, to NECA TMNT Animated collectors it would appear the Muck Man, Mondo Gecko, and Chrome Dome are going to be as easy to find as the Baxter 2pk and Tricertons. I've seen the first two on that list everywhere for weeks and Chrome Dome has started showing last week and they're everywhere.
  8. Oh Sweet Jesus. Everything about this even down to the packaging is just wrong. Crap and wrong. I know it's a budget line like those My Hero Academia figs he does at the smaller scale, but those figs at least look like they're supposed to look. Either McFarlane doesn't pay for likeness rights or his sculptors suck at capturing likeness on a consistent basis. Either that or he's not using photo real tech. His likenesses have almost consistently all blown and this is one of the worst.
  9. These really aren't any different than their Reaction line for Spongebob. The articulation is going to be limited by design, and there simply not that much of a difference between what these $55 figures would offer versus an $18 5POA figure that looks every bit as nice as these do from a sculpt POV. They do have it beat on the accessories side, so they need to lean in heavy on that to make up for the articulation problem.
  10. They kind of are doing it. We get one more Batfleck appearance in the Flashpoint movie and then he's out. He doesn't want to do it anymore, since it led him to drink the first time around. Superman is all over the place with 2 movies featuring black Supermans being made, and possibly Cavill being in one of them. I think they need to stick with Cavill, since any black Superman movie will bomb spectacularly. They have a hard enough time getting people to see Cavill, and people tend to like his portrayal, so there's no way the alternative will be successful. It's being done for digital back pats on Twitter by people who have no interest in going to see the movie. Once Hollywood figures this out, maybe they'll start respecting these characters more and stop blaming the fans when they flop.
  11. That was awful. At least we have Revelations which I love. I knew they'd have a bunch of kiddified comedy lines and stupid, pause for laughs moments but this is ridiculous and of course idiotic voice acting. It wouldn't be so bad if it were its own IP.
  12. I see everything where I'm at. I just bought the Target exclusive vac-metal Battle Armor He-Man/Battle Cat set off the shelf and I saw regular Battle Armor He-Man on the peg at a Walmart on the other side of town along with a deluxe Hordak someplace else. I've had few problems picking up most Origins in stores. All the Targets had 3 or 4 Land Sharks, so there were around 20 of those in town. They've since sold out, but it isn't hard to find this stuff around here.
  13. I like it a lot. Nice change of pace from the norm. I didn't know Spinmaster would do figs based on this movie, so that's news to me. There are around 80-90 figures in the Spinmaster line now (both Batman and DC characters and maybe over 100+ now since a number of multi-packs just came out and some vehicles with a figure or two and a big Batcave with one...nice thing is that most of the repainted Batmans are legit versions from the comics or that make some sort of logical sense although they've started introducing some Fortnitey elements to the line with weird armor pads, pouches, and more 1990s Kenner style paint schemes here lately. I don't like it but they still put out normal figs too but nowhere near as many as they did), so I think this is the first non-comic versions they've made.
  14. The $200 is for 5 figures (4 and a "free" one or is it 3 and a "free" one?), and Danny was figure #1, so you only had to pay for him if you wanted him. I don't think they forced you to buy the whole assortment. And while the cost per figure is more than the retail versions, you are more than free to sell off the ones you don't want on eBay and you'll get anywhere from $75 to $200 per figure depending on the character and timing. I paid $150 for assortment #1 and I sold off the ones I didn't want and I actually made more money than what I paid for it, so no complaints here. Because it's a character from the movie? There are only so many in the film to make, so why not make him? The object of the game is to make as many of the characters as humanly possible as long as there is a demand.
  15. Maskless Shriek arrived yesterday and I saw the mask on version at Target the day before albeit that version looked someone had stepped on the box and kicked it down the aisle 10 or 12 times. The Battle Damaged Batman variant was in plentiful quantity, as well. Only 1 Shriek.
  16. They already had their preorder and it sold out in minutes as did the Power-Con preorder. They also aren't going to make anymore. Expect to pay upwards of $600 - $1,000 on eBay if you want all three.
  17. They cost more thanks to inflation and the cost of materials going up (which is related to inflation of course...basically just said the same thing twice ). In some cases materials have doubled or more depending on what it is, and that also applies to shipping and shipping crates in China. Right now companies are scalping those big shipping crates that everything gets sent over in because there aren't enough to go around and people are acting like scalpers on eBay for lack of a better word. That will trickle down into the cost of the item at some point if it already hasn't.
  18. There's no plastic window either, so think about all the germ covered fingers that will be poking the fig heads before they're bought. This style of packaging is awful and makes me not want to buy it since I can't really see what I'm buying. For all I know the wrong arms or something is attached or the accessories are all missing. This is terrible Hasbro. Fix it.
  19. Since when is NECA Store preorders limited? They've always been 2 week open preorders, but now I find out this is no longer the case and Mondo Gecko has sold out. Muck Man is still up and I got that, but what in the hell NECA?
  20. Is that a painting of the figure complete with articulation elements showing or is the combo of the fur sculpt and the paint style give it a painterly look? At first I thought it was an illustration in front of the traditional explosion graphic like the 80s line and the current Retro, but the balljoints and joints screams this is the real figure. Not sure why they'd release a painting of the figure, so this must be the figure. I guess the explosion and the way it's lit is screwing with my eyes and it looks like a painting of the Timber fig and not the fig itself. I kind of like that look, although I'd need to see it on a human, too.
  21. I already have the superior 1966 Mattel figs and Batmobile, but that Batcave set will be something to get to go along with Mattel's Batcave they put out. This new one is much more elaborate, but the Mattel computer console will fit in nicely with this hopefully. The figures are garbage, although I might get the masked Joker and removal mask Robin just because we didn't get those in Mattel. I got the Bruce Wayne head with the Cave.
  22. This has been an open secret for a while after someone connected with Super7 spilled the beans over on the He-Man.org forums. The person that was responsible for getting Super7 the Thundercats license (or had some kind of hand in it) let it slip I believe accidentally and in private message confirmed that was the announcement. That was around 3 weeks ago I think. The only thing that wasn't confirmed was whether they'll be patterned after the 80s/90s toy line like TMNT is or if cartoon accurate designs like Silverhawks and Thundercats. I'm guessing the latter, but the toys are pretty close to the show, so it doesn't matter at the end of the day for me. This could be a MOTU Classics sized line if it's popular given the massive number of characters available.
  23. Major Bludd was available in mass quantities for days when they replenished him, so keep an eye on physical stores in the coming days. Kind of like the Rise of Evil 2pk with MOTU Origins. I can go out and buy 25 of those right now if I wanted to. I took one back last night because someone got one for me now realizing how easy they are to find now, so it can happen with these just the same.
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