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  1. Is that a painting of the figure complete with articulation elements showing or is the combo of the fur sculpt and the paint style give it a painterly look? At first I thought it was an illustration in front of the traditional explosion graphic like the 80s line and the current Retro, but the balljoints and joints screams this is the real figure. Not sure why they'd release a painting of the figure, so this must be the figure. I guess the explosion and the way it's lit is screwing with my eyes and it looks like a painting of the Timber fig and not the fig itself. I kind of like that look, although I'd need to see it on a human, too.
  2. It's from a deleted scene. They filmed it and it got cut from the film.
  3. I already have the superior 1966 Mattel figs and Batmobile, but that Batcave set will be something to get to go along with Mattel's Batcave they put out. This new one is much more elaborate, but the Mattel computer console will fit in nicely with this hopefully. The figures are garbage, although I might get the masked Joker and removal mask Robin just because we didn't get those in Mattel. I got the Bruce Wayne head with the Cave.
  4. This has been an open secret for a while after someone connected with Super7 spilled the beans over on the He-Man.org forums. The person that was responsible for getting Super7 the Thundercats license (or had some kind of hand in it) let it slip I believe accidentally and in private message confirmed that was the announcement. That was around 3 weeks ago I think. The only thing that wasn't confirmed was whether they'll be patterned after the 80s/90s toy line like TMNT is or if cartoon accurate designs like Silverhawks and Thundercats. I'm guessing the latter, but the toys are pretty close to the show, so it doesn't matter at the end of the day for me. This could be a MOTU Classics sized line if it's popular given the massive number of characters available.
  5. Major Bludd was available in mass quantities for days when they replenished him, so keep an eye on physical stores in the coming days. Kind of like the Rise of Evil 2pk with MOTU Origins. I can go out and buy 25 of those right now if I wanted to. I took one back last night because someone got one for me now realizing how easy they are to find now, so it can happen with these just the same.
  6. It makes him a ton of money because the store hosting the exclusive has to pay for the privilege, and this isn't cheap. Also, variants are how companies can get the most out of their expensive tooling since it costs many thousands of dollars to produce a mold (I've heard $200,000+, but I don't know if that's accurate). The release of variants is how we get new tooling in future waves.
  7. I see the Castle weekly at various Wal-marts. They stock them with the Mega Constructs which is going to be with the Legos and Playmobil. It's always on the bottom shelf, so look for the $74.99 price tag. I got mine almost a month ago, and I've seen 5 or 6 of them since then at other stores. Also, I have 6 Targets within 15-20 miles of where I live and every single one of them received a massive number of Rise of Evil 2-pks this week. I saw 8 at one and 10 units at another and then it varied from 1 to 4 at the rest, so check out Target this week to see if this same restock has happened where you live. I'm in the Tulsa, OK, area, so if you live near there check out the Owasso (suburb) location and in Tulsa proper the one at 71st St right off Hwy 169 had eight. This was evening time yesterday.
  8. The Mattel 1966 Batmobile was huge and I see no reason to get this esp. given it's so small. The Batcave is worth getting if you have the Batcave Playset from the Mattel series, plus you get that unmasked head. And, of course those figures actually look like the characters. I'm not sure what they smoked the day the Burt Ward head was sculpted and/or approved. Either they suck or they didn't pay for the likeness rights. I can only speculate that they aren't paying for likeness rights because there have been too many of these IRL actor heads that look generic. Hasbro doesn't seem to have this problem with their Star Wars likeness in any scale, and the same for MCU figures (for the most part). I might pick up the Joker and any other villains that have those wacky 1966 Batman The Movie heads, since I don't think they had those in the previous line, so that'll give us an alternate head for him/them, and I can't recall if we got an unmasked Robin or not, but there's that.....I guess. I wonder if the sculpt is there but we're getting Force Awakens paint jobs and it's getting lost in terrible paint?
  9. The preorder is on Pulse (for members only at the moment) and not Gamestop. They're on Pulse right now and nothing on Gamestop.
  10. I'm glad Jazwares is still going to be making the 4" line. I have around 60-70 figs in that line and still don't have them all. The articulation on those is fantastic and there's a pretty big selection of vehicles now. My only beef with that line is that they don't include the back bling most of the time. They get you with a ton of crate releases and usually have 6 different crates full of tons of weapons and back bling and a few other goodies. You have to look at the UPC barcode to know which one you're getting since they all look the same at first glance. Makes me wonder how many people don't realize there's more than one in each release.
  11. Yep, that's the one. Those were simpler times.
  12. This series is about to hit a series low of less than 300,000 viewers per episode. That's pathetic and this show is one of the worst written shows of the CW DC universe and of all shows. I feel filthy just watching it and feel embarrassed for the network. How this atrocity got a 3rd season is one of the great mysteries of the universe. It's not really a mystery, but watching this thing go even lower will count towards some kind of entertainment value I suppose.
  13. Everything has been delayed due to a year and a half pandemic. Everything is finally starting to speed up a bit, now so waves will start coming out more frequently. Wave 2 Thundercats is mixed up with some kind of BS with the factory it's being made in, so newer waves will probably come out before it, but that's not Super7's fault. Mafex and S.H. Figuarts are dozens of figures behind, so this is nothing new, and it's all 100% due to pandemic slowdown. If you only have a small percentage of a workforce or no workforce to produce things then you aren't going to be able to maintain a release schedule that was made before historic life changing events for all occured.
  14. Bludd is on Pulse right now. Still available. New Roadblock is gone.
  15. The Platinum Edition figure from the Warhammer 40K line goes for $300-450 on eBay, so good luck in finding this one for retail. Count yourself lucky if you get this one. I'm still kicking myself for not getting that 40K fig for $35 on BBTS when it was offered.
  16. I just came from a couple Targets and saw 3 Cobra Commanders, 2 Flints, 1 Lady Jaye, and 2 Zartans and a couple of the repainted ones. This whole Cobra Island debacle is irritating. I went there to get a Rise of Evil 2pk from MOTU that the website clearly said they had "Limited Stock" of which means they have 1 and they told me they got 3 in and sold out a while back. In other words I just got lied to and the guy didn't know if he had it or not and didn't seem like he wanted to check in back (nor did I press him to do so). All very discouraging. Piss off Hasbro and Mattel.
  17. These appear to be of better quality likeness-wise than the horrible Snyder Cut figs. Those looked nothing like the actors, but these distant shots appear to look good. Will have to see higher quality close-ups to know for sure, but those JL figs were easy to throw out no matter how far they were from the camera. Harley's knees look horrible, but so do most of the knees in this line. Not sure why he can't do the knees like Fortnite 6" or Marvel Legends. Those look great, but it's like the knee cap/joint is all wrong and it makes all of the figs look like robots.
  18. Joy Toy produce some of the best if not the best product out there. They are certainly top 3 or top 2 in the 1/18th world. Sculpting, paint, and everything else is top of the line. They put McFarlane to shame, and I love McFarlane's stuff, but his stuff still has aesthetic issues that I'm still trying to figure out why he doesn't tweak. They're just small things that would make his already cool figs even better. McFarlane has an ego, and he's one of the biggest, most pompous asses you'd ever want to meet. I met him in the 90s when he attended one of our Def-Cons and he was difficult to work with and a huge ass, but he brought in the public. We wanted both him and Hamill and they both wanted $10,000, so we could only do one. Kind of wish they'd gone with Hamill, although time has proven him to be a maniac thanks to Twitter, so I don't care now, but back then before Twitter destroyed what we thought of Hollywood people it would have been cool. Anyway, these Joy Toy Warhammer figs are going to be awesome and we'll get vehicles to go with them, but they're gonna cost hundreds of dollars each most likely (the vehicles).
  19. The NECA line isn't that difficult to find and a lot of it has been offered on their website. With a couple of exceptions, this line hasn't been that bad. GI Joe Classified Cobra Island is bad, NECA TMNT isn't bad.
  20. There are multiple R-rated DC animated movies, live action movies (Joker made over a billion with an R-rating), and that hard R Harley Quinn TV show, so this isn't really a thing to ask anymore. You can't really tell this story the right way at PG-13.
  21. Stores sell the figures for $15 USD not $40 unless your talking about a deluxe figure which goes for $22 USD. Flocked Panthor is $40 at Walmart. They aren't selling them for $40 unless it's an individual selling through the site. Walmart allows regular people to sell via the website, and there are 5 flocked Panthors on there for $93 each which is ridiculous, but it looks like WM is trying to sell it for the much, but if you look at it it clearly says it's from someone's store kind of like eBay or Amazon. None of the retailers artificially inflate the prices.
  22. Yup, and one of the best figures they've released. More Batmans please.
  23. Target offered NECA lots of money to sell those exclusively, so it has nothing to do with respect. The toy companies' customers are the stores and not the consumers/collectors. We are customers of the stores, so if they can stock something that you can only get there and charge a premium for then they're going to do it. Exclusive are all about money and who can pay the toy company the most in the end to be the supplier of the exclusive.
  24. I'll take the Reaction over the Playmates. Fantastic card art and they can actually hold their weapons. Articulation doesn't come into it since the articulation is pure garbage on those Playmates figs. I love the RetroBlasting review of them a few months or however long ago it was. Classic tearing of new hole.
  25. Throwing the yellow raincoat into the pricier set and making it a limited edition is horsecrap. I had to run an errand and this went live while I was away so I missed it and it has sold out. Sorry, NECA, but this long time collector of 40+ years of buying crap is taking a stand, and I will no longer collect this line, and given the horrible looking knees on April and the stoned expression on her face, I'm having any regrets in doing so. No need for me to fund crap if I don't have to. The store and website exclusive manure has to stop or be cut back dramatically. I can't keep up with having to figure out which items are exclusives here or there for multiple lines, so I'm not going to put myself through that stress at least for this line. I'm still in on the cartoon line because I have zero trouble finding it and so far you haven't pulled a yellow raincoat incident out of your arse for that line, yet. I'll be selling my movie stuff and canceling any preorders I have that are movie related.
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