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  1. They're the exact opposite of boring. They're perfect. Also, I'm not seeing how Hasbro is being carried by Legends, Classified, TF, and PR. Those are literally the premiere brands. Star Wars still sells and not sure about the Fortnite line from a sales POV, but they're one of the strongest lines going in multiple scales, although 6" is all that applies for Hasbro. They're not being carried by them, that is what they're known for on top of everything else. A couple of dud Haslabs hardly equals a "rough year." They're a billion dollar company. All hail the billionaires. Anyway, the Indy figures are better than I could imagine and I even like the windowless boxes which I normally hate. The designs just work for this property plus it could be dressed up from the very beginning instead of changing something that has existed for years. I also can't believe I'll finally have a set of the 80s line on card. Hopefully, they do the playsets. Those cardbacks are one of the best cardbacks of the 80s thanks to that use of color and the overall style.
  2. It'll be fine. It's supposed to be that way and there are plenty of other Czarface figures to fill it in. Playsets from the big boys usually only come with one figure or nothing, so it's not an issue. Yes, it'll also be pricey, but that's also OK, too. These things don't make themselves and Super7 isn't Hasbro/Mattel. This will make the 5th playset in this style they've released (2 versions of Alien, Planet of the Apes vintage, Phantom Starkiller, and now this).
  3. Cavill has in no way "aged out" of playing Superman. What in the hell are you talking about? He's in his prime and the perfect age to play the part. He's perfect for it. Right now.
  4. To say that this campaign wasn't a huge success with almost 9,300 backers is ridiculous. We got an effing classic Eternia out of it for God's sake and a couple of bonus items. This was an enormous success. We'll get the other figure down the line but not just this go round. Huge win for the line and collectors.
  5. These things are great and all but there's no reason why these should cost $300 each. They're glorified 5POA figures with a simple action feature. You're paying the nostalgia tax on this one. I have two of those Skeletors and they're unique but these shouldn't even cost half of what they're asking and they're absolutely WORTHLESS on the secondary market if you ever wanted to sell it off. They go for retail or sometimes less than retail and even for the more rare all black Skeletor. The ones that have $400+ price tags usually don't sell and sit on there for months.
  6. None of them are hard to find. They peg warm at Walmart and Target for about 2-3 weeks and then depending on the character it'll continue or they'll be gone.
  7. He's $50 because he's a huge figure like all the other huge Spawn figures. It's in the name of the character.
  8. These plastic free retro style cardbacks are awful. Good grief, Hasbro, change it to a plastic bubble if you're going to make this look like a retro line. Also, if you want to really fix this issue that will satisfy both the collectors and help with your dubious environmental efforts then keep the clear plastic sheet or bubble on your products but replace the big, bulky uniquely tooled plastic tray that holds the figures in place with the cardboard version you are using now with plastic free. You might have to tweak the design of the insert a tad just so it all looks nice, but that will dramatically cut back on plastic use but still satisfy the MOC/MIB collectors, since we'll be able to see what is in the box. This not knowing what you bought until its too late BS is nonsense. I've already had to take back multiple items that people returned and swapped out the figs.
  9. They've already put out a Metaluna Reaction years ago. Can't recall if it was only during the Funko years or if they did a new one post-Funko. They redid most of them. I'm assuming for ownership of tooling reasons.
  10. The only way you/we stand a chance of getting every character is if he (and other companies) put out variants/repaints of pre-existing molds/tools. Tooling is insanely expensive which is why there's reuse and complete reissues (for those who don't know this) and the way a line can go deeper into a line is by having it financed by continued variants and reissues. McFarlane has this down to a fine art with his stubborn with the whole masked/unmasked and/or bloody/not bloody and of course those gray versions, so he knows how to get the most out of a tool.
  11. The rocks appearing in front of the text on the card needs to be tweaked. That just look awful where it's cut off. Nice idea. Horrible execution.
  12. So, it's a 25th Anniversary style line except more realistic and gritty. If it sells then they'll put out every character you can imagine if you follow their other 3.75" lines. I'd rather have a huge line of these then the o-ring line from Pulse given the paltry amount of figures that will trickle out from that line. Hiya releases crap tons of Aliens and Predators. If it exists in a movie you'll have a clean, battle damaged, mask on, mask off, and invisible and/or Predator vision version of it in the line. I think I have 30+ characters now spread across all of the films and spinoffs (except Prometheus and Covenant but give it time). It appears they're doing the same with Judge Dredd and they've done quite a few Robocop characters over the years, so I think this line will be huge if the sales are there. I can't believe they haven't licensed Terminator either given all of these properties have crossed over with each other in the past. They have a history of doing vehicles too but not as many and expensive as hell. The armored personnel carrier from Aliens comes in standard and on fire version at $250 each and there's a 3rd one with a different paint app and maybe different tooling for the same price. They have McFarlanitis when it comes to variants and selling them all individually instead of packing it all together but it's still a great line at the end of the day.
  13. Found a couple of these at Target about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Couldn't believe it.
  14. There's nothing surprising about using the 4 mains first. McFarlane is going where the money is at and the money is at whom the normies know. The normies don't know who the f___ Egghead is. Also, we got a Yvonne Craig figure under Mattel, so it can happen. Money can make anything happen.
  15. Any one can find less than 3 minutes in a 24-hour period to pre-order a figure. Unless you're in a cave with no working connection of any kind to the internet then you have no excuse. No one is completely occupied for an entire 24 hour period.
  16. It's a prototype of some kind. Mcfarlane's prototypes historically look different than the final product and sometimes for the better.
  17. It's not the same scale as the original line. The 80s line was 3.75" scale but the figures were scaled correctly, so Joker, Brainiac, and Darkseid were much taller than Batman or Superman and Penguin was shorter than all the rest. This new retro line is 5" scale which is why most of the standard characters are much larger than their 80s counterparts. The fact that Batman Who Laughs is the same height as 80s Joker is a fluke. Mcfarlane can't make this line the same size as the original because Spinmasters holds the 3.75" license, so 5" is as close as he could get and not get sued.
  18. It's not an obsession. It's called being a good business man. He has a multi-million dollar company that owes hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in payroll that must be paid every 2 weeks, so he's going to release what sells and Batman sells.
  19. You will. All of it will show up on their website after the show.
  20. These stretch goals so far stink of something the gaming industry pulls with DLC (paid) content. They develop a game and then strip certain features meant for the final version of the game upfront out of the game so that they can sell it back to the consumer for more money. So far, these HISS stretch goals seem to be the same practice. They developed a vehicle with all of the bells and whistles in tact and then took certain features away to offer up as "upgrades" to the item. This is unacceptable, but at least they're not a bag of bones and a cardboard backdrop or some other nonsense that's not a huge slap in the face like those Rancor stretch goals. Regardless, these first two upgrades should have come with the vehicle out of the box, since they would if this were offered up in store.
  21. This plastic free packaging that contains more plastic than what they removed is worse than I thought. All they have a problem with is the big plastic tray inside the packaging that holds the figures or pieces in place. It's not really the window that was the issue. Not sure why they can't substitute the cardboard solution for the interior and give us the window and/or bubble. I've been collecting for almost 50 years, and I'm on the verge of quitting if everything goes plastic free. I'm a MIB collector for the most part with a few exceptions and I'll quit this entire hobby if I have to buy a bunch of crap boxes with pictures of handpainted prototypes of what I'm buying plastered all over them. I'll take my business to the small fry that know better and don't treat their customers like dogshit.
  22. His freeze ray qualifies as a gun, so it isn't going to be included because WB are idiots.
  23. Hey Hasbro! If someone who works there is reading this then just know all of us mint in box collectors that don't open our figures are out on these plastic free offerings. There's no point in buying something if I can't see it without opening the item. It's going to cost you millions in lost revenue, and I'll return once you revert back to the previous packaging. Since the issue seems to be the big bulky plastic tray and not the window on the front of the box, why don't you devise a way to have the figure held in place without plastic and then keep the plastic window like always. Problem solved. I sure as hell hope you don't plan on changing the packaging on Star Wars: The Vintage Collection. If you do then I will no longer support Hasbro with any of your lines. Gotta draw a line somewhere and not support companies that don't seem to give a good goddamn what some of their customers want. I'll gladly support your competition and give them my thousands of dollars.
  24. BSN is garbage, though. The pics they release are all of handpainted prototypes and look nothing like the real figure. That line was looking like a winner until I got to see real figures in front of me, and then I said no thanks other than the two Cowboy Bebop figs. Yes, Super7 needs to do some anime Reaction. It's perfect for something like Dragonball given the vast array of characters each of those shows contains. It could support a line for years. I can't afford something like the Figurarts line and the Bandai USA line is fine but Reaction could give us a line with crap tons of characters in a short period of time and plus there are plenty of opportunities for legit reuse and/or paint variants given it's literally part of the property.
  25. It's all sold out in less than 15 minutes because of course it is.
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