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  1. Pegwarmers? They fly off shelves at Target and the fact that they've put out so many characters so quickly means they're selling. You don't have to buy the 100 different versions of the army builders but they are there for people who want them for variety. There's also a Target exclusive red ninja in stores, now.
  2. The "weird choices" are what Super7 are known for. It's done on purpose to show customers that they are in for the long haul. This line will continue on for a decade or more if the sales are good given the fact that there is well over a thousand characters and variations galore to choose from. They don't need to start off with all of the main characters and I don't want them to. They're huge figures which is why they're the same. These aren't the size of what you'd find in stores. They're 7" scale and with the chunky style of the art these figures are much beefier than your average Ultimates figure. Also, there is no problem with detail. They literally look exactly like they should. They can't have more detail when there is none to add unless you pull a Mezco and add it.
  3. It's not the 3rd season, it's the 2nd season. Parts 1 and 2 of what has already been on Netflix was a split season one. I don't care what "they" call it, it's one thing animated at the same time and tells one specific story. Another piece of verification is the actor playing Orko said he has recorded new lines, as well. In addition, per Smith Netflix told him this was a multi-season project. The Revelations sub-set of the Masterverse line will continue to grow and that's a great thing. It's the closest thing to MOTU Classics were going to get until Classics starts up again if and when Super7 gets the license back (Brian Flynn has said as much pubically).
  4. These are just atrocious. Thank goodness we're getting a Revelations season 2. Hopefully the figure line is still with us by the time it debuts whenever that may be. Probably 1-2 years at this point. Hamill is voicing Skeletor lines now as is the person that does Orko.
  5. It'll mean the end of Mattel if it happens TRU went away in the USA because of an equity firm that directly led to them being forced to close. Toy Galaxy has a great video on the "murder" of TRU and other places like that via the firm they dealt with.
  6. He'll be released in both Ultimates and Reaction. Flynn loves Robin Hood Disney, so he'll release him in both lines most likely.
  7. No, it doesn't need to stay in the comic. This line is like Masterverse in that it caters to every source of Power Rangers. We've already had multiple comic character releases at this point, and this is an easy way to make extra money on the current molds which is how you get a line to delve deeper into more obscure characters. MMPR is the most popular line-up so it only makes sense to release every single variant you can, and if you aren't a completist then it doesn't really matter.
  8. They can sell specific weapons in packs. Super7 got around the gun issue with their new Thundercats character by including it with her space cycle. It's a $175 gun, but if you want it then you've got to get it or wait until someone lists it online or a fake one.
  9. Those variants are right up McFarlane's alley. He'll release a figure 50 times if he can get 50 legit variations out of it. Instead of release a figure with both a masked and unmasked head he'll release it twice at full price to double his profits. I found a Platinum Edition Riddler yesterday which is Riddler without a mask. I didn't even know it was a thing and I keep up with the line. He snuck one past me. He's been doing this crap since the 90s. He'll also release bloody variants if it's something that suits the character. I just got a blood soaked Violator from Gamestop, so now I have two of those huge things. I complain and #$## about it but I still get it don't I?
  10. Masterverse was never supposed to be the line strictly for Revelations. It's supposed to be a catch all line and it's beginning was Revelations. There's plenty of product coming out for all of the lines.
  11. Spent a lot on both lines but probably more on McFarlane. I also see a lot less McFarlane DC on shelves esp when new crap arrives. Certain pegwarmers persist, but most of Marvel's 2021 lineup was one big pegwarmer given their Kung Pow Phooey and The Young and the Restless lines didn't sell with the latter still clogging most aisles.
  12. It's Super7's version of Mezco's Rumble Society. Well done bad guys that are based on classic bad guy tropes and/or styles/designs.
  13. DC Comics is about 5 seconds away from going into bankruptcy. The only comics titles that sell are Batman related. Action Comics and that new one with his son aren't even in the top 50 in sales, so they're in trouble. This is why they pound on the Batman drum so much. Also, McFarlane is in this to make money, and Batman is what sells, so he's going to go heavy with it. Every company produces countless variants of Batman, so this is nothing new. Kenner literally produced over 200 different Batmans from 1989 into the 90s and Mattel did their fair share. I'd say Mattel's Multiverse line was much more diverse than anything McFarlane has done, but McFarlane is focusing on more modern versions that fall in line with his preferred aesthetic. He should take that DC Icons license he has now and get to work relaunching it as the 6" line that it is and give Marvel Legends a run for it's money. Basically DC Universe but revamped using modern engineering and paint. There's a hole in DC 6" and it needs filling.
  14. Bumblebee ended up there because of overstock due to huge demand of the initial Optimus and Megatron that was next to impossible to find. Bumblebee is the only Reaction Target exclusive that was easy to find. There have been 4 Primes and 4 Megatrons in all and I think I saw one of the Primes once. The current all gold versions which are based on an episode of the old show (Super7 variants all make sense and aren't done just because) just became available on the website, but I haven't seen a store version, yet. There are also a couple of new G.I. Joe exclusives that I just got sent to me that were only available through one of their Friday Collector Corner promotions last year, so you'll probably never see them on pegs unless they eventually do a small run of them.
  15. They can't just start selling it online. There are contracts in place and Target physical stores and Target.com are two completely different entities. One has nothing to do with the other and have their own inventories.
  16. Hasbro and Mattel released hundreds of Batman figs so there are plenty of Batman variants to make. They made up most of what they released but McFarlane is at least focusing on comic related designs.
  17. There's no reason for these unmasked variants to exist. Just put the unmasked head in the normal version release like everyone else does. McFarlane has a questionable house style with his DC figs and his borderline anticonsumer ways are pathetic.
  18. McFarlane prototype publicity shots always look different than the final figure or almost always. There's a better than good chance that the final figure will look nothing like this.
  19. McFarlane's figs don't struggle with proportion. It's a deliberate house style.
  20. I don't think the car in the actual movies was all shiny and chrome looking like this, so no it isn't the Batmobile I always wanted. There's already a shiny/chromed out Batmobile like that will cost you between $5 and $8 down any aisle that has Hot Wheels on it. You can also get the shields for it and are for some inexplicable reason super super shiny. Anyway, back to the car itself and there's a super shiny version just like this complete with opening canopy and a non-shiny matte version which is what you'd actual want. Maybe I'm wrong and it is shiny in the movie, but I always remember it being flat/matte.
  21. Theyve already released a Gamorrean Guard. How about something new for a stretch goal for a once in a life time offer? There's reuse and then there's ridiculous laziness like this. That Guard better be bitten in half or something else unique.
  22. That GITD Reaction figure is older and came out NYCC week and is actually the 2nd version of that boxed figure, so with today's release that makes 3 versions of this figure we've gotten in less than 6 months. That carded Dark Green one is new for Godzilla Day, though. I guess that's technically part of the preexisting Shogun Warriors line, so we haven't seen the Reaction line, yet. I figured the silhouettes were going to be Ultimates, but it looks like I may be wrong.
  23. I saw one of those 6" Eleven The Void Collection figs along with a couple of Gunslinger Spawns last night. I hadn't seen the story about the Void Collection, so it was a decent little surprise. Also, to NECA TMNT Animated collectors it would appear the Muck Man, Mondo Gecko, and Chrome Dome are going to be as easy to find as the Baxter 2pk and Tricertons. I've seen the first two on that list everywhere for weeks and Chrome Dome has started showing last week and they're everywhere.
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