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  1. Lord Amron


    @loll@ So says the member that posts hateful, threatening rants against others like THIS... ..and all because he doesn't like the way I disagree with people? I call trolls and deliberate antagonizers "morons" and this is the rebuttal he lobs at me? Now he wants to co-sponsor more civil discussion? @loll@ Dare I re-insert that word HYPOCRITE for ya? You wear it all too well to just throw it away and try to hide it. You question my presence here at TNI after all these years, yet you'll never find a post (by me) threatening to physically assault another member who I've been debating or arguing with. If anyone here is to c0-sponsor more civil discussion, you would not even be in the top 100 of that list h3llfish, maybe not even 200, as a matter of fact, such threats of violence or usually call for dismissal and being banned. You side stepped that one I guess? and naturally Huntress will deny any responsibility in his part in getting such a response from H3llfish. Huntress was only trying to "share" his opinions to foster "discussion regardless of how inflammatory, offensive, or wrong they might be. When someone RETORTS Huntress is the victim with no recollection or understanding of his role in the fray...which is irresponsible. LOL that you saved this...and probably patted yourself on the back like you accomplished something by pasting this to prove some "point". I'd say the only point you've proven is how acidic your opinions can be to people and to foolishly continue to speak in regards to things you clearly know nothing about ( and defending you idiocy by calling people "stalkers" and "trolls" and whatnot)opens you up to this kind of reaction. Someone with even a base iota of common sense would see the writing on the wall and maybe modify a few things. I will empathize that age has locked you in your unfortunate pattern of behavior but I wonder how life must suck as both a bitter conservative and older individual who SHOULD know better but sadly doesn't and has to be called out be younger people.....
  2. Lord Amron


    and now you show us the dude that ran a train on your moms with Beetlejuice. You should learn to keep your personal business to yourself...poor boundries will get you every time. SMH @ you Huntress @smilepunch@
  3. Lord Amron


    sure...as soon as you stop tweaking on meth. @firedevil@ sure....you stop with the meth first...deal?? studying for my next rank...did you bring home an 8 pointer today or was it just another episode of sitting in the trailer sipping coors and watching nascar?? lol...than you don't have a "vast education" in it dummy...but I guess that's why you've been able to make such "educated" musings that show you truly have no idea what you are talking about...the exception being teabagging. You like to know through experience??? Is that how you got so handy with tea bagging?? You dived face first into it?? No I already stated my pleasure are using the term interchangably. You used your.......experience in the term and it's salty aftertaste to clarify it. Regardless of how it's used conservatives just reach around and palm each other with how upset that are that america is slipping away from their nutty values. Wipe your mouth.....the only thing your dipping is your sweaty ideas that your conservative buddies lick up and enjoy. hey I thought that "alternative lifestlyes" didn't fit in the GOP (unless you're Tricky Dick Cheny's or Larry Elder's daughters). Just goes to show the conservatives talk (and lick) out of both sides of their mouths despite preaching to others about how holy and righteous they are.
  4. Lord Amron


    lol so she had you stay behind the dumpster and watch and you practiced at school huh?? You said "mad skills"...like people still say that....lol....fo shizzle my nizzle!!!! @loll@ uh huh...I just hope you and Preston McCracker use listerine before you kiss each other. I bet both of your teeth must be pretty yellow with all the tea stains... lol...like you know what swirling is..... careful...you're showing you're privy to a lifestyle you said you didn't approve of. Why would you dangle if you're all about "traditional marriage?"....and more bisexuality in sight...Viper Hunter is every woman's husband and every man's wife......slurp!!! Man you're about the porch entrance as well!!!!!! I knew messed up stuff went down in the sticks but keep it in the cabin Viper..... just like you're solidifying your....ahem "non conservative" urges....do you (and Preston McCracker) Viper. GOPs get your tea bag on!!!!!!
  5. 10-15 on top of our 30 already

  6. Lord Amron


    If that's how you wish to thank your moms for the only viable thing she apparently "taught" you than by all means do so. Ironically I didn't imagine you as a swirler....I pictured you chasing after WASPish GOP parrots....you seem to enjoy the nutty things they offer!!! Hell one could say there is something about the way you and other conservatives dangle your stupidity that makes you fondle all over each other....and compliment each other on the mouthfuls you all can take.
  7. Lord Amron


    Better that than tea bagging Huntress.... I don't know....teaBAGGING you has definitely been good for some sh@#s & giggles. Like a rousing fun filled game of WHACK-A-TROLL! LoL....glad to see the tricks your mom taught you being put to SOME good use!! Guess it doesn't go against your "traditional" values like you led us to believe. Now I guess we know why you and SQ fell out...it was a lover's quarrel.....
  8. Lord Amron


    Better that than tea bagging Huntress....
  9. Lord Amron


    actually I said EXACTLY what I meant...nice to know despite that you can still use stupid aspects based on race, sexual preference, and politics as rationale to support or disagree with things...even in light of human suffering Yes, because attitude is sooooooo much more important. It doesn't matter that people are helping...what political alligence they hold (and their attitude) matters MORE as interpreted by one Viper Hunter.... No it's in the business world and society. I don't have to represent "everybody" to know this simple fact (which it seems you skipped class for to go noodling). In the REAL WORLD as far as customer service goes one bad action can erase a larger amount of good ones and be the act that people remember. In the global stage people remember the bad they have seen this country has done and the good things we have done pales in comparison. Look at the French..the fact that we practically kept them from Sieg Heiling matters little based on current events... I have been..you just don't like how I'm doing it...which is a Viper Hunter problem NOT a Lord Amron one @firedevil@ Yes as in: Determining who is who and what is what based on their alignment (or not) with your ^%$#ed up political and social outlook and then having the audacity to claim people are this, that when you have done nothing yourself to put you in any position to comment No one does...I'm just swift enough not to wave my stick around blessing and condemning people. You have no "power" and it is humorous that you run off at the mouth as if you do. As far as what you've sacrificed...that you...but I do feel that anyone who has sacrificed realizes that it applies to EVERYBODY whether they agree or not. Since you have shown nothing but bile and "educated" observations on ish you know nothing about...I feel fairly confident that you haven't proven yourself to be anymore of a "true american" that the people you claim aren't... Clap Clap Clap....soooooo if you pay your taxes and everyone else pays their taxes it shoots your "true american" crap out of the water @$$....since everyone that does what the law requires...is doing a "true american" thing. Sadly this point will go right over you're head and you'll keep assigning "true american" club cards only to people who have political viewpoints the march goose step with yours...and not see the hypocrisy and stupidity of your rationale. I merely made a point and posed a question to your behavior. Yes Huntress you give purpose to my life...since Emperor Jesse sicced me on TNI to target YOU. Wow you figured out 75% of my posts are in response to you?? Did you add up my 1000+ posts, factor their topic, and multiply by hopw many were about you?? I'm sure that took some time...and you accuse me of obsessing over you...OR (the more likely factor) you're spitballin numbers again (like when Obama was on millions of mag covers instead of running the country). But at the end of the day if you don't want your stupid thoughts the focus of attention do what adults do...learn to keep them to yourself. That way it doesn't open you to criticism and you can entertain what ever backwoods thoughts roll around you 40+ y/o brain without Lord Amron "stalking" you and picking them apart. One comes before the other. You stay stupid ish or speak for groups you don't belong to and you get called out. It's too easy...for intelligent people. You on the other say the first thing that comes to your mind...and we repeat or banter...ad nauseum no comment @loll@ No I typed it as I meant it. Your b!tching entails you speaking about things you clearly don't know about and getting called out...over and over and over. Disagreeing with you elicts the "true american" defense, the "chip on the shoulder" of whatever stupid "toppings" you load on your stupid "cake." By defending your stupidity...which you utter in the first place it makes you look dumber and damages your sides credibility which you FAIL to realize. Nice jab to bring it back to race....I rest my case on who silly you are and how at the end of the day you'll default back to typical behavior that does little to advance the conservative cause. But let's not forget that a BLACK man is president and you just post on a toy forum about how much you hate that fact (because he's not a GOP negro). In the scheme of things it must suck to be conservative...one person will make history...you guys...heh...can't even accomplish something simple as getting a defination correct.
  10. Lord Amron


    be honest...it's because they aren't conservative right??? no our actions that show opposite do that. Remember all it takes is one BAD event to erase a multitude of good ones. Probably...I'm sure they have a deer head mounted behind the news casters and Coors cans right next to them. or is it something else???? There you go again dictating who is a true american and who isn't...when you haven't sacrificed a THING to show you are less of an anti american than anyone else , when did the Haitians DEMAND anything?? Did I miss it when someone crawled out from under the rubble and demanded we help them. Conservative parroting at its finest. why do you feel the need to always post whatever stupid thought you have in your head...and adult would know the advatages of keeping certain things close to the chest...unless you want to fostor discussion..which is excatly what Deathblade responded to.... so stop b!tching when someone responds to your stupidity...YOU say it...so live with the possible reactions...whether they are positive or negative.
  11. Thus your dilemma. If you "thought" it, it can't be good. @smilepunch@ and yours is that you RESPOND (in defense of something stupid you said)....thus your dilemna
  12. but you say sooooooo much and 99.9 percent of it is garbage...so you're wrong...AGAIN but will "argue" about something you can't prove. Something about you and proving negatives....the two of you are just so drawn to each other. what we know is you gave us a nice lesson on who does what...and what doing what makes you called one or the other...which makes you the functional expert in all sense of the word. I used teabaggers as a blanket statement, and you used your INTIMATE knowledge to define it. Thanks lol you said tea.... I thought those fireworks were for your coming out party since you made peace with your teabag habit....
  13. Uh huh....tell us how you really feel...... Well you really don't because right now it seem more than a few people on the right CAN'T stay focused on the issues and instead bring in bias, slanted opinions, and other nonsense which damages their credibility and opens the door for mocking. I remember what it is...what purpose does it serve now?? Is the right planning another revolution with powdered wigs and muskets. I got the "ahem" same education you did...where we diverged is I decided to learn a bit more on my own and you....apparently were satisfied with what you were taught and looked no further. Our decisions therefore put us on opposite sides of the table as your ideals are defined by what you see and hear...mine are defined being able to discern the difference between biased opinion and proven fact especially in regards to a obviously biased news network. It also meant that I made my way out of into the world and was exposed to much more than you seem to have been which further broadened my horizon while yours stays rooted in the political comraderie that you parrot. The left "distorts" history huh??? This I'd like to hear. Was it the left that made Socialism and National Socialism two seperate things?? That's it wasn't it?? They used to mean the same until the left (especially Obama in his quest to change EVERYTHING despite doing nothing) made the definations different....yeaaahhhh that make perfect sense @loll@ Wait...Viper said the Left was in power...despite the fact that conservatives are the majority. Maybe you and Viper should sit out a couple of plays and get your script straight cuz you and your partner are talking out of both sides of your mouths.
  14. Garofalo is not a role model for me. Wow you suuuurrrre do know a lot about teabagging...lol. You trying to tell us something? I wasn't the only one that went for it. I mean you guys do go NUTS over getting irate that your values are "vanishing" and DIP your opinions wherever you can!!! I have no idea what you are talking about.
  15. Lord Amron


    I accidentally +1 this ish you spouted...I actually typed up a long and not so pleasant response. I went back and reread your post several times, and what I am going to ASSUME you meant by "haiti bullcrap" and "overkill and abuse" is some perceived slight of the right, and your typical rants against hollywood elite, which is your usual MO, and not that you are sick of seeing and hearing about how 200,000+ people died, because the way it is being covered and addressed doesnt mesh with your political views...... @hmmm@ ...honestly, I dont know if that is any better. lol.....
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