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  1. MOTU are at every Walmart now. I saw plenty of Evil Lyn, Teela, Beast-Man, and Man-at-Arms at at least five different WMs this week and about 60 He-Man and Skeletors and a few Battle Cats. The only thing I haven't seen for a while is the sled, but I was finding those alot during the first couple weeks after the official release.
  2. Yes, they are collectors items. They wouldn't have designed the card backs the way they have if they were simply meant for kids. Plenty of people pay $15-17 for 5POA 3.75" figures. Reaction figs are this exact thing and they cost $18 each and were $15 before that, and the line somewhere between 300-400 figures (I think..I haven't taken an inventory in a while) and there are dozens more on the way or that have been announced. Just because a fig is 5POA doesn't mean it's not a collector oriented figure. There are hundreds of 5POA Star Wars figures at this point and many of those characters will never be turned into a 6" figure and will likely not get the SA TVC treatment either, so if you want the character then you have no choice but to get the 5POA version. I personally think most of the 5POA SW figs are excellent and every bit as nice as the best of the TVC (and that style of SW fig). I don't take my figs off the card, so the articulation doesn't really matter for me, and there are plenty of figs that are either just as nice or nicer (from a sculpt POV) than the best of TVC. Even if I did take them off the card I wouldn't care about the articulation. I'm gong to display them on a shelf which means they're going to be standing in neutral stance/gait most likely, so it's irrelevant at that point. I'm also not going to be playing with them, so again the articulation means nothing to me. The only time I really tinker with them is when I first open something or if I'm showing it to someone, but after that I don't care. If I really wanted something that I'd want to pose or use in a diorama then I'll get the SA version if it exists.. Also, these Marvel retro figs are based on the old Secret Wars line from the 80s and/or just the older versions of the characters, so they aren't based on nothing as you say. I mean they're based on the character they represent. They don't need to be based on anything other than that. I'm 45, going on 80, so at the end of the day these are my versions of the characters, and I grew up and played with mostly 5POA, so 5POA feels right to me. I only recently warmed up to SA and 6" and 7" for that matter. My main centerpiece of my collection is 3.75" SW and Reaction and Reaction adjacent lines like Mezco 5 Points, Bif Bang Pow lines, and most of the various boutique indie lines like Dime Novel Legends (cowboys and 1800s figs/horses), the new Sectaurs from ZICA, Animal Warriors of the Kingdom! from Spero (which are some of the nicest figs I've ever owned), Boss Fight Studios' various 3.75" offerings, and those magnificent Task Force WWII soldiers from Marauders that RetroBlasting recently showcased (he loved them too). And while I don't care for the game, I absolutely love all three of the various Fortnite lines (3.75", 6", and 7"). Those are some of the coolest character designs and each scale offers something different. There's probably 60+ 3.75" figs now and growing, so yet another collector line in that scale. OK, this has gotten off topic, but I just say all this to show that there are people out there that collect 3.75" and that articulation doesn't matter for some of us. It's more about the presentation of the item as a whole and whether the sculpt/paint look good, and articulation can ugly up the nicest sculpt real fast sometimes. Anyway, there are plenty of us that would spend $13+ for a measly 5POA figure over a 6" SA version. Marvel Legends are fine...I have plenty of them, but these new retro figures are a thing of beauty. Those card backs are the selling point, and they are right up any Reaction fan's alley. I'd pay much more than $13 for such a nice presentation. I have plenty of 3.75" figs that I paid a retail price of $35-50, and there are a few 5POA figs in there that I paid north of $100 for (Mezco 5 Points clear Space Ghost comes to mind...it's going for $350 on eBay right now but that's a pipe dream price). This new Marvel retro line will sell, and if they are really wanting to turn it into a regular line then they will if the sales are there, and based on my experience I think it's here to stay if they're serious about that. However, it's Hasbro we're talking about here, so who the heck really knows at the end of the day.
  3. It's part of a bigger line comprised of many different properties that are popular in pop culture enthusiast circles. It's basically like Super7's Reaction line except they're a bit larger and feature double the articulation and are boxed instead of carded. There will be something for everyone, and there is a new LOTR series coming and a new game featuring everyone's favorite Precious spouting weirdo, so there will be a bit of demand for it probably.
  4. For those who have trouble finding these in Target, try going on Thursday or Fridays to see if the NECA rep has been there to restock. They usually pay a store a visit when that store's NECA Ambassador has sent them a picture of the shelf. They base their decision on those images. I know someone who is an Ambassador at one of our 6 Targets, and he explained it all to me. They get a $20 gift card I think in exchange. Anyway, using this information I have been able to semi-predict when to visit certain stores, and was more than successful on at least two occasions. On the first Eureka! day I found 6 Bebop and Rocksteady 2-packs spread across two different Targets that are about 5 miles apart. On the second Eureka! day I found all of the following spread across 2 Targets with one of those being one of the locations from above and it had most of these: 1. Leatherhead 2pk x 7 units (3 at location #1 and all the rest at the other) 2. Casey Jones 2pk x 2 3. Metal Head x 2 I've also found 2 April 2pks and one at the location where I found 3 Leatherheads mentioned above and the other at a completely different location where I've never found any before. They also happened to have an older Shredder/Krang that same day, and I found the other three 2pks that were part of the Bebop/Rocksteady wave waay back before I ever stumbled on those 6 Bebop 2pks, and I know I found those at the end of the week, so the rep must have just been there. I know when I found the 7 Leatherheads and the other two that the NECA sections were very neatly organized and faced up perfectly, so the rep must have just been there, since I rarely see the aisle look that great. Anyway, try and figure out when they usually arrive (heck ask a Target employee to see if they know), and use that info and maybe you'll get lucky. Heck, I even found 3 Casey Jones 2pks for the live action TMNT movie at two different Wal-marts (2 at one, and the 3rd at another) in one day. I have no idea what the schedule is there, so I just got lucky that time around. I found those sometime in August. The Leatherhead day was at the end of August.
  5. It ended in such a way that it doesn't really need a follow-up season. (spoiler starts here) The introduction of the giant bugs is a nice segue into the movie, (spoiler ends here), so we know what happens. It's not like it ended on some completely unrelated cliffhanger that leaves us blue balled forever. Cult productions are cult for a reason, few people actually like them or care except a tiny cult of people. That's not enough to sustain a business.
  6. It's extremely easy to find MOTU Origins now. I can go to any of the 10+ WMs in my area and find most of the figures at most stores. There are dozens of Skeletors and He-Mans all over the place and there is an enormous endcap at all of them. The mad rush to get these on week 1 is over so all the faux outrage shouldn't be a thing anymore. Of course I'm the guy that has found every single TMNT Target (found 7 Leatherhead 2pks, 2 Metal Heads, and 2 Casey Jones 2pks in one day and found 6-7 Bebop 2pks in 1 day when those were new) and TMNT WM 2pk (3 in one day) out in the wild and most of the Target GI Joe, too so maybe I'm just super lucky. However, MOTU is out there and easy to find. Just remember with NECA stuff that the NECA rep is who stocks those and not the stores. The NECA ambassadors at each store snaps a pic of the NECA section and forwards it to the rep and that tells them when to restock. It's usually on Thursday or Friday when restock happens but when I found all those TMNT 2 pks mentioned above that was on a Monday or Tuesday. I know someone who is an ambassador at one of the Targets around here, so he explained it all to me.
  7. Why is it odd? They're probably going to make every single character from the show as long as sales continue, so this isn't odd at all. Pumm-Ra isn't some character no one has ever heard of, he's from a fan favorite episode. There are no odd figures.
  8. They were listed on the BBTS several months ago, and they are one of the official places to preorder it (this is made clear on the Power-Con website). I preordered the 5-pack in May and the She-Ra Origins single pack in July. These sold out months ago.
  9. Geez, spell the character's name right. In two articles you spell it Zoro in both the headline and the body of the article. It's spelled Zorro and has been that way for 101 years (August 9th, 1919).
  10. It's accusation, so no he doesn't deserve it. Not yet anyway. There have been too many of these me Too accusations proven false to simply believe all women these days. Most of the accusations are complete hogwash, and only a few of them are authentic. Given the vast number of accusers involved it may very well be true, but I'd like to know what they consider abuse or whatever words they use. Sometimes what these accusers classify as abuse is nothing more than innocent flirting that only a crazy person would think is abuse, and lots of these accusers are downright crazy.
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