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  1. They produced more Baxter 2pks to satisfy demand, and they did the same for the Krang Android. I saw dozens of both, and they've started producing more and more of the older releases. I found 5 of each Triceraton 2pk at the Target closest my house, and a friend of mine found both of them at a Target closer to him, as well as the rock aliens (I can't remember their names for some reason...getting old). I've been finding TMNT movie Foot Soldier 2pks at Wal-mart, as well as a whole bunch of movie Splinter/Shredders at multiple WMs and I found a couple of Super Shredders TMNT2 a couple days ago at
  2. Will have to go to eBay to get the 5 Points Popeye. I'm not paying $175 for it. It'll be around $30 on eBay. They did this same thing last year with the 5 Points Gomez figure (1 of 3 Gomez figs in the line) and you can get those for half that now.
  3. I was asking for it. It's a perfect representation of what the character usually looks like and it's a great figure for custom work or background pedestrians without the hood. The hood fits fine.
  4. Lighten up, Francis. Anyone getting faux offended over this needs to chill out and go outside and live a little. It's a joke, laugh/chuckle a little. If you really are offended then good. The well adjusted people will collect your tears. The irony of people getting upset over the look of the figure is also hilarious. I may need an extra mug.
  5. I'm assuming that's the LOP Mer-man. What about that Evil Lyn? Rerelease or variant?
  6. @Batman1701: You're incorrect. The Thundertank consists of a ton of tooling because of all of the moving parts and how complicated the vehicle is. Tooling is just a name for the molds. The Batmobile is that cheap because it doesn't do anything and is almost one entire piece of plastic. It barely features any tooling. Tooling is why certain toys cost more than others. Molds for just action figures costs tens of thousands and/or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Vehicles cost much more. I know Chicken Fried Toys said the tooling for the stage coach they want to do costs more than all of the figu
  7. This thing dropped on Friday and it could have been yours for $450.00. It sold out, so if you consider yourself a MOTU Origins completist then and you didn't get one of these things, then you're no longer a completist and probably never will be since this thing will go for double that and up on eBay (probably). I know it perfectly captures the artist's style (the blacked out eyes and the loud neon colors), but Mattel please don't do more crap like this. The clear Skeletor you sold on that website was fine (and I noticed it was shipped 2 days ago), but it was $50 and not $450. The Super7
  8. I think Walmart and Target take the adult collector customer base more seriously than you think. Each store features an entire section devoted to the adult collectable world in both stores' Electronics/movie/game sections. They didn't section these areas off for the heck of it. They know there's a market for it so they have the shelving space for it. Of course NECA, Funko, and the other companies have to pay the retailers to put their stuff there. Most people probably don't realize that products aren't typically placed at random on store shelves. Product placement, including how high it is kep
  9. It says they closed it due to COVID. That doesn't mean the stores did poorly because no one went to them because of lack of interest but out of fear. If COVID had never happened, then this article most likely would have never been written because the stores would have thrived. TRU is essentially a small business right now in the USA and thousands of them have gone under because of COVID. They'll be back once this mess is finally put to rest.
  10. It's painted exactly like the original movie poster. That's how it's colored, and it's pretty perfect. I have a 10' reproduction hanging in my entry hall, and they nailed the look. It's one of the all time great posters.
  11. The original sculpture that this monstrosity is based on is a perfect recreation of the classic toys right down to the paint scheme. There's He-Man on Battle Cat and there's also a Skeletor. Skeletor is probably 8 or 9 feet tall and the other two are probably 11 or 12 feet. Here's a pic of them before he painted his horrible black crap on them: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCaDzhNnIEb/
  12. They probably won't redeco any other waves. The first wave featured those horrible metallic gold and silver colors and lots of bright colors that didn't fit, so the future waves were quickly changed before they ever were released. That's why none of them feature these same issues other than perhaps Cobra Commander, but it works for him more than the others.
  13. This will be at least $400. It'll probably have lights and it will have a ton of articulation if it's made to move like it's supposed to move.
  14. What does Super7 being involved have to do with it? They deliver quality products. They've been open about delays and guess what? Everyone that isn't a AAA toy corporation is experiencing slowdowns given there's a pandemic and millions of people are unemployed and/or can't work. They've already said the slowdowns will disappear after the 2nd wave of Thundercats come out and they'll be delivering a wave every month or two given they've switched factories which also contributed to the delays.
  15. Yes and it will deliver just like Snake Mountain did. Amazing job they did getting it out despite the entire effing world being shut down.
  16. Why would you complain about this? Why not go all original? There's no reason not to do it if they can afford to do it. I wish none of them featured reuse. That would be ideal. The newer waves are much easier to find. I have about 5 or maybe 6 Targets in my area and almost every one of them have had a full case of 6 available, so I've found between 25 and 30 Baxter 2pks and I've found 6 Krang androids. Likewise the Triceratons 2pks before them were equally as plentiful. The only one I haven't found in the wild is the Traag 2pk but that was back before this new easier to find era be
  17. Clamp Champ is over at Entertainment Earth and they still have Scare Glow available as a single (BBTS single sold out about an hour after it went up). So the boxed set Mer-Man is getting a single release? I don't think I like that given the cost of the LoP boxed set. Those should remain 100% exclusive. Also, hopefully that Evil Lyn that's in the newer assortment is a different version. I don't know why they'd only reissue one figure into a newer wave, so I'm guessing there will be something different about it.
  18. They don't have much choice. It comes down to licensing restrictions. Only one company at a time can make characters in a specific scale, so if you can't do 6" then you have to do 7" and if you can't do 6" plastic and don't want to do 7" plastic then you can do 6" plastic with diecast parts like Disney Store Star Wars. I guess it doesn't extend to Japan since they obviously have 6" SW lines but maybe it has something to do with something I don't know about. Regardless they are a business and they're going to do what nets them the most money because that's the only reason they make toys is to m
  19. These TMNT 2pks are pretty easy to find in and around the Tulsa area. I've easily found multiples of them all except the Grannitor set. For some reason he's impossible to find.
  20. This is a QC issue at the factory most likely ala the Walgreens exclusive white ranger with the pointy helmet issue. In that case they replaced the head for free, and in that fig's case it was missing most if not all of the black paint which was shown on both the illustration on the front of the box and the rendering on the back of it. If you look at the illustration on the front and rendering on the back of this new figure it is obvious that the missing black paint is supposed to be there (nose, inside of mouth, and around the eyes). With that said, then I think they need to either offer up a
  21. Except he isn't reusing much of anything. Most of them are all new. There are the monochrome chase figs but those don't really count given those are next to impossible to find. There have only been a couple of Batmans that had an alternate blue/grey or black/grey 2nd version, but most of the rest are completely unique. However as you said he is a business man and Batman is where the money is at and that's what he's gonna focus on. The other characters in the story lines will come along for the ride, but he's not going to waste resources making figs that he knows won't sell.
  22. They aren't badly put together. I have all of them (there are hundreds of them now) and they're well done. The sculpting is superb. The iffy ones were during the Funko years. The last couple of Funko waves and everything since they parted ways have been some of nicest figs on the market. They're also not too expensive. You get what you pay for, and what you get is quality figures and spectacular presentation (the cardbacks). It's not a nostalgia cashgrab. The cash grabs would be the clone lines. Reaction was the first big line to appeal to the old bastards like me that love this stuff. They're
  23. They have been working on it. I saw 5 Bebop/Rocksteady 2pks last week spread across 2 different Targets and they both had a pair of Shredder/Leonardo 2pks from Series 1. Those were also paired with 3 Rodney Roadkill 2pks. All have since been sold, but I ran across 5 Rodney Roadkills today (Nov. 6, 2020), as well as 3 Metal Heads, so they're releasing items. I even took a picture of the shelf when I found all these. My phone is literally about 15 years old, so the camera sucks, but you can see the TMNT there on the bottom. All that other NECA stuff you see is completely full all the way back to
  24. MOTU are at every Walmart now. I saw plenty of Evil Lyn, Teela, Beast-Man, and Man-at-Arms at at least five different WMs this week and about 60 He-Man and Skeletors and a few Battle Cats. The only thing I haven't seen for a while is the sled, but I was finding those alot during the first couple weeks after the official release.
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