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  1. Three new peg warmers and a Batman. The BAF better be fantastic or these will linger for months and even will Batman as a side effect of the other three.
  2. Yes, they are on the same pegs as the painted figs if Warhammer is what you use to compare. McFarlane has now started releasing Warhammer unpainted versions of figures he hasn't released as painted yet so I hope he keeps this practice at a minimum. Unpainted versions makes total sense with Warhammer but not with anything else unless he were to make an actually new line that had nothing but unpainted versions from all of his various lines.
  3. Those issues are probably over now that they have a factory that doesn't force them to wait. They are now shipping waves of everything on a schedule (barring any shipping delays that slow everyone down). There will be 10 new Thundercats in collector's hands over the next 2-3 months on top of the other waves and we'll be getting a wave a quarter per line if everything continues to run smoothly with new preorders being worked on in the background. The only thing that worries me is the health of Brian Flynn. That guy is obviously sick, and if appearances are what you go by then it's some kind of cancer. I've been watching his interviews on TheFwoosh over the past few months and watched him go from a healthy man to a skeleton that can barely talk and has issues remembering things and unintentionally leaking future figures which is something he never did. He's just not as quippy as he used to be, and if he were forced to step down or die I hope whatever makes Super7 the way it is doesn't go away with him. Plus I just like listening to him talk about the industry and how things work BTS.
  4. There are hundreds of figures in the line going on a decade now. with secondary prices in the hundreds of dollars for a very large number of them. I think they succeeded. It sounds like it's time to unleash the big dragon.
  5. Not only will this easily get funded, but it'll explode past all of the stretch goals. Collectors have been screaming for the return of o-ring GI Joes for years. Hasbro has made their wish come true, and this Haslab and the Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes on Pulse are only the beginning. They've put the Walmart exclusive Retro line on hiatus and replacing it with the new o-ring line, so once word of this gets out to more people, the Haslab will take off again. It's going to take off again near the end like always. There a large number of people who always say they'll jump in when it funds. Why wait if you're going to back it if it funds? Back it now and get the damn thing funded already. If all of these people that say this don't back it and it ends up not funding then I guess they're to blame for its potential failure. If you were planning on backing it once its funded then cut that crap out and back it. That Roboskull works with both 3.75" and 6". There's a piece inside that can be removed and it converts it between the two scales. Unless something changed and assuming the video I watched showcasing this was BS, it's not just for the smaller scale. I'm pretty sure it was one of the creators of the item showing this off.
  6. He wore it in the movie. Unknown if in the series, but in the movie both Joker and Penguin wore those masks, so if he releases a Penguin we'll definitely get a masked variant just like we'll get an unmasked Riddler. Catwoman came both ways depending on who was playing her, so we could potentially get 6 Catwoman figures out of this line if he decides to go deeper. Heck we can also get 6 Riddlers. Gorshin came in 2 different costumes and Gomez Addams played him in the final season, so we can get Riddler with a Man at Arms head (mustache humor) and all three with and without masks, and knowing McFarlane he'll throw in the suit and tie version with and without derby hat and sell them both separately. Todd, if you're reading this please get with the program and include your variant head sculpts in ONE package and not two or even three in some cases. You're anti-consumer, yet I buy your stuff anyway, so I'm part of the problem. If he'd actually put some damn money in the line and stop skimping on the quality it would be a nice line to get into. The figures have horrible capes and they are missing paint detail and the only reason those two sins are done is to save money. Every stroke of the paint brush costs a penny or two and if you can save 6 or 7 cents on a Robin by not painting his belt correctly (unlike Mattel's version which is perfect) then you're probabaly not going to do so. The only thing McFarlane has over Mattel is the paint is nice and flat and the build quality of his figures are better. The likenesses are also pretty good too. I used to hate the way they looked but I was judging that on the pictures that were released before this line hit stores and those were obviously prototypes and the retail heads are 100 times better. Don't ever judge a McFarlane actor likeness on the photographs they release for marketing purposes. They are 100% of the time not accurate to the final figure. Those Justice League figs were awful but once I saw them in person I changed my tune. The Wonder Womans are still awful, but Henry Cavill is perfect and Affleck looks less like Adam West now. Not perfect but better than the pre-release pics.
  7. I hope they do sell for $500 each or even more. Supply and demand and FOMO is a beautiful thing. I have zero problems with scalpers. They have something that certain people want and have the means to pay for at a higher cost no matter how stupid it may seem to people on the outside. I agree it is stupid to pay that amount, but they have every right to sell it for that cost, and anyone that interferes with the sale of them should be IP banned from whatever platform they're being sold on. If you don't like it, that's fine, but mind your own business and let those who don't have an issue dropping $500 on a figure that'll be $25 soon enough do what they please. The fact they spent $500 on it means the joke is on them.
  8. It's an Ultimates teaser poster. They don't put out posters like that for Reaction. We've already had 2 Reaction Godzillas, so they wouldn't be teasing that like this given we know what he looks like, and his silhouette isn't what is in that poster. Plus, Reaction wouldn't be that realistic given it's 80s style figure design.
  9. Love that we're finally getting a proper mob boss Penguin straight from the comics. The dopey Burgess Meredith/Super Powers looks has to go. The most excited I've been for a Batman movie in years after the most recent trailer. It's shaping up to feature all of Batman's characteristics and tropes and not just a couple of moments of detective worked wrapped up in a bloated action film. The perfect Batman live action movie at last.
  10. All of the Targets where I live have tons of this stuff and it's a mixed bag. The Batmobile is terrible and way too small and the cave is even smaller and cheap as it gets. It'd be worth it only for a diorama that is supposed to feature some forced perspective shots. It's one of the most disappointing releases in my 40 years of collecting. The figures features superior paint over the Mattel figs, and I think the heads have even grown on me, but they're missing paint details that the Mattel figs didn't miss, and the capes are better on Mattel. You also get a superior unmasked Bruce Wayne head with the Mattel's Batcave playset, but the one thing they don't have is the unmasked Robin and masked Joker from The Movie.
  11. This is one of the best Batmobiles ever put to screen. I'm sick of Burton- and BTAS-inspired designs. This movie is supposed to be more grounded than the grounded but still heightened reality of the Nolan films, so this works perfectly. This thing probably cost a fortune to create, but then again they all do. This one looks just like some of the designs from the 70s, so it's perfect.
  12. You didn't post an article on it but Target also put up 2 new Reaction Transformers today along with a McFarlane 6" 1966 no cowl Bruce Wayne and a bunch of new 1980s era Pro wrestlers. I also saw a Vintage Collection prototype Stormtrooper on the Target list and the X-wing pilot from Rogue One. The prototype Stormtrooper was available for Pick Up at a local Target today so I'll have him today but everything else was gone. The 2 Transformers are the only 2 Reactions that have sold out but they aren't hard to track down usually. They are the 6th and 7th Target exclusive Transformer from Super7. At least they are legit repaints and taken from an actual source and not just done for the heck of it. It's a good way to make extra off a mold to help fund future original molds.
  13. As long as Batman figures sell he's going to be the focus of the line. McFarlane Toys is a business and has to meet a payroll every week or every 2 weeks depending on their setup no matter what. If he isn't pulling in consistent money then he won't be able to pay his workers and then the workers go away and then the business goes away. Batman is a guaranteed cash cow (with the occasional exception), and this new Batman appears to be one of the better designs, and those Jokers are all fantastic.
  14. Thundercats wave 3 should be getting mailed out anyday now and it appears waves 2 and 4 are shipping within a couple weeks of each other or something close to that. Flynn has repeatedly said that now that they have their factory headache behind them (which is why wave 2 of TC is so late) all of their various lines' waves will start coming in monthly. We can expect to receive each new wave of TC (for example) approx 3 months apart so on a quarterly schedule. Of course the entire shipping industry is under assault in China because of the shenangans going on with shipping containers (they're essentially scalping them which has led to a massive shortage and when combined with the worker shortage has slowed everything down to a crawl which is why it seems every company is sending out shipping delay emails these days).
  15. Yes, they are mega sized compared to the rest. These are big beefy, dense figures like some of the Spawn figures and they're even more impressive when you put all the stuff they come with on them. They're not only truly that much thicker, but quite a bit taller. Not Mythic Legions Cave Troll big, but they're bigger than they look. I noticed the Genestealer unpainted figure comes with a completely different Cthulhu head that I don't see in the package of the fully painted version. Is this a different figure with a variant head or is there an extra head buried down in the box that shows on one group of pics but nowhere to be found on the other? That's full blown Cthulhu. It also features knife like weapons that the other is missing and the arms themselves might be different or maybe tweaked a bit. Just looking at the group shot above, those are definitely two different figures, so either there are extra parts or they accidentally included a 3rd character or maybe it's all explained and I just missed it in the descriptions.
  16. That classic Teela head looks awful. Hopefully that's just Evil Lynitis prototype head syndrome. The Evil Lyn final head is awesome whereas the prototype and the one on the back of the packaging are terrible and feature a completely different everything including paint. It's a terrible way to market a toy by showing an inferior product. Teela looks like a mannequin head and lifeless with flat paint, so it has to be prototype bad head syndrome. Gotta hate bad head.
  17. Good deal to Mattel for doing the right thing and offering the Power-Con exclusives on the Creations website on Monday. I missed those because I flat out forgot on the day, and I was royally pissed and was about to quit the line because of their stubborn refusal to make anymore for the event per the Con showrunner. They should have announced this day after offering if it was planned early to negate all of the hate that came out of that preorder. That was a dark day for the line and a lot of people quit the line because of it. There's no use to collect a line if I can't get it all (if one is a completist) and I wasn't looking forward to spending close to $1,000 for the 3 items on eBay (other exclusives go for hundreds and that first ever 2pack with the comic Prince Adam is close to $500 now), so I was set to quit the line. I was very happy to hear that the items got delayed during shipping and weren't going to be available on the day because that's good ol' karma biting them in the ass. I don't know if it showed or not, but if not they got what they deserved even after hearing about this Creations sale. On purpose, limited exclusivity is buuuuuuullshite. It's like the multi-billion dollar toy conglomerate doesn't like making money and would rather have the hype for their little plastic men product that is already limited in regards to the number of people interested in buying it. Piss poor thinking, Mattel. Fire whomever thinks like this, and get the product to the stores, and I mean all of the stores and not in the ridiculous numbers like He-Man and Skeletor. A reasonable amount will do, and don't dump Rise of Evil 2-pack amounts on them either. That kind of backfired in certain markets where it's collecting dust. You've been doing this for decades. Surely, you know what to do by now. I've been doing it for 40 years, and I can tell you how to do it and what you need to do so all of your fancy MBAs can surely do it too.
  18. There was -0% chance that Faye would be wearing the correct clothes given the oversensitive imbeciles that are in charge of these types of things nowadays. They don't want to offend the peons on Twitter who aren't going to watch this in the first place, so it turned out exactly like I thought it would. I don't hate it actually. I mean with the exception of the pants and not enough of anything showing, she has on yellow and the brown leather jacket. It'll come down to performance. Jet and Spike look pretty much as good as we could hope for, although I'm not sure why Spike doesn't have green hair. Everything else is 100% perfect but they didn't dye his hair? (or did they and I just can't tell on my monitor?) The English dub is perfect with the show, so I already know I'm going to have to get used to the performances unless they just flat out copy the voiceover actors' portrayals. I'm sure they're going to woke the crap out of this thing, but I expect as much so I'm ready to hate it if need be.
  19. I'm so sick of these damn Rumble Society super limited edition drops. Put the damn figures up for 2 days preorder so people who want it can get it. Mezco has literally left thousands of dollars on the table just from me because of this super exclusivity BS with Rumble Society. I thought they had changed because they were doing 2-day preorders and I was able to get all of the recent SDCC content easily, but now they've reverted back to the nonsense. I wanted this effin' figure because it's a reissue of Doc Nocturnal except in a cool red costume, and no I can't have him now because Mezco made 10 of them. You know what, Mezco? I'm out. I'm canceling my Rumble Society preorders, so say good-bye to $600+ in sales in the blink of an eye. If more people would do this, you'd perhaps get the point and make everything an open preorder LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! You mustn't like money or happy customers. You're lucky I don't cancel all of my 5-Points preorders.
  20. He's one of the most requested figures by Reaction collectors, so no it isn't just about the car. And, they haven't done any proper vehicles like cars. They've done some mounts like Battle Cat and Panthor and something similar in their The Worst proprietary line called The Worst of the Apocalype which is a play on the Four Horseman (who also sculpt all their Ultimates figures). They've done some playsets for Alien and Planet of the Apes, and they did a Power Loader in an Aliens 3-pk a few years ago, but no proper cars that I can think of off hand. There's 200-300+ figures in the line, so a KITT or a DeLorean would be cool since they just released a new BTTF line and BTTF2 line, but those are expensive to tool, but maybe one day.
  21. McFarlane is still releasing Fortnite, too. They have at least one more left with that new Peely with the exposed skeleton and brain. Jazwares has a new Peely with Unpeely, so lots of Peely love.
  22. They're not painting them random colors just for the helluva it. These are looks from the comics, games, etc. The more Batmans the better. I want every Batman costume variant there ever has been produced. McFarlane needs to get the Black and White license and do a 7" line of what DC Direct was doing with the statues. DC Direct had just started making figures in their own B&W figure line and then DC Direct folded and they only solicited two figures. McFarlane, Todd, old chum, if you're reading this then get that license. Don't simply repaint everything you've already made. Take artist specific Batman designs just like the statue line and make little plastic men versions of them that can live on our walls.
  23. Super7 is a fraction of the size of NECA, so they can't sell niche items at $25 in the quality they provide. Their speed problems are due to the pandemic causing slowdowns that were beyond their control, as well as being at the mercy of Mattel's factory only letting them use them when there was an open slot. Now that they have their own factory (more or less) their output is going to increase dramatically. The next wave of Thundercats is on the way or about to be and the next one after that will follow soon thereafter. We still have to wait on wave 2 but that's due to the Mattel factory issue mentioned above. 6" scale complicated vehicles cost probably close to a million dollars to tool, so that's why they're $450. Yeah, there's going to be a markup thrown in there because of you know.........business and profit.....which is why they do what they do, and I don't fault them for it. If they could sell tens of thousands of them then that price could come down, but they probably have a good idea of what will be preordered, so the price is set accordingly. NECA has the luxury of being a much larger company, so they can probably do something like a Turtle Van and offer it for less because they know they can sell a lot more of those than what Super7 can sell of the Thundertank. That's also due to brand name awareness. There are many many more people collecting TMNT toys than Thundercats, so they're probably going to be able to sell for a bit less. I think $250 for the Van is way too low given the size and amount of tooling involved. I'll say $350 and give them a $100 discount due to the advantages I mentioned. I successfully predicted the tank would be $400 to $450, and I usually am close on other big items I've played this little game with, so let's see what happens if and when it happens. I hope it is $250 since I'm a completist with the cartoon line. Super7 is also working on a Turtles Van if some of Brian Flynn's mannerisms and answers and slip-ups are anything to go by, so we'll get to compare the two companies eventually.
  24. Some of these Platinum figs go for hundreds of dollars on eBay, so I hate this crap. That white Warhammer female fig they put out was going for upwards of $450 at one point. Luckily, good sense seems to have won and you can get it for $40 now. Same for those bronze DC figs of Arkham Batman and Joker. You can score the pair for about $100 total and maybe $90 if you can get a good deal on one of them. Gold Labels figs have been incredibly easy to find in store around here, so I'm not too worried about those. I've seen dozens of Gold Warhammer, Batman, and Witchers at more than one WM and especially at one in particular that has 6 pegs of them. Hopefully that doesn't change. I know they had plenty of the yellow Spawns back when that hit along with whatever the other new Gold Label was at that time.
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