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  1. They're not painting them random colors just for the helluva it. These are looks from the comics, games, etc. The more Batmans the better. I want every Batman costume variant there ever has been produced. McFarlane needs to get the Black and White license and do a 7" line of what DC Direct was doing with the statues. DC Direct had just started making figures in their own B&W figure line and then DC Direct folded and they only solicited two figures. McFarlane, Todd, old chum, if you're reading this then get that license. Don't simply repaint everything you've already made. Take artist specific Batman designs just like the statue line and make little plastic men versions of them that can live on our walls.
  2. Super7 is a fraction of the size of NECA, so they can't sell niche items at $25 in the quality they provide. Their speed problems are due to the pandemic causing slowdowns that were beyond their control, as well as being at the mercy of Mattel's factory only letting them use them when there was an open slot. Now that they have their own factory (more or less) their output is going to increase dramatically. The next wave of Thundercats is on the way or about to be and the next one after that will follow soon thereafter. We still have to wait on wave 2 but that's due to the Mattel factory issue mentioned above. 6" scale complicated vehicles cost probably close to a million dollars to tool, so that's why they're $450. Yeah, there's going to be a markup thrown in there because of you know.........business and profit.....which is why they do what they do, and I don't fault them for it. If they could sell tens of thousands of them then that price could come down, but they probably have a good idea of what will be preordered, so the price is set accordingly. NECA has the luxury of being a much larger company, so they can probably do something like a Turtle Van and offer it for less because they know they can sell a lot more of those than what Super7 can sell of the Thundertank. That's also due to brand name awareness. There are many many more people collecting TMNT toys than Thundercats, so they're probably going to be able to sell for a bit less. I think $250 for the Van is way too low given the size and amount of tooling involved. I'll say $350 and give them a $100 discount due to the advantages I mentioned. I successfully predicted the tank would be $400 to $450, and I usually am close on other big items I've played this little game with, so let's see what happens if and when it happens. I hope it is $250 since I'm a completist with the cartoon line. Super7 is also working on a Turtles Van if some of Brian Flynn's mannerisms and answers and slip-ups are anything to go by, so we'll get to compare the two companies eventually.
  3. Some of these Platinum figs go for hundreds of dollars on eBay, so I hate this crap. That white Warhammer female fig they put out was going for upwards of $450 at one point. Luckily, good sense seems to have won and you can get it for $40 now. Same for those bronze DC figs of Arkham Batman and Joker. You can score the pair for about $100 total and maybe $90 if you can get a good deal on one of them. Gold Labels figs have been incredibly easy to find in store around here, so I'm not too worried about those. I've seen dozens of Gold Warhammer, Batman, and Witchers at more than one WM and especially at one in particular that has 6 pegs of them. Hopefully that doesn't change. I know they had plenty of the yellow Spawns back when that hit along with whatever the other new Gold Label was at that time.
  4. It is a direct continuation of the 80s show for the first 10-15 minutes which is why the character designs in certain scenes we've seen are the same, albeit slightly tweaked, as they looked back then. However, at that 10-15 minute mark of episode 1 that big cataclysmic event that keeps coming up happens and everything goes to Hell and back, and reality is literally rewritten by SkeleGod which is why the character designs change (the shaved head Teela and SkeliGod part) and there is a time jump of many years. He-Man goes "missing" (but not Adam) and Teela has to go on a get the band back together adventure to make things right and take down SkeleJoker. No one lied or falsely advertised anything. Every bit of what I just typed has been known for months thanks to interviews both new and many months old.
  5. They have to run a business and make money, so that would be the worst business decision imaginable given there are hundreds of He-Mans and Battle Cats cluttering almost every Walmart and Target out there. Giving us an actual vac-metal armor He-Man with an authentic 80s head is the text book example of making money.....except for that Target exclusive and 2 units per store part. Throw in a cool Battle Cat that's all effed up and a couple of those little creatures we see all over the painted art, and we'll all give you our money provided we're fortunate enough to find it. Hasbro got the memo and did right by Major Bludd (I've seen those everywhere for 2 weeks), so Mattel will hopefully follow suit and show Battle Armor He-Man some love and hit the.......target. If you don't want this then stick around and buy the He-Man and Skeletor restocks coming later on that will have the 80s heads and full power swords. They need to get these 2020 figs clearanced out before they do this, though or make it a fan channel exclusive.
  6. Cool set. Vac Metal armor and the original 80s He-Man head. Target exclusives!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Give me more!!!!!! Drown us in Target exclusives!!!!!!!
  7. It's 5:30 Central and Barbeque is still available for preorder. The other is gone, though. Lastly, I walked into the Target closest to where I live the other day and found 4 Major Bludds sitting there staring at me along with the new pegwarmer Cobra Commander, so it seems like they're trying to get this thing fixed on the Target side. I even saw a few Zartans there for a hot minute at multiple Targets (I've never seen him anywhere else). I'm also finding Flints and Lady Jayes everywhere right now and the screaming Duke wave of Retro at WM. I've also been finding TMNT Turtles in Disguise. I saw one last night at "Big Splash" Target (you'll know the quoted reference if you live here) and 4 at the same time clear on the other side of town. I got mine and a friend's at that time. I also saw my first endcap of SkeleGod's at the former Target and they even had a couple of Clone Wars Hawks, so I've got all those now. The funny thing about those Hawks is that they had them security cabled onto the pegs, so you have to find an employee to get it for you like it was some kind of electronics device....or a box of condom at Walmart (that's a thing now). Those security cables suck because they damage the boxes/cards, so if you work at one of these places then cut that crap out. I know you can't do anything about it, but try and pretend for a second. You increase the chances of that highly sought after item becoming a wannabe peg warmer when you stick those security cables/belts on them. Also, for anyone interested in the Pulse exclusive Heroes of Endor Black Series set, that came back into stock the other day, and I managed to get one for cost on the Pulse site.
  8. Or get them both. GI Joe Classified has finally found it's way and it's getting easier to find exclusives. I found 2 Bludds over the weekend and the Pulse order arrived. Vala's AF line is nice (although the villains are kind of lame) but he's not so nice. He's unprofessional and kind of a jackass. There's no need for him to bad mouth the other companies the way he does (specifically Hasbro, Super7, and Boss Fight Studios), and if he wants me to plop down $400 to buy his first wave of figures that he's using GI Joe Classified to help sell (he has an Unclassified accessory set to help make Gung Ho more accurate to the show for example), then he needs to cut that crap out and be a good sport about it. Otherwise, screw Action Force.
  9. Those Batman 1966 figs are terrible or at least the likeness are. That looks nothing like Burt Ward. I don't know why McFarlane's sculpters can't seem to get any actors' likeness correct no matter who it is. I've yet to see any from any of the live action properties that look right. We have 3D scanning and face printing technology for God's sake. It shouldn't be that hard. You can have your hardware lay down the base and finesse as needed, so these figures looking this off is inexcusable.
  10. This is probably one of the best toy lines ever (and if it's too early to say that then lets just say that sometime in the future we should easily be able to look back and say this). It's one problem is obviously the availability of certain exclusives. I saw a livestream on TheFwoosh side channel called RoboKillah today with both Robo and Veebs and someone posted that 14 out of 32 announced figures have been exclusives and that's a problem. Given the availability issue I would agree. If they were easier to get a hold of I wouldn't, but there is a huge problem with those Target figs. I've been very lucky and have been able to find most of it in the wild, but I still had to go to eBay for Baroness, the original Cobra Trooper, and Cobra Viper. I also feel that Hasbro has finally found their way with this line and thanks to them for actually listening to fans and implementing changes that are apparent with this new round of announcements and have been happening a wave or two back. They were obviously trying to go more the Fortnite round in the beginning, and people complained, and they quickly backed off on those colors and golds with wave 2 and did the paint do-overs on Series 1 which were a huge improvement. The new Roadblock should have been the first Roadblock we got but given what they were trying to do originally I get why they went with the Version 2 RB. I have no idea what they were thinking with the Cobra Island RB. What in the hell is that supposed to be? It's very telling how hated that figure is and how out of place given how easy it was to find for months after it was released. They generally disappeared right around Christmas, but I found 2 of them about a month or so ago at one of the Targets that is out of the way in a more distant suburb. I always find good stuff at those locations. For example I hit a similarly placed Walmart yesterday and snagged myself a MOTU Origins Castle Greyskull. They only had one, and they had it on the bottom shelf down the Lego and Playmobil aisle one aisle over from the action figures. I guess it was with the MOTU Megabloks. Stupid location but I wouldn't have gotten it if they had been smart about it. Lucky for me I went down that aisle in the first place.
  11. The Frogs 2pk is incredibly easy to find in Target stores it seems. I've found them at 2 of my area Targets (I have 6 in the area of about a 15-20 mile diameter) and each one has had between 9 and 12 of them. This is how it was with the Splinter/Baxter 2pk, so if you're after that then there's a chance you might find it. I've also noticed that GI Joe Classified have started showing up at both Target and Walmart the past 2-3 weeks, so Hasbro is producing this line again and sending out. You haven't been able to find them lately because they simply weren't making any. Now that they have I'm finding repainted Series 1, Zartan wave, and Flint and Lady Jaye everywhere and on a consistently basis, so start looking around to see if they've made it to your part of the country.
  12. That's not the show colors for Evil Lyn, it's the early 2000 deco. That's why that logo is on her bubble, plus that's what has been announced. That Mer-Man is also different from the boxed set version, so I'm glad they're not just straight up repacking those or that would have royally pissed me off given the cost of the boxed set. These figures are incredibly easily to find now. Target has new waves on a consistent basis. I just picked up Panthor and the Tri-Clops wave, and I found Battle Armor He-Man the other day along with Clamp Champ. I also found the Roboto wave before that, and I ran across the entire Orko wave at Walmart the other day (twice) except for Scare Glow. All I lack is Scare Glow, but I have him preordered. I have every figure preordered, but I delete those from BBTS as I find them in the wild, so I'm guaranteed to never to have to worry about obtaining these. If you order a Land Shark from BBTS, I'd suggest using Collector Grade if you care about condition of the box. The clear plastic got scratched on mine, although I had it packed with Ram-Man and Battle Armor Skeletor, so they must have clashed while in the mail, and scratched up my plastic a bit. Collector Grade will take care of that if that would bug you.
  13. Hasbro said they'd bring back O-ring figs if there was a demand for it, so the consumers need to follow-up on this and make those demands known, so that they know there is an interest. This also should extend to letting Walmart and Target know, since at the end of the day those are the actual customers of Hasbro, and if the stores aren't interested in the product line they won't order any, so they won't get made no matter how much the collector moans and groans. And, be polite about it. Don't act like asses on live chats during presentations because that won't get you anywhere. I know if I were those Hasbro employees and I read some of the stuff that people type in those chats, I would intentionally go out of my way not to try and make those requests happen. People don't respond well to insults under typical circumstances, so you'd be best to treat the way you'd like to be treated. The 6" figures aren't hard to find. With the exception of the Target figures, you can order them via any online retailer. If a person is too stubborn to order something online or won't bother with it because they'll only buy something that they can find in stores (looking at you Dan Larson), then that's a them problem and not an availability problem. I've managed to obtain every single figure in the line, and that includes almost every Target figure without having to turn to the eBay market. A lot of these non-series 1 figures can be found very easily at Walgreens. I saw the Cobra Commander/Red Ninja wave at multiple Walgreens stores back when that wave was first released, and the Zartan wave has started showing up at them now, so it's just a matter of time before they make their way across the country and should be available. The same holds true for the retro line. Those are relatively easy to find when they get released and have had a chance to make their way to regional warehouses. I've seen all 3 waves multiple times and the vehicles are even easier to find, although I've never seen the F.A.N.G. in stores. However, I got that on the website months ago, and it actually arrived in perfect condition which is a crap shoot with both Walmart and Target (and Amazon) sometimes.
  14. I picked up the entire Tri-Klops/Hordak wave at Target last week and also got deluxe Ram Man and Battle Armor Skeletor the past couple of days from BBTS. I've been able to find everyone of the basic figures at either WM or Target with the exception of Scare Glow (which I have preordered at BBTS). I managed to upgrade my Man at Arms and Trap Jaw when I found them at two separate WM a couple weeks ago. The Tri-Klops wave is at at least 3 Targets in my area, so it's starting to saturate a bit after it being dry there for a while. The Roboto wave and Battle Armor He-Man was showing up at those same Targets there for a while before that dry spell hit. Hopefully, future waves will continue to be easy to semi-easy to find from here on out. Got my Land Shark and the plastic is a bit rough, so I'm on the lookout to upgrade it. My Panthor arrived destroyed from Target but a friend has 2 or 3 incoming and he'll trade me for an upopened one that doesn't look like an accordion. He'll use mine as his open piece. I don't know how he finds the room to have an open one and MISB for literally everything and still has an unopened Snake Mountain and Unicron just sitting there.
  15. The old ways don't sell anymore except to the older kids that were raised on it.
  16. Yes, they sell well, and I buy them. There are several different variants like this from the game, and I guarantee he'll make them all to maximize earnings from the mold. That figure cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, sculpt, and tool, and he can only justify making them if he can make a profit from it. If he can't profit, then he isn't going to develop a figure. This kind of figure is a Holy Grail for toymakers because of the sheer number of variants that can be pulled from the game. That way they can repaint the hell out of it and still say within the canon of the game and not repaint it simply for the sake of repainting it. The only way he can stay in business and pay his employees is to make money, and these repaints are an easy money maker given there's no sculpting or tooling required. On top of that, there's 3 different weapons, so he can release each one 3 times. Any other toy maker would release all 3 weapons with the figure, but TM is the God King Maker of the industry (and that kind of makes him a bit of an ass...which he most certainly is. I met him 20-25 years ago when he was a guest at the Con the comic shop I worked at back then hosted (Def Con was the name of it but I don't know which number it was). I don't know how he is now, but he came off as a complete jerk and was one of the most arrogant and pompous people I'd ever met up to that point in life. I guess the $10,000 we were paying him wasn't enough to expect a little human courtesy. Anyway, we could either do Todd or Mark Hamill that year, but they were both charging $10,000 each, so we could only do one that year.
  17. The quality of these figures is baffling to me. Darkseid and Steppenwolfe figures look great and no complaints there. Where I'm having a hard time is with the likenesses of the JL themselves. We've already seen Wonder Woman and those figures were notorious for being WW's younger kid sister and not Gal Gadot. It appears it's the same headsculpt, so the fact that none of the others look anything like the actors playing them doesn't surprise me. Maybe the Flash look OK in this grainly, low res shot with his cowl on. Is that supposed to be Ben Affleck in the unmasked version? They all look like their faces are swollen from where they got the absolute crap kicked out of them 2 weeks ago and the bruises have healed but the swelling is still there or else they're post-plastic surgery gone wrong. That absolutely looks nothing like any of the actors. It's the same effect as the heads from the recent Marvel Avengers videogame, but at least with that we knew they weren't using the exact likeness of the actors on purpose. Either McFarlane employs sculptures that suck at capturing likeness and/or he isn't using face printing tech (I actually don't now if he does or not), or this was done on purpose for God knows what reason or McFarlane did this on the quick and that's the best we could get in the short time between when the movie was announced and now. Maybe these are earlier shots and not representative of the final product and we'll get kickarse figs when these are released, but given the fact that there are 2 Wonder Woman figures to judge by in his DC line I don't really think that's gonna happen. People need to forum post the crap out of this to anyplace that McFarlane himself frequents like if you backed his Kickstarter Spawn trilogy of figures then go post a user comment about how those figs are looking great (since reviews are hitting now) and then throw in a by the way, what's up with those JL figure likenesses? Is this some kind of early April Fool's prank? Anyway, that's a really really hard pass for me, and I'll be sure to point this out again if and when the opportunity presents itself. There's no reason why in this day and age that we should have to purchase garbage like this to fulfill a hole in our collections. Like I said the bodies appear fine, so one could always simply replace the heads with 3rd party replacements, but there's no guarantee the skin tones will match plus it always bothers me that part of the figure isn't the original. However, this would be an emergency replacement campaign given McFarlane can't seem to get the job done properly the first time. If you're reading this Todd, this is a huge fail, and you need to step it up a couple notches. There's no excuse for this. EDIT: I know what this reminds me of. The new Marvel Legends Black Widow 2pack with the new version of the Russian Captain America all in red (I don't know his frickin' name.....not-Hellboy plays him in the movie). The original figure was made when they had to use promo shots as a guide to sculpt the fig, so it looks kind of like him but not really and now the new version in the 2-pack is a HUGE improvement because the movie got delayed and so they were able to improve the figure 1000% across the board and now it looks exactly like the actor and the costume is so much better. McFarlane doesn't have that excuse. The movie is 5 years old, and yet the new Steppenwolfe and Darkseid figs look fantastic. I suppose that's because those are more up McFarlane's alley design-wise, although the likeness on those appears solid. Monster heads are easier to pull off than human kind of like how aliens and helmeted figs in SW Black Series have generally always looked great going back years and human faces have mostly stunk except now with face printing and better QC all around.
  18. They produced more Baxter 2pks to satisfy demand, and they did the same for the Krang Android. I saw dozens of both, and they've started producing more and more of the older releases. I found 5 of each Triceraton 2pk at the Target closest my house, and a friend of mine found both of them at a Target closer to him, as well as the rock aliens (I can't remember their names for some reason...getting old). I've been finding TMNT movie Foot Soldier 2pks at Wal-mart, as well as a whole bunch of movie Splinter/Shredders at multiple WMs and I found a couple of Super Shredders TMNT2 a couple days ago at one of or 7 or 8 area WMs. And, even though it isn't TMNT I found wave 3 of the Retro GI Joe line that same day (Duke wave) and the Target that is closest to me also had 4 Classified Fireflies. I almost had a heart attack, and the only reason that happened was because the roads were icy and it was 5 degrees F outside. GI Joe exclusives are a bit of a beeyotch to find sometimes, but our local Vintage Stock have the non-exclusives warming pegs and I can find the Cobra Commander wave at Walgreens usually (or at least I could before last Christmas...I haven't been in a WG since then). Anyway, this stuff is out there and can be found, and I think NECA has finally gotten their act together and TMNT will be easier to find. I say that and I have yet to find a Rat King, but it usually doesn't show up for a while, so I'm hopeful.
  19. Will have to go to eBay to get the 5 Points Popeye. I'm not paying $175 for it. It'll be around $30 on eBay. They did this same thing last year with the 5 Points Gomez figure (1 of 3 Gomez figs in the line) and you can get those for half that now.
  20. I was asking for it. It's a perfect representation of what the character usually looks like and it's a great figure for custom work or background pedestrians without the hood. The hood fits fine.
  21. Lighten up, Francis. Anyone getting faux offended over this needs to chill out and go outside and live a little. It's a joke, laugh/chuckle a little. If you really are offended then good. The well adjusted people will collect your tears. The irony of people getting upset over the look of the figure is also hilarious. I may need an extra mug.
  22. I'm assuming that's the LOP Mer-man. What about that Evil Lyn? Rerelease or variant?
  23. @Batman1701: You're incorrect. The Thundertank consists of a ton of tooling because of all of the moving parts and how complicated the vehicle is. Tooling is just a name for the molds. The Batmobile is that cheap because it doesn't do anything and is almost one entire piece of plastic. It barely features any tooling. Tooling is why certain toys cost more than others. Molds for just action figures costs tens of thousands and/or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Vehicles cost much more. I know Chicken Fried Toys said the tooling for the stage coach they want to do costs more than all of the figures from their first Kickstarter for Dime Novel Legends figures line combined and there were 15 figures total in that line, and that stage coach is nowhere near as complicated as the tank and is nowhere near as big (it's a 3.75" line). Anyway, go watch the Pixel Dan interview with Brian Flynn that all of these new pictures came from. He explains why the tank is so much. There is as much tooling in the tank as there is in Snake Mountain. He also explains using pseudonumbers about why things cost as much as they do. He also addresses delays and says wave 2 is delayed in factory Hell and wave 3 and 4 will probably ship before it because it is moving right along.
  24. This thing dropped on Friday and it could have been yours for $450.00. It sold out, so if you consider yourself a MOTU Origins completist then and you didn't get one of these things, then you're no longer a completist and probably never will be since this thing will go for double that and up on eBay (probably). I know it perfectly captures the artist's style (the blacked out eyes and the loud neon colors), but Mattel please don't do more crap like this. The clear Skeletor you sold on that website was fine (and I noticed it was shipped 2 days ago), but it was $50 and not $450. The Super7 Thundertank is $450 and the Star Wars Razorcrest and Marvel Legends Sentinel are less than $400, but those are all huge and intricate releases. All this is is a $20 Battlecat and He-Man with an awful paint deco and now I'm really thinking about not collecting MOTU Origins because I'm a completist and I'm not going to pay that much money for something like this. I guess I should ask is this an actual Mattel figure and Battle Cat with special deco or is it considered something else? I'm guessing it's a figure given the Mattel connection. This is unacceptable and I'm gonna have to sleep on it. Not having this even given how awful it looks is going to bother me, and any enjoyment I get out of having these figures again (I had them all the first time around in the 80s) disappears like 10 or 12 farts in the wind when I see this....this limited edition fart of a release that disappeared in the wind at $450 a pop. I'm actually surprised that this sold out at that price, as well as all the other super expensive toys that sell out. Last time I checked, we were in the middle of a pandemic and most people can't work and tens of millions of people lost their job. I guess all of us toy collectors have decent paying, essential worker jobs. I know I do, but I bought the Sentinel, Razorcrest, and I'll probably get the Thundertank, so I can't drop $450 on this POS even if it weren't sold out unless there was a payment plan. This sucks Mattel and isn't fun anymore. I've been collecting as an adult for 32 years and have had action figures in my life since 1979/1980, and I've never said it wasn't fun. I've had lots of good luck finding exclusives when most people seem to have issues, but crap like this is something I can't control, and you just know it'll happen again because they've now sold out a $450 MOTU toy. They'll do it again and they'll probably do it with other properties. And, the funny thing about it is that these probably sold to bot using scalper weirdos and every last one of them will end up on eBay starting at $750 and up. I bet not a single one of them sold to an actual collector. Way to go Mattel and hell, thanks to you too Hasbro. Jackasses.
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