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  1. well its nice to see rules can be broke and mods dont listen to there admin. http://joebattlelines.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=16371&start=0 http://www.hisstank.com/forum/g-i-joe-toys-modern-general-discussion/97835-where-oh-where-do-i-buy-joes-now.html?highlight=walmart
  2. ok well it looks like a few of us our in the same boat for there walmarts. do you think that they will all go back as soon as joe 2 happens or will they pass on it cuse of roc?
  3. It would be cool if the head transformed I was thinking the samething. I'm hoping they do a Headmaster head to him that be so cool. I also which they do Hot Rod's Targetmaster to go with him. I know the whole in the hand is small but I still which they could do one and maybe add a clip to Firebolt to hook on Hot Rod. Takara Tomy did release Hot Rod's Target Master along with Scourge's. However, they are repainted exclusives of the targetmaster minicons. i would like to see that line done right and not repaints of minicons. like the did with Cyclonus as that would be great to see rollbar and the rest back.
  4. xhairs

    GI Joe Toy Sightings

    saw part of wave 4 at TRU in hamburg today.
  5. Nope... I havent seen him either... I actually forgot about him until a couple of days ago... so did i .
  6. hey j your pm box is full:)

  7. Y'know Sean, if you actually engaged your brain instead of your ego, and read this thread, including all of my responses and all of the OTHER responses, you'd see where I am coming from. If you really cannot figure this out then that is just too damn bad. Would someone else like to stab a stab at explaining why his "poll" means nothing?? xhairs is obviously not going to listen to anything I would say. cuse i thought i could find out what i did or why you act the way you do. in private instead of public i was wrong.
  8. I need still need Warpath, Grapple and Lugnut... warpath wont be out till next mo and i cant find any of the rts line here so i have to do the online thing lol. also i need to find grapple as i have inferno so i need his bro lol.
  9. that could be what is going on. its to hard to tell right now. though till the movie joe really didn't have any tie ins for the last few yrs so that shouldn't really matter for this line. i do think ROC has alot to do with this as walmarts here over loaded on the first few waves and then had to clearance the line just to move it. so now i think walmart is just saying there is no place for joe in most of there stores. so i guess time will tell what happens but with 64% of us not having joes in the store it is not looking good.
  10. Seems like an ideal project for Headrobots. They specialize in this sort of thing, and they've already designed 2 different Headmasters for the Walmart exclusive Universe Hardhead. The only problem I see is that engineering a transforming Headmaster for a deluxe sized head might be tough. http://headrobots.com/?p=434 yes but that is for the bigger scale this will be a deluxe so they might be able to shrink it down but will that lose some of the coolness ?.
  11. Unless your neighbor is a hot looking chick. Then I'd make sure to take pictures. Of course pics and would share them here without a doubt! EM nice lol.
  12. i so wish i had a ross near me as it seems that is the place to get the htf stuff.
  13. It would be cool if the head transformed i hope it is true and i to wish the head would transform or have him as a target master .
  14. i hope they do and we keep getting better and better figs....
  15. it is i never find jack cuse the stores here dont get the new stuff in. i miss the hunt but with gas and not finding jack as really put the hunt to a stand still for me.
  16. i would too man as i would keep them moc as i have them all lose now lol.
  17. i hope they keep this line going when the next movie comes out as this is the only TF line i buy.
  18. OFT i don't have a beef with him he must have one with me i don't know why but ok. i don't care i put it out there for ppl to know that it might happen to them too. i just said what i was told and then put a poll up to see who else was in the same boat. i have no clue why he took it so far of course! that on him as all i did was put the infoup and ppl can do what you want with it if it doesn't happen to yours great if it does sorry that sucks.
  19. no prob bro, hope you bring a few copy's to the Canada con.
  20. Dude, all you need is to get someone like Morgan Spurlock(The guy who did "Super Size Me"), and you'd get the probably the best Toy Collecting Based Documentary About Being Over Concerned Ever. I can see it now man: "Wal-mart and G.I. Joe. Quite possiblity the most reconziable icons in American Culture. You'd think they'd go hand in hand in retail Americana. And yet, there seems to be a battle brewing in the homefront. Wal-mart, the largest American Retailer in the good old U.S. of A, has decide in many of it's locations to no longer be carrying the 'Real American Hero' anymore. I tell you, 'What the **&^%^' is that about. 'America's Moving Fighting Man' has been around since the 1960's, providing play patterns to many generations of boys who like to play with articulated plastic men, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Over the years, Joe has been in real wars, an Adventurer, and fighting against fictional terrorist orginizations such as Cobra, along with fighting against social problams such as drugs and pollution. And Joe has conqure them all, proving in the past that 'When all else fails, they don't'. But his biggest battle yet maybe against a retial coporation from Arkansas, and it's appears to be a losing one for good old Joe. I've decided to take it apond myself to have a huge road trip in this great vast land of America, and try to visit as much Wal-marts as possible to see if 'G.I. Joe is there' or not. Along the way, you will see me meet up with some sane, and not so sane, G.I. Joe Collectors, as they give us their views on collecting this line, along with this news of Wal-mart dropping the line. We will also go into G.I. Joe's past, looking at the beginning of 'America's Moving Fighting Man' and how the 'Real American Hero' has captured the hearts and imaginations of kids over the years, along with Joes ups and downs. You will hear Wal-mart's defense of dropping an American Icon, and along the way, I make a slight detour to our neighbours in Canada, and find how and why Wal-mart there is still carrying G.I. Joe. All this and more, in this 'Clash Of American Icons: Wal-mart V.S. G.I. Joe.'" Sorry folks. I just couldn't resist. Peter set it up just too nicely for me. And to point out, if someone actually has to the day and time to go around America and check almost all Wal-marts themselves to see if they are carrying Joe or not, then they either have way too much time on their hands, or they are bloody rich. that's a way to get joe on the map agin i would watch it lol.
  21. 1/2 way down page 3. As we have seen Xhairs has a HABIT of forecasting the death of GIJOE--at least going back to last year. Now, its NOT just him, there's certainly a few others too, and they never seem to get it, do they? As its long been said, the coincidence of focusing on bad things gets you bad things......he focused on believing GIJOE would stop selling and some of his local stores stopped selling it. He got what he focused on. Funny how life works that way. wow you think that's what i did your so wrong i haven't really said anything bad about poc so again your talking out of your A**. sorry i don't have the power to make joe go or stay at a store that's there call. i just buy what i like and move on. i am just saying it finally hit here and what the manger said to me. also there where ppl talking about it before me. you again are just spouting crap cause you have no prof im wrong. with no prof of what you have been saying your making your self look dumb and immature. give some facts other then your walmart has joes to prove me wrong. also the poll is showing you a few of us have no joes at our walmarts. so there you go oh wait that's not good enough for you either. This is no disrespect at all, but I seriously have no idea what you are trying to say. Not getting worked up over a toy line not being carried at a local chain isn't the same as not calling the authorities if your neighbor is being robbed. Scenario A (GI Joe) cannot be changed by us the consumers. We can piss, moan, belly ache, curse, and speculate to our heart's content, but it will not change whether a multi-billion dollar corporation decides to keep a toy line or not. GI Joe is a fraction of a fraction of a percentage to Walmart when it comes to income earned and probably dropping them is no different that deciding if they should carry a new type of candy bar or gum. Scenario B (Neighbor's house) can be directly affected with a phone call. End of story. Don't really feel the need to continue. GI Joe will be around next year. Just like it is this year when people on these very forums that the end was nigh almost one year ago. And I'd be willing to bet we will see the same hysteria again come 2012. But then again, I realize this is a discussion forum and ends up negating my entire point. oh i just used that as a extreme example of how arrow thinks and what he has been saying. i don't think anyone would stand there and get popcorn and watch your neighbors house get robbed but maybe arrow would as he cant grasp anything that ppl say on here. oh we wont be here for 2012 the world will end lmao.
  22. Y'know.........I'm sad to see your reactions are plotting like a sine curve. I am saddened to say I knew you would take this personally and and that you would mistake it for a personal attack . And if you think I get my rocks off pissing on you, you could not be more wrong. Let me tell where I'm coming from here: This isn't about YOU, dumbass......and it never was. It was about WHAT YOU SAID. Like so many others who have done this dance before, you got yourself into a position where you attached your ego to your message, so you think an attack on the message becomes an attack on you. Get over yourself. You are better than this. So why am I riding you? Because I get off on it?? 100% wrong. I do it because I give a damn. I do it because I really believe in SHARING about collecting, and frankly anything that makes collecting better for other collectors is a good thing. One of those things is ideas. There's a LOT of complainers about, and a lots of people that get on this train of thought that says that Hasbro is going to stop making Joes, that retailers are going to stop carrying GIJOES and that GIJOE IS GOING TO END. Well, it is. It will happen. Its inevitable, preordained even. That is the nature of toy-lines--they end, at some point. Its a unavoidably sobering idea, but its there. But that doesn't mean things are grim. Its just like life---it ends at some point. Enjoy it while you can. That is what I do--enjoy it while I can. Hey, TRU Canada stopped selling GIJOES. Have you read a thread from be bitching about it?? No? Why? TRU Canada stopped selling the line 3 months ago, if I embraced the way you think I would have started the same kind of thread. But I don't think your way and you'll see why in a minute. Keep reading What are you saying? That a LOT of stores are dropping Joes, that you have this PROOF and that things are getting serious?? And you think this helps??? Well, I think it's quite clear you don't have proof--nothing that you can support in a strong manner. You cannot even articulate WHY this is a problem. But let's put this aside for a moment... You think you are doing good with this, so in your mind its worth defending, especially from the likes of mean ol' Arrow. What are you doing? You are telling people that a large retail chain is dropping a favourite toy line, and that you have PROOF that it might mean "something ( bad??) for us all down the line". That's the info ( and the suggestion)you are sharing. Xhairs.........just how do you think your fellow collectors going to react to that? Some folks that might agree with you are going to think "hey, this is serious" and what are they going to do? They'll buy up Joes wherever they see them. Even worse, the scalpers that read these forums will see a thread like this, will see the mindset being expressed and they will think "gee, I better snag every Joe I can find, because these marks think they will be scarce and hard to find. I can make a bundle off their fears". Your are promoting a belief of scarcity and creating ( probably inadvertently I'll say) a "Chicken Little" mentality. Fellow collectors buying in a panic, scalpers buying because they now KNOW they have panicked marks looking for the stuff. That's going to make things HARDER for you AND your fellow collectors, don't you think??? But you are getting locked into insisting that this is all an attack on YOU personally. As for me, yeah I'll attack your IDEAS. Because I think you are fulla crap for suggesting them. Your "info" is a disservice to the collecting community on this score. Life is so short that wasting time thinking about all the things that can go bad is.........heh, why indulge in that kind of thinking??? What does your message gain anyone?? If you answer just ONE question from me, answer that, willya?? Why share the dismal news that you think the "end is nigh" or whatever gloom is forecast, when you can simply think to yourself.......hey, I cannot find the toys locally, maybe I can find them elsewhere. That is how I see it. That is ALL I have said. Hey, if you want to dwell on the negative ( and there is NOTHING positive in your post is there?) then you are entitled to that. I'm trying to get it through your head that you are wasting your time and energy defending a stupid negative message. I mean, if I really thought less of you or any other collector thinking like you, I would sniff at your comments and laugh at you behind your back and NOT WRITE A WORD about it, because of the contempt. I'd go out and "enjoy" getting the stuff I enjoy knowing that you can't. I wouldn't bother offering to help people would I? I wouldn't bother trying to share a positive viewpoint. Yeah, you are saying stores have dropped the toy line, and that its cause to worry about the toy-line.......and I'm telling people that there is NO gloomy writing on the walls and that things are going along just fine. Which do you think is the message that should be shared with fellow collectors? Oh, and TRU Canada clearance all of the ROC stuff--and at huge discounts. Fellow collectors on the Joecanuck forum asked their TRU managers who told them that TRU had dropped GIJOE. Anything still on their shelves was leftovers that needed to be sold. They would NOT be carrying the GIJOE brand anymore. I asked this myself to the manager at my local TRU and got the same answer. That was 3 months ago. Three days ago, posts started coming in the same forum and another Canadian GIJOE collecting forum that POC wave 3 wave being found at TRU up here. On a whim, I checked out my TRU here and found the complete wave of figures AND the Alpha vehicles sitting on the shelves last night. The evidence isn't local to just me, its in two other provinces, which is "proof" that its chain-wide ( re: nation-wide) up here. The moral of the story is: the retailer can tell you one thing, but something ELSE entirely can happen. Plans can change, in either direction. I knew, based on many years of toy collecting experience, that what TRU said wouldn't hold water--that they WOULD stock the line again. And I'll be so bold as to say, your Walmart(s) will restock Joes again in probably a few months ( I'd bet before Xmas)........and I'll even go one step further: I will BET you that they will, so much so that when they do, I will personally BUY you the wave that appears ( just figures, one of each in the wave). You remember this post--book mark it and hold me to it when it comes true. ( You buy them, and I will send you the money to "refund" the cost) If you win, I'm a liar and fulla #$##. If I win, you get some free Joes. How's that for someone who you think is "just here to start crap"?? well if you think the more joes bought it will be a bad thing come on ppl will buy how they buy no matter what. also it will help the line boots sales. also WM not carrying joes in some stores will make the number of sales go down and hasbro will have a to look at it agin. i dont think telling ppl what is going on with the line at some stores is doom and gloom it is a wake up call is all. if you dont want to look at this topic then just leave it and let us talk about it. you can say this isnt personal but you sure are making it out to be that way. you say i have no prof and you sure haven't shown any either. you are just saying what i am saying is wrong. you forget that walmart has a lot of pull with the sale numbers of brands and that will affect it across the board. also if this was just 1 or 2 stores it wouldn't be a big deal but it is alot more then that. all i did was say it was official that walmart dropped joe here. cuse it is all my walmarts dropped the line. so that to me is news and others are seeing it. you can be as positive as you want but that wont help the fact that the sale numbers for joe will now go down. cuse ppl will not be able to find joes and have to go to other places to buy them ie ebay online stores or ask for help.that wont help the sales in that area. you cant see the big picture i can be pos and say hey oh well all my stores dropped my toy line but its ok cuse other ppl can still find them at there store in a dif state or hey i will win the lottery and spend 1,000 of dollars tiring to win it cuse one day i will. well it don't work that way when you are a big company tiring to sell a product to every state and make money. your logic is wrong. u think this will make ppl go nuts and buy everything joe or make the scalpers go nuts. well the scalpers will all ways do that not matter what and ppl will buy joes if they want so try agin. if they do go and buy up everything it will help the line if ppl buy more then less thats a good thing. the fact is that walmart is a major store and it will affect sale numbers if some of there stores drop the line cuse not every person can buy them at retail. so that will show hasbro joe is not doing well and it might end, it might not but will make them look at joe real hard. to see if it is worth it for them to keep the line going. you look at it like if we all shrug off the prob at hand it will go away. it doesn't work that way in life i bet your the guy who will look the other way if someone was rubbing your neighbors house and say it wont happen to my house cuse i am a pos person. wake up man this is not a pissing contest or how you think the world works. if you don't address a prob it will just get bigger and bigger. then one day it will be gone or be so out of control you wont be able to fix it or save the line. you will be like what happen i was pos this shouldn't of happen. also its 50% of ppl here who do and dont have joes at there walmarts and that is just 14 ppl who have voted so far. so how do you thik that will affect the sale of joes. wake up man that is not a good thing.
  23. And your poll will mean..........what? You will not even get a general sense of numbers because you have no idea where the votes are coming from. You pulled the "65%" out of your ass and now its a battle of egos to save face? I don't give a crap about it if your ego gets bruised here, and I'm not in this to get mine stroked. You are propagating an implication of doom and gloom--you are making FALSE generalizations, and myself and others are challenging them. In a word, you had a bad moment and got carried away with it. You are being alarmist (and reactionary to the people telling you so) and you don't need to be. no your just here to start crap. well the 65% came from seeing ppl all over the joe boards saying they dont have joes anymore.also it doesn't matter where the numbers come from it matter how many ppls walmart don't carry joes any more. i don't need to save face cuse i dont care i just gave info to ppl and there is a few of us here who can see it for what it is. alo it shows im not the only ones who walmart drooped the line not what you think it is. no i am not i am just stating the obvious unlike you who has joe and thinks im a nut bag, or having a bad day or it is just my stores so i should ask for help getting them. i didn't state that i cant get them!! i stated walmart dropped them in my area and it is official here. no i didn't have a bad moment im just saying what was told to me and you took it in a dif direction. it also shows you didn't read my post and what walmart said so why don't you read it and or put up some facts to back your statements up like i did. now go get a life cuse you must be a very unhappy person if you get your rocks off by going after me. now have a nice day.
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