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  1. I wanted a USS Flagg so badly as a kid, but that wasn't happening. The cost, according to my parents, was prohibitive, as was space. I insisted there were numerous places, but that was through the eyes of a kid who was obsessed with all things G.I. Joe.

    I too sold off my collection down the road to a teacher when I was in high school. He wanted it for his two sons. We haggled a bit, settled on an agreeable price, and then it was gone. If I were to guess, I think I spent the money on booze and weed. I wish I still had all off it, but if nothing else, I wish I had all of my Dreadnoks' stuff. Replacing it now would be, to quote my parents, "cost prohibitive." In other words, I'm broke. 


  2. 6 hours ago, mako said:

    If you say so, but it's still AT LEAST two-and-a-half months till the first series sees release, and we don't even know for sure who all is gonna be in THAT. It just seems a little to early days to discern any kind of pattern in character selection.

    True, but it sure is fun trying to guess at what we have to look forward to.

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  3. Gung-Ho needed an upgrade on his outfit, and going by that poster, they did a good job with it. Destro's head is looking way too shiny. I'm not big on Cobra Commander's redesigned helmet, but I was never a fan of his helmet, (don't even get me started on that armoured suit), I love the hooded look more than anything else. Seeing the Alley Vipers is a bit of a surprise, but a happy one, as I really liked them. 

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  4. I'm just pissed off that I missed out on the deluxe edition of Snake Eyes they had on the Hasbro site. They sold out on the pre-order before pay day arrived for me. Not happy, since I'll probably end up paying a stupid amount for one down the road.

    On a side note, I really hate the Roadblock figure. The gun is a big part of that, because it looks ridiculous. Beyond that, I think what he's wearing is a bulletproof vest, and it looks ridiculous to me. He still looks like a badass, but he doesn't look as good as Scarlet, Duke, and Snake Eyes. 

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  5. On 2/19/2020 at 2:10 PM, 80sboy4 said:

    Snake Eyes is just impressive looking! Might just need to pickup a few of this new line, can't wait for Toyfair to see more from this line. Would love to see a hooded Cobra Commander!

    You're not alone, as I'd love a hooded Cobra Commander. I always preferred that look for him, to me it looked more menacing  than the helmet and steel faceplate. I particularly hated him in that steel battle suit. The hood was just such a better look. 

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  6. 19 hours ago, gymjedi said:

    Why don.t they just do versions based on the classic G.I. JOE cartoon series. The main reason GI JOE is popular is because of the 80s cartoon series. What Super7 is doing with He Man is the way it should be done. Base the characters detail on the way they are illustrated in the 80s cartoon. Colors and all. I am hoping that Hasbro does a Classics line because I am not spending a dime on this version Snake Eyes or any  GI JOE.

    While, I would also like to see them do the figures with the looks and details of the characters from the classic cartoon, you can't seriously say that the new Snake Eyes figure looks lame. I can't wait to hand over some cash for one.

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  7. 4 hours ago, TheViewingGlobe said:

    Transformers, Marvel/DC Comics, Star "Wars", Power Rangers, Tmnt, WWE, Fortnite, Call of Duty, ETC. All glorify war or as the writer would probably say (The Vanquish of Evil). Most of these lines glorify fighting and war in some capacity. Hasbro has been making G.I. Joes since the 1960's. And the only recently took a break from the 3.75" line. I'm not sure what difference an additional 3"s will make. 

    Plus I've always thought of the G.I. Joes as the United Nations acting against and Evil organization that has no specific geographical location or cultural background. Just some good guys taking out bad guys.

    Additionally, 6" lines are where the money is at now. If the 3.75" collectors already have everything what is the incentive to buy more 3.75" figs of the same character that don't match the same style? 6" will bring in new collectors, customizer and toy photographers. 

    Just to expand on what you said, in terms Marvel and DC. I've never read or seen anything that even mentions Black Widow's use of guns on a regular basis in the MCU and killing people, even if they choose not to focus on that aspect of that. In the Batman universe, Red Hood was out killing bad guys all over Gotham. I remember some groups complaining about the violence in Punisher comics, but not much else. In the Star Wars franchise, a bunch of people are getting killed in the opening of A New Hope. There are untold legions of people getting killed throughout the series. 

    The pro-gun culture in the U.S., combined with massive propaganda on the part of the various branches of the armed forces, and the violence coming from Hollywood, as well as the video game industry, basically ensures G.I. JOE isn't going away any time soon. That makes me happy.  

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  8. I'm rather new to looking at sites like this one, which I stumbled across purely by chance. I find a lot of this quite interesting, as the collections many people have are beyond impressive. My question stems from a number of posts I've read, where collectors discuss varieties of options past, present, and future. I'm wondering why figure sizes are so important to some people? I don't mean special variant editions of a particular figure, which include different sizes. I'm speaking in general terms of an overall collection. I tend to think variety in a collection is more interesting. Why have everything in a particular collection in a uniform size, rather than have a variety of options to choose from? Just curious.

  9. 47 minutes ago, silverback77346 said:

    I got the last big foot that BIF BANG POW put out several years ago. I was not impressed with the head sculpt for Steve Austin but couldn't pass it up either. I wanted the robot they made but I don't think it ever got out on shelves or at least not in my area. There is talk of a Mark Wahlberg smdm movie but I don't want my action figure looking like him either. Like Spock said to Stonn on the episode AMOK TIME, "After a while you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting." Of course Spock was speaking of T'Pring, not an action figure. I would buy a T'Pring though. She was muey Bonita.

    Dynamite is putting out Bionic Man and Bionic Woman comics these days, so anything's possible. I agree completely about not wanting an action figure looking like Wahlberg,  or just about any actor. I want Harley Quinn to look like the Comics, not Margot Robbie. I think the only exception to the rule for me is Heath Ledger's Joker, and the 60's Batman show, because it's so cheesy it's awesome.

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  10. 21 minutes ago, Spack said:

    Fair enough, King D. Would you say this was something you have been waiting for or something that has been offered as a surprise to you and figured it would be nice to have?

    Either way it is nice when when a company puts something new out that will enhance your collection.

    Now what about the other 49 people who would purchase this? Lol

    I hadn't thought about it from that perspective. It's not something I've been hoping and clamouring for, except when it came out. I wanted a figure back then, just to stand side by side with my WWF Roddy Piper. However, that was likely the last time I thought about it in the 30+ years since then. So, you're right, it fits the surprise that would be cool to have category, but I think there would be closer to 80 people that would want it. 🤔😆

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  11. I just don't want to see any of the crap they were putting out in the 90's. Goofy looking florescent outfits and weapons, especially when the weapons were ridiculous and unrealistic. I want to see the classic looks from the ARAH comics and figures. I don't mind upgrades in uniforms and weapons to make them more contemporary, just so long as they look like actual military, but still recognisable as individual characters. Also, I would be ecstatic if they were to bring back the original Dreadnoks. They would be on the top of my list to buy, along with Scarlet.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, Spack said:

    I just don't get it. Who is really clamoring for these more obscure 35 year old genre offerings??  Why would a company such as NECA or other similar companies go through the design and production trouble to to make these for the 50 units that they will sell? Even the Black Hole figures and Flash Gordon that are recently coming to market are pushing it!! I just don't see how these companies can make money on the licenses even of they were dirt cheap- which I am sure they were competitive to more mainstream genre shows.  Why wont they give us more mainstream properties like classic Battlestar, Space 1999 and Lost in Space. If companies are going back as far as the 70s with Black Hole, Flash Gordon and They Live(albeit the 80s), I am assuming that they perhaps want to get my money on something that I enjoyed as a kid and now have deeper spending pockets to buy their goods that remind me of those younger days. The collectors my age, for the most part, have the more expendable income for toys like this but these one off movie figures are not going to get me to part with it. The afore mentioned TV shows I watched daily and weekly back then,will. But for some reason, no one wants to touch those licenses with the exception of a robot figure here and there. I don't think I'm off base here as there plenty of collectors like me out there. I would love to hear other opinions on this matter.

    Personally, I'd love a figure of Piper from "They Live". I still watch that movie a couple of times a year. It's iconic, and classic John Carpenter. I wouldn't run out and by figures from every movie or TV show I like, but this one would be a big draw for me. Maybe it's because I'm also a wrestling fan, and as a kid in the 80's, I loved Roddy Piper. Best heel in the business.

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