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  1. @3:35 pretty sure that's a kama, which is a weapon (but also a sickle),  not something he uses for rock climbing in the snow. These are often used in pairs in martial arts, used to block, trap and disarm an opponent's weapon. Suppose one could use it for climbing as it started out as a farming tool. Overall I think they could have used more white on his outfit for an arctic look....though of course his normal outfit is all white anyway!

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  2. On ‎7‎/‎30‎/‎2020 at 8:39 PM, Satam said:

    I'm getting a bad feeling about Saturday.

    Went to local Target here and no Joes, but the clerk said they would arrive 14 Aug. Far as I know stores wouldn't get deliveries Saturday mornings but who knows. I will say, this is exactly why Hasbro needs to make these outlets more responsible for this mess. The only thing this forum topic should be about is how good, how bad, etc the figures are. Not how we're not getting them because of how Target doesn't seem to know how to handle notices of distribution or wont do anything about scalper bots.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Satam said:

    I had a huge problem with the treatment of Section 31 which in the 22nd and 24th centuries is a clandestine, unsanctioned, super secret organization, and in the 23rd century on Discovery, it's basically just Starfleet Intelligence and REALLY NOT AT ALL A SECRET.  I also hated that they turned Harry Mudd into a psychopath.   I think there's a lot of writing on that show where the point is "Hey, isn't this cool?" or "Isn't this dark?" instead of trying to tell a good story.

    Right! I'm not even a dyed in the wool "trekkie" but even I can see they aren't writing a story, just taking snippets here and there and doing whatever they want because it has the Star Trek name. The visuals are spectacular, but that means little when the writing is so muddled. I am very, very surprised this show got 2 seasons, let alone 3.

  4. 15 hours ago, Satam said:

    I quit watching during season 1. 

    I really tried to watch it but its so far removed from what the established Star Trek history is, I couldn't.  It has some nice aspects....I do like Captain Georgiou and her mirror counterpart, but I couldn't get past the fact that the mirror universe is never spoken of in the original series until they actually encounter it. It makes no sense that such a thing wouldn't be known, if USS Discovery had discovered it before. Then there's the spore drive. The worse part is the notion that Sarek, father of Spock, adopted a human female and raised her in his household, yet nowhere in the Star Trek canon does Spock, Sarek, or Amanda ever mention him having a sister. And yeah I know people will look at Spock's lunatic brother (that we never heard of) in the movie and go "aha!" but that was bs writing too.

    But the real kicker is , if I have to struggle to read your book or watch your program, then its already failed. Above anything else, these are supposed to entertain. This show doesn't do that.

  5. 7 hours ago, JayC said:
    Seeing toy manufacturers quit giving stores so many exclusives would be nice, but such an expectation in today’s limited retail landscape is seemingly neither practical or realistic. Toy Manufacturers increasingly are beholden to their largest customers, which are the Target’s and Walmart’s of the world, especially when talking about the larger companies like Hasbro. Expecting them to turn their backs on the big box retailers is like expecting someone who has been wandering the desert for days to turn away a canteen filled with water. It would be suicide for them to do it.

    The primary reason for making highly sought items an exclusive is to pull you through their doors. They really don’t care if you find said exclusive. In fact, it’s counter-productive if you find the exclusive on your first trip. If you have to keep coming back to the store multiple times, so much the better. The idea is browsing - once you are in the store, you will buy something.


    Very interesting points here, though I maintain Hasbro can do more to make their product more available to us collectors, without all these unnecessary hassles. I wouldn't have a problem with "exclusives" except that too often, its not just exclusive to this or that outlet, its exclusive to just one out of 4-12 stores of the chain. Exclusive to just 1-2 figures per store, not even one case. Exclusive to just that one day on that one month. We collectors have been complaining about this for years; Hasbro can and should demand that these outlets do better.

    Far as using exclusives to get customers thru the doors, I don't know how effective that tactic is. I know it doesn't work on me. If I'm going to Target for a certain figure, and that isn't there, I don't wander around to buy anything else. If I've been in there multiple times to find it and multiple times it aint there, I'm gonna be too mad to buy ANYTHING from that store. I cant speak for anyone else but I know our local Toys R Us died because of its poor stocking practicing- including figures that were exclusive to them. Good riddance, I despised them.

    I agree that we should do everything we can to starve scalpers out. The collector HAS to be willing to walk, and not just from scalpers, but from Hasbro too. Buying a 6" gi joe for $175.00 from a scalper is crazy, then forking over $30.00 to Hasbro isn't much better.

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  6. On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 9:43 AM, Atlantis said:

    THANKS for the head up! Im not that big of a GI Joe fan but I do really like Snake Eyes (like everybody else) and wasn't interested in buying the whole wave just to get him. I would love to see what they do for the Baroness and then Crimson Guard troops.


    Well my Snake Eyes arrived yesterday and I instantly noticed that the container seemed very light. I was expecting a Marvel Legends to arrive but was very surprised to open up to find Snake Eyes!

    Its a very well done figure, and of course is probably the staple for most fans....but I noticed along with it being light on heft, and having a flaw where the dagger wont fit into the sheathe....its actually a smaller figure than Destro is. I guess that's okay, seeing as how some info sites say he's 5'10" compared to Destro's 6'3", but I still think he should have had a bit more heft. That silencer is cool, Articulated Icons did that with their ninja figures released years ago. Anyway now just waiting on Cobra Commander and Pimp Daddy Destro. Sure hoping when the Baroness is produced she'll have a more robust figure than Scarlett.


  7. 2 hours ago, JayC said:

    "Roni and Lenny are doing the reveals from Hasbro. They addressed that the light blue Cobra Commander was a mistakenly revealed now and would be released at a later time. However now because of the demand they are going to put it up for pre-order now...."

    Okay, THIS is how you fix a major snafu and get customers. That sh1tstorm nftx caused was utterly uncalled for, but the guys here stepped in and made it right. And just because of that, I'm now buying both versions of Cobra Commander and the Arctic Storm Shadow. Remember, I'M the guy who isn't even into GI Joe! But I damn well respect a business that seems interested in customer service. Kudos.👍

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  8. Not a big GI Joseph fan here, but I liked what i saw well enough to order Destro. Arrived yesterday, and its an excellent figure. The chrome steel mask is perfect, and the best part of the figure is its outstanding articulation! The one issue I have is the butterfly joints- they're too minimal to have any real usage. I would've liked the gem in his pendant to have been glossier, but otherwise this is truly a well done figure. I'm hoping Snake Eyes turns out as well.

    This makes me stoked for the Baroness....hoping her figure will have a bit more "curve" than the Scarlett that's part of the first wave. And even though its not announced yet ( and maybe never will get made), I'm hoping the Crimson Guard turns out as well. I know there've been a lot of complaints on the paint color choices, but what I can see looks fantastic.  



  9. Considering how bad (with the exception of Wonder Woman and Aquaman) DC movies have been, and the uproar of the alleged behavior of possible assault on Miller's part....PLUS the current zero-tolerance policy these studios and corporations have these days....I would really really doubt there's even going to BE a Flash movie, let alone somehow rope in aged Keaton to play a role. Unless there's further news I'd consider this fanboy manufactured rumor.

  10. This is BEYOND stupid. Its not like these effing idiots didn't know that for weeks, everyone thought the light blue was the one being offered on their site. There's no excuse that on the day of the sale, we suddenly find out they've been using the "wrong" picture and are so stupid they didn't know till now. And oh look, bait and switch, but even WORSE....their site is such a flustercuck that its basically unusable.

    Everyone should take note and BOYCOTT anything from nutwork site. For total sheer incompetence and laziness, they don't deserve one penny from anyone. And no, we don't wanna hear any bs about unexpected consumer demand or mysterious outages on servers or alien abductions of their staff.

  11. If he'd made a decent movie in the first place there wouldn't be all this flurry about "oh i promise the REAL footage got edited out" or "left on the cutting room floor". I don't care whether its this guy or Ridley Scott or whoever....you don't get to turn in a sub-par project and then blame any and everyone but yourself for its poor performance. Yes Ridley...looking at YOU.  

    Justice League failed ( too harsh? Maybe "didn't do as well") because DC/Warner tried to compete with Marvel, and they didn't need to. Marvel took its time to develop its characters and storyline. These idiots tried to cram as much as they could in under a year or so, due to 1.) their arrogance that "everyone knew" their characters, so it wasn't necessary to give a fulfilling story, and  2.) their greed in thinking they could recoup billions at the box office the way Marvel did.  I don't think this HBO extra fee ploy is gonna work for them but maybe its best to just learn from what they did wrong, go back and do it right. They've got the tools to make a great franchise.

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  12. Man, I really hope they do the Crimson Guard. The Cobra Commander's uniform isn't too different so I'd think it be a tweak here and there and of course a different color....

    Also, wonder if the shoulder epaulet is removable...I think the gold from the light blue uniform would look good on the darker blue. If so. guess I'd have to get both Cobras!


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  13. 5 hours ago, JayC said:

    There are rumors of them doing the Pimp Daddy version of Destro which I think is lame unless it was a SDCC exclusive or something, but really dont want that taking up a spot in a regular wave.

    Man....since I'm not familiar with the Joe line, I just HAD to look out for "pimp daddy" Destro...its a blast!! But even it were being made, I'd have to pass on it.


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  14. Wonderful work. I do wish they'd give us a 360 shot of these figures though. Also looks like this should have had a soft goods cape and alternate head. But overall It looks good. As someone who's not a big GI Joe fan, I'd only planned on getting a very few figures....but now i have to expand my list! Next....I wanna see the Crimson Guard and the Baroness (oh i hope they don't give her that weak spindly body)...maybe Flint or Stalker?

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  15. 1 hour ago, mako said:

    Actually, the character was created in the 60's to be a female counterpart to Batman. The character was later re-imagined (groan) as a lesbian because DC needed some fast "shock and awe" action to boost flagging sales. No slight against the character or anyone who likes the current direction, it just is what it is.

    That character was supposed to be a love interest and counterpart to Batman. This one is his never-existed-before cousin. Dan Didio explicitly said they wanted a character who reflected the population of Gotham. Not seeing whats so "shock and awe" about that. Like I said, my objections to the character are totally different, and I think more to the point, will show its not necessary. We don't need multiple versions of the same character- DC seemed to get this back when they did the first Crisis, and winnowed down lot of redundant characters. Sadly they've backslid, paving the way for more writer inconsistency and confusion, and more reboots to clear up the mess they made in the first place, just to go back to the same thing.

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  16. 6 hours ago, AdamM said:

    Why does Batwoman HAVE to be a lesbian? One character isn't working so you swap another in? No, that sends the wrong message that the sexuality is more important than the character. I disagree totally. They should simply have recast, continued the character relationships & evolution that played out over the course of the season, and called it a day. This is badly overthinking something that should have been simple..... to show my age? They just recast the husband on Bewitched and that turned out fine!

    The character was created by DC back during the New 52, explicitly to be a lesbian hero. "Described as the highest-profile gay superhero to appear in stories published by DC". That's her hook. The creators wanted a character that reflected the populace of Gotham. Like it or not, in this case the sexuality is the character. Its not the CWs decision; this was what DC wanted. Doing a live action show on this character and then casting a non -lesbian actor, is the very definition of being tone deaf.

    My objections to the character and the show have nothing to do with her sexuality. I personally don't care for "copy cat" superheroes. There are exceptions, but for the most part I find it to be a sign of limited imagination. Super boy, Super girl, super Lois, Super Perry White, Super Dog, Cat, Horse, Monkey...come on.

    And for the Batman this is worse. Batgirl? At least Robin had an already established Olympic level acrobatic skill level when he meets Batman; she was a librarian who took some karate classes. Hardly a match for running around with the Dynamic Duo. Sure, they jazzed up Kate Kane with krav maga and judo, but making her out of whole cloth just feels made up.

    One of the prime ingredients that created and drive Batman is that he had virtually no one to lean on when his parents were killed. That isolation, plus the rage and ferocity that was created in him, was what drove his intensity to become the master detective and martial artist that he is. It wasn't an overnight process; it took most of his childhood/young adulthood to get to that point. And he didn't have some cousin hanging around him all that time.  Creating a forgotten family after 80 years, that we're supposed to believe was always there, makes no sense. It dilutes him. I also dislike the Gotham tv show for this reason. Good riddance to that crap.

    The Batwoman tv show is plagued by the shadow of "What Happened to Batman" over it. Its constantly about her trying to fill his boots and it cant stand on its own no matter how hard they try. Oh and her main villain! A terrible, badly acted and badly written mashup of the Joker and Harley Quinn...its just unwatchable (for me). The proposed new casting, that theyre trying to say is a new direction: "Ryan is the most dangerous type of fighter: highly skilled and wildly undisciplined. An out lesbian. Athletic. Raw. Passionate. Fallible. And very much not your stereotypical All-American hero". That's exactly what Kate Kane was supposed to be!

    I heard that Ruby Rose suffered a spinal injury and had to have emergency surgery. That, on top of low ratings, make me feel she's right to leave the show. Her health comes before anything else. CW should cancel the show and move on to something else.

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