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  1. On ‎8‎/‎20‎/‎2020 at 8:11 PM, Satam said:

    Who knows anymore?  Obviously not, but there are too many moving pieces and WB rarely announces when a DC asset (be it an actor, a director, or a movie) is cancelled.

    The whole thing sounds like the dumpster fire that is CWs Batwoman. It baffles me that anyone would even want to consider a movie, based upon the incoherent botched mess of what we've seen so far...and Warner/AT&T seems to be fine without having an established connected "universe", allowing the only two good titles so far, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, to exist as stand-alone projects.

    There's no need to try to compete with the MCU, but try telling some execs (and fans) that.

  2. 23 hours ago, JayC said:

    And being Roadblock in wave 1 and the Target wave seem to be the biggest peg warmers of the series so far is another reason why its kinda ridiculous we already have 2 of them.

    So there've been about 10 or so of these figures that are either out now or about to be. About half of that number, there are already variants...but its ridiculous for this one guy to get one. Ok, maybe he's 2nd tier, I dont know. I sure do see him all over the GI Joe clips I'm looking at. Then again I'm not a Joe aficionado (after the sh1t storm its been in trying to get these figures, I probably wont ever be) so I take your word for it.

    Pegwarmers? Wow, your area is lucky then 'cause out here, we've seen neither hide nor hair of any of the series. We should be so lucky, to have a Roadblock on the shelves. Personally I feel the only road block here is Hasbro's decision to make this an exclusive. 

    Get it? See what I did there?

  3. So exactly why are you complaining about Roadblock getting a second version "early" in the line?

    -Snakeyes has 2 versions.

    -There are 2 Destros.

    -We know Baroness is gonna be released without a vehicle, and that's gonna be different figure from the one you reviewed. Probably just as impossible to get, too.

    -There's a Storm Shadow already up for pre-order and we know the more classic version is on the way.

    -And there are THREE Cobra Commanders on the way.

    Very puzzling that two Roadblocks bother you.

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  4. 7 hours ago, JayC said:

    Thanks, you should make sure you take the DCPI # and go to one of the little red ipad machines located in stores if you dont see it out on pegs. It will tell you if they have them in the back, and if so you can then probably get an employee to go get one for you.

    That means your down to hitting Target(s) everyday until they come in and hope you dont miss the exact time they become available and probably have to hunt an employee down to try and get one from the back.

    Hasbro, Target and whoever else can kiss my a$$ if you think I'm going through all that to get this thing. Its idiotic. I shouldn't have to stalk and hunt TaRget for an item that is exclusive to them, and shouldn't have some fool to go in the back to stock something that should already be stocked. They don't have it available online, they wont ship it to the stores....Since Hasbro is taking all these steps to NOT take my money, fine, they don't get it then.


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  5. 14 minutes ago, Lord_Scareglow said:

    all of this has really been handled so poorly on both parts, Hasbro and Target, is this the place we are stuck in with collectible figures, doens't matter the year... really bad costumer service on both ends, It's like the Power Ranger figures, these big companies just think nothing of us collectors so it seems, and these big box stores think even less, no matter the times

    I'm very curious to see how these Cobra Island Joes pan out here in Canada when they get released later this year as Toys R Us exclusives.. I expect it all goes over way worse, like 1 figure per province , and nobody tell us why, I'm probably dumping this line, it's already been a huge pain with wave 1 over here , not even shipping to TRU or EB inless the stores made an order within 1 hour on 1 day, amazon keeps delaying the figures, 1 random store online store who likes selling things for scalper prices got everything, and gung ho and cobra commander already but  nobody really got nada (exaggeration, but they might have just as well)


    I hear you, and its really bad. Its also amazing that despite this utter sh1tshow, there are still people saying theyre gonna restock, there will be tons available, etc. Of course I would like to believe that too, but we just have no evidence of that, especially when we see past performances. This doesnt bode well for the Marvel Legends Storm/Thunderbird 2 pack. Red Hulk was another disaster, at least out here. 

    I'm really not even a hardcore GI Joe fan. So if Hasbro is gonna pull this crap (or allow it to be pulled) then they dont want my money and I can spend it elsewhere. This just isnt worth the headache.

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    12 hours ago, JayC said:

    I dont think it was available today. Indications are the figure is delayed.

    6 hours ago, Satam said:

    "There are two people on another board who were able to preorder Baroness when the figure went up for preorder either on the 22nd or (more likely) when it went up again by surprise VERY early morning on the 1st.  Like I said, I don't know if they used bots or just managed to sneak through all that, but either way, they're saying their orders are in "backorder" status now.  Baroness was not at all available online this morning, 12, 1, whatever."

    All I can say is the level of incompetency on display is staggering. How long has this series been announced? How much time and money were put into advertising this sale? And now, today, they're just figuring out that the Baroness figure has been delayed?? How is it possible this is just being discovered?

    Between Hasbro & Target, two major companies that have entered this collaboration, plus the fact that's its 2020 and not 1950, not to mention the overall poor record of these "exclusives" sales, there's just no excuse for this stupidity. Yeah maybe this'll get ironed out...eventually....but I'm not even sure I'm gonna spend my money with these fools now.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Darth_Primus said:

    I checked my local Target this morning.  Nothing.   Not even pegs or shelf space set aside for these figures, which is a little disconcerting knowing they've been telling customers the street date is August 14.

    Not a good sign.

    Last week I was in Target and one of the clerks looked for the new series; they didn't have them but he did tell me they were going to stock them and even showed me the section they'd be displayed in. Frankly I thought he was full of it but thanked him for his efforts. Sure enough, Sunday I went in, not expecting to see anything, but shelf space was cleared for them and they even had tags with the codenames set up. Ok! Sounds great. Looks like theyre not messin around.

    Went in today, again, not expecting but still curious.....is it possible somebody just stocked early for tomorrow.

    The shelf was full of other items. Tags gone, no pegs, no codenames, no nothing....I checked every row. Because every now and then some b@$tard decides to stock part of a line on some aisle apart from the others.  But no go. Nothing. Zilch. And the online Target now says "Out of stock in stores near you", "Not sold at these stores " and then the kicker...."This item isn't eligible for shipping". So no online option either.

    I have no reason to think tomorrow they'll just appear.


  8. On ‎7‎/‎24‎/‎2020 at 6:10 AM, Mr_Scary92 said:

    Man, this design has more personality than bland Roadblock design from wave1.

    I'm wondering why they've put these vests on these guys (Roadblock, Beachhead, Cobra Troopers) that don't have any "give" or seams and aren't removable? Especially Roadblock; he's already got "flaps" on the front that easily lend themselves to opening.

  9. I'm glad  I preordered this. Its gonna be a nice addition to the classic Storm Shadow, and I'm really digging the color scheme here....the gold trimming, the black, etc. Although for a truly "arctic" feel I might have gone with a white motif and some traces of light blue, maybe a white fur trim on the hood or something. Of COURSE the real issue is availability! Its been murder trying to get the other figures in the line like Baroness; why Hasbro wont force Target to step up its anti-scalper game is beyond me. Its soured me on the figures so much that I dont think im gonna invest too much more time in trying to get the ones i want. If Hasbro or Target doesnt want my money, I'll spend it elsewhere. 

    Storm Shadow looks incredible. 


  10. @3:35 pretty sure that's a kama, which is a weapon (but also a sickle),  not something he uses for rock climbing in the snow. These are often used in pairs in martial arts, used to block, trap and disarm an opponent's weapon. Suppose one could use it for climbing as it started out as a farming tool. Overall I think they could have used more white on his outfit for an arctic look....though of course his normal outfit is all white anyway!

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  11. On ‎7‎/‎30‎/‎2020 at 8:39 PM, Satam said:

    I'm getting a bad feeling about Saturday.

    Went to local Target here and no Joes, but the clerk said they would arrive 14 Aug. Far as I know stores wouldn't get deliveries Saturday mornings but who knows. I will say, this is exactly why Hasbro needs to make these outlets more responsible for this mess. The only thing this forum topic should be about is how good, how bad, etc the figures are. Not how we're not getting them because of how Target doesn't seem to know how to handle notices of distribution or wont do anything about scalper bots.

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  12. 24 minutes ago, Satam said:

    I had a huge problem with the treatment of Section 31 which in the 22nd and 24th centuries is a clandestine, unsanctioned, super secret organization, and in the 23rd century on Discovery, it's basically just Starfleet Intelligence and REALLY NOT AT ALL A SECRET.  I also hated that they turned Harry Mudd into a psychopath.   I think there's a lot of writing on that show where the point is "Hey, isn't this cool?" or "Isn't this dark?" instead of trying to tell a good story.

    Right! I'm not even a dyed in the wool "trekkie" but even I can see they aren't writing a story, just taking snippets here and there and doing whatever they want because it has the Star Trek name. The visuals are spectacular, but that means little when the writing is so muddled. I am very, very surprised this show got 2 seasons, let alone 3.

  13. 15 hours ago, Satam said:

    I quit watching during season 1. 

    I really tried to watch it but its so far removed from what the established Star Trek history is, I couldn't.  It has some nice aspects....I do like Captain Georgiou and her mirror counterpart, but I couldn't get past the fact that the mirror universe is never spoken of in the original series until they actually encounter it. It makes no sense that such a thing wouldn't be known, if USS Discovery had discovered it before. Then there's the spore drive. The worse part is the notion that Sarek, father of Spock, adopted a human female and raised her in his household, yet nowhere in the Star Trek canon does Spock, Sarek, or Amanda ever mention him having a sister. And yeah I know people will look at Spock's lunatic brother (that we never heard of) in the movie and go "aha!" but that was bs writing too.

    But the real kicker is , if I have to struggle to read your book or watch your program, then its already failed. Above anything else, these are supposed to entertain. This show doesn't do that.

  14. 7 hours ago, JayC said:
    Seeing toy manufacturers quit giving stores so many exclusives would be nice, but such an expectation in today’s limited retail landscape is seemingly neither practical or realistic. Toy Manufacturers increasingly are beholden to their largest customers, which are the Target’s and Walmart’s of the world, especially when talking about the larger companies like Hasbro. Expecting them to turn their backs on the big box retailers is like expecting someone who has been wandering the desert for days to turn away a canteen filled with water. It would be suicide for them to do it.

    The primary reason for making highly sought items an exclusive is to pull you through their doors. They really don’t care if you find said exclusive. In fact, it’s counter-productive if you find the exclusive on your first trip. If you have to keep coming back to the store multiple times, so much the better. The idea is browsing - once you are in the store, you will buy something.


    Very interesting points here, though I maintain Hasbro can do more to make their product more available to us collectors, without all these unnecessary hassles. I wouldn't have a problem with "exclusives" except that too often, its not just exclusive to this or that outlet, its exclusive to just one out of 4-12 stores of the chain. Exclusive to just 1-2 figures per store, not even one case. Exclusive to just that one day on that one month. We collectors have been complaining about this for years; Hasbro can and should demand that these outlets do better.

    Far as using exclusives to get customers thru the doors, I don't know how effective that tactic is. I know it doesn't work on me. If I'm going to Target for a certain figure, and that isn't there, I don't wander around to buy anything else. If I've been in there multiple times to find it and multiple times it aint there, I'm gonna be too mad to buy ANYTHING from that store. I cant speak for anyone else but I know our local Toys R Us died because of its poor stocking practicing- including figures that were exclusive to them. Good riddance, I despised them.

    I agree that we should do everything we can to starve scalpers out. The collector HAS to be willing to walk, and not just from scalpers, but from Hasbro too. Buying a 6" gi joe for $175.00 from a scalper is crazy, then forking over $30.00 to Hasbro isn't much better.

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