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  1. On ‎9‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 2:45 PM, JayC said:

    Missing the goggles, an extra riffle and the red thing you can put on the arm. The paint decos are a little different as well. For instance the webgear on this one is dark navy blue and on the Target one it was black. The skin tone around the eyes looks darker to.

    Yes. The goggles are what stands out for me; the brassard and weapons are nice. The good thing is the figure is going to be more available now. The Target people I talked to said they can only sell what they receive from Hasbro so what's been happening isn't their fault. You can take that with a grain of salt though. They also said they were  "aware of the concerns of their customers" and are "working to address the issue". Now understand this is one rep that I spoke to, and who knows how much weight, if any, can be put to this response.

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  2. On ‎9‎/‎26‎/‎2020 at 6:48 PM, DrLava said:

    what would you like hasbro to do? they cant make more figures without target ordering them. they cant sell the exclusives to another retailer. how are they responsible for what target does? 

    And yet they are making more figures and distributing them (the Trooper anyway) to outlets like BBTS. Clearly they aren't as helpless to act as some of you are saying.

    Hopefully this will follow suit for all the figures that have been botched for this exclusive.

    I will say this again: exclusive or not, arrangement or not- this is HASBRO'S product. Not Target's or anyone else's. They make it, they put their name on it, etc. Therefore they bear responsibility for snafus like this. Happily it looks like they're taking steps at working out a solution.

    The only people that aren't down with this are the scalpers, who I hope wind up holding a ton of figures they cant sell at their ridiculous greed prices.

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  3. On ‎9‎/‎18‎/‎2020 at 4:51 AM, jsmooth said:

    Trust me I have tried but it seems like the answer that i always get is "There are none in the warehouse at this time and we don't know when they are coming."

    Same response here. Before they were supposed to go on sale, our stores said they were ready and one even had place card holders for them.  Day before the sale those were moved to another section and half the cards were gone. Since then we never received any of these GI Joes. About a week into the "sale" all cards but one was gone. One store DID get Duke and Roadblock in, from the non-exclusive first wave. Another store got in the exclusive Roadblock (about 4 of those).

    No more physical holders left. Target website said Beachhead was for sale BUT....

    Screenshot (779).png

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  4. This notion that Hasbro can do nothing and has no responsibility whatsoever is just mind-blowing.

    This has ruined what should have been an enjoyable pastime. There's nothing good in seeing something youd like to have, dangled in front of you and then snatched away for no other reason that neglect and stupidity.

    Even more worry now that the Target Storm/Thunderbird set wont be attainable.

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  5. Despite what some are saying here, it wasn't "excessive wokeness" (that's a word?) that killed the show. Frankly 6 seasons is pretty damn good considering (I'm astounded they're going ahead with this Superman show, when the actor looks like some puny, poorly costumed clown who couldn't lift a barbell, let alone a car).  It, like Arrow, really ran its course. The massive storyline plot holes and writers' superhero fatigue, cheesy dialogue, the struggle to film with the budget truly required for a show like this (and clearly the studio's desire to cut costs) not to mention the impact of covid, called an end to it. But it was an overall enjoyable bit of entertainment. Always had my problems with the show, but to her credit, Melissa Benoist was able (most of the time) to pull it off. And remember, I'm the guy who generally cant stand "copy cat" characters.

    Imagine Flash is not long for the CW world, leaving Black Lightning, Legends and Stargirl. Good luck to all.

    (Not counting Batwoman 'cuz that show is toast, new actress or no. Its not salvageable and was pointless to begin with)



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  6. On ‎4‎/‎11‎/‎2020 at 6:10 PM, sonic360 said:

    Maybe Hasbro has to open their own stores and also sell online. Hasbro Pulse needs to be improved and expanded.

    If Mattel and Hasbro don't cater to these fans they are leaving money on the table. Even if adults only represent about 30% of the market. They are a steady stream of income.

    This sounds like the best option. Not only would it help curb the scalper problem, having their own store means they could sell the figures the way theyre supposed to be seen. There are a number of posters who wag their fingers at the rest of us when we say we want the figures (primarily female figures) to look as they do in the comics, stating this or that group would find it objectionable, and the retailer doesn't need the hassle, so that forces the action figure producers to alter the figure so it can be sold in store along with "kid/mom friendly" toys. Whether you agree with that premise or not, Hasbro selling on their own platform eliminates that issue.

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  7. Recent youtube reports that Hasbro may be discontinuing its GI JOE exclusive with Target. Its not totally confirmed yet, and we dont know exactly what that will mean if it is confirmed, but my hope is Hasbro will immediately distribute it to all outlets, BBTS, Amazon, local dept stores that usually carry these action figures, etc. If they were to do this not only would we all have a better shot to get the figures we want, its gonna be a big blow to the scalpers. All the figures they bought up, planning to re-sell at 2-3x the actual fair price,  they'd then just be stuck with. I'd love to see them get clobbered for a change.

    Like I've been saying: this is Hasbro's product, their brand, and they need to step up to fix the problems here. Hopefully.....theyre listening.



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  8. Recent youtube reports that Hasbro may be discontinuing its GI JOE exclusive with Target. Its not totally confirmed yet, and we dont know exactly what that will mean if it is confirmed, but my hope is Hasbro will immediately distribute it to all outlets, BBTS, Amazon, local dept stores that usually carry these action figures, etc. If they were to do this not only would we all have a better shot to get the figures we want, its gonna be a big blow to the scalpers. All the figures they bought up, planning to re-sell at 2-3x the actual fair price,  they'd then just be stuck with. I'd love to see them get clobbered for a change.

    But no matter what, the scalper problem is NOT all on us. People need to show theyre willing to walk away and not feed these scalpers, 100%. At the same time, this mess is squarely on Hasbro and Target, and I blame Hasbro more, because its their product, their brand, and they need to step up to fix it. Hopefully.....theyre listening.




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  9. 5 hours ago, JayC said:

    Def doesn’t mean they r done with target. Just means the wave is no longer in production and so what ever is in the warehouses is it which really has been the case for some time.

    Well hopefully they will re-stock or something and this time distribute to a wider venue, so that collectors who want them will get a chance. This has been one ridiculous, incompetent example of how NOT to do an exclusive sale. Also I really do hope they do a mass re-release because that will be a big EFF U to the scalpers who are hoarding these. Yeah not too many people are gonna pay $100+ for a figure they can get from their local store or Meg or BBTS for $19.00.

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  10. On 8/31/2020 at 6:29 AM, jlavaia said:

    why? on their end theyre extremely happy. its not hasbro's fault that the stores that sell their products are incompetent. this line is a hit, they were worried it wouldnt be. its gi joe in a brand new scale, everytime theyve tried to make joe figs that werent 3 3/4" or 12" it has failed miserably. target and walmart screwed up, not hasbro.

    Hasbro is selling their product thru these different outlets as exclusives; they underproduce so that only a few actually ever get out and all it does is feed the scalpers. Their public advertising info and campaign dates don't match what the outlets say, they have a release date but the figures aren't even in the stores. You cant get them online, you cant get them in the franchise store they're supposedly exclusive to.  This is how they handled Red Hulk for Marvel. Baroness apparently couldn't be found because she was never released at the time she was supposed to be, and now some outlets are getting her, at just 3 a case. Thats insane. And lest we forget, we all still have to deal with covid- we should be avoiding crowds, not running into them by chasing all over town for a product that isn't even there. These aren't Target's toyline, they're Hasbro and hasbro has some responsibility here. If as you say they're happy on their end knowing the collectors here are unable to get the product, then they don't deserve our business.

    There's another pandemic in this country. Its called I Got Mine & The Rest of You Can Eff Yourselves. Its a poor attitude, and ultimately a poor business model. 

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  11. On ‎7‎/‎21‎/‎2020 at 4:58 AM, BobM said:

    Umm.. "sold out" in 10 seconds?  That doesn't seem right.

    Hasbro needs to step in. If theyre going to keep doing these exclusives, despite the massive fan outrage over how theyre handled, then they should insist these outlets start considering these scalper bots or whatever as malware or place them under the BOTS Act. The BOTS Act outlawed the resale of tickets using bot technology, see if that can be applied to other items,  set a fine of $16,000 for each violation of the act. I'm no lawyer but I cant believe this corporation is as helpless as they want to appear.

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  12. Ran across a youtube review yesterday; the guy admitted he gave in to scalpers because he didn't want to deal with mess involving GI Joes. He tried to justify spending 2-3x what these are retailing for. I didn't watch the entire thing because it nauseated me to listen to some fool actually strut about being a weak slave to someone's selfishness and greed. I get wanting to have the toys but, damn, dude, show some self respect....

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  13. On ‎8‎/‎20‎/‎2020 at 8:11 PM, Satam said:

    Who knows anymore?  Obviously not, but there are too many moving pieces and WB rarely announces when a DC asset (be it an actor, a director, or a movie) is cancelled.

    The whole thing sounds like the dumpster fire that is CWs Batwoman. It baffles me that anyone would even want to consider a movie, based upon the incoherent botched mess of what we've seen so far...and Warner/AT&T seems to be fine without having an established connected "universe", allowing the only two good titles so far, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, to exist as stand-alone projects.

    There's no need to try to compete with the MCU, but try telling some execs (and fans) that.

  14. 23 hours ago, JayC said:

    And being Roadblock in wave 1 and the Target wave seem to be the biggest peg warmers of the series so far is another reason why its kinda ridiculous we already have 2 of them.

    So there've been about 10 or so of these figures that are either out now or about to be. About half of that number, there are already variants...but its ridiculous for this one guy to get one. Ok, maybe he's 2nd tier, I dont know. I sure do see him all over the GI Joe clips I'm looking at. Then again I'm not a Joe aficionado (after the sh1t storm its been in trying to get these figures, I probably wont ever be) so I take your word for it.

    Pegwarmers? Wow, your area is lucky then 'cause out here, we've seen neither hide nor hair of any of the series. We should be so lucky, to have a Roadblock on the shelves. Personally I feel the only road block here is Hasbro's decision to make this an exclusive. 

    Get it? See what I did there?

  15. So exactly why are you complaining about Roadblock getting a second version "early" in the line?

    -Snakeyes has 2 versions.

    -There are 2 Destros.

    -We know Baroness is gonna be released without a vehicle, and that's gonna be different figure from the one you reviewed. Probably just as impossible to get, too.

    -There's a Storm Shadow already up for pre-order and we know the more classic version is on the way.

    -And there are THREE Cobra Commanders on the way.

    Very puzzling that two Roadblocks bother you.

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  16. 7 hours ago, JayC said:

    Thanks, you should make sure you take the DCPI # and go to one of the little red ipad machines located in stores if you dont see it out on pegs. It will tell you if they have them in the back, and if so you can then probably get an employee to go get one for you.

    That means your down to hitting Target(s) everyday until they come in and hope you dont miss the exact time they become available and probably have to hunt an employee down to try and get one from the back.

    Hasbro, Target and whoever else can kiss my a$$ if you think I'm going through all that to get this thing. Its idiotic. I shouldn't have to stalk and hunt TaRget for an item that is exclusive to them, and shouldn't have some fool to go in the back to stock something that should already be stocked. They don't have it available online, they wont ship it to the stores....Since Hasbro is taking all these steps to NOT take my money, fine, they don't get it then.


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