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  1. On 3/28/2021 at 5:23 AM, Blurr86 said:

    Hey @nieman257 . Care to help me out? I am so curious as to the storyline where these characters came from. Who's the Big Bad? And is he/she larger than this character where they based this first figure NECA is releasing? Is he/she a Gargoyle too? Sorry for the questions. I don't have Disney+, only Netflix. Maybe someday I'll buy the DVD or Bluray collection. :D

    One other thing to add to @nieman257's great nswer: the lead character is voiced by Keith David (actor from THEY LIVE, THE THING), Xanatos & Demonia are voiced by Star Trek Next Gen actors Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. Pretty good series; I'm sure a lot of fans saw hints of Tony Stark in Xanatos.

    I loved that black and red 'copter!

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  2. They make such a big deal of Cavanagh leaving the show (usually "death") but he comes back and comes back so quickly, it makes this kind of announcement just blah. 

    I dont think the show ever explained how that huge particle accelerator facility operates with merely 2-4 scientists/technicians. They re-purposed it at some point as a meta-human prison, but we never see any staff tend to any of the inmates, we never see how the place runs, etc.  Now frankly at this point I'm not even sure I care. 

  3. I can't see the point of this. Flash just got his speed back, and now they want to add another speedster to the revolving roster of speedsters that have debuted and then left the series? Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick, Kid Flash, XS....whatever was the big deal about Impulse anyway? And during the whole time of the Nora arc, did they ever once mention that Barry and Iris have a son in the future as well as a daughter?

     Regardless, the writers seem to clearly be stuck in a rut and at the same time, see that the curtain is closing on the CW for these DC heroes...Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Supergirl and Flash have, no pun intended, run their course (Arrow's already gone and frankly I think they cheaped out on BL, which was a shame). Why Legends hasn't already been cancelled yet is baffling to me. Instead of yet another speedster, itd be nice to the Flash final season guest starring Black Lightning, Star Girl, even Superman (which I'm finding to be amazingly good so far). 

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Putting so much emphasis and screentime  on Black Lightning's daughters instead of the man himself so early in the series, diluted and basically killed it. At least the first two seasons should have been all BL.

    Now in the final season the actress playing Lightning is quitting the show and recast, which makes no sense. To make way for her exit, Lightning absorbs too much energy in the ionosphere and explodes. But her particles are somehow collected and re-constituted via a Hadron collider type piece of equipment courtesy of the Flash. Sadly, there's no Black Lightning/Flash team up for the fans...not even a cameo. CW feels its better to drone on about soap opera romances and the like. 

    Far more sensible to just kill her off, but no, they bring in another actress who bears zero resemblance to China McClain...they explain this away by "DNA re-sequencing" or some such nonsense, that makes her much taller, and styles her hair into dreadlocks to boot.

    Because of course when your body is disassembled and brought back together again, your hair gets a perm, or frosting tips, or a bob, or dreadlocks. 

    Dont get me wrong, I've enjoyed the Pierce girls but just prefer if they had their arc in later seasons. Sorry we really didnt get to see more of the series' star.

  5. These are great looking. But so jacked!! Wow, steroids much? Seriously though that's how they looked in the cartoon so can't really complain. I do miss the Phantom's striped briefs, which to me always looked silly, yet its his iconic look. However he didn't have them on the show so again, they're being faithful to the series look. Not a walmut fan so I can wait till they hit other outlets; Ming looks like a must get. I'm definitely looking for these!

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  6. Only 6 figures to a store, and you had to drive half and hour to get to that one store because your closest didn't have them....this is unacceptable. Its unacceptable that this line is advertised to drop on Target's website at x date and within minutes, they're totally sold out. I would love it if reviewers and most of all, collectors, would just turn their backs totally on this line, and let Hasbro & Target know all they're doing is feeding the scalpers.

    I know that months ago I contacted Hasbro and their representative seemed upset and apologized, and more or less said these would be re-released for the holidays. Clearly that wasn't true. Well, I cant bother buying a product that the manufacturer doesn't want to sell to me.

    @22:34 Jc, I would get some more verification on this person who told you his store got 18 figures. How does he know that, did he see them, count them, buy em all up to scalp on ebay? Curious.

  7. 4 hours ago, JayC said:
    The folks over at Fwoosh have been sent early samples by NECA of the upcoming first wave of 7" Defenders of the Earth figures which are due our early next year starting at Walmart who gets a 30 day jump over everyone else with them. The first wave includes Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Ming.





    Nice figures, but these guys should think about hitting the gym more.

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  8. 11 hours ago, daveysockrocker said:

    Has anyone heard about Hasbro stating they aren't going to make a hooded Cobra Commander figure because hoods are problematic?

    There's a customizer who 3D prints hooded heads who said this, but I cant find any reference to Hasbro saying it anywhere online. The customizer is charging 100 dollars for their, admittedly nice, custom head, but I dont want to buy it if Hasbro will be putting out a hooded one.

    I can't imagine why anyone would be seriously considering this. I'm not even a big GI Joe fan and even I know Cobra Commander is the main villain, so there is absolutely no way Hasbro isn't going to make his hooded variant look. Ha, Hasbro Pulse will probably have it up soon as a $29.00 "deluxe" exclusive (that will also include the helmeted head we've already seen, except this one will have a "chrome" look to the visor).  And what is so "problematic" about it? They only need to modify the hood Zartan has or Storm Shadow wears for the arctic variant that's already been done. Hasbro has been doing hooded figures for years (Cloak, Moon Knight, Doom, Taskmaster) and besides, they already did the hooded Cobra back when they did their 3.75" line.

    Anyone who's paying $100.00 for a head sculpt that's gonna be out (along with the rest of the entire figure for $20.00), deserves to have his money taken from him. 

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  9. Reboot....because we don't have any imagination to come up with something new...and then right after the start of production, realize they can't hold a candle to the original....so just throw whatever they have at it and hope something sticks....

    Hopefully this nonsense just dies on the vine and never sees the light of day. Sorry but they've ruined this franchise and its time to just let go.

  10. 35 minutes ago, Belmont13 said:

    Well, at least now Target is limiting their figures to 1 per person so maybe people stand a chance now. Hopefully, among the reveals is a non exclusive re release of Firefly.

    Hasbro seems to be moving to get Target to get its act together. A tiny step forward, maybe. Doesn't make up for all the mess we've seen up to this point though.

    TBH I'm so disgusted with this that I'm just not enthusiastic about any further reveals. Hopefully the live stream will address the fan frustration and more importantly resolve this completely.

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  11. Didn't care for this character at all and was glad when it looked like he was being written off.

    I would've preferred to see episodes focus on Black Lightning, as, you know, the star of the series....at least the first few seasons....but he's rapidly being downplayed in favor of exposure of his daughters and now, this clown.

    Also, since he's now in the same shared universe as the other CW DC heroes, how about some interaction there? Maybe a story where Black Lightning and the Flash explore the more lightning-based part of their powers more. Supergirl getting tips from an older hero. That kind of thing.

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