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  1. yES! How hard is this to do?? CWs Flash costume has been horrendous from the start, and only in very recent seasons even begins to look as it should. I still don't know why he cant dye his hair blonde but I guess we're not gonna get everything. I'm also very impressed that they got the cosmic staff correct!
  2. I say this now, and not trying to be a d1ck about it, but seriously, the writers for STD and upcoming Pike show really need to watch Better Call Saul and take notes on how to write a prequel. I don't want to hear about how they "cant follow continuity" because, whatever. They've got 3 seasons to study. Not that much. You damn sure don't get to drop in foster sisters, and "spore" drives (which outstrip anything the Starfleet would come up with in the next 50 years), before they've increased warp technology. BCS features a brother to the main character who is integral to the story. That's because Saul was a supporting character in Breaking Bad, and a semi -appearing one at that- he didn't need to be fleshed out like that. Spock is a critical character to not just the series but the entire damn franchise. INCLUDING Voyager, Enterprise, and the movies, even when he's not in them. We look at Sarek, Tuvok and T'Pol thru the lens of what we know about Spock. And we know Spock didn't have a sister, couldn't have a sister, and damn sure Sarek wouldn't be a foster parent to a human kid! He barely tolerated his own half -Vulcan son. Come on!! A prequel doesn't mean you get to put anything in there you want. It needs to flow with the established storyline and what we know Will Be, not what you Want it to be.
  3. Frankly I ranted so long in my first post I cut some out. Yes, I saw DS9, thought it was good. "Just because a group of people belong to the Federation it does not mean that they are saints." - Cmdr Sisko. Of the post original series, I'd rank TNG and DS9, Voyager last. Voyager often put me to sleep. I do think they missed some opportunities in DS9....why not really distinguish what a starbase can do that a starship cant? Why was the rank structure for a starbase command so often Commodore in the original series, but dropped to Commander by TNG? Why were all the other leads on the shows have full Captain rank, but Sisko was a Commander? If theyre gonna do a starbase, why not a Federation one instead of a Cardassian one? By the way I loved the design of Terok Nor. I know a lot of people hated it.
  4. I wouldn't call myself a "Trekkie" but I do love Star Trek, and thought TOS and TNG were great. Most of the movies (except the 1st, 5th and on) were great too. The franchise was getting some wear by he end of TNG, and definitely Voyager was overall just blah (to me). I had high hopes for a prequel series, but Enterprise was disappointing. The series name was fine, but the ship was not- the ship from that era simply should not have looked like the NCC 1701. We had at this point already seen displays of ships called Enterprise leading up to NCC 1701 and that NX wasn't there. The Vulcans didn't seem like Vulcans, the technology that shouldn't have been there was, just given different names ("hull plating" instead of "shields"), and overall it was just a lot of missed opportunities to show how the Federation and Starfleet got its start. Don't get me started on things like the Xindi invasion which of course was explained by a "temporal" issue....aggh. But as bad as Enterprise was, Discovery has been worse. its crapped all over canon so much that I cant stomach watching it. Every time I try I have to turn it off. Because above all, these shows are supposed to Entertain. Yeah, Klingons looked different in the movies and later shows than they did in TOS. We got a good explanation for that (one of the few things Enterprise got right) but nothing to explain how Spock had a foster human sister all this time he never mentioned. And of all things, we're to believe SAREK raised her?? I like Sonequa and was glad to see her back on the air after the Walking Dead, but this is beyond stupid. As said, I couldn't watch STD anymore, so I know Capt Pike and the real (well, real revamped?) Enterprise shows up, but that's it. I hope this series will wash away the bad taste of STD. Ugh. Phrasing.
  5. So is this more than just one figure? Does it have some electronic light up feature I'm not seeing? What is the justification for this price? I don't see double jointed elbows, biceps swivels; in fact nothing distinguishing it from a ML figure. What am I missing?
  6. I still have the Hotwing figure from Silver Hawks; still goldy copper shiny and still spins. Yes, I'd be interested in a Silverhawks line. But WAY more interested in the Galaxy Rangers! Captain Zachary Foxx, bionic arm! Doc Hartford, living computers! Nikko, psychic warrior! Shane Gooseman, sharp-shooting metamorph! Forget Bravestarr, that rip-off hack.. RANGERS are FOREVER!
  7. THANKS for the head up! Im not that big of a GI Joe fan but I do really like Snake Eyes (like everybody else) and wasn't interested in buying the whole wave just to get him. I would love to see what they do for the Baroness and then Crimson Guard troops.
  8. The shirt sleeves have a noticeably different colour from the shirt itself. Sure do like the articulation on the figure!
  9. Once again McFarlane is getting praise for subpar work. That does not look anything like Gal Gadot. The figure is mediocre at best, and what the actual eff are those tubes theyre trying to pass off as legs?? Its laughable that some of the action reviewers are applauding the weak efforts done with the Batman/Superman releases, now adding this mess too? Let's see some honest integrity here, fellas. You know damn well if these lines were being put out by anybody else you'd have no problem pointing out their considerable flaws. McFarlane's a well known persona, and justifiably so, but he shouldn't get a pass for mediocre work.
  10. Don't know why they're just showing new articulation for this; I would have led with that, but that's me. I see he's touting a "new re-sealable clamshell package...take out your figure for display, but also be able to return...into their packaging like you have never opened it in the first place!" That's a nice feature, but its not new. FourHorseMen have been doing that with their Mythic Legions line since the beginning, 7 years ago or so. Overall, if he really does have improved articulation and we get to see that, more fans will come on board and help make this a success.
  11. This is why I have no interest in supporting any kickstarter of his. I have no issue with scale he wants- 6" or 7", etc. but an action figure has to be articulated, and articulated well. Hasbro seems to get this, other kickstarters like Fourhorsemen's Mythic Legions and Articulated Icons get it, but McFarlane's debut with the "basic" figures here seems hit and miss (the armored versions were a lot better and I could excuse SOME of the limited articulation due to the bulk of the suits). The legs look weak, one has double jointed elbows while the other doesn't, head cant bend for flying pose, costume details are off, the butterfly joints are almost useless, and why does Superman have a trigger hand when he doesn't have a gun?? And WHAT is up with these ab/torso cuts? Outside of the great paint applications, it just doesn't seem like a lot of care went into these. I also notice a lot of toy reviewers are giving this guy a lot of excuses (maybe because its fanboy love for McFarlane, maybe its free samples, who knows) saying its not that bad for the cost of the figures. Yet this guy has had his own toyline for decades now and should have it down by now. End of the day, if Im gonna invest in a project I have to be convinced its gonna be worth it.
  12. I wouldn't say he's had a hard time getting to major retailers, and not having a media tie in wouldn't matter here. Its McFarlane, so he's the tie in. Problem is coasting off past fame wont cut it, and the recent Batman Superman figures prove that. The quality just wasn't there, and no matter how many excuses people come up with, it is what it is. I get the feeling they felt because of his name and the known popularity of the characters, they could just phone it in and that doesn't make me wanna put down coin for a kickstarter.
  13. Now this is curious because I don't recall ever hearing the show was originally planned as a trilogy. However the seasons we already have are excellent, and I hope the 3rd is just as good if not better.
  14. I'm not a big GI Joe fan but if I something I like I'll get it. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Baroness (but not if she's in some spindly form) and Crimson Guard would be my choices. Also what is with these weird code names? What is the point of "dung beetle", "darkling" etc. if they're going to be released under their actual names anyway? Hasbro's announcing theyre making a GI Joe line, so how do these false names matter? And please don't reply "its to generate curiosity", because that would be stupid. Since, as said before, we already KNOW theyre putting these guys out anyway. Has to be another reason.
  15. Yeah I'm thinking Whale is played out at this point. So is Painkiller. Enough. And while I like the new costume, I'm always suspect of it because of who Black Lightning got it from, so yeah, lets have Gambi do it over. Actually since the Crisis I was hoping we'd get maybe a kind of "flashback" season that focused on Black Lightning before he got married and had kids. Also would like to see some guest spots from the likes of the Flash and Supergirl. Maybe Kid Flash could meet up with Lightning (Jennifer). Oh well.
  16. Not big on GI Joseph or his esteemed crew. However, I do like the most popular (Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow) characters and will definitely be buying Crimson Guard if theyre in the familiar uniform!
  17. There've been a lot of apologists and fanboys out there but I think people are catching on.....just because its got McFarlane's name, doesn't mean its a good product. I'll just say it- he flat dropped the ball on the Batman and Superman figures. I don't know if its because they figured its his name so fans will buy, or because its Batman/Superman and they're so well known, of COURSE they'll buy. But its not working. They have wonky articulation, awful looking torso/ab crunch designs, shrunken heads and don't get me started on the inability to pose the heads looking up. This is just not acceptable, given what we see on the Fortnite figures, Marvel Legends, etc. There are a number of kickstarter projects that have a better product than this McFarlane mess. The Hellbat and Superman armored figures are better, and all the figures I've seen thus far have really nice paint jobs, but that's about it.
  18. Beautiful workmanship. And how do you not love that glimmering gold! Only thing, this Arkham version just doesn't speak "creature of the night" to me. Kindof detracts from the whole Batman theme. Still, this thing is gorgeous!
  19. Defenders of the Earth certainly look jacked. I do hope that isn't the final Phantom however, because he's missing his striped briefs....I don't think they depicted them like that on the cartoon but he really should have them. Well, I can always paint them on myself....but its great seeing these guys.
  20. The face?? Look at those ridiculous stove pipe legs. Its like they put all effort into the paint (which looks great) and ran out of gas on something so simple and basic its hard to believe. And why is her hair light brown?
  21. Waiting for all the excuses for this....all of it driven by being star-crossed by McFarlane, but not judging the product on its merits. That is very amateurish piece of work and should've been done way better.
  22. The Batman/Superman figures just released tell you what McFarlane's idea of "improved articulation" is. I cant believe any of these reviewers are swallowing this stuff. If any new-newish company had put these out like this, these reviewers would be stomping all over them. And with good reason. Forget Marvel Legends, these weren't even as good as DC Essentials.
  23. I will be honest: I don't see Pattinson as the Batman. He could surprise me though. Frankly quite underwhelmed with the majority of these DC movies; why they didn't build their universe during Bale's run is beyond me. At this rate, I'm perfectly content to either pass or wait until redbox release. But as I said....he could surprise me.
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