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  1. If I can't get Simon Baker for Aquaman, then casting him in the role of Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate would be a great alternative.
  2. Again with this. No rear view shot of the figure. 18 photos and most of them front views. What do the wings look like from behind? Are they articulated? Are they removable? What about the tail? Why continually show us pictures of these figures, without a 360 view??
  3. These are nice pictures, but why dont they show the figure from different angles?? I see this constantly on these sites. There's 12 shots here, you'd think they could use at least one to show the backpack from the rear. Great looking figure, and that construct is very cool!!
  4. I've never cared for the notion of Godzilla as "protector" of man, so with the exception of his very first movie, I've just been disappointed with the films. I did catch the ridiculous 1962 face-off; the 2021 trailer seems to give the battle to Kong which frankly I cannot abide. I can see the outcome in a draw, maybe, but I'd always give the decisive victory to Godzilla.
  5. These are great looking. But so jacked!! Wow, steroids much? Seriously though that's how they looked in the cartoon so can't really complain. I do miss the Phantom's striped briefs, which to me always looked silly, yet its his iconic look. However he didn't have them on the show so again, they're being faithful to the series look. Not a walmut fan so I can wait till they hit other outlets; Ming looks like a must get. I'm definitely looking for these!
  6. That doesn't make any sense, unless they're going to have a present-day Flash involved somehow with the original Flash from WWII.
  7. Only 6 figures to a store, and you had to drive half and hour to get to that one store because your closest didn't have them....this is unacceptable. Its unacceptable that this line is advertised to drop on Target's website at x date and within minutes, they're totally sold out. I would love it if reviewers and most of all, collectors, would just turn their backs totally on this line, and let Hasbro & Target know all they're doing is feeding the scalpers. I know that months ago I contacted Hasbro and their representative seemed upset and apologized, and more or less said these would be re-released for the holidays. Clearly that wasn't true. Well, I cant bother buying a product that the manufacturer doesn't want to sell to me. @22:34 Jc, I would get some more verification on this person who told you his store got 18 figures. How does he know that, did he see them, count them, buy em all up to scalp on ebay? Curious.
  8. Nice figures, but these guys should think about hitting the gym more.
  9. I can't imagine why anyone would be seriously considering this. I'm not even a big GI Joe fan and even I know Cobra Commander is the main villain, so there is absolutely no way Hasbro isn't going to make his hooded variant look. Ha, Hasbro Pulse will probably have it up soon as a $29.00 "deluxe" exclusive (that will also include the helmeted head we've already seen, except this one will have a "chrome" look to the visor). And what is so "problematic" about it? They only need to modify the hood Zartan has or Storm Shadow wears for the arctic variant that's already been done. Hasbro has been doing hooded figures for years (Cloak, Moon Knight, Doom, Taskmaster) and besides, they already did the hooded Cobra back when they did their 3.75" line. Anyone who's paying $100.00 for a head sculpt that's gonna be out (along with the rest of the entire figure for $20.00), deserves to have his money taken from him.
  10. Reboot....because we don't have any imagination to come up with something new...and then right after the start of production, realize they can't hold a candle to the original....so just throw whatever they have at it and hope something sticks.... Hopefully this nonsense just dies on the vine and never sees the light of day. Sorry but they've ruined this franchise and its time to just let go.
  11. Wow. What a waste of potential. They could've really gone deep with Black Lightning and instead let him get upstaged by some no-name hack....
  12. "Flint and Lady Jaye will be available for pre-order at 1pm ET everywhere including our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com" That's music to my ears.....
  13. Hasbro seems to be moving to get Target to get its act together. A tiny step forward, maybe. Doesn't make up for all the mess we've seen up to this point though. TBH I'm so disgusted with this that I'm just not enthusiastic about any further reveals. Hopefully the live stream will address the fan frustration and more importantly resolve this completely.
  14. Didn't care for this character at all and was glad when it looked like he was being written off. I would've preferred to see episodes focus on Black Lightning, as, you know, the star of the series....at least the first few seasons....but he's rapidly being downplayed in favor of exposure of his daughters and now, this clown. Also, since he's now in the same shared universe as the other CW DC heroes, how about some interaction there? Maybe a story where Black Lightning and the Flash explore the more lightning-based part of their powers more. Supergirl getting tips from an older hero. That kind of thing.
  15. YeAh I always wondered, during the 90s when pony tails were everywhere and Superman had a mullet, why they didnt give the Batman an earring and a ponytail....'cause thats what really makes a superhero. I'm joking of course.....
  16. Ok so living in a van is definitely something that distinguishes her from the previous hand-me-down recipient, but not sure how that preps the background for the expert martial artist she would need to be in order to fight crime the way Batman did (and this is the primary weakness of the premise: regardless who they get in the suit, they will ALWAYS be in the Batman's shadow). I'm sure they'll find someway to get her some combat skills, but what the producers are missing about Batman is that he had to start training very early in life to be as effective as he is. That VHS or dvd box set of booty boot camp found on sale in the bargain bin isnt gonna cut it. TBH it doesnt matter to me. I gave the show a shot, but the previous season was so atrocious I couldn't finish it.
  17. No, I don't work for Target and don't know how any reasonable person could come to such a conclusion. For the record this is both Target's and Hasbro's problem and they can fix it if they wanted to. You can apologize for Hasbro all you want, but if Hasbro's products are being used or associated with anything they find objectionable, they, like any company, will step in to change that. Even on the recent hasbro panel podcast they acknowledged there had been some problems with distribution that they hope to fix. Its not the full throated answer I and others wanted, but neither is it this nonsense you're spouting, that they have absolutely nothing to do here. How about you keep your unfounded assumptions and personal insults about me to yourself. You don't assume I work for Target and I won't assume you're some scalper who doesn't want a fair playing field. Sound good?
  18. Yes. The goggles are what stands out for me; the brassard and weapons are nice. The good thing is the figure is going to be more available now. The Target people I talked to said they can only sell what they receive from Hasbro so what's been happening isn't their fault. You can take that with a grain of salt though. They also said they were "aware of the concerns of their customers" and are "working to address the issue". Now understand this is one rep that I spoke to, and who knows how much weight, if any, can be put to this response.
  19. And yet they are making more figures and distributing them (the Trooper anyway) to outlets like BBTS. Clearly they aren't as helpless to act as some of you are saying. Hopefully this will follow suit for all the figures that have been botched for this exclusive. I will say this again: exclusive or not, arrangement or not- this is HASBRO'S product. Not Target's or anyone else's. They make it, they put their name on it, etc. Therefore they bear responsibility for snafus like this. Happily it looks like they're taking steps at working out a solution. The only people that aren't down with this are the scalpers, who I hope wind up holding a ton of figures they cant sell at their ridiculous greed prices.
  20. Only thing I see with this Trooper vs the Cobra Island that could never be attained, is that there doesn't appear to be a goggle accessory.
  21. Same response here. Before they were supposed to go on sale, our stores said they were ready and one even had place card holders for them. Day before the sale those were moved to another section and half the cards were gone. Since then we never received any of these GI Joes. About a week into the "sale" all cards but one was gone. One store DID get Duke and Roadblock in, from the non-exclusive first wave. Another store got in the exclusive Roadblock (about 4 of those). No more physical holders left. Target website said Beachhead was for sale BUT....
  22. This notion that Hasbro can do nothing and has no responsibility whatsoever is just mind-blowing. This has ruined what should have been an enjoyable pastime. There's nothing good in seeing something youd like to have, dangled in front of you and then snatched away for no other reason that neglect and stupidity. Even more worry now that the Target Storm/Thunderbird set wont be attainable.
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