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  1. On 1/27/2022 at 2:18 PM, RoddyDrama said:

    Storm Collectibles tend to be around the $100 mark. Otherwise I would have bought all their Street Fighter stuff. One of those rare cases where they make Super 7 Ultimates look more affordable. I may have to bite the bullet on this one and pay up. I hope we get Princess too. With Mark and Princess I'd be satisfied, no way would I be able to afford the whole team if its from Storm Collectibles. 


    21 hours ago, ghostbogey said:

    "bingo" ;^)



  2. On 12/6/2021 at 7:26 AM, EvilHayato said:

    He looks pretty neat and a good idea but man I just cant get into their mythic legions line. Not just because of their prices but I just dont really like their proportions. They always have monstrous sized heads compared to their body size. They do some superior sculpting and effects to all their pieces and ive loved 4H for a long time. I still love and have some of their gothotropolis figures. But as ive followed their mythic legions lines, ive hated their proportions in alot of them. 

    I've been with them since the beginning and yeah, the heads do often come out too big (Otho is a great example) but the other thing is the forearms/wrists are too short. As they're starting to evolve to new models, these issues are slowly being addressed. Still havent quite reached that articulation point of double jointed limbs, or being able to move the head up and down (actually their latest series does have that capability, at least Magnus does). That was a sore point for me when 4HM were doing the DC Universe Classics line.

  3. On 1/25/2022 at 8:32 PM, EvilHayato said:

    gotta go hasbro deluxe with that extra cape, $32.99! XD 

    Seriously though this is looking sweet....I've not seen every episode but I remember this show and those outfits are like Dave Cockrum class....and they're giving the dude the glass beak visor too?

    Already starting to back off Marvel Legends....so some of that cash that would've gone to them might find itself heading over here instead .....

  4. 1 hour ago, EvilHayato said:

    Well considering we have this new pic, which def shows a different cape, Im thinking we ll get at least 2 alt capes. I was thinking possibly 3 but really the first cape is closed and in more of an idle look whereas this new pic shows a more splayed out action cape going on. Not sure if there will be another cape added or not. They still have the alt heads/hands and possible other accessories to pack in. This boy will probably be pricey due to those capes alone. 

    So, instead of $19.95....$22.00? It'll be hard but I think I might be able to swing that.

  5. On 1/21/2022 at 7:17 AM, JayC said:

    Classified Troop Builder 3-Pack with 2 Cover Vipers and Commander.


    GIJoe-Live-Stream-12 1.jpg


    The 3 pack is a great idea for troop building. But I wonder if they made half or less of them with a commander instead of all the packs? Otherwise you wind up with 2 commanders for 4 troops for example. On the other hand, never mind! We should just be glad it looks like hasbro is finally getting these things out to the fans. 

  6. On 1/15/2022 at 11:47 AM, Outsiders said:

    I wouldn't blame them to much because everything now-a-days is being delayed or cancelled because of the shipping issues and shipping dock problems.

    Sorry but that doesn't hold water. I placed that order 2 years ago. They used that same feeble excuse. Two weeks ago I ordered from Dorkside and those figures are right here now, my order from Valaverse's own store arrives tomorrow. I get that there have been problems but if Dorkside got their shipment in and out to customers, then BBTS should be able to as well. Which reminds me, I need to go over and cancel that order.

  7. WASP Raider looks good....though it seems like the first one should be called WASP and this one Swarm. Also they probably should've gone with blue or bluish tints on all the yellow parts for the Wasp Raider. Looks great! My order for some already arrived and my Swarm trooper is on the way. Still ticked at BBTS 'cause I ordered from them first, 2 years ago now, and they tell me they're still waiting on their shipment. Bah. 

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  8. The Rancor was an overpriced cash grab. What worked for the Sentinel and Galactus (and I maintain those were overpriced as well, but compare this thing to those, and you see how ridiculous that price tag is) doesn't work for every project they have out there. To add insult, Hasbro tossed out tier figures that are already available, instead of giving them the obvious ones they wanted, then slapped the fans' faces with a sheet of cardboard, passing itself off as a "diorama". That is some straight up gall right there. 

    The GI Joe Striker is also clearly overpriced. It does have some nice features but if its funded, its barely gonna squeak by and likely those unlocks will not be met.

    The GI Joe line has been so poorly handled and botched every step of the way. They're only just now starting to listen to fans and fix some of those problems. At least, it looks that way. No one will know until the figures are actually in hand. They could price the Striker at something much more reasonable, and do enough of a good job so that their next project could be a Striker scaled for their 6" line. Money in the bank.

    The real issue with these projects is this: Hasbro/Haslab is a business, and that "For Fans" tagline is a joke. Its For Profit. And that's not a bad thing; they're gonna do what they can, to make as much money off as little quality work as they can. Its up to the fans to let them know, they're not gonna plunk down cash for just whatever they put out. 


  9. 43 minutes ago, RickytheRockstar said:

    thanks, i'm might do that!

    I can see why he's (Ricky) asking if he's naked, 'cause in that cartoon, Ming has a deep green bodysuit, with yellow collar, epaulets and gloves, pine green cape and boots. This picture has the body suit almost the same color as his bare face, and the collar is a kind of orange. Its not the same as the cartoon.

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  10. This thing was overpriced from day one. I felt the Sentinel and Galactus were overpriced too but at least these had accurate colors, great articulation, great working lights. Bottom line though is that Hasbro didn't listen to its fans and what THEY wanted. I don't normally cheer for anyone to fail but in this case, use it as a teaching point. Why a multibillion $$ corporation needs to crowdsource anything makes no sense to me, but at the very least give the fans what they want. They wanted the Keeper, Oola, correct paints on the Rancor, and at a reasonable price. Now they can regroup, come back next year, and do better.

  11. Once again another great figure from a body they've been using since 2015 (this is their 1.0, if you will). Amazing what one can do with a brand new head and some accessories. Mythic Legions runs a bit higher in price and this one is really up there for a standard buck; normally this would be at the $30.00 mark, but this one is around $50.00 for a 6" figure. But as always, the fan who's on the fence needs to take in mind that these always skyrocket up in the after market. 

    Beautiful work!

  12. On 11/12/2021 at 6:31 PM, MRT said:

    I thought they were gonna make a fully articulated dragon. Kinda disappointed now 😆

    They do have plans on making a dragon. Thus far every character they've hinted at, they've done. One of the problems with the dragon is going to be how its shipped. If you look at the scale of the regular line, the Ogres, and then the Trolls, the dragon is gonna be scaled accordingly. They're not gonna do a Marvel Legends Ant-Man/Giant Man type, in comparison to the rest of the 6" line. They want to go more massive and more in scale with what they have. Something that massive is gonna require some serious packaging. Probably gonna have to come in 2 separate boxes.

    Oh, and they also have one last Horseman to do (they have War, Famine, and just now Pestilence, so Death is last). Dragon will probably show after that.

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