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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txCHRDpWKSw GI JOE cobra island discontinued? No official response yet. This could mean theyre done with Target and will just go with normal retail. Or...they may be done altogether for his wave....more to come...
  2. Hasbro is selling their product thru these different outlets as exclusives; they underproduce so that only a few actually ever get out and all it does is feed the scalpers. Their public advertising info and campaign dates don't match what the outlets say, they have a release date but the figures aren't even in the stores. You cant get them online, you cant get them in the franchise store they're supposedly exclusive to. This is how they handled Red Hulk for Marvel. Baroness apparently couldn't be found because she was never released at the time she was supposed to be, and now some outlets are getting her, at just 3 a case. Thats insane. And lest we forget, we all still have to deal with covid- we should be avoiding crowds, not running into them by chasing all over town for a product that isn't even there. These aren't Target's toyline, they're Hasbro and hasbro has some responsibility here. If as you say they're happy on their end knowing the collectors here are unable to get the product, then they don't deserve our business. There's another pandemic in this country. Its called I Got Mine & The Rest of You Can Eff Yourselves. Its a poor attitude, and ultimately a poor business model.
  3. Hasbro needs to step in. If theyre going to keep doing these exclusives, despite the massive fan outrage over how theyre handled, then they should insist these outlets start considering these scalper bots or whatever as malware or place them under the BOTS Act. The BOTS Act outlawed the resale of tickets using bot technology, see if that can be applied to other items, set a fine of $16,000 for each violation of the act. I'm no lawyer but I cant believe this corporation is as helpless as they want to appear.
  4. I think its pretty safe to say that if Hasbeen can't/won't get this incompetent roll out of the current series resolved, it wont matter whats planned for the later lineup.
  5. Peg labels that were here, have now been removed. We (Anchorage) never received any figures that I'm aware of. The foolishness continues.
  6. Ran across a youtube review yesterday; the guy admitted he gave in to scalpers because he didn't want to deal with mess involving GI Joes. He tried to justify spending 2-3x what these are retailing for. I didn't watch the entire thing because it nauseated me to listen to some fool actually strut about being a weak slave to someone's selfishness and greed. I get wanting to have the toys but, damn, dude, show some self respect....
  7. The whole thing sounds like the dumpster fire that is CWs Batwoman. It baffles me that anyone would even want to consider a movie, based upon the incoherent botched mess of what we've seen so far...and Warner/AT&T seems to be fine without having an established connected "universe", allowing the only two good titles so far, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, to exist as stand-alone projects. There's no need to try to compete with the MCU, but try telling some execs (and fans) that.
  8. So there've been about 10 or so of these figures that are either out now or about to be. About half of that number, there are already variants...but its ridiculous for this one guy to get one. Ok, maybe he's 2nd tier, I dont know. I sure do see him all over the GI Joe clips I'm looking at. Then again I'm not a Joe aficionado (after the sh1t storm its been in trying to get these figures, I probably wont ever be) so I take your word for it. Pegwarmers? Wow, your area is lucky then 'cause out here, we've seen neither hide nor hair of any of the series. We should be so lucky, to have a Roadblock on the shelves. Personally I feel the only road block here is Hasbro's decision to make this an exclusive. Get it? See what I did there?
  9. So exactly why are you complaining about Roadblock getting a second version "early" in the line? -Snakeyes has 2 versions. -There are 2 Destros. -We know Baroness is gonna be released without a vehicle, and that's gonna be different figure from the one you reviewed. Probably just as impossible to get, too. -There's a Storm Shadow already up for pre-order and we know the more classic version is on the way. -And there are THREE Cobra Commanders on the way. Very puzzling that two Roadblocks bother you.
  10. Hasbro, Target and whoever else can kiss my a$$ if you think I'm going through all that to get this thing. Its idiotic. I shouldn't have to stalk and hunt TaRget for an item that is exclusive to them, and shouldn't have some fool to go in the back to stock something that should already be stocked. They don't have it available online, they wont ship it to the stores....Since Hasbro is taking all these steps to NOT take my money, fine, they don't get it then.
  11. Now that's impressive workmanship....just might have to give these a closer look comes sales time!
  12. Out of stock in stores near you Edit store Same Day Delivery Edit zip code Not eligible for Same Day Delivery to this address This item isn't eligible for shipping.
  13. I hear you, and its really bad. Its also amazing that despite this utter sh1tshow, there are still people saying theyre gonna restock, there will be tons available, etc. Of course I would like to believe that too, but we just have no evidence of that, especially when we see past performances. This doesnt bode well for the Marvel Legends Storm/Thunderbird 2 pack. Red Hulk was another disaster, at least out here. I'm really not even a hardcore GI Joe fan. So if Hasbro is gonna pull this crap (or allow it to be pulled) then they dont want my money and I can spend it elsewhere. This just isnt worth the headache.
  14. 6 hours ago, Satam said: "There are two people on another board who were able to preorder Baroness when the figure went up for preorder either on the 22nd or (more likely) when it went up again by surprise VERY early morning on the 1st. Like I said, I don't know if they used bots or just managed to sneak through all that, but either way, they're saying their orders are in "backorder" status now. Baroness was not at all available online this morning, 12, 1, whatever." All I can say is the level of incompetency on display is staggering. How long has this series been announced? How much time and money were put into advertising this sale? And now, today, they're just figuring out that the Baroness figure has been delayed?? How is it possible this is just being discovered? Between Hasbro & Target, two major companies that have entered this collaboration, plus the fact that's its 2020 and not 1950, not to mention the overall poor record of these "exclusives" sales, there's just no excuse for this stupidity. Yeah maybe this'll get ironed out...eventually....but I'm not even sure I'm gonna spend my money with these fools now.
  15. Not a good sign. Last week I was in Target and one of the clerks looked for the new series; they didn't have them but he did tell me they were going to stock them and even showed me the section they'd be displayed in. Frankly I thought he was full of it but thanked him for his efforts. Sure enough, Sunday I went in, not expecting to see anything, but shelf space was cleared for them and they even had tags with the codenames set up. Ok! Sounds great. Looks like theyre not messin around. Went in today, again, not expecting but still curious.....is it possible somebody just stocked early for tomorrow. The shelf was full of other items. Tags gone, no pegs, no codenames, no nothing....I checked every row. Because every now and then some b@$tard decides to stock part of a line on some aisle apart from the others. But no go. Nothing. Zilch. And the online Target now says "Out of stock in stores near you", "Not sold at these stores " and then the kicker...."This item isn't eligible for shipping". So no online option either. I have no reason to think tomorrow they'll just appear.
  16. I'm wondering why they've put these vests on these guys (Roadblock, Beachhead, Cobra Troopers) that don't have any "give" or seams and aren't removable? Especially Roadblock; he's already got "flaps" on the front that easily lend themselves to opening.
  17. Anyone even considering buying these things for any price like $70.00 is not only a moron, but is nothing more than a slave to the scalpers.
  18. Ah, the precursors to the super hero age. Wonderful. I like this Ming and will also be happy to see the Max Von Sydow version. These figures capture the vision of Alex Raymond!
  19. I'm glad I preordered this. Its gonna be a nice addition to the classic Storm Shadow, and I'm really digging the color scheme here....the gold trimming, the black, etc. Although for a truly "arctic" feel I might have gone with a white motif and some traces of light blue, maybe a white fur trim on the hood or something. Of COURSE the real issue is availability! Its been murder trying to get the other figures in the line like Baroness; why Hasbro wont force Target to step up its anti-scalper game is beyond me. Its soured me on the figures so much that I dont think im gonna invest too much more time in trying to get the ones i want. If Hasbro or Target doesnt want my money, I'll spend it elsewhere. Storm Shadow looks incredible.
  20. Yeah why has this not been corrected by now?
  21. @3:35 pretty sure that's a kama, which is a weapon (but also a sickle), not something he uses for rock climbing in the snow. These are often used in pairs in martial arts, used to block, trap and disarm an opponent's weapon. Suppose one could use it for climbing as it started out as a farming tool. Overall I think they could have used more white on his outfit for an arctic look....though of course his normal outfit is all white anyway!
  22. I finally got my horses from these clowns and the black one will look good as Zorro's steed, Toronado! Ah, yes. i can hear the theme from the 90s show (R.I.P Patrice Martinez) and those Boss Fight horses fit these figures perfectly.
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