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  1. First of all, Skyfire is the only classics figure i was digging. I had not much feel for the other toys, mainly because i just consider them as G1 lookalikes, which are almost there but not quite. However, this is the first time we are getting a Skyfire figure as close to the cartoon as possible...not to mention the head. At least, this figure is a total change from the traditional and conventional Macross Valkyrie models. This figure comes with several detachable accessories which include the helmet, missiles, arm missile launcher, laser rifle and jetpack. The laser rifle, which is basically a double barrel rifle, can be split up into two single barrel rifles, but not for being mounted one on each arm, but to function as a laser cannon on each side of the wing in plane mode. the missiles look like light sabres, which is to be inserted into the arm launchers mounted at the side of the arm. The jetpack consists of thrusters at one end and laser cannons at the other. The laser cannons can be folded perpendicular to the jetpack to function as shoulder cannons. The helmet is cool, but makes his head a little oversized, hence, i prefer him not wearing it. The jetpack undoubtedly shifts the center of gravity towards the back, but suprisingly, due to the nature and geometry of his feet, the base area of support can cater for the shift in the center of gravity. This can be improved further by bending is hips forward a little. The articulation is as good as it get get, and there should be any issues with that. I have taken the liberty uploading some images: http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030002.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030004.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030009.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030011.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030012.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030013.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030014.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030015.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030021.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030023.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030024.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030026.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030032.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030033.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030034.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r10/NCJH/PC030035.jpg
  2. I read it somewhere but can't remember. Can anybody tell me? and how does it compare to the conventional budget of most action films
  3. Remember when they changed the Alternators boxes?
  4. link There are some closeups of the Valkyrie on that link. You can compare the plane with the ones from your link. The Valkyrie has generally the same structure as a Tomcat. But the thrusters, which consist of the robot's feet, are purely fictional, and the rear end is missing the horizontal tails. When you look at the side profile of the Valkyrie, it immediately fails to qualify as a Tomcat. Hence, i don't consider it a Tomcat
  5. that's what many people tell me. But i have looked at those Valkyrie fighters many times, and it only seems loosely based on a Tomcat. I normally see a lot of additional sh1t here and there on the plane which disqualifies it as being a real Tomcat.
  6. But the Macross planes are fictional. Starscream's is a real life F-15. How many toy lines do you know have alternate modes of vehicles that really exist in real life? Starscreams jet mode is almost perfect and if you leave him at one of those jet model shops, people won't even notice that he is a transformer. Even MP Prime's vehicle mode didn't look as identical to the real life truck as much as how Starscream's jet looks like a real jet. If you ask me, MP-03 is currently the best figure in terms of alternate mode and robot mode combined. MP-01's truck mode blows a little...
  7. well, MP-01 was more expensive than MP-03 when it first came. Of course now the re-release of MP-01 is roughly the same price as MP-03. But generally, i think it is worth the money.
  8. looks a little big for a 34 foot robot
  9. There is virtually no diecast at all, except for an internal frame where many parts are screwed/joint to. Because it is thin, it has to be die-cast or it will break. plane mode He is very light. When i picked up the box in the shop, i thought it was empty, but it wasn't. I don't think you are supposed to disconnect the kibble from the hip and connect it to the legs. Although there is a hole and shaft to snap the kibble at the legs, you must literally disconnect it from a ball joint at the hips. But judging from the lengths, even if you do that, the rear tail of the aircraft (which represents the bottom end of the kibble) will touch the ground before his feet.
  10. The pics that are floating around are better than what i can give you. I live in Asia, hence all the local stores are getting it now. Technically, if there is gonna be a Thundercraker or Skywarp repaint, might as well wait for it, assuming TomyTakara doesn't screw up the colours worse than this one. But if there isn't, how can we deny a Masterpiece. It is a work of art...really
  11. Basically, the figure looks a lot better in reality compared to pictures. The colours did not magically change from what most of us didn't want it to be. Transformation: Not too complex, not too simple either, but a lot tight joints make the transformation a little difficult, since you would want to be careful not to break it. The problem is, where rotations are tight, you won't be sure whether you are supposed to force it to move. Doing so at places you are not supposed to may cause it to break. Articulation: The arms are okay, but the legs are a little bit more restricted compared to MP-01. The leg joints (at the hips) are very tight, to the extend you might be fooled into thinking that rotation is not possible. The hip kibbles get in the way of leg motion in extreme positions. The hip kibble is in between the legs and the arms, so if you spread the legs outwards too much, the kibble will be too close to the arm, which doesn't look nice. Stability: The back portion is noticeably heavier due to the bulk of mass being located there. Now I know why they couldn't have it in die-cast. If everything was in die-cast, there is no way this figure could stand. Besides, his feet is not flat, and has a relatively small base area of support. Hence, there is a high chance that his center of mass will fall outside the bass area of support, and he will fall..backwards. Appearance: Apart from the colours, he looks great. You could get used to the colours though. There are also sticker sheets which include the Decepticon symbols, A-Z alphabets and such. The hip kibbles may look a little out of place, or should i say...unconventional. But i think i know why the hip kibbles were moved from behind the legs to the hips. If the hip kibbles were behind the legs instead, the legs either will not bend, or the kibbles will end up being longer in height than the legs during bending, causing the feet to be lifted of the ground, detering any posability. Gimmicks/Physical Features: While MP-01 has a light-up matrix, movable mouth piece, hand consoles and such, Starscream has an interchangeable face(as most of you know), a missle pack at his chest and movable rudders for the aircraft mode. Although these things are cool, but it doesn't quite make me go "Wow" like i did for the MP-01 gimmicks. Additional Stuff: There is a stand which can hold the figure both in aircraft mode and in robot mode. The megatron gun that came with MP-01 can be attached to the aircraft. The Dr. Archeville figure is smaller that i expected, and comes with an unpainted face. The manual, sticker sheet and profile card are packed together. I happened to have gotten two of those packs. So i have 2 manuals, 2 sticker sheets and 2 profile cards. Was this intentional, or was i just lucky? Overall, this figure is worth the money.
  12. It's all Tomy's fault. It has to be... 1. No more reissues. 2. Binaltech's dead, replaced by a pedo bear toy line. 3. Terrible colour schemes for Mp-03, with a lousy scale I think Tomy is doing more harm than good
  13. I would rather risk having to watch a lousy show than to risk not watching a good show. Anyway, how bad can a Michael Bay film be? Can it be agonizingly bad like an Uwe Boll film? No matter what, i'm sure Michael Bay can at least deliver our money's worth.
  14. bah, the first 5 pages of a 110 page script which has been around for ages. Some guy at tfans.com was giving out the whole 110 page script some time ago.
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