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  1. Would comic stores really let you order a case at cost? Does it come to your house or the shop? Interesting. I'd be excited about this, but, as of yet, I've never seen even one of the first wave's in a Walgreens or in a CVS. If any NYC Vipers of Chi-Town COIL can tell me wear to find some near Manhattan or Naperville, IL, I'd love to know.
  2. Gah, I wanna see it! The hair falls right and everything? The scale is all right?
  3. Wow, I never realized there were so many lousy RAH figures... makes me feel a little better about the missteps in the new line. (Although the latest waves have been almost all missteps IMO.) Hey, does anybody notice the resemblance between Dogfight and that Duck Pilot from TMNT?
  4. I've heard speak of peopel swapping out the new Baroness head on the 2002 body. Anybody have a pic of this? Does it work? Thanks.
  5. thats a big no. I suppose you are referring to GVC figures?? Sorry, I mis-typed, I meant "Muskrat, Recondo, and Gung-Ho" and I was talking about RAH figures. I know the crimson strike force was all Cobra, but wasn't last year the Cobra Island thing with Joes and Cobras? I thought maybe the three pack would be some "Dreadnok-Busting" Joes to fight Crusher and the Dreadheads.
  6. Everglades... Use your imagination, huh? Sounds like maybe Swamp Rat, or Recondo, or Gung Ho? Some stuff is already confirmed, though, right? The Dreadheads and "Squisher" or whoever the Frankennok is. Sorry, I'm behind the curve on the convention stuff.
  7. I think you already did your first dio... it was about H&R owning some Cobra Soldiers.
  8. D'oh! I clicked... now my brain is going to melt. Dolphin-Snagger... we never did learn what movie that is from! Is it "Masked and Anonymous?"
  9. I do agree with Nas that a lot of the ML are over articulated... they just look like a pile of joints. The articulated jaws look ridiculous, and the joints at the base of the fingers are disturbing, too. And I wouldn't want anything to cut into the releases of 3 3/4" (though the current ones suck IMHO and I hate the scale change - 3 3/4 inch is the perfect size, big enough for detail but small enough to have vehicles, playsets, and buy lots of them before your house explodes), but if they could replace the 12" with them or something, Big fun.
  10. Pity about the Super-Lame AA on the "Crusher" dude, he'd be a neat fig sans that, he's big like Road Pig, Big Boa, and Outback. Everybody likes those bruisers. He'd be a good Big Boa redesign, matter of fact.
  11. You got that right... those 12" figs are just... bizarre, but Holy Shnikies those customs!!!!! Man, I think that Zartan gave me some kind of stroke... I can't feel one side of my body...
  12. I gotta agree with MyGeneration.... Footloose was a REALLY solid figure. Maybe he's not "underrated", cuz I thnk a lot of people had him, but nobody seems to talk him up, he hasn't been remade, and he doesn't seem to appear in people's dios. Maybe because he was comic relief in the toon, but I dug his "military" outfit, stache, and cool "normal" weapons. I guess I could tell the really nice figs by who I left standing at the ends of battles as a kid: Hawk v1 Wetsuit v1 Footloose Monkeywrench Road Pig ...and others I also have to say I'm seeing a big cult built around Croc Master on all the Joe forums. I know Hama wanted to kill off the lame "supervilain" Cobras, and I'm down with no Voltar and Raptor, but Croc, I dunno, he worked somehow, in a campy way.
  13. sorry, rumor is next years theme will be Bat revolt. #US1# Judging from the VvV Wave 2 "Cricket Bat" and his purple bike shorts, I'd say the theme should be more like: "Revolting BATS" (rimshot) Thank you! I'll be here all week!
  14. Chi-Town Coil is pretty dang sweet. But what about: Da Chicago Balloon Bears @loll@
  15. I'm glad it's not a fig from a future wave. Legs too long, torso too short, shoulders to wide. This line has been collapsing since Wave 7, proportions-wise. IMHO
  16. SoCal Dreadnoks, NYC Vipers, Chicago Lunartixx?
  17. It's a horrible playset, but at $10 a pop, it's only $10 more than a free playset.... and a free playset is a great playset. With two (or four), one could put them "back to back", leaving enough room between them to sit, and then play the game in 3 dimensions (or is it four?) , with Joe troops attacking from both sides. Although, as someone pointed out, it's still a worse Cobra mountain than just piling up a big blanket or quilt (or multiple) on the floor, or even cutting trapdoors in a cardboard box.
  18. Ugh. No way. Not to be a wet blanket, but "Pea-Head" and "Ultron" are straight up embarassing to me. I might get the Baroness, but for the most part, this wave is an even bigger stinker than the last. Hasbro is saving me a fortune with VvV. I've been focused on customize and back-building my Spy Troops and JvC Waves instead. Most of those figs are great.
  19. Jeez, somebody doesn't like Taurus. @loll@
  20. Fred's "Metrosexual Troops" idea is sounding very chic: The Zartan family with skin that gets a fake tan in sunlight. Backpacks full of "product" like "pomade" and "chunking cream", with real hair that you can make deliberately "messy". And the playsets can be a little H&M and a little Ikea. Duke: "Let's hit 'em with Metrosexual Attack... and then have a good cry."
  21. This is a good thread, although I doubt Hasbro would take any suggestions outright, it may give them an idea of what we're thinking. I know the themes are for the kids, not the collectors, but if a theme isn't too intrusive, we can all be happy. Looking back at those themes, SA ruined a lot of cool weapons, but, in retrospect, wasn't very intrusive, and by now I've armed everyone. I just wish they'd always included an alternate weapon. The whole weapons thing has improved, though. ST: THis ruined a couple figs, noteably Lady Jaye, but mostly it was kind of fun, and even though I have a big bag of armor I never use, I do like snap on accessories very, very much. AA: Well, this was just a disaster. The VvV thing is allright, if a little sci-fi, but can be ignored, since the figs don't look like monsters or anything. But AA, well, I've heard talk that all those figs will come out without the AA, but, we'll see. Most of the VvV figs are as ugly as a mud fence anyhow, so good riddance. Now, for a new theme, I think Marthor's idea of a hidden chip is great, a la the Simpson figures... IF they can hids the chip without a big back pack or something stupid. Ideally, I'd like them to do what was done with Phantom Menace... lets call it "Talking Dog Tags". Figures come with a dog tag that reads on a reader (sold seperately) or in vehicle and playsets that says stuff and makes sounds. Kids get their bells and whistles (or, should I say, Wal-Mart does), and we can throw them in the Spy Gear bag. #US1#
  22. I don't know what the bad blood is about... this is a fun and funny thread. Also, Hama is CLEARLY a ninja. The Literate Master.
  23. Great job, you guys. These are always entertaining, but this one was particularly fun and thought provoking. The totally subjective nature of it makes it even more fun. Man, Outback was a great figure with great equipment. For me, probably the sculpting and equipting zenith of RAH. I've been in such a funk over how much I dislike VvV (and, don't get me wrong, I like the most sculpts Joes better than my giant ARAH collection), it's nice to talk about the stuff we dug from the past to stay happy until things get better in the current line.
  24. Wasn't the cast for the Joe team established? Maybe we should just cast those roles. For instance, Rex should clearly be played by Rex Smith from Street Hawk. It's an omen.
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