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  1. I kind of got taken at the DeSimone Joe show in Queens last year. It took me a long time to get out there, and when I went in, I saw that it was tiny, but I'd gone so far that I paid the very high entrance fee, and not 5 minutes after I went in, James DeSimone stopped charging people to go in because it looked like the tables were going to close and they'd end early. I met the dudes from Store on 44 and bought some weapons and missles and a couple of figs I'd wanted to find, but the price was outrageous and it ended prematurely.
  2. Careful... remember that "Sgt. Scoop" was just hosing everybody, and that the last thread "went down in flames" and got locked. That having been said... BAT uprising, as far as we know it... and we don't really, except that there SEEMS to be a storyline coming called "BAT uprising", sounds good to me. I'd love to see some fun specialty BATS, heavy gun BATS, and fast BATS, and, I don't know, flying BATS and Artic Attack Power Glide Birthday Fun Soccer Kickin' Cowboy Bats and stuff. Just not those crummy Ultron ones with the antennae and the jams shorts that they have out now.
  3. Sgt. Rocco


    I dig the white "thermal" sleeves. I love this custom. I don't do VvV scale, but it's a smart, smart custom.
  4. Died. They have died. They are too short, ugly, and deformed to live. They were shot by their own teammates, and stomped on by JvC Wave 4.
  5. The real question, TM, is "Why don't the REST of us have Willard Scott in our signatures?" That is one burger lovin', centenarian birthday readin' clown...
  6. I think that's the same TR head. And, yes, the Zartan and Dusty faces are almost identical... which is a very good thing and shows uncharacteristic integrity on Hasbro's part. I can't believe that three pack is real... it's awesome.
  7. Sgt. Rocco would have been nice. I was kind of the other way with it, the characters that weren't in the toon, I wanted out of the comics. That's backwards, I know, but, hey, I was a little kid.
  8. But, wait, the three you posted, are those Hasbro, or customs? They seem to good and too spot on to be Hasbro. The rest of the comic figures are godawful.
  9. Now you're talking. P.S., what are those guys in the above?
  10. Craptastic! Here's to savings! Let's look at all the steps back: 1. Tunnel Rat the bad - terrible, nonsensical design, laughable colors the good - shorter then previously the verdict - bad 2. Eel Cool concept poorly sculpted verdict - bad 3. Jinx cool - but a samurai, not a ninja Why do they make redundant new figures while reconceiving old figures? verdict - not necessary for me 4. Slash I won't dignify that thing with a response. 5. Dusty The Wave 2 version was 100x cooler. Dumb hat, bad uniform. verdict - bad 6. Zartan Nice face, nice torso, horrible colors, stupid hat, dumb necklace, horribly stupid WWF belt. Hasbro knows how people want him to look... make him look like that. verdict - bad 7. Snow Guy Worse colors than the first version. Glad he's reissued, though. verdict - will buy cuz I need two more Snow Serpents 8. Cricket Bat II Horrible resculpt of one of the best figs ever (Bat 3.2), now with horrible colors! verdict - bad - will go in the Mort bag 9. Neutralizer RAH version of Backblast was 100x cooler in costume, sculpt, and face. verdict - bad 10. Hornet Cool vehicle. Shy of pink, Banana Slug Viper is a worst case paint scenario. verdict - not worth it for me 11. Burgundy Tank Fine. Cool. Whatever. Now you can hide your tank at a wine tasting. verdict - no 12. Hornet Very cool. Bravo, jerks, you did something right. verdict - Too big for my apartment. Tis okay, though. I try to be supportive, I've bought mountains of this stuff, but these last 3 waves disgust me. I want to be a fly on the wall in the meetings when they come up with the colors and designs, and slap names on unrelated figures. Any picks out of Hawk/G. Hawk/Tomahwak/General Abernathy yet?
  11. Some of you guys like the size variance, but we're not talking about size variance, we're talking about SCALE variance, and there's a mighty difference. JvC had size different (it was wrong, but it was there)... now we're all screwed when/if the rest of the dreads come out. Look back fondly on Waves 2-6 ... JvC we hardly knew ye.
  12. Great topic, King James! My vehicle, probably the Dreanok Cycle. Even though it reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies Car with Granny in the chair on the back. Figs... Hmmm. I kind of like the Fridge, but then, I'm from Chicago.
  13. Hey, count me in for anything. Actually, I'd be willing to host a party on the upper east side, although my place is modest. (I'm a playwright, so I don't have Monica and Chandler's pad, if you dig me) This way, one could choose to drink or not. I'm 28, by the way. Not an ax-murderer or anything either. I'm all for all ages posting here, and I think young collectors are where it's at, but I don't feel comfortable hosting anybody who needs a chaperone, as it's just too much of a liability and too weird for the parents. I feel bad saying that, but you gotta cover yourself. I'm probably opening up a world of trouble here, but I'm happy to put the offer out there. I've never been to a Joe oriented get together, so I don't know if you just hang out and talk about whatever, chicks and baseball and music and the weather and stuff, or if you talk "shop" about Joe. If it's cool to talk about Joe, then I'd say people should bring a few choice customs if they make them, like show and tell, or maybe some of their favorite figs and weapons, just to pass around and start conversation, y'know, like how superior the Outback sculpt is, or whatever. And bring tunes. Maybe talk about different comic issues, or whatch the Fensler videos, or some DVD extras or episodes or something, and eat. Is this lame? Intriguing? Share your thoughts.
  14. Noooooooooooooooooo! My mornings begin with a check of the qktheatre news... it's like reading the WS Journal or something. Without your site my morning would have no start! Rain would fall up! Dogs and Cats would get along! It would be the end of all that is good and holy! QKTheatre must never die!
  15. Bravo. Great job. I was really impressed by the costume changes and beard growth.
  16. You've got a window? I live in a bookcase and my Joes battle it out inside a lunch box inside the bookcase. Nice pics, btw, Prince Adam.
  17. This is exciting. I hope that vehicle doesn't look flimsy by today's standards. Actually, I prefer the VAMP Mk II, which this might be. I thought the stupid gas cans were cooler than anything else related to Joe back in 82/3/4 whenever. I always had guys throwing them like molitove cocktails and shooting them and flipping the vehicle and starting fires and throwing it in peoples eyes. They did much more damage than the laser gun. I didn't even have it, my cousins did... man, I wanted those gas cans. Clutch was his favorite guy, so I never got to play with Clutch. I'm assuming by the description that it's the VAMP/HAL pak that was a Sears thing, I think. Though it could be anything with Hasbro. They might not use Clutch cuz they've jamed the new Recondo/Clutch in everything lately (two pack, mission disk, helicopter pak, desert coyote), though it's no excuse. That head stunk anyhow... they should put a different head on the body (tan or green), throw in a helmet and call it good.
  18. LOL. That would look cool with the Glow in the Dark putty in it. Great idea.
  19. I wanna see a dio about "Test Shot"... and how badly it sucks to be cast as a neon human bulls-eye. Maybe all with a first person narration by this poor depressed guy. Funny stuff!
  20. "Dreadnok Ripper" is one of the best Joe figs ever, IMHO. Yes, it's weird that he has Torch's facial hair and no weapon with which to Rip, but other than that... Oh, and the first one's head is too big, even though all Dreadnok figs rule hard.
  21. Hey, Zod, Tell us more... That tower thing, does that stack or connect at all? Hows the plastic? What are those doors? How many should I buy? (etc.)
  22. You'll love it here. It's a great board... REAL Joe lovers, who are secure enough to say they don't like something, as well as like something, and who don't need to justify their hobby to themselves by bashing the opinions of others and calling it "maturity." It's FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #US1#
  23. I don't get Crusher. If he's got most of the same MO has Gnawgahyde, and all his same accessories, only an uglier head and oddly painted legs, why not just reissue Gnawhgahyde? If you want to use that SF head, great, but put it on a different torso or something. Gnawgahyde was a great figure. Crusher isn't fit to carry those cool accessories.
  24. Thank you, Destr0, for the advice, I think I'll do that! Thank you, Dolphin, for the link. Sorry I missed it!
  25. Well, I see the Hasbro logic: We make more money selling 2 packs, so we only make two packs but A two packs price point is to high for the junky toy aisle in the drug store so We sell one packs, but only to the drug stores... maximum profit. They didn't come out with single packs because they were listening to the fans, they came out with them because they were listening to their spreadsheets. The price point is too high on a two pack for Walgreens and CVS. So, they didn't listen to anyone or screw anything up, although it is extremely frustrating that we can't get what we want. I think that Hasbro does some dumb stuff were distribution is concerned, and, as we've seen from He-Man, toy companies are more than capable of making poor decisions.
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