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  1. Behind like a fox. I'm sure plenty of people army built the Strawberry Shortcake and the Python Patrol versions... I even have two of the first and four of the second. Now everyone will buy a zillion in blue. If they had made the blue first they couldn't swindle us on the pink ones. They know which side their bread is buttered on!
  2. Well, I saw the choices again. I think there's virtually no way the Serpentor pack didn't win, although a new Roadblock is a waste. I'm sure people would prefer Falcon, Cover Girl, or Wraith or someone who is either new or hasn't been seen in a while. Why not put in Hannibal, Zandar, or a Coil Trooper and make it a Coil 3-pack? THAT would be great. Of course, then it would be hard to army build the Coil Troopers. I prefer they not do a new Outback, cuz the original is arguably the best original sculpt ever. Bludd isn't on there, is he?
  3. I still have a bullet lodged in my spine from when some guy dressed as Cobra Commander shot me. I learned to walk again, but you can still see it when I hula hoop. Anyone care to speculate on which three pack would win by such a wide margin? I have to go find a listing of the packs again. I couldn't choose one, and thus didn't vote. They almost all had good points. Did one have Serpentor? I could see that winning by that much. Or one with Major Bludd. I'm actually building my collection on the contingency that Bludd will show up eventually. I hope he doesn't stink. Where these gonna be ARAH or new sculpt? R
  4. Sgt. Rocco

    Gi Joe 37

    Sure, Bludd wasn't really sporting a cyber-arm on that first figure - but you can bet that Brandon Jerwa had his hand cut off so he'd be sporting one in the comic - as an homage to our collective misconception about Bludd early on. I guess this is an example of art imitating life. I always gave him "super strength" in that arm as a kid. And "bullet-proofness." He was like "Thunderpunch Bludd." Of course, he also has good reason to hate Rey now, and it established Rey as a bad-arse. Oh, I forgot one more wild-card person... that shrink interrogating CC... that's someone in disguise, for sure.
  5. That's because the VvV line is a bunch of ugly, poorly sculpted, poorly proportioned, mushy, cartoony, garbage. IMHO.
  6. How can you hate that mold, man? That mold made me like SE. It's one of my top few "new sculpt" molds, and the design looks GREAT in the comic!!!! (Although, yes, the arms don't go down ll the way.)
  7. Sgt. Rocco

    Gi Joe 37

    Hey, Straight Edge. Thanks for the answers. Before I crashed last night, I went back and read 34 through 37, just to work some of this out in my head. (I'm afraid to go back any further, as the Sierra Gordo thing is unnecessarily complex. IMO, No way Destro could have though that doing all that would get him captured and lead to his eventual leadership of Cobra.) >>Where is Kamakura?>> Watching Clayton Abernathy like a (pun) hawk. Sean was given orders to stay with Clay, and keep him safe. Now that he's retired, Sean may end up like a personal guard for him, keeping watch over his home, making sure Cobra doesn't put a it out on the lame bird. In fact, Kamakura may meet up with the mystery assassin, if Clay winds up on the hit list. Yep, that's right. My bad. WHAT HAPPENED TO COLTON???? It was supposed to be a big deal that he was the new commander and was going to go to the review to face down the jugglers? Has he? In the same issue that he popped up in (#34), General Gibbs shot down Colton's invocation of Act 9-B, a provision of the Jugglers' Charter that allows a 90-day member substitution. Because Gibbs does not consider the review of the Joe team "routine business", the charter Act is irrelevant to the situation. IE: Colton cannot stand in for Hawk in this review. Once Hawk retired, and Mars Herring took his spot on the panel, it pretty much rendered Colton powerless. Duke obviiously has him on the side of the Joes, and Jane has linked their two databases (G.I.Joe and Jane's Laser-weapons system operation in New York), allowing them to share info. This could be useful if, indeed, Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, and other Joes that didn't make the official team take up the fight against Cobra on their own. Right again. Again, my bad,, I had to go back and see that again in #34 about "this isn't business as usual." However, I still must ask "Where is Colton?" He seemed a little out of his depth in that issue, but there's no way the "Original G.I. Joe" would sit back and let this happen." I don't think Jerwa would just make him disappear, either, which makes me think he's doing something serious somewhere. Also, I noticed when Destro and Wraith brought the Twins back into the fold, the twins said "All this bluster and bravado, it doesn't seem like you." Is it him? Another fake destro would be a pretty heavy rehash, but we know that DD isn't about rehash. Here are the people who might not be who they say: Mars Herring (who we assume to be, what? Not Serpentor) Phillip Rey (who we assume to be Serpentor) Destro (isn't like you) CC (blip on screen, then, "I assure you I am who I say") Zartan (mask) Armada (a spy for Zartan. Is Zartan not CC, but Destro?????) Here are the characters gone missing: OverLord Colton And here is the wild card: The Assassin (Overlord?) BJ may have more up his sleeve than we think, and any combination of these things could be true. He could pull off the biggest triple lindy ever. Or, it could be just what we suspect, disguise-wise. I'll stay tuned. Rocco
  8. Sgt. Rocco

    Gi Joe 37

    Good. Ninjas is dumb. Although, I wonder, did Scarlett really need to recruit Captain Nutjob (SS) when she could have/should have used Kamakura? And Cousin Jinxy? And all those SE ninja family folks from Master and Apprentice? I kind of wish all those characters would die in a ninja bus wreck on a ninja trip to Ninja Six Flags, but, since they haven't yet, why not get them? Great issue, by the way, just read it. (Man, it's late.) Good night, Rocco
  9. Sgt. Rocco

    Gi Joe 37

    I figured Mars was a "Red Herring" because we'd all think he was Serpy, and then meet Philip Rey. Here's my bug question: WHAT HAPPENED TO COLTON???? It was supposed to be a big deal that he was the new commander and was going to go to the review to face down the jugglers? Has he? Is HE Mars Herring? I'm confused. I won't be readin 27 until tonight, so maybe I'll know then. Rocco
  10. Bravo! This has a "gee-whiz" factor that makes me feel like it's 1984 and I'm a little kid again! Very cool.
  11. Sgt. Rocco

    Gi Joe 37

    I found that summary riveting. I've been down on the title lately, because everything seems to be rehashes of Hama's run and earlier issues of DD, but that is really exciting. I'll take a "wait and see" on dead Action Man/Tracker. SS is thrilling, I like the use of Serpentor, and the Bludd hand, and CC not being under the mask. I'm very worried about Destro taking over and then CC coming back for revenge. That seems to happen every couple of years, but I'll wait and see. I don't know... I agree that most compaints about Blaylock and Jerwa have a basis in reality. Too much set up for no payoff, too many cameos, too much too soon, too many offspring, too many rehashes... but I also stay interested in where they're taking me... I like a lot of the dialogue, and I think a lot of the choices are exciting and bold. I was going to base a lot on how this arc headed. Seems good so far. Rocco
  12. Buddy, i just posted saying if anyone needed a pack @wink@ its loose but complete with filecards and everything, not even cut out. If your interested let me know. Sorry, Bro. Guess I gots to RTFT, to paraphrase the saying. Sent you a pm.
  13. You guys are fortunate, I've been to dozens of Targets, Wal-Marts, and TRU's in NYC and Philly since summer and found only one pack. I only want one more. Anybody know where I can get one without paying 20.00 on e-bay?
  14. I think that Billy's disappearance is a product of DD's handling of the StormShadow issue. Marvel and Hasbro left this tangled mess of a story with SS, and DD has mishandled the heck out of it. As much as I like SS as SEs eternal nemesis and the best Cobra fighter, we now know that he's a good guy who's had his brain turned into meso paste. SS was Billy's father figure, and Billy, too, has been mentally and physically left a shambles by Cobra. If we're playing Batman and Robin with the characters thanks to the introduction of (yech) Kamakura, then Billy should be SS's apprentice, so we have some parallelism. Since it would be hard to justify SS and Billy being on the Cobra side, they should have them split to complete Billy's training and get their head's straight - bring them back in special issues, or in a seperate book as wandering do gooders - give them FF as a villain, since his backstory is also too messed up for the Cobra/Joe conflict. Replace SS with one of the zillion other martial arts characters running around. Billy as Storm Shadow's apprentice, whatever team they are or aren't on - how else can you look at it?
  15. Yeah...that EBAY seller from China....who gets everything months in advance....has those figures of Wave 4 and 5... Have you seen how much these are going for? $20+ (plus $10 for S&H) for a ninja viper, yeah he sweet, but I can wait 2 months for it... I know we're not supposed to talk too much about stolen stuff on e-bay, but can somebody mention or PM me with the seller's name who has Wave's 4 & 5? I'm not buying, I just want to look at the pics. I've hated VvV 1-3, but the convention pics looked promising (Abernathy, Torch, Troop builder packs in particular.) Thanks, R
  16. What crap. The VvV one is by far the worst of the three. The proportions on that figure stink, not to mention the plastic. Why couldn't they give the Moray on o-ring instead of coming out with this dingas? Ugh.
  17. No, I've always loved that sight, and this particular entry was laugh out loud funny all the way through. I know they've done these before, and I hope they do them again!
  18. I can't believe you are all hating on these Happy Meal Toys. I think that, for Happy Meal Toys, which is what they are, they are excellent. I remember having a little Happy Meal TF Brawn figure when I was a kid, and it was horrible, didn't transform, it was just a dude standing there, and I liked it A LOT... played with it all the time. These look decent, and, as a kid, you could have the heli-cc and jeep Duke chase each other around all day... I think that, even now, they'd be fun to have sitting on your desk. I give thumbs up to these Happy Meal toys. Too bad the VvV figures are only slightly better. That's what stinks... the regular line for the past three waved.
  19. It depends on the major you're gonna apply to I think. My friend had like mid-high 80's average and SAT score of 980 and was able to get into the education program. My sister had mid-high 90's average and over a 1000 for SAT score to get into Stern School of Business [includes CS/IS majors]. If anything, just apply to one of the easier majors and switch later. Just make sure most of your first year classes are also the ones you need in your intended major. Make sure you get a high GPA that first semester/first year and see if you can switch. Do ask around though, as NYU might have stricter rules than other colleges/universities. Also NYU is expensive, so be ready to take out loans. And make sure you apply to scholarships and Financial Aid [FASFA, TAP] as well. He's right, you know. I went for a Masters in the Tisch School of Arts for playwriting, so it had a lot to do with professional experience and my application packet and a competitive try out weekend they hold. Generally speaking though, they are pretty stringent, and it's tough to transfer around. If you aren't able to get into the school you want right off the bat though (because your grades or scores aren't high enough), there is a division within the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (where I worked) that allows you to study for a while and get everything up to snuff to transfer like 8speed said. But, as the man said, it's very expensive, so make sure you've either got the dough or are going into a field where you can pay it back. I've saddled myself with school debt that is an encumbrance on my current lifestyle. (Working in the arts, it's tough to get ahead on the payments). NYU has some great programs in a lot of fields, but if I wasn't going there for a very specific program (or to stalk the Olsens), I'd recommend someplace cheaper. Hope that's useful, Spike. So, where is this Mid-town comics? I go to Forbidden Planet near Union Square. It's very cool.
  20. LOL. Way to bring that back around to Joe! Seriously, though, glad you Floridian members are okay.
  21. Cuz of the restaurant? Wouldn't that constitute a different kind of intellectual property? I really don't get why Hasbro changed some names a little so they could use them (Agent Scarlet, Dreadonk RIpper, Cobra Slice, Sgt. Stalker, etc. etc. etc.) and not others. (Roadblock, Spirit, Outback). Another example of Hasbro making seemingly random choices. Now that they seem to have taken a stance on it (Gen. Abernathy, Spirit Iron Knife), I hope will get some folks back and not have to put up with lame replacements like Widescope and RedSpot and Dart and other guys that should have been someone else. Although I am glad that horrible, horrible figure that came with the missle aluncher wasn't called Outback. If they ever do Outback again, they need to somehow do justice to that amazing original fig with the great sculpt and th flashlight and web belt.
  22. Yeah, I thought it was weird that Bazooka had a smaller missle launcher that Footloose, the light infantryman, did. Now, I don't know what it was that Footloose had, as I'm not any kind of authority on weapons, but as a little kid, I know Bazooka wasn't carrying a Bazooka or anything like it.
  23. Major Bludd is perhaps overrated, cuz he's never done much, but he's underused, which would fix it. Spearhead is underrated. He'd a point man, let's see him take point. Outback, as someone mentioned - underrated I think some of the maritime guys could use their due - Cutter, Deep-Six, etc. Oh, and Honda Lou. Underrated.
  24. semi new collector, i had a bunch of the joes 'back in the day' and collect toys of various kinds and the re-emergence of the new joes has rekindled my love for the original ones. That's very encouraging to hear!!!! As for "kickin' it old skool" with the ADC references... didn't it just turn over a few months ago? Heck, I still get here by typing in www.americandreamcomics.com Although I also drive a horse cart and churn my own butter.
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