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  1. The head on mine never move. In fact, I have a hard time turning it. If you want to make it stiffer, I suggest you take some super glue and apply a small layer over the socket and let it dry thuroughly, then pop the head on. That should solve the problem. Redrum - I have the Meister in your tag, with the Reprolabels applied. I love these stickers.
  2. PCSBot

    G1 Shockwave

    I just watched the DVD version the other night. What we see is Shockwave standing in a large tower and screams "Decepticons, SCRAMBLE!", and then the scene pans away and we see Unicron step on a large tower. We naturally assume that he crushed the tower that Shockwave was in, but it's never really shown as fact. To me, I'll assume we saw the last of poor Shocky.
  3. Are you serious? How can anyone even try to compare the accomplishments of the LotR films to those god-awful new prequel films? There was nothing in RotS that hasn't been seen and done a million time better before it. No one on the Oscar committe is even going to consider nominating RotS for best of anything. I doubt it would even win for best soundtrack. John Williams' score of the film was hardly noticable!
  4. Toynami has siad nothing about the Robotech line in ages. They've hinted at a possible Cyclone and rider, which I certainly hope they do. And to this day, I've only seen one MP Alpha at retail, so they must have done better than everyone expected.
  5. I've got all the pictures and a hell of a lengthy review fo ryou if anyone wants to check it out: http://www.buzzscope.com/reviews.php?id=3694
  6. If you're looking for the figures that were released by Yamato USA for the movie that was released, I've seen these plenty at Suncoast stores. Here's a review I did of them a couple months back: http://www.buzzscope.com/reviews.php?id=3188 Unlike these figures, the early Appleseed figures were barely articulated, had terrible balance and the sculpts were sub-par. All early Applessed figures were released by Toycom (Yamato USA before the name change) a few years back, the first batch with a DVD, the second batch without and were repaints. Hope this helps some.
  7. Actually, that's my entire section of the site. I created the toys section at PopCultureShock.com about 2 years ago. However, we've just changed our site to a new name since we are now owned by Midtown Comics. It's Buzzscope now.Â
  8. Well, I'm just saying what was told to me by their PR guy. Cool to know he's so rare now. I was thinking of Ebay'ing him some day but I suppose I'll hold off on that idea now.
  9. oops, sorry about that. Here's the ful review link with plenty of pictures: http://www.popcultureshock.com/reviews.php?id=3822
  10. Wow. So no one here knows about the Belt-less Ken Masters? SOTA says only a few slipped out of the warehouse before they caught this.
  11. Dude, it's right there, third from the left, even has a title... @smilepunch@ j/k Here you go: http://www.popcultureshock.com/reviews.php?id=3452 I agree, the price still hurts but at least you get a lot more for your money this time around.
  12. Pretty nice stuff, you ask me. The quality is much better this time around, nearly half of it is composed of die-cast, great detail, good amount of extras and I love all the missile ports and Cyclone they added. It's also now more worth the full retail price than ever. Just finished a review for Volume 1 on my site, check it out if you like: http://www.popcultureshock.com/toys/
  13. I've been thinking of a new feature article to write for my website (www.popcultureshock.com/toys) regarding Hasbro's Star Wars series, the past, the present and the future and why SW collectors still buy these toys when, in my opinion, are junk. Before anyone starts flaming, let me explain. I was a massive SW toy fan, probably as large as any of you here. I started way back in '78 and stopped around the time the PotF coin figures were coming, I just outgrew them. But once Hasbro started it up again (94?), it instantly reignited not only my interest in Star Wars but also toys as well. I bought every figure, every variant, every wave, boxed them up and stored them away for years, every once in a while taking them out and admiring my collection. But suddenly, it became a big hassle when EVERYONE was buying these figures, meaning that through the nearly 5 different toy stores and locations in my area, it was almost impossible to find what I wanted unless I planned on waiting outside of my local TRU until they opened and ran like a fool to the racks hoping I'd find what I was looking for. I did this for a short time, right about the time, I think around '97-98 where Hasbro was releasing like 5 or 6 new figures every three months and it became really hectic. Somewhere along the line, not sure exactly where I completely lost interest. So much that I opened a small booth at an L.A. Comic-Con and sold most 98% of it and gained a little profit. Being an avid toy collector still, I've always watched to see what Hasbro has in store next for this line and honestly, it's always disappointed me. Ep.I - People went friggin crazy to find these, raided TRU's and other stores and payed overpriced demands for a bunch of figures that aren't worth .99 cents now. And these are some of the ugliest toys I've ever seen. Ep.II - Not much different, people didn't go as nutty, still ugly but not as much. I liked that they were starting to add more articulation and interesting accessories. I started to become really disgusted when Hasbro began to pull older, non-selling figures off the pegs, repackage them and try to sell them for new. And it's working for some dumb reason. I also can't believe that people are going out of their way to buy toys of characters that had a glimpse on the screen or a single line. A lot of the figures from the past two years have been so obscure and had minor roles, they just feel unnecessary but to completists, they need it. I recently saw all the Clone Wars figures; horrible, horrible, horrible stuff. It's almost like Hasbro managed to backslide 25 years to Kenner's early works. But people are buying it. Hasbro is now relaunching the entire line this Summer. Why? Because they managed to make a figure out of every possible character seen in all 5 films (6 soon) in a 3 3/4" scale and now they want to do it all over again but now with real cloth materials? They tried this with the Ep.I figures and they were ridiculous! What about the StarWars mugs at Target? A plastic cup with figurs that no one was really interested in the first time around (except Maul and Slave Leia) but now they're charging $9.99?! They want to restart the 12" line all over again. Now, I was also a huge 12" scale collector, had the same mentality as before except I opened all of them and put them on display. Even though they were like 2 years behind current 12" scale/Barbie-like tooling, I liked them. Now I see these, and yeah, they look a lot better than before but even now, they're still behind. What I want to know is, besides any helpful insight that you may have, are you willing to forgo the complete line of toys you've been hard at collecting for almost 10 years now, just to start all over again? To me, this is a blatant and shameful attempt on Hasbro's behalf to take even more money from the hardcore collectors, who will very likely be served the same crap you've already been buying. What keeps you holding on to these toys? What's the significant attraction that tells you to keep forking over your hard-earned money for stuff that technically, you already have? Any honest and helpful comments will be used as reference to my feature, as long as the author doesn't mind me mentioning their name or screen name. As of right now, it's going to be titled "The State of Star Wars Collecting". I'd like to try incorporate SOME positive aspects about the hobby but as of now, can't come up with anything besides "just a fan". I invite any of you to respond to this message with your input, either here or you can send your response to my e-mail at popcultureshocktoys@yahoo.com. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I apologize for making this such a long read. Brian aka PCSBot Senior Editor/Writer www.popcultureshock.com/toys
  14. I have that version and you're not missing much. A few shots of Chun-Li mostly nude in the shower and she throws off a "Kikoken" but that's about it. As for SFIIV, that series blew. What a complete waste of animation that one was, almost as bad as that American version shown on USA Networks years ago. And SF2:TAM, it was really good, up until they finished the first tournament. Everything after that was a joke and the animation quality dropped seriously. Hopefully Capcom's next one (rumored, not confirmed) will work out better.
  15. ehh... guess I should clairify this, DMC is Devil May Cry (just in case).
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