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  1. Have these been found at retail yet?
  2. I'm pretty sure that if I saw that figure in any packaging, I'd say "hey that's Bruce Willis".
  3. I found Bruce Willis @ TRU in the LA area. I've been highly anticipating getting the Bruce Willis as GIJOE action figure. First glance at the figure shows a good likeness of Bruce. I can even imagine him saying "yippee-Kai-yay-MF" because he looks just like his Die Hard character too in a t-shirt. He's got a 5 O'Clock shadow beard which is even and perfect. His joints are all tight and work smooth. Great outfit with camo pants, suspenders and shoulder harness. I suppose the only thing at all that stands out as perhaps "out of place" is the red-white-blue wrist band. I just don't see Bruce Willis wearing something like that, nor any other Joe. LOL If I could add one more thing to the fig, it would be a working pistol holster. So many figs have them and they work so well, I miss it when it's not there. He comes with 3 good black gun choices and the "Action Accessory" is a 4 missile launcher with a pull cord, which is actually kinda fun. Price point is hard to swallow that a single Joe is $10 now, but I easily pay it for Bruce Willis as GIJOE!
  4. Now that we have a cool classic "urban" Low-Light, what about a jungle sniper Low Light? I'd rate that pretty high on things they should make.
  5. Here ya go... http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/destro
  6. I'd say this was the worst episode so far. It had a few thing I didn't like myself: Although the big snake pet being called "Serpentor" had a little morsal of humor to it, if they actually intend for that to be Serpentor, then there is a new leader for worst characterization of a character. I think I heard them say that Destro was latin for destroyer or something like that. I looked up the latin, and that's not true. Interestingly, Destro means the opposite of Sinestro. Destro means right, or right-hand and comes from latin for Dexterity and generally has a good conotation. The opposite word Sinestro means left and has a negative connotation. Anyway, a ding for not doing a quick google search on that and just making up something that was wrong. The bio-vipers showed up again. The good news is that FIREFLY is next week! & Overall, Renegades is still awesome too. ##1#
  7. How about another head sculpted in the up position. They've done several figures with optional heads included. The only difference is this would have the neck ball going into the back of the head, but I'm sure that wouldn't have been too hard to manage. Perhaps one of the head sculpting stores will make this optional head available? +1
  8. LOL Yeah I was thinking the same Poor Serpentor. They seem to always solve the Serpentor or Cobra Commander debate by turning the other one into a snake. lol
  9. Those would all be fun! +1 We've got to make sure modern Cobra-La has proper "ululations" this time.
  10. Low Light is the hottest and hardest to get figure in this wave. I hate that they'd do any revision cases of series 2 without Low Light. That'll just make it even harder to get one. For an army builder case, I think it should be all Alleys & Shocks. None of the others seem like Army Builders. Even Jungle Viper is more of a "loner" in the jungle to me, IMO.
  11. Marthor

    So NOW what?

    Obviously, it means banana peel. Have any of the Q&A from Hasbro hinted at a Hiati coming?
  12. My preferences for Joes & vehicles themes are in this order... Jungle Land Air Force Urban Land Desert Land Space Arctic Land Navy I generally find it easier to skip arctic or Navy theme Joe items. Taking SEALS and puting them in land gear makes them more desirable to me. Taking other Joes and putting them in Dive gear is less desirable to me.
  13. Send your idea to one of the places that sculpts guns and heads and see if they'll make an alternate piece for sale. Perhaps Hasbro will sell a complete one again some day too as a mini-vehicle.
  14. Marthor

    So NOW what?

    You made up "Hiati". I made up "another Hiati".
  15. Sometimes Megatron is a gun, sometimes a tank, sometimes a space jet, sometimes a dinosaur or dragon, but if they get the essence the character in there, it works and the toon can be enjoyable to watch! James Bond gets rebooted with a new actor every 10 years, but they keep the essence of the character going. With GIJOE, the number of changes you disagree with shouldn't ruin it. They've got quite a bit right on. Snake Eyes is more awesome than ever! The background story of the evil Ninja clan turning honorable under Hard Master through the influence of SE is better than ever and makes sense! That's just how I would want it. They've covered that SE is mute and has a scarred face, and a dojo log cabin. That's SE right on! Breaker is different than V1, but considering computers weren't around back in the V1 days I like how they rebooted him to fit the times as a hacker. Squads don't have just one "radioman" like they used to. So, Breaker v1 had become totally irrelevant without change. Destro in his civilian business MARS appearance so far looks just right in Character so far. He said that MARS will remain in the McCullen family and he won't sell out to COBRA. That's just right to me. Major Bludd was really good. They even introduced an apparent eye injury at the end so he transforms into the Eye-patch Bludd. His character had a lot of great personality that really fits Bludd. One of the more drastic changed characters is Dr. Mindbender. Although he's a hot-snot teenager, he's filling in the cutting edge COBRA scientist role. There's even room for him to take steroids and lose his hair to transform into the traditional look. Although, wouldn't you admit the old bare-chested cape thing is a little too flamboyant? The only one that doesn't really work for me is Hawk. It's not ruining the show though. So, Hawk is George C. Scott Patton now. OK, roll with it. There's much more ON than OFF. The A-team thing mixed in is just adding some awesome onto GIJOE, IMO. Also, COBRA being a vast financial evil empire is scary good and interesting. The stories are great and all the characters have terrific personality and voice acting. The script writing has been terrific and better than Sunbow. I find it hard to believe that some people aren't enjoying this awesome Renegades show.
  16. I'm looking forward to acquiring this figure!
  17. The new Vamp is a totally solid new class Joe vehicle. Nicely executed. ##1#
  18. Marthor

    So NOW what?

    I hadn't really thought about another Hiati coming. Since the new Renegades Cartoon was on, I was thinking some kind of Renegades product would be coming soon. It's true that I haven't seen any Renegades product previews though so now I'm wondering too if there will be another Hiati?
  19. I prefer the new Avengers cartoon type animation to any other style. It's better than the old sunbow animation and better than CGI. The GIJOE Renegades animation is OK. It's not as good as Avengers, but it's getting the job done. Some of the fight scenes have looked beautiful in this style. Really, once I got used to the look of the characters at the beginning, then there has been no further issue with the GIJOE Renegades animation. The more important part of doing good script writing and story flow is being done terrific. It's so well done, that I'm enjoying the GIJOE episodes even more than Avengers! Snake Eyes kicks so much butt. Renegades is my #1... ##1#
  20. My prefered look on this figure is with the harness off. The wool shirt has enough detail that he looks really good without the harness. I put a sword on his back and use the visor head and it's one of the best SE figures ever! ##1#
  21. I have the original color one. I like yours better. =)
  22. Thanks, I hadn't seen those two. I did notice Wild Bill when I saw that show. =)
  23. It's true the treads don't roll that well and it too easily springs out of its locked down position. I was able to make an easy fix to that. All you really need is a toothpick. You can trim it to 5/8" (from the center part; don't use the pointy ends) and then wedge it right behind the tab. This keeps it locked down because the tab can't move backward! If your toothpick isn't thick enough, just wrap a little scotch tape around it to make it a little thicker. I did this just to wedge it in a little tighter. 5 minute cheap easy fix. I can push it now with more force not worrying about it popping up and so the treads work a little better too. Overall, I like the new HISS tank and think it's worth picking up. It's like a dreadnok monster truck HISS tank!
  24. Marthor

    Gray Hair?

    Bump. 5 and a half years later, it's time for a hair status update! I trim all the grey hairs out one by one on top, so it's managable. There's more grey mixed in the sides which I couldn't trim out, but because I keep the sides shaved down very short it's not really noticable. There is also a little tuft of grey in the center of my manly chest hair. This pic is about a year old, but my hair still looks just like that... Also, in the last 5 years I started spelling grey with an "e" instead of an "a".
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