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  1. Aren't the Gears of War Storm figures like the worst selling license of that company?  They are by far the cheapest figures to get a hold of (despite having a lot of accessories) and they are the only ones I've seen in actual Gamestop stores (and they are of course on Clearance in every one I've seen them in). I've never seen any Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat figures in a gamestop. on the online store, sure, but never in a physical store.


    Wonder why they're bothering with this license when their fighting game licenses are clearly their bread and butter

  2. 8 hours ago, EvilHayato said:

    Well we ve known about them having the Samurai Shodown license for 2 years now and this THIS is the first theyve shown of anything aside from an early clay sculpt of his hair. I think give it some time. These things arent cheap, i say let them spread out instead of bombard with many so I have time to buy without worrying of selling out and going for triple in value. 


    Sidenote: Im super excited to see what characters are coming besides Haohmaru and hopefully not all at once. My wallet is still recovering and still need some others that are out and coming out. 

    wow, really? man, I love Storm, but they have snapped up way too many licenses and don't put out product fast enough to keep up with all of them

  3. 14 minutes ago, Neovorticism2 said:

    Costs and profits I guess, it seems the tooling costs of a 3.75 " figure and a 6" figure is practically the same, but then we have that the 6-inch scale is the most popular in the market at the moment, especially among adult collectors , and although it cannot be said it is a line aimed at children, I think at least Hasbro would have to consider the thin possibility that this demography could be interested in the line, otherwise Walmart would not be on board, unfortunately Hasbro would not have to worry about old fans, companies consider them more like a minority from which they can't make out much money. I guess 3.75 inch Joe collectors are now like the old 12 inch Joe collectors back in the 80's.

    On the part of glorifying the war, well, I know there are a lot of children out there playing Call of Duty, Fortnite, among other war-themed games, but who understands the parents of today.

    I don't know if that's true. The Power Rangers Lightning collection is a perfect example of a toyline aimed at adults. Most of the figures released in that line are characters from older series like the orinal, Zeo, etc. The kids who watched those shows when they aired are adults now.

    And I think Walmart does understand that adults do make up a pretty good chunk of toy sales. I mean, why else would walmart have released, exclusively to their stores,  electronic toys of the Iron Giant (an animated film from the 90s) and Robby The Robot (a character from a sci fi film from the 50's). Those collectibles are pretty much exclusively aimed at adult collectors. Robby the Robot would most likely be considered tacky or "cheesy" in the eyes of a child that has no context of the history of the character (and most children today don't know who Robby the Robot is). So that toy is aimed entirely towards adult Sci-Fi collectors (and btw, it is an excellent toy for the price)

    Of course, toys will always be a market primarily for children, and there are plenty of toys that are directed FOR children. For Transformers, you have Cyberverse, and BotBots (which have the blind box appeal that young children like). But at the same time, toy companies are aiming their product towards their fans who have grown up. Transformers Siege is a perfect example of this. Siege Megatron is made to look just like G1 Megatron (not turning into a gun notwithstanding).  Now, of course, this toy can appeal to a child nowadays, but it was SPECIFICALLY designed to appeal to an adult that loved Transformers as a kid and is still buying the toys

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  4. I wonder how this is going to go this time. I think we are still at a point in our society where a toyline glorifying war still won't sit well with  parents. But, if Hasbro markets these toys to adult collectors (like they are with Transformers Siege, Earthrise) it could work. 


    However, the one major thing that could kill this line before it really even starts is their scale. Why would you make them 6 inch? WHY G.I. Joe collectors have massive collections of 3.75 inch figures and now you're introducing a line of figures that doesn't scale with the rest of their collection. Let's be honest, Hasbro is bringing G.I. Joe back for the nostalgia in adults that loved it as kids. This toyline isn't for kids of this current generation. So why are you making a line of figures that are incompatible with the rest of their collection?

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  5. I think one of its main problems is it just looks...ugly and uninteresting.

    Harley Quinn is dressed like an idiot. WHAT IS THAT OUTFIT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE? She looks like a Stripper/Plumber from the Mad Max universe. I look at her outfit and I see plumber's overalls.

    It's further hurt by a lack of any characters that we care about. Now, granted, fans of the Batman comics (and DC comics in general) will recognize most of these characters, particularly Huntress and Black Canary. The thing is, these characters don't resemble their comic counterparts at all, and they certainly aren't wearing any interesting costumes, much less costumes that even SLIGHTLY resemble their comic outfits.

    So to a casual viewer you have this : Harley Quinn and a bunch of boring normal people are fighting against some evil boring normal people. That's what the trailer showed us anyway. No cool looking super powered characters to be found in the trailer or promotional material.


    The studio thought Harley could carry a movie on her own like Deadpool did, because those two characters are pretty neck and neck in terms of popularity amongst comic fans. The difference is, the Deadpool movies did Deadpool RIGHT. He was portrayed as he is in the comics. In both character AND appearance.


    Harley? Not so much.

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  6. I would love to get an updated Serpentor and his Air Chariot. I just don't know if G.I. Joe is going to be successful when it comes back. parents just don't really wanna support military toys, because there is a LOT of apathy towards war right now.


    That being said, Hasbro HAS understood that they can sell a toyline almost entirely to adult collectors. Siege and the Studio Series have proven that. Those toys aren't made with kids in mind . So, who knows, maybe G.I. Joe is about to see it's renaissance. I would love a modern figure of Serpentor and Golobulus

  7. Not liking this set. Talking about the band specifically. For two reasons. Firstly, they look too smooth. All the band members have some pretty wrinkly faces (because they are long-dead corpses)

    Also, I do not like the orange skin. They're supposed to be greenish gray. I hope they AT LEAST fix the colors for the final release

  8. On 10/4/2019 at 5:20 PM, Insanefernandodad13 said:

    Not sure how loot crate completely works,I  know it's a monthly subscription. I would really like that splinter to go along with all the tmnt movie figures that I have. Don't know if there is enough information for me to justify subscribing to loot crate.

    I don't know how it's going to work under NECA, but here is how they worked before.

    1.Company  advertises  with a specific theme to a box ( example Dragonball Z themed box, Legend of Zelda theme)

    2. Advertise that this box has a LOOTCRATE exclusive item (this item will ALWAYS be a crappy repainted toy: example, a blood-stained vinyl minifigure Xenomorph) These items will always be resold on eBay- and if you wait a couple months, they will be dirt cheap if for some reason you want them

    3. Fill the rest of the box with junk that overflows the clearance section of your  local Hot Topic


    So yeah, it is no surprise why this business model  failed miserably

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