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  1. Best part is that it retails for only $20 at your local walmart. $20 for a funny as all <bleep> show is well worth it.
  2. The Recruit, I don't know what it was about that movie but it dragged like no other. I liked the concept of the movie but I just didn't sink my teeth into like I thought that I would. And the girlfriend says Bruce Almighty. We both went into that one hoping it would be really good but left feeling somewhat cheated.
  3. Nice, its amazing what that Heavy Arms suit can be turned into.
  4. OOOOOO MAN!!!! I have been waiting years to finally be myself and say that I too did have a thing for the Spice Girls. Way back when I was a freshman in high school actually, I remember it vividly. I used to sleep in class and dream that Victoria Adams (Adams is her maiden name, don't ask how I still remember that) would walk in and say that we were bethrothed to marry each other. God was I a sad kid. I also used to collect any of their memorabilia that I could scoop up. I had lolli pops that was geared towards each one, the official fan book (it was weird buying that at B.Dalton) and countless other things that I scooped up. But my thing for Victoria was huge. I even wrote one of my first poems dedicating it to her, I think for the most part I started writing because of her. I can still remember how crushed I was when I heard she was marrying David Beckham. Thankfully, I grew out of that phase before it became stalker capable.
  5. I check tvshowsondvd.com pretty frequently and have surfed around their site but I can't seem to find any news on That 70's Show on DVD. I just recently realized the humor that is this show, I mean I always knew about it and would watch it when it came on but it just dawned on me...this show is freakin hilarious. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm a huge reissue whore, I'll scoop up anything that Takara has to offer to me. But the alternators line is really growing on me, I wasn't too keen in Sideswipe beacuse of the mold but I am beginning to see massive potential in this line. Let's just wait and see if they come out with anything besides coupes and sedans.
  7. I totally agree with you Grimlock. This is my very first MMORPG and I'll have to say that it's great. I've seen my friends play and I've tinkered with EQ and AO for a little bit, but this is my very first bought and paying for MMORPG. I have to say that I love it, theres nothing that will totally confuse you and you dont have to go out and find new armor and what not. You just running around and blasting crap. Once you hit level 10 you can register as a supergroup like the X-men. But my favorite part of the game has got to be the customization of the characters. In the 3 days I've been playing this, I haven't seen one person who looks even remotely like mine. Reason being that there are sooooo many options to choose from its almost impossible to get a character to looks like another one. Funniest thing I saw last night were two guys that designed their characters like GutsMan and AirMan from the original MegaMan series. If you want to team up look for me on Virtue, I've got a level 5 tech/blaster named Armory and a level 3 mutant/controller names Lady WhiteWind.
  8. I thought the show was funny in the beginning, but now some of the pranks have just gotten boring. And regarding the Justin Timberlake one I saw it and I have to say, I gained a little more respect for Justin in that episode. Sure, I'm not a fan of his music but that episode really showed who he is. I mean, come on, he knows he's Justin Timberlake but he didn't throw a little b!tch fit when he found out what was going on, he was actually pretty calm about it. And who wouldn't want to cry if the government threatened to take all your stuff away. I know I would have probably broken down to tears is they said they were going to take all my stuff. I mean I'm all that materialistic and I can always get most of it back later in life, but so many of my belongings have a background to them and I associate some of them because of that.
  9. Looks like a good time to be a gamer, some of the ones that excite me the most are: PS2 MegaMan Anniversary Collection MegaMan X: Command Mission Onimusha 3: Demon Seige Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse Final Fantasy XII Front Mission 4 Some that worry me are Xenosaga Freaks (what exactly is that?) and Megaman X8 (I never played it myself but I heard it was a pretty bad adomination) Also, since they seem to be churning out the original Mega Man games from the NES, any chance on us seeing the X series from the SNES? Or at least just X1-X3.
  10. Right now I'm on Virtue, I've got a level 4 tech/blaster named Armory...and he's red too.
  11. $15 a month I believe with the first month free.
  12. Doesn't look like its out today. Ebgames, Best Buy, etc. say that it shipps out today meaning we unlucky ones who didn't headstart it on sunday will have to wait 24 more hours. What's your names on CoH Agent?
  13. I'm not directing my comment at Hasbro or Takara, in my book they have done us fans good. I'm speaking in general terms, like companies who short pack, have ridiculous case ratios, etc. I have yet to really run into a problem with Hasbro/Takara when it comes to getting toys that I want. Would I have liked to see a blue Tracks? Sure, but I'm not gonna #$## and moan about it, I'm grateful for even getting Tracks period. Sorry if my previous statement came out wrong.
  14. Wanna group up? I'm not too fond of the online community having played Blizzard games since warcraft 2. There are way too many @$$-hats playing online games and would really like to team up with some guys who arent complete idiots, so naturally I turn to you guys on the boards who have more dignity in your toes than these guys do in their life. I was hoping to start a guild, or whatever theyre called in CoH, but don't know too many people who will be playing this in real life. If you want to team up come retail I'm planning on becoming a mutant blaster, name: Sapphire Sun, if I can get that name.
  15. One would hope these comanies function that way Doc, but sometimes my faith does tend to slip with these guys.
  16. Happens almost everytime I buy a new DVD. I've seen almost all of them prior to my purchasing but I get like I've never seen it before. Such was the case with Desperado, Lion King, Van Wilder, and X-2
  17. I have been following City of Heroes for some time now and was wondering if anybody else was going to get in on this game. This will be my first MMORPG and from what I hve been hearing, from people in the beta as well those who got in on the headstart, its a great one to wet my appetite. I've seen friends play EQ and was bored to tears because of the leveling and the equipment management but this game doens't have that. It looks to be a giat comic book where you manage your super powers and such. Since ADC/TNI originated as American Dream COMICS, is anyone else going to be getting this? And if anyone else besides me will get this, does anyone wanna get together to form a legion?
  18. Yeah man, I checked up on the website yesterday and found out the news too. I damn near threw my latop across my dorm. I was really hoping for the show to come out as well, I enjoyed it alot. Plus, Ashley Scott as a leather wearing super hero is too cool for school.
  19. I fully agree that they're customer service is top notch, I've bought with them before but it was with a credit card. Just wanted to know if they accept money orders, now I now and it's on. Takara Reissues, here I come. Thanks again guys.
  20. Does anyone know if BBTS takes checks or money orders? Since the beginning of this semester I haven't had a chance to pick up anything and would really like to get Takara's Reissues #11 and #12 from when I sell back a few of my books, but I can't use my credit card because I limit myself from it. So does anyone know if they offer alternate forms of payment?
  21. This proves interesting if true. Takara releasing two reissues at the same time? Either Takara figured out that there is a fairly decent market for these things or someone is talking out of their ass.
  22. Wow, customizing like that is the reason why it is called an art. That's phenomenal.
  23. Or played by Angelina Jolie. Don't get me wrong I think that she's hot and all but this just is not the role for her. As for Woo doing this movie I have definate doubts about it. I haven't been all too fond of his work outside of Hong Kong, I really think that he needs to go back there and start making more kick ass films
  24. I just noticed that there's no spoiler on him, I really liked Jazz with a spoiler and always associated him with having one. I really like that sunlight silver too, and even the titanium grey doesn't look shabby. I hope to God that they don't go with that Nordic Green, it just throws it off.
  25. Did anyone else like this show? I didn't think it was too bad. I mean sure the plots were kind of crappy, and the characters didn't really get the chance to develop, but I didn't think it was so bad to have been cancelled after 13 episodes. I ask this because apparently a DVD box set of the show is going to drop in June/July maybe. Man I hope I don't get weird looks from people at Best Buy when I pick it up.
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