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  1. Hyperion

    Titanium Man

    I found 3 of these Titanium Men and 1 of the Cockpit version Bad guys. Anyone want to trade?
  2. Secret Invasion Mini Series Justice League of America (best Book OUt IMO) Justice Society New Avengers Last Defenders Mini Series Avengers (just til Secret Invasion Ends) Toyfare----Hell Yea! Anything I find with Gladiator or Hyperion guest starring in it.
  3. Am I the only one that noticed that bitchin lookin Ironman in the glass shelf underneath Wolverine? What figure is he, what series is he from and what size is he? Click on the Image of Wolverine IMG 7249 and look at the glass under his feet to check out the Ironman I am referring to. This pic: http://www.cooltoyreview.com/NYCC08/HasbroML/image40.asp
  4. Question for anyone but ransoms if you are going back would you mind asking them this. What is happening to all those prototypes we voted on to get that Sunfire figure exclusive figure on Hasbro.com? I, for one, wouldl ike to get those 2 Alpha Flight members and that sweet Lilandra.
  5. Hyperion

    Any Point?

    Arrow, I understand your points however I am beginning to find Hasbro frustrating to understand. Sure I recognize the size and scope of their operation because I work somewhat closely with a competitor of theirs, Mattel. You state you have a "list". I for one would like to see it. Because as you may or may not recall, last year was the first year of Hasbro with our beloved legends. We received series one right on schedule and then we should of had series 2 around April, but instead we got Spiderman 3 toys for the movie that came out on May 4th followed by the Transformer toys to coinside with the Transformer movie release of July 3rd. We then should have received series 2 and series 3 shortly thereafter. but no, we didn't they dragged their butts for series 2 and staggered the release of the variants. They are now stalling with the same balony with series 3 with by all estimates should have been completed by Christmas! I do not think it is unreasonable for Hasbro to put out 5 lines (which they orignally stated they would within a given year) of marvel legends product. Instead we are lucky to get 4. this year, technically Ironman is the first release of toys for this year. That still leaves us with no legends products and another movie line of Hulk on the way. I see the importance of movie tie-ins for revnue earnings and get the product out while it is "hot". My issue is really that they keep promising and promising and have yet to deliver. This is just a game of show and tell. They are telling us one thing, but showing us really nothing. It doesnt matter how many oir who they show us, until they get some damn products on the market, they are just wasting our time. And dont get me wrong, if you check these boards and my posts, you will find I do support Hasbro and the product they make. I just want the product in my hands instead of just drooling over pictures.
  6. Hyperion

    Any Point?

    Any point to Hasbro really showing us anything new at Comic Con since it doesn't seem like anything is going to come out from them. The wait for series 4 has been ridiculous and we all know that means that series 5, 6 and or whatever comes out will be all crammed together and have screwed up distribution with whichever of the series we want most. Last year it was Transformers and Spiderman 3 messed up all of their distribution for ML products. What about now with us a quarter of the year done and 2 HUGE movies on the way and the products we coe to love not getting out to us. All I can say is thankgoodness no new Star Wars Movies are coming out or we would NEVER see any marvel products. Oh wait New Star Wars TV show is coming out later this year, crap. Not doing this to be negative, just merely stating the facts that we have all become accustomed to in dealing with flaky toy companys. What do you guys think?
  7. Best wishes on the surgery.
  8. To point out the obvious, the first line says "strongest". With that wording I go for the HUlk all the way. He whooped Sentry in World War Hulk and he has always, I mean always beaten Thor, in fact finding 3 separate comics where he loses to Thor, virtually impossible. Don't forget their is NO CAP on how strong the Hulk can become due to his power of being angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. My Ranking would go as follows: 1) Hulk 2) Sentry 3) Thor 4) Gladiator 5) Hyperion My vote for top 5!
  9. Haha, this is such the cool lineup! I was having this conversation with this really cute rep from Hasbro about a month ago (got her number and havent called). She asked what I wanted in the lineup and said she had "a lot of pull since her father was part of the head of Hasbro". I laughed it off, as sure big deal. I said if you wanted to impress me with my dream lineup, here it is and I listed off these very figures. She took notes and gave me her number and said..."when you feel impressed, call me". So I discovered one very important thing, apparently Hasbro doesnt listen to its fans, but listens to one person and one person only, ME! HAHAHA I have the power and you people dont. Suck it Hasbro whiners! God I cant wait to get my Wolverine in pink tutu, Corss dressing Hulk, and S&M Punisher. Marvel legends 7 will be so gold! I wont spoil the other 3 but lets just say that the BAF is a certain Giant Mustache Cosmic Baddie. Yea, April Fool's!
  10. Do we need another post bashing Hasbro? I mean aren't there like 400 of them by the same 15 people whing about Hasbro over and over again. It seems like as soon as it falls off the forum page, someone else has to add it to try and make everyone "try to think" their way. Just get over it. If you don't like the line, or the product, just friggin quit buying them and go collect something else like Barbies or Lil Petz. If you can't afford the price of the hobby, get a better job, make more money, work 2 jobs, budget better, save your pennies, freakin try recycling all the damn soda cans or beer bottles you drink, dump your over priced girlfriend, get rid of your rice rocket car, or your gas guzzling truck, whatever it takes to get the toys you want other then stealing of course. But please, dont come in here whining about the price of the toys or oil, who cares? If it truly ends up being to expensive, it sounds like the hobby just isnt right for your pocket book. Come back to it when you do have some good cash flow. I have the money, I have the interest in the characters, and I have the attitude that I could care less about the articulation, paint apps, and crappy facial sculpts. I just want the closest likeness to the comicbook characters they are willing to give. Back in the late 90's toybiz sold these 5 inch pieces of crap that people loved. They had what like 5 P.O.A and people loved them. Now people just to damn spoiled. Disagree or agree, I really don't care. As long as Marvel Toys are being made, regardless if it is by Toybiz, Hasbro, Mattel, Neca, whoever, I will support it. We probably won't see products this wonderful for many years to come. Enjoy it while you can!
  11. When I think of the Avengers I think of: Cap Ironman Thor Vision Wasp Hawkeye She Hulk Wonderman I envision more then 8 tho. My team also adds: Hercules Black Knight Scarlet Witch Tigra Black Widow Ms. Marvel Namor Giant Man or rather the girl is it Stature? Yellowjacket Falcon Sentry Jack of Hearts Quasar Black Panther Photon Quicksilver Antman Sersi Starfox Stingray Goliath I think of the Avengers as "power". They are a huge roster, a mini army if you will, full of the most powerful people to handle just about any threat. I dont get to much specific other then the core "4" of cap, vision, ironman, & Thor.
  12. No, I wouldn't buy that wave of figures. My wave I would like is Gladiator Polaris Sunfire Guardian Multiple Man (with variant Xfactor outfit) Silver Samurai BAF-Sauron This wave would sell so well! think of how many multiple men would sell by themselves in an equal ratio of his orignal costume or something else with his xfactor digs.
  13. Well for me it came to asking myself one simple question that needed a truly honest answer. Would these action figures of comic characters I grew up loving as a kid ever be sold by me to an anyomous nobody? The honest answer was: NO! Thus I opened all my toys and enjoy them a lot more. When people come over and now see my open collection, they fall in love with it. "oh who is this guy, and I remember stories when I was a kid of the Hulk or so n so". That makes people really share some things that made them feel great at a certain point in time when they can relate a story or cartoon to their feelings. Isn't that why we are collecting these little pieces of plastic anyways, is because of how we felt growing up with them?
  14. Classic all the way. It just looks powerful. Series 8 looks like a girl should be inside it and doesn't seem like it could handle serious power.
  15. This wasn't a great shwoing for Hasbro. i sincerely hope they will make that kazar pack and Wrecking crew. Otherwise Mattel will be kicking their butts this year with the DC Classics line ups. If you aren't collecting those, you are missing out on the best toys out to date!
  16. Hey you guys wanted more focus on collectors in the Hasbro toy lines, now deal with collector prices. I say if you can't afford it, get a new hobby. I will be more then happy to look at some of the stuff you want to sell once you decide to leave this hobby behind.
  17. He is peg warming at a bunch of Walmart stores for a whooping $5! You can pick up him plus most if not all of the FF and Namor for $5 each easy.
  18. http://marvellegends.net/ Has the line up for wave 5 Also, I have never seen Tigra in anyone's Top 10 list. Black Bolt, yes, Nova, sometimes, the other one tho, hell no. Most top 10's, especially at http://www.thefwoosh.com/ consist of: Gladiator Nimrod Winter Soldier Polaris Strong Guy Medusa Ultron (Perez) Quasar Crimson Dynamo Guardian Warpath Wrecking Crew Check for yourself
  19. http://marvellegends.net/ Is a great site to see all of the cool Legends stuff available!
  20. Doesn't it make you wonder where the hell Hasbro gets the info to pick out a wave of toys? I mean check out peoples responses on here and how many of them could "give a crap" about certain characters. Why would it be so hard for Hasbro to make a whole wave of figures based on one time votes? Give us like 100 characters, and 5 votes, log it by computer won id address so no more re votes and presto, a great selling line up! I think it sucks we need to buy a whole lineup if we want a build a figure, but I wouldn't mind it so much if all of them were figures I am remotely interested. That new beast can go suck a duck, and why do we need another friggin Punisher and Daredevil? Oh right FA Daredevil, big deal. Check out the wave after that we get another Spiderman and another Silver Surfer. *Sigh* am I the only one frustrated with the stupidity of the marketing and selection geniuses over at Hasbro and previously Toybiz? Anyone have anything intelligent and positive to say about those marketing people? And please, for the love of god, don't sit down and interview them and say how great they are and pat them on the back, hammer them for why they wanna keep giving us these turds and telling us they are cornflakes. 'nuff said, peace!
  21. Here are 2 more sites for you. The first one will help teach you how to paint/coat your figures. It also happens to be one of the companies most customizers buy paints from. They also make this putty called "green stuff" that allows you to mix and make into parts and pieces onto your figures. The second link is for the customizers forum on Fwoosh. It will help you learn just about anything you would like to do and can teach you how to "pop" joints and not break your figures. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions! http://oz.games-workshop.com/hobby/hobby.htm http://www.thefwoosh.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=93
  22. Hyperion

    Marvel 2008

    Mattel is planning a better showing this year then last year at the upcoming NY con in February. Could Hasbro participate this year as well?
  23. They have Hasbro 1 & 2 at $5.98 and Toybiz 14 & 15 for $4.98 They also sometimes run a "crazy 8" promo where any second toy ending in a price of 8 is half off. I deal with a few of their stores and 2 of their outlet centers. You can get great deals there.
  24. How bout this guy? http://www.thefwoosh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=864805#864805
  25. Hyperion

    Marvel 2008

    I will believe it when I see it. this sounds like bs for the moment.
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