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  1. Have: Gorilla Grodd Left Arm Kalibak right leg Bane Head/Pelvis Despero Right Arm Despero Right Leg Ultra Humanite Right Arm Validus Head/Pelvis Arkillo Left Arm Kilowog Left Leg Trigon Left Leg I also have a ML Puck head I would trade Want: Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon everything but his arms Arnim Zola Everything but his right leg Iron Monger everything but his left leg email me at rapitrone@yahoo.com
  2. I'll accept that as a concession. There you have it, folks. Some real nuggets of wisdom. You know, it wasn't that long ago (during the O.J. Simpson trial, as I recall) that people were offended when someone said they heard a black person's voice. The offended party (who may have been Al Sharpton) insisted that there's no way you can tell a person's race by the sound of their voice and to suggest otherwise is racist. Yet here we are, in the presence of a bona fide bigot hunter, learning that white people not only have a distinctive look, but a distinctive sound as well. I'll just add this to the Things I Learned on the Internet: The moon landing was a hoax. Dinosaurs never existed. Black people can't be racist. Actually white people were kept as slaves by black people for hundreds of years. Read a history of Africa or the Middle East. Admittedly they kept black slaves as well.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm really excited to have won this drawing. This is actually especially good for me because I was laid off two weeks ago, and I wouldn't have been able to get these guys otherwise.
  4. I just want to point out in reference to this bugs bunny cartoon that it was indicative of the times. The bugs bunny cartoons are a slice of history. A taste of the culture at the time. I don't think they should be restricted viewing any more than I think the little rascals should be. Also, white people were made fun of at least as much as anyone in those cartoons. Look at Elmer fudd, an overwight bumbling idiot with a speech impediment. Yosimite Sam also got the short end of the stick. I haven't seen transformers yet, but I think comparing any type of what you call racial stereotyping today to the cartoons of early to mid last century is like comparing two completely dissimilar things. A Boeing 747 to an orange.
  5. When I was about five, my cousin had already been collecting Joes for a while. I was envious of his collection. I got my first Joe on my sixth birthday. Flint. My parents stood him up in the middle of a camouflage cake that my grandmother made for me. He had sunk in to his neck by the time my happy birthday ended. I have been a collector, or possibly a lover of GI Joe ever since. I would save my allowance, a quarter a week, solely to buy GI Joes. Growing up, the punishment that had the greatest impact on me was when my parents would give away my favorite Joe. Years later my love of GI Joes helped lead me in my decision to join the U.S. Marines. I left for boot camp on September 16th 2001 with Leatherneck in my jacket pocket. I can honestly say that GI Joe has had a profound impact on my life. At 26, I still have dreams of walking into Children's Palace and seeing an entire isle devoted to GI Joes, and buying as many as I can.
  6. Three of my nearby Wal-Marts this week set aside pegs for DCUC. I actually saw a Shazam at one, but his shoulders were switched.
  7. If you find the right fellow, geek or otherwise, he will treat you like gold. I'm not saying there is only one person for everyone, but I am saying that certain guys will love you like nothing else. You just haven't come accross the right guy yet. I can say, at least your current fellow isn't too clingy. It can be really obnoxious to have someone who is too into you.
  8. I've looked all over Ohio (where I live), Michigan (I was there on business), New England (Including CT, MA, NH, and VT becaus my in laws live there), and PA (on my way to New England). While I was finally able to comblete my Marvel Legends Ares, I did not see a single one of DCUC 5 at any of the 20 or so Wal-Marts I visited. Obviously I want them pretty badly.
  9. Well, Cornerstore says right on their website that they won't take back opened product, but they sent me this today Hi Rob, We are very sorry to hear you received a defective case of figures. Thank you for supplying the pictures of the defective figures. We will arrange a replacement case which we will inspect before shipping. It sounds like some of the cases we received ended up with some serious defects. I will contact you with instructions for return of the defective case once we have the replacement set and ready to ship. Thanks! Ryan Young Office Administrator Very cool of them.
  10. Ares' Backwards waist Batman Beyond's paint chipping off his torso Cyborg's air bubbles and two right shoulders Despero's screwed up right leg
  11. Cornerstore won't take them back if they are opened. Most of these issues I would never have noticed if I didn't open them.
  12. So, has anyone else had quality issues with this wave? I pre-ordered this wave from Cornerstorecomics.com, and It arrived yesterday evening. When I opened the figures, I found a ton of quality issues. Cyborg had two huge air bubbles in his forearms and two right shoulders. Batman Beyond’s paint is flaking off his torso, and his belt is mangled because it was put on sideways. Wonder Woman herself was good except for some paint issues and a mangled belt, but her axe had a huge bubble in it, and the Desparo leg she came with had the left hip joint instead of the right, and the left knee joint instead of the right. Captain Atom’s right ankle was misassembled and his waist was popped in half. Ares’ waist is backwards, so his abs are in the back under his cape, and his arms were switched. He also has two left calves. I haven't even opened the other Batman Beyond that came in this case. In series 3 which I also pre-ordered through cornerstore, the only problem I had was that my Aquaman had two right forearms. I contacted Mattel's Customer Support. The lady I spoke with said that If I send these to Mattel at my cost, they will give me a refund of sorts. Unfortunately the lady I spoke with told me it would be at least two weeks, and I still have the problem of these being impossible to find at retail. Also, Mattel won’t be giving me money back, rather they are going to give me Mattel vouchers which I can only use on Mattel products at certain retailers. Basically if I want to actually own these figures I have to keep these amazingly poor quality ones.
  13. While I agree that a more John Corben Metallo figure would be cool, I really like this Ed McGuinness style design.
  14. These have to be the ugliest representations of the hulk ever. I hate the headsculpts.
  15. asurmac

    The Joe movie...

    I agree except that I don't think Hama's done anything worthwhile since 1994 (see Orca the whale woman of Batman fame).
  16. That one was always my favourite. I still have him as a matter of fact.
  17. I can't wait for that Hulk.
  18. WHAT was so bad about "Superman Returns"?? Special effects were great, Spacey was awesome as Luthor, story was no worse than any comic movie story (and better than some...X-3 comes to mind...and Daredevil...and Ghostrider...). I realize that purists will always have complaints, but I frankly don't get it. Then again, I never "got" the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies in the 1980's. IMO, those are incredibly over-rated. The only thing about "Superman Returns" that I didn't like was the very girlie haircut on Lois's son...it just looked weird... #US1# I thought it cheezy. There is this huge buildup to the Kryptonite island scene, and then Superman just flies the whole kryptonite island into space like it was nothing. Also, kryptonite is supposed to emit low level radiation, so people living on it could look foreward to cancer and birth defects. Brilliant Luthor.
  19. I saw a couple of these and Metallo. I didn't think anyone would want them.
  20. asurmac

    My Secret Shame

    I had this problem too. It got to the point where I was shoplifting toys. I got arrested for it. Eventually my wife came around, and I get $80 a month to spend on toys and comics. It's hard not to spend more on them sometimes, but it's worth not having the aggrivation.
  21. What pills are you on, and can I have some? I bought ML Face Offs. The Hulk figure was the worst articulated figure I've ever seen. (I actually drew blood when I pinched my finger in one of what sadly passes for the POA.) Both shields from the Cap sets (masked and unmasked) were totally useless. The elastic was way lose on both. On one, the point where the elastic was anchored to the shield wasn't even glued in! Daredevil's ab joint is loose to the point he can't stand erect. The Punisher's leg joints are so loose he can hardly stand at all. I bought the Ironman/Mandarin set, and Iron Man's head fell off when I removed it from the package. Now I may be a slow learner, but I decided to forgo the Wolverine set. ...you wanna believe your little "ToyBiz was the bestest company ever!" fairy tales, knock yourself out. The rest of us will stay here in the real world. The Hulk may have had limited articulation, but at least he looked really good as did his articulation. The single joints hasbro uses look terrible. I love my face off guys though I did have a quality controll isuue here and there. I still think any one of them, except maybe mandarin, is better than any one of the hasbro figures I've seen so far.
  22. I'm dissapointed by the articulation, and the musculature could have been sculpted a bit better, but otherwise I'll probably buy him on ebay or something. I don't really want any of the other figures. They look pretty terrible to me.
  23. Hey, I saw a picture of him with his lid down somewhere. Does anyone have that picture?
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