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  1. Since they're really only showing up at TRU's, does any one have an R Web number or UPC for them?
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned lately, but is there any hope of the Ultimate wave ever making it retail? I know it's on-line but I like being able to see the figures and check the quality. I know Target and Wal-Mart dropped the line, and TRU is the only place that I still see Joes. Is there any hope at all or should I just break down and go on-line?
  3. Found these at my WM in CT this morning too....passed since pay day is next Friday but they also had the entirety of 30th anniversary wave 1 so I scored a Steel Brigade, Iron Grenadier and Hazard Viper. Stalker has a blank stare on his face so I passed on him too. I love WM is carrying Joe again. These are some of the best figures I've bought in years!
  4. I'm looking to make a custom joe card back as a gift for a family friend's son and I'm having trouble finding just the "starburst" or explosion art found on the original and 25th anniversary figures. Anyone know where I can find it? I've tried searching through Google but I'm not having much luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. What was the Tim Burton batmobile doing in that glass case? Are we going to get a 1/6" scale version like we did the tumbler? The rest of the figures, like all of Hot Toys product is amazing. I love the metallic finish on Cap's shield and the ship's wheel with Jack Sparrow. Makes me wish I pre-ordered him.
  6. So, does anyone make repro parts anymore? Transrepro doesn't seem to really be working anymore even though they have everything I need and for very reasonable prices. Does anyone know of another site that makes things like G1 Prime fists, or G1 Starscream missiles?
  7. Not going to get too excited just yet. We were promised this over the winter and it's almost summer. Don't get me wrong, I need to have this but I'll wait until I see the figure before I get excited.
  8. I know the subject of Wal Mart not carrying Joe was addressed, but did anyone bring up why it's so hard to find some of the newer releases? I have never seen a VAMP, or Low Light or Shadow Tracker, et al. I know I'm not the only one with this problem, but it doesn't seem that Hasbro is at all interested in getting this product into our hands.
  9. Did anyone else pick up Superman 701? I haven't really read any of the S books in years but the anniversary issue and the media hoopla over the new story line got be interested and I have to say I am impressed. No big superheroics or even a super villain but one of the most personal books I've read in some time. You might say it's a little trite or schmalzty but the end discussion Superman has with the man walking his dog is very introspective and incredibly apt. And it's nice to see my hometown painted in a positive light for a change.
  10. Just a costume change. How many different looks have we see Supergirl in? Batman has looked different from time to time, either in color or material (the molded plastic vs. the fabric). Superman looks very different today as compared to 1939. I think Woman Wonder's new look, albeit temporary, is okay. Makes more sense than the hot pants and bathing suit top. It's definitely got a 90's looks to it, and Lord knows the 90's were a horrible decade for comics but it's a story thing. Did anyone read the issue? The Olympian gods went and changed history so that WW didn't grow up on Paradise Island but here in man's world without a real home per se, so the "street" look at least makes sense within that context.
  11. I cannot get overly excited over someone announcing dates for films that have no script, director, or cast. More importantly, Warner Bros has had so many issues in the past with trying to get their DC properties on film that this means almost nothing. But I do hope they manage to get these films into production. I would love to see the Flash, WW and Aquaman finally get their own films and a new Superman movie wouldn't be too bad either. And to the nut jobs and wackos who think they know better than the entirety of Hollywood on the subject of making movies, I say go enroll in Tisch or USC or UCLA and learn about movie making. Understand that it's a business and an art form and that sacrifices need to be made for creative types like actors and directors to get the movies made they want. The studios also have to take gambles on the creative types, but they do so with an eye as to how much money can be made. There would never have been an X-Men film if Bryan Singer put Wolverine in blue and yellow spandex, Cyclops in a blue jumpsuit with utilities belts all over and Rogue in a green leotard. And you know what would have happened? Nothing. Every single superhero movie owes it's life to the X-Men. The X-Men showed Hollywood executives that a comic book movie, done with drama and seriousness and taking cues from the source materials and treating it not solely as a children's movie can make money. Tons of money. It got Sony to finally pony up the dough to make Spiderman. And if X-Men got the ball to the top of the hill, then Spiderman got the ball rolling down. Yes there have been mis-steps; Catwoman, both Fantastic Four films, Daredevil, Elektra, Blade Trinity come to mind. But the successes far outweigh them; Iron Man, Batman Begins, TDK, Spiderman 1 and 2, Iron Man 2. So go study film making. Understand the business. Learn how it all works. Then come back and complain that Captain America won't have wings on his head, or that Thor has a beard, or any of the other creative choices that were made in order to get the film green lit.
  12. Damn thats the ultimate "Holding For Randsom" situation. But it would suck if you order it hoping to get the line but after 3 months with 50 cases shy they say "Never-mind, almost but not quite" and you are disappointed all over again? Not the worst idea though. Would never happen simply for the shear logistics of going back, cracking open the older molds and firing up the machines for less than the thousands made for the entire US originally. Production runs need to be huge in order to meet that $10-13 price point we all want. What you're asking for is akin to MTO action figures. Waves 1-10 are out and if you don't get them the first time round then you're forced to use eBay or cons. MOTUC has seen at least one re-issue but the costs are less on that wave. Mattel owns He-Man and can limit a production run to hit a higher price point, i.e. $20. Mattel must pay DC a fee to use their intellectual properties so that has to be factored into the cost.
  13. Found these tonight outside Philly. Not too bad looking but I'm waiting for Grimlock. They only got 9 though.
  14. I was in TRU today and saw the new Avatar line, which looks pretty lame overall IMO. But their Scorpion gunship looks pretty cool and possibly translatable into GI Joe. Has anyone thought of this or tried it out? The Avatar figures don't look too similar to the Joes, in terms of articulation but they are 3 and 3/4. I was gonna pick one up but decided not to b/c I wasn't sure it would work. What are your thoughts?
  15. At CNN.com there is a video of a couple who built, what appears to be near life-size replicas of RotF Bumblebee and Prime for an outdoor Halloween display. Looks pretty cool too! http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/10/30/extreme.halloween.irpt/index.html You'll see the thumbnail of Bumblebee.
  16. Well, steering back to wave 8 and 9 (not that I don't like boobs, but.......) I've seen lots of waves 9 and slightly less wave 8. I've managed to pick up Wildcat, Black Canary, and GA. I've seen both versions of Mantis and Deadshot but didn't have any money at the time. Still haven't seen Guardian though. I have Black Adam and, again, have seen most of wave 8 but money is tight so I've had to pass up nearly every time. Hurts too since all I really want it Gentleman Ghost and Hawkgirl. But if anyone needs anything I'll be more than happy to help. Just shoot me a PM.
  17. SDCC exclusive next year maybe? Sure it'd piss people off, but there aren't really any 6" figure scale vehicles out on shelves right now. I don't think too many retailers would agree to put something like the Batmobile on the shelf.
  18. Aren't they asking that now? Haven't they been asking this for the past few years? Since they acquired the license? All we (fans) seem to do is complain about quality, character selection, price, paint application, availability, etc. For the amount of product they're trying to move, which is nothing compared to the TB days, I'm sure Hasbro is already asking this question. You're right. Most of what makes up the new MOTUC figures are reused parts. But every toy company does that. Hasbro re-uses feet and hands and torsos for their GI Joe line. Mattel re-uses pieces for their DCUC line. Even companies that are in the higher-end range of the market re-use pieces. Sideshow constantly re-uses entire bodies for their figures. I know, because I own several pieces. It's the way in which parts are re-used that causes outrage. Re-using a torso for a bare chested figure that clearly has folds and wrinkles of a shirt causes outrage. Clever recycling can still get us to new, highly original figures. And prices go up. Regardless of the means of distribution, prices go up. How much did a Marvel Legends series 1 cost at retail originally? $7.99? $8.99? Now they're over $11 with sales tax. How much did a simple Transformer cost in 1985? And now? Prices go up. People get upset when they don't see a direct increase in some other quality of the product. The Red Hulk wave was not exactly the highest quality series of figures. Plus, the BAF was not exactly the same size as Galactus or the Sentinel. People felt the increase in price wasn't worth the lack of quality. So if the quality is there, people will buy. That's the explanation for the success of the MOTUC line. Most figures don't come with many accessories and there is no BAF. It is the high quality that drives the line. So, if Hasbro made a high quality line, with all the paint apps we clamor for, and character selection we want with just the exact number of accessories specific to each figure, and made them available on-line through their HTS, and released them on a specific day each month not only would be be getting what we're asking for, but we'd also have an easier way of getting them plus we'd know when to expect them (instead of waiting over a year only to see the figures aren't worth it).
  19. The revelation of the ML poll picks has soured me towards Hasbro, and I'm feeling as though we're never going to see the more obscure characters like Brother Voodoo, Constrictor, The Hood, Multiple Man, etc. Whether it's a fix by Hasbro or not is immaterial because it's what we're getting. But it at least makes sense. There is a better chance of Marvel Legends getting shelf space if popular characters are for sale. I don't see Wal-Mart deciding to go with the 2-packs if three of the figures are Bag-Man, Bi-Beast and Warpath. However, this is probably not very consoling to most, if any of us. I think I have an idea that I'm completely willing to give to Hasbro that will make us all very happy. Just take Marvel Legends, and do what Mattel did with MotU and sell them exclusively through HTS, releasing them one per month. A DTC method will mean they don't need to worry about a retailer running the risk of getting stuck with stock and then dropping further waves. Plus if done as Mattel has been doing lately (not at first b/c Mattel stumbled out of the blocks), we could see a fan club/subscription as well as better communication between fans and the company. I'd rather be able to go on-line monthly and get my ML, without hunting all over the place, and have a better chance of getting those obscure figures I want.
  20. Fix. They waited almost three weeks to tell us a lie. Did they think we'd stop caring and not notice? Sigh. Now we'll get Constrictor to partner with Black Widow but no idea on the other two.
  21. Nothing will happen. DC will still publish Superman stories each week. The amount of money at stake is far too high.
  22. Do we have an ETA? If 8 and 9 are hitting now, think we'll see 10 before October?
  23. Okay so I read Final Crisis. I've read all the reviews, and posts and whatnot concerning Morrison and his "unique" method of telling a story. I know at the end of FC there was someone who had a utility belt, drawing a picture of a bat symbol on a cave wave sometime in pre-history. But do we really know, one way or the other, if Bruce Wayne is really dead? Superman did carry a skeleton wearing the bat suit out of Darkseid's secret underground lair and everyone "thinks" Bruce is gone. However, do we know if he his? Because the lack of clarity coming from DC is really annoying. Tell us if he's dead, alive, or re-living countless crappy versions of his own life.
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