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  1. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Seriously....did you see the offensive line. I swear, everyone just stood there and watched him walk nonchalant right by them!
  2. I was getting dizzy just sitting there watching it. So I did something stupid....stood on my chair. Wow...all I can say is dont stand on anything and dont watch in full screen mode. I hope these guys get paid extremely well for what they do. No climbing stuff attached for the majority of it either....I cant even imagine a foot slipping while climbing up there. Would take 10 years off my life expectancy if I didnt manage to fall first!
  3. Huge congrats to JBL, way to go guys. Could not think of anyone better to come in second place to! JayC, thanks for holding the contest. I really hope you decide to do another one in the near future. Ill be sharpening my custom knives for it! Dan, thanks for letting me be a part of the team. I think we did really well coming back like we did, and to only short out by the very few points we did says something. Thanks to everyone, and enjoy your spending at BBTS guys, its well deserved! -Sean
  4. Oh, and BH, dont worry about saying anything bro.....at the moment its just a gesture, but in the event of us possibly winning, just a Thanks will suffice! Take it easy!
  5. Honestly, I just imagine a world like that. But honestly, I have no issues doing it. Not to look like someone special or anything of the sort. Just because I feel he deserves it. We have a common plight, and knowing his situation, it is the only thing to do. Not the right or the socially acceptable. Like I said, I doubt our win just based on pure numbers, but if we do, Dans site name can have a literal meaning, and I pass on something to someone who deserves it. Plain and simple! Now, I really cant wait until Sunday. BH666, let me know when you get more of the collection posted. I cant wait to see the rest of what you have!
  6. BH666, you absolutely did the right thing. If I didnt live literally 5 minutes from my mom and dad, I would do the same thing, with my wife and 3 kids to boot. Props to you there bro. Nothing bad at all about what you did. I am going to go ahead and say this to all of the naysayers about either collection. Both of these guys have so much stuff that it is impossible to display it all. BH666 is in a situation where its impossible to have the best "display". D.S. has so many other action figure lines that it just stinks that he cannot display it all at once. His house is quite literally crammed with stuff. But he does have a small amount displayed at all times, so at least theres that. But in either case, these guys have great collections, and the collective bad mouthing that is going on really offends me on a personal level. Ask yourselves this, if you had a collection like either of theirs, would you want people to badmouth yours? And dont think that I have not noticed the way that some of the things that have been said cannot necessarily be construed as badmouthing, but it is nonetheless. Doesnt matter how you pretty it up, it is what it is. Props to both of you guys for having so damn much stuff. Seriously. You guys have blown me away with the sheer volume of your collections, and I applaud you both. I wish there was a way both teams could win. Heck the two of us left have stuck the whole thing out, so that should count for something. The only thing I wish for this part of the competition is that you both could take more pics and show us the rest of your stuff. I know on both accounts, not all of it was pictured. So lets all get along and enjoy the competition for what it is. The two collections up right now are both winners in my book, no matter how it ends up! Matter of fact, if by some strange stroke of luck Koga wins this competition, BH666 is getting my store credits. I have to applaud what you are doing for your mother, and I know you said its been hard to really buy much of anything lately, so if we win, my creds are yours bro! Its the least I can do! JayC, you read it here, so in the event we do come out on top, send mine to him. I really think with the points the way they are though, that there is not much of a chance we will win out at this point. Not that I am not optimistic, but I think if we even lose in one of the categories, we will be about 20 or so points under JBL. Either way, its been fun. SnakeEyes1975, you owe me that C.G.I. bro....consider it my consolation prize, lol. J/K! If I had to lose to anyones custom, I could not pick a better one! /END RANT!
  7. This I want to see! And G.S., I actually thought of you guys as the biggest competition from the start. And I wish he would have put the jackets that he has in there with the Cobra Symbols on them....one of them is a Cobracon jacket. But I dont think he can beat having something on his skin, lol. Then again, give me a couple hours, and a sharpie, and Ill see what I can pull off! Lol
  8. Oh, not at all! I just noticed the comment stating: And the fact that Beachhead666 has a backstory with more than a 'I just think that they're cool' meaning behind it? As well as stating that he has more of an Army Building (insert HELLUVA lot of certain things, lol)collection, which is completely untrue. He has almost everything that you could want to have. From rare Funskool stuff, to just the most common Joe figure, he has it. Not trying to debate or anything, I just read your post, and wanted to clarify that portion of your post. As far as the comment abobe, Yes, his reasoning behind collecting is awesome, and heartfelt. There is nothing better than something that can take you back to the innocence of youth to get your mind away from the harsher elements of life. His story brings tears to my eyes, since my mother is pretty much dying in front of my eyes. I can definitely relate. But I do remember reading Soundwaves and dont remember getting the "I just think they're cool" feeling from it. So I figured I would kind of defend that part as well. Not to mention, I dont see a shred of where he posted the answers to the questions still. I looked at the old thread, and the commentary is gone, and again, the new link to his collection at the top of this thread ( I have pressed the link at least 10 times and get taken to TNI's main page....checked links elsewhere and they are fine) so that kind of worries me. I read both write ups yesterday, but for the life of me, I cant find Soundwaves now. I just dont want that element being gone now to take us out of the competition, or at the very least, take away points that we may have gotten if the information had been there. I am not at all trying to make this about who is better or you said and I said or anything like that. Its not relevant to the competition. Not to mention, its not so much about who wins, but about how much fun we had getting to the end of it all. I just dont want you to think I was in any way trying to aggravate things, but I did kind of have to jump in there and stick up for my teammate on the comments that were made, even though they were merely you posting your thoughts. One thing I have learned in all of my years working with people.....sometimes someone can say something and it be more of a reality to the person listening than the absolute truth and reality that is in front of their eyes. Sad but true statement. Tell a man that your blue shirt is purple, and they start actually seeing your blue shirt as purple.....that kind of thing. Lol. Sorry for the long explanation there G.S. I just dont want any harsh feelings, so I felt the need to "overexplain" myself. Again, good luck to you guys. It really looks at this point like you guys have enough of a lead that we pose no real challenge to ya. I hope we do of course, but you all have a 316 point lead! But I feel great that we were the smallest team, and have still come this far. Cant argue that at all!
  9. I scrolled through the thread with AFS's collection (by the way, the link keeps taking me to the main page of TNI....anyone else?), and it seems in the cleanout of the extra posts that were popping up in there, that maybe JayC somehow removed his answers to the questions. I know they were there yesterday, but they are gone now. JayC could ya fix that for us? I like both collections. Again with a biased opinion, I have to appreciate Darth Soundwaves more. Not even due to the sheer size. He has just about every figure produced (Funskool, Hasbro etc), and General Scarlett, I must disagree with the fact he only focuses on Army Building. He has a lot more than that. Check out the pics of his Joe setup, then his setup of characters that have multiples, his Cobra collection. Then the special teams....Dreadnoks, Slaughters Marauders, etc. Lots of goodies in there. Narrowing it down past that, it seems both entrants only have a limited amount of obscure items. Counting obscure as non action figure related. Due to me not remembering how Soundwave answered the questions set forth, and not being able to find that info (again, it may just be me, but I doubt that since I scrolled through more than once!) I cant say that one or the other has a better reason for collecting. I can say as a sensitive type of guy, that what BH666 put for his reason is really heartfelt. But it boils down to this.....its probably a greater reminder of our childhoods for us adults than anything else. Kind of a return to the innocence of it all and such. I can also attest to Soundwave on one thing. He may army build a lot, but he is not greedy in the least. I live about 15 minutes from him, and if I need something, all I need do is ask, and it is mine for way less than I would have ever gotten it online or in the stores for that matter. He has helped my collection out on so many occasions, without thought of himself. He wont take things from children, he helps a lot of other collectors out, and is an all around nice guy that really reminds me of why we do this. He is proud of his collection, as he should be, and judging by firsthand personal experience, you may find a similar person, but none better or nicer! I can only count a few times that I have actually had true legitimate help outside of dealing with D.S., and I dont have enough appendages on my body to count the amount of times he has helped me! Good luck to both of our teams in this. Been a long competition, and I will be happy to see the breakdown of everything in the end! That reminds me, JayC, could you post a breakdown at some point of who got points for what in the Dio and Custom parts of the competition?
  10. Dan is correct on that....not based on Dark Master, but more along the same lines in origin as him. Shadow Master definitely came a long long time before Dark Master did! Sorry about that Dan!
  11. Thanks guys! I appreciate the well wishes and the compliments as well! Shadow Master is similar in style and origin to the Sigma Six character Dark Master, or something to that nature. Just a little backstory here for the character. Dan had originally thought up the name for the character as a child when he got his first Steel Brigade figure. He had always wished that it was an actual custom figure made for each individual person rather than a standardized figure. Years and years later, he contracted out to have the artwork done, and later contacted me for the custom figure to be made. I happily obliged, and through that work, Dan and I got pretty close. He is a great person that has a definite love of the hobby, and likes to give back by having the archives he is setting up on the sites. So when this competition came up, we decided rather than make something new, to really use this opportunity to show off this figure. I actually got some really decent shots from Dan last night after I went to bed, which do a great job of showing off the contrast in the color, as well as some of the detail in the armshields. If JayC gives me the okay, Ill post the pics up here for everyone. They dont have to be used to judge the figure, but if he decides to, that is cool as well. Now, the Grid Iron you Snake Eyes did is top notch stuff! Was not too long ago that I was trying to work out ways to make this figure. I dont think even with some of the crazy ideas I had going in my head at the time that I could have done a better job! The extras you gave this guy sold it to me. Very impressive! Takes a character that really was a bad attempt at something good, and gives him a whole new life. If hasbro does exactly this, I will buy tons of it! I doubt they could ever match up with the quality of this work though. Great job guys, and good luck!
  12. Here is my teams entry. 1. Which team member(s) made it. Jediprimus (jeditaz) 2. reciept and description of how it was made. Base figure was an amalgamation of 25th Storm Shadow (v1) head with arms and torso from 25th Commando Snake eyes, and legs of 25th v1 Storm Shadow. Prepped and sanded so the paint would not chip. I used Aves Fixit Sculpt for the torso to match up with Dans Character's body armor. I used Fixit for the leg straps and to bulk up the arms as well. Thin strips of vinyl were cut for the arm and leg wrappings, and the feet were sanded to look less like sandals were being worn. The throwing stars on the chest were made using thin styrene, and hand cut. The arm sheilds were made from a combination of styrene cut out as the base, and vinyl cut for the part you can see. Elastic straps were used to put the shields on so they could be removeable. They were trimmed in thin string that I randomly found in my parts drawer. He was painted in several shades of dark gray. The pics may not do it justice as far as the coloring goes, but he is an almost black gray, with 2 lighter grays used for different highlights. The belt was made using styrene for the buckle, and vinyl for the belt itself. The sword pack was made using styrene and vinyl. The styrene was overlayed with the vinyl so the pack would be sturdy enough for the swords, but still be thin enough to look realistic. I also made a sheath for his ankle so the knife there is removeable. I used some random swords that I found in my parts, and trimmed them up and sharpened them, and sculpted onto them to match the reference art. The japanese characters on the sword were hand painted, and are japanese for "Shadow Master". The stone that holds the swords and knife was made using Fixit Sculpt, and carved to resemble a rock. I believe that is about it....if there are any further questions on how it was made, feel free to ask! 3. list of parts (figures, vehicles, ect) used in making it. Vinyl cut into strips Fixit Sculpt Thin styrene string Elastic band Swords that I cannot recall who they were from Throwing knife from v1 25th Storm Shadow Storm Shadow 25th v1 Snake Eyes 25th v1 lots and lots of time! And some pics! Included for reference is also the original artwork the character was based on....as well as some pics from when Dan got the figure. He used the flash which really did a great job on showing the contrast of the grays used.
  13. I am all for it if they keep with whats going. Not crazy about the Destro we have seen, but hopefully this 5 pack will have some differences to make it worth picking up. But still, I have the Duke, and the Trooper is on its way, and I am liking what I see so far. Duke is an awesome figure to say the least. Just dont like the holster thing!
  14. Lol, AFS was skimming through episodes while I was googling. Fun times!
  15. It did, believe it or not. Not saying just yet where, but Action figure Soundwave and I dug it up while we were on the phone. I will say this....tough as nails to find the answer!
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