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  1. Big Bad Brawler: Big Bad Brawler is the brother of the infamous Big Brawler, who also likes to pick fights. The difference between the two is that Big Brawler made his name in the military, while Big Bad Brawler makes his name in professional wrestling. His favorite catch phrase is, "That's brawlin'." His attitude towards others is, if you're not crawlin'(crawling away from him), you're brawlin'.
  2. You're all wrong...it's going to be the Create-a-COBRA! @loll@ What? The CGI mold and T.A.R.G.A.T. molds have both been used previously(sans heads).
  3. Wait for me CT! I'll send you my submission on Tuesday because that's the last day I'll finally get postage to send it out.
  4. Oh hell no...ToiletMonkey, as COBRA Commander said in one of your dios, you are one sick puppy!!! But seriously, you crack me up man. I gotta come up with something funny someday to show everyone.
  5. Sandblower: Head-Desert Patrol Ambush Body-Desert Patrol Dusty Sandblower and Dustblower make one heck of a dumb duo. They are lucky enough that their own teammates accept them and want to give them a piece of the pie. He's slightly stronger than his buddy, but still dumb as a rock. Shift Gears(aka Switch Gears): Shift Gears is the leader of the Desert Patrol Squad as well as the machine gunner. He and Bad Brawler have had a previous history of working together to bash heads, and now that they're on the same team, it may be the best bet to stay out of his way. Tangent(aka Ambush): Note: I meant to put the helmet on Super Trooper but goofed up. Tangent is the camouflage expert of the Desert Patrol Squad. He has the most experience and was a former hunter in a previous lifetime. Instead of hunting game, he now hunts those who work for the law.
  6. This is my Desert Patrol Squad, which is going to become a part of the L.A.M.E. Squad! Cookie Chip(aka Desert Patrol Tunnel Rat): Cookie Chip was a small time bandit who robbed others in the USA. He used to get into his low-rider and screech as he'd pass others by, thinking he got away with his crimes. Well, he did, until one day police shot the low-rider and he ended up the only one escaping. He seeks an opportunity to pay back the law for the death of his fellow bandits. Doctor Druggie: Head-Desert Patrol Dusty Torso and arms-Sgt. Lifeline Lower half: Desert Patrol Snake Eyes Doctor Druggie, aka Marcus Roofie, sold drugs to teenagers and made easy profits. Unfortunately, he was foolish enough to use the products he was selling on himself and he became woozy. Cookie Chip saved his butt and now he intends to use them to poison any unsuspecting buyer or anyone working for law enforcement. Dustblower: Head-Desert Patrol Dusty Body-Desert Patrol Ambush Dustblower is easily the biggest knucklehead of the L.A.M.E. Squad. The only reason he's allowed in the team is because he and Sandblower perform better as partners. Other than that, he can't shoot the side of a barn.
  7. Lousy Amateur Misunderstood Enemy (LAME) Squad I would have used underestimated, so misunderstood's the next best thing.
  8. Thanks, I'll have more to add later. It seems, however, my L.A.M.E. Brawler Squad is still incomplete, despite the fact it was before. I will need to add those members but in the meantime I will unveil more within the next few days.
  9. I have a total of three customs to unveil: Banana Guard: Arms-Comic Pack Duke Rest-Python Patrol CG Banana Guard is Banana Head's personal bodyguard. He always follows Banana Head around to make sure nobody tries to harm him. He also sometimes is used as his personal servant. Action Maniac: Head: 1992 Shockwave head repainted with flesh tone Arms: Mega Marines Clutch Torso: Action Man Lower half: Tracker v1 Action Maniac was once a member of S.W.A.T., but was among those who chose to betray Ultimate Shock W.A.V.E.. However, after his ego proved to be too much for the Anti-S.W.A.T. team, he and his friends were fired. Now that he has joined forces with Banana Head, he hopes to regain power and prove he's the best. Bad Brawler: Lower half: Repainted Zartan 2001 Torso and arms: Battle Corps Outback Head: Big Brawler 2001 Bad Brawler is the type always looking to pick a fight, whether it's with someone good or bad. Banana Head gave him an offer he couldn't refuse and decided to join him. His newfound alliance with Banana Head can mean only one thing---law enforcement everywhere will have their hands full!
  10. I vote Black and Red, like the Convention Iron Anvil. I also voted for dry brushing, even though I honestly have no idea what that means.
  11. My family tolerates it as long as they don't find out about it and as long as it doesn't affect my study.
  12. Wow one of my favorite subsets and you did customs of...awesome work Xhairs.
  13. Awesome figure---strangely the figure's head looks to me more like Magneto from X-Men than Nemesis Enforcer though.
  14. There are several head choices that can be used. Here's my short list of possible choices: -Spearhead's -2002 Sure Fire's -Comic Pack Fred's -Captain Grid-Iron's -Lightfoot's -COBRA Commander(Star Brigade)'s -Downtown's -Tracker's
  15. I could do my own NF set but thanks for offering. If you could find me an Anti-Venom set with the midnight Chinese paint schemes(either one), I would definitely be interested.
  16. I agree. Just curious about one thing though. For the Midnight Chinese prototypes for the Night Force figures, are the lower halves repainted with a white color, gray color, or marble color? I been trying to figure that out so I could do my own customs.
  17. Agree with Viper Hunter on that one. I think maybe if you use the JvC Dusty webgear with a different torso it probably would have a closer resemblance.
  18. Hey I will send you my custom figure as soon as I have postage. It's gonna take a while...
  19. I don't get how a figure THIS unpopular, without accessories, got any bids in this auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-JOE-3-3-4-inch-1993...1QQcmdZViewItem It's hard enough to sell the figure for $2 shipped, let alone $2 + shipping. How did this happen?
  20. Fascinating ARROW...I would definitely love to see your concepts.
  21. I would be pissed if they were non-interchangable. That would make them useless for custom fodder if they had say, loose joints or some horrible defect. The Stinger Driver is the only figure besides the COBRA trooper that has my interest so far, since the Stinger Drivers are either too expensive to get in good condition or have paint wear/yellowing when they're at a cheaper price.
  22. I would be cool with it only if the following three steps take place: 1. Obviously Dodger would have to be leader, given he's the only surviving member. 2. One of the six must use a railgun. There are some guns in GIJOE that come close to resembling one but a railgun is a must. 3. Instead of cool vehicles, get a cool new non-military HQ...we could use more of those.
  23. Question for you all---do you think I should add in more promos(to develop the characters) or more matches(to create more action)? Let me know what you think.
  24. Call them Night Creepers, or else if you don't want to call them that, call them the Night Stalkers.
  25. T.N.W. starts off with the usual pyro and music. The crowd is told that they will get their daily dosage of non-stop wrestling as the first match will begin shortly. Promo: C.O.B.R.A. -A video of C.O.B.R.A. is displayed on the titantron for everyone to see. It's a propaganda video by COBRA Commander asking the fans to join C.O.B.R.A., for they shall take over the world, starting with this wrestling industry. He says that anyone who refuses to join will be destroyed. First match: COBRA Trooper d. a greenshirt -The COBRA Trooper and greenshirt were pretty well matched. Both seemed equally inexperienced but the fans seemed to be cheering more for C.O.B.R.A.. COBRA trooper wins the match with a sleeper hold as the greenshirt's hand is raised and lowered by the referee three times, indicating he's out. Winner: COBRA Trooper In-ring promo: Dean Simons(my custom version of Anti-Venom Duke repainted purple) -Dean Simons tells the fans how most of them are out of shape and need to stay fit like him. He brings in his assistant, Cleat Meat(see my custom at photobucket.com under coderedshockwave) to demonstrate. Cleat Meat flexes his muscles as the crowd boos loudly. Dean asks the crowd, "Do you want to be like him? Do you want to know what the Simons System is like? Well the first thing you have to do is drink my special formula, the Simonizer! It comes in plain vanilla flavor, but this stuff is GOOOOOOOD!". After the speech, Bad Brawler(Big Brawler custom) enters the ring and says, "You don't grow hair on your chest by drinking unpurified liquids. You grow it by kicking ass!". So he punches both men and the bell apparently rings for our next match. Second match: Bad Brawler d. Dean Simons w/Cleat Meat -Brawler punches Simons ten times in the head before delivering a knockout punch. He crawls to the corner and grabs on to the second rope to hoist himself back up. Brawler then punches him in the stomach and head several times, before throwing him with an irish whip to the corner and a high knee into the chest. Brawler poses for a few seconds to the delight of the crowd, growling to show he's a tough guy. Simons gets on his knees, and tries to signal a time-out. Brawler would have none of it, but unfortunately gets his tights pulled as his head ends up bumping the turnbuckle. Simons smiles and delivers several kicks to the stomach before using his boot to choke him. After the count of 3, he releases the boot and hits a russian leg sweep. He attempts a pin only to get a 2. Then he throws him out of the ring and delivers a double axe handle as Brawler gets up. He attempts to throw Brawler into the steel ring steps but Brawler reverses it and Simons is writhing in pain. Cleat Meat tries to get involved as he grabs Brawler by the collar, only to end up with a knockout punch to the face. The crowd cheers loudly as Cleat Meat lays there practically unconscious. Brawler throws Simons back into the ring, stands over him kneeling on one knee, and punches his head some more. He throws him into the ropes, runs to the other side, and delivers a devastating clothesline that folds Simons in two. Brawler makes the pin with the 1-2-3 and that's all she wrote. -Winner: Brawler In-ring Promo: Banana Head -He tells the fans he is the greatest wrestler of all time and he will win the championship when he's given the opportunity. The crowd boos him and chants, "You suck, you suck, you suck!". He tells them he doesn't suck and he will prove it. Third match: Banana Head d. Dojo w/Chun Lee(Chun-Li T-crotch) -Dojo entered the ring but Banana Head would not waste any time as he raked his back and nailed several forearm shots to the back. Dojo turns around only to get choked as the ref counts to 5. Banana Head breaks the hold, shrugs, tries another hit, but Dojo blocks it and retailates with chops to the chest. The echo of the chops can be heard throughout the arena as he chops him several times with the crowd chanting, "WHOOOOOO!". He runs to the ropes, charges at Banana Head, and puts him in a head scissors takedown. The crowd cheers and chants, "Dojo, Dojo.". He dropkicks Banana Head, then hits a moonsault from the second rope for a 1 count. He turns Banana Head around and uses an oklahoma rollup(it's similar to an armbar except with a rollup afterward) for a 2 count. He places him in a headlock, points to the turnbuckle, attempts a bulldog, but is countered as Banana Head hits a reverse atomic drop and a clothesline to the back of the head. The crowd boos louder as they chant "You suck, you suck". After he lets in some offense on Dojo, he puts him in a sleeper hold. Dojo taps his foot on the ring to rile the crowd as Chun-Lee pounds the ring to encourage Dojo to get up. Dojo slowly gets up, elbows him in the breadbasket, but when he runs to the ropes, Banana Head quickly knees him in the stomach to cut him off. Cocky and confident, he motions to the crowd that he will finish him with a thumbs up-thumbs down gesture from his right hand(if he used both hands he'd be copying Batista, which I wouldn't want, lol). He sets up Dojo but Dojo reverses it into a reverse DDT. Dojo attempts a pin but only gets a 2 count. He picks him up, tries a bulldog, and this time successfully hits it as he hooks the leg with a 2 and a half count. He picks him up again, delivers several loud chops to the chest, throws him into the ropes, attempts a dropkick, but Banana Head holds on to the ropes so he lands on his back. Banana Head points to his head, motioning he's smarter, then sets him up for the Banana Peel finisher(the Stroke), hits it, and gets the 1-2-3 as Chun Lee looks on, disappointed as she grabs her hair. Despite the fact that he did not cheat this time, the crowd still boos him as he walks away to the entrance ramp. Winner: Banana Head Promo: The Headhunters -Headman announces that he and the Headhunters will invade the ring like they invade the streets. They are here to mark their territory and no one will stop them. They head over to the entrance ramp. Fourth match: Headhunters(Headman and two Headhunter(v1)s w/Headhunter Stormtroopers) d. Steel Brigade(a.k.a. the Anti-Venom team of 6 members) in a handicap match -The Headhunter Stormtroopers stood by ringside but only watched. First up was Royal(the SB leader) and Headman. Headman puts him in a side headlock, shoulderblocks him. Headman runs to the ropes, dodges a clothesline, and counters with a neckbreaker. The crowd cheers and claps. He delivers a snap suplex and makes the tag to one of the Headhunters. The Headhunter knees him, then pushes him to the Anti-Venom corner, taunting them to come into the ring. Royal tags in Rook(Roadblock), who stands nose-to-nose. The two exchange rights and lefts but a big boot takes out Rook with ease. Irish whip to the corner and Headhunter charges but misses, giving Rook the opening with a huge clothesline. Rook lifts him up to show off his strength, then puts him down with a powerslam in mid-air. The crowd is getting pumped up as they cheer louder. He tags in Grand Slam(Barricade), who climbs up the top rope and delivers a flying shoulderblock. First pin of the match is made, only to get a 2 count. It doesn't take long before the Headhunter nails him with a spinebuster, tagging his partner. The two Headhunters nail a tag team move where one uses a sidewalk slam while the other has him in a reverse DDT. Loud pop from the crowd as the Headhunter makes a pin for a 2 count. Tag is made Headman and again the Headhunter pushes Grand Slam to tag in Fireball. Headman dropkicks Fireball out of the ring and Checkpoint comes in. In fact, now all nine men are in the ring and it's become chaotic. The Headhunters quickly throw out four of the members out of the ring, which leaves Fireball and Royal left to fend for themselves. Fireball gets back in the ring and helps throw the Headhunters to the outside while Headman throws out Royal. The Headhunters and Headhunter Stormtroopers are brawling with the remaining Steel Brigade members. Headman tries a kick, gets his foot caught by Fireball, then counters with an enzuguri. He takes him out with the Ego Trip(Rob Conway's finisher), and gets the pin while the others are distracted for the 1-2-3. Winners: Headhunters Promo: Pitch Black -Scoop interviews Pitch Black and he says he's ready to take on any cruiserweight because he's a high-flyer and a high achiever. He says after he's through with his opponent, all he will see is darkness, because it's lights out. Fifth match: Pitch Black d. the Dragon w/Red Lotus -This is the first cruiserweight match for T.N.W. as the two men shake hands and get ready to grapple. Dragon puts Pitch Black in a headlock, then changes it into a drop toe hold, tripping him on his face. Then Dragon twists his arm, yanking on it. Pitch Black reverses the arm twist, and innovatively changes it into a russian leg sweep for a 1 count. He picks up Dragon, attempts a suplex, but is countered with a quick german suplex. Dragon throws Pitch Black off the top rope, then dives off as he lands on Pitch Black on the outside. The crowd seems to cheer both men on, but the cheer that grows louder is "TNW! TNW! TNW!". Red Lotus claps and cheers her man on. Dragon suplexes him on top of the concrete floor and he is writhing in pain. He then throws him back in and delivers a seton from the top rope to get a 2 count. Dragon kicks him several times, both in the back and front, then hits a dropkick as the crowd cheers in awe. He puts him in a cross arm-breaker until he reaches the ropes as the ref asks him to break the hold. Dragon obliges, picks him back up, and hits a northern lights suplex for another 2 count. He throws him into the ropes and both men collide with a clothesline as the ref makes the 10 count for both men to get up. After 8, both men deliver punches to each other, but Dragon gets in the last punch. Irish whip to the corner, and Dragon attempts a dropkick but misses as Pitch Black moves out of the way. Pitch Black catapults him with a full nelson german suplex and uses a sunset flip for a 2 count. Pitch Black attempts a kick and is blocked, but counters it with an enzguri and a tornado DDT. He climbs the turnbuckle, raises his fists in the air, and hits his finisher, the Pitch Black(450 splash) successfully with the 1-2-3. This match had the biggest pop of the night. Winner: Pitch Black After the replay of the last match, the show ends. Your opinions are always welcome, and if you feel any improvements need to be made, please reply and let me know. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.
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