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  1. I'll turn in my submission when I take pictures of my LBC. Then i'll send in the pictures to you via PM at joebattlelines, Aly. Thanks for the contest.
  2. I am agreeing with everyone else that the parts used were good choices. I think it's the first time i've seen a Metal-Head custom without any headwear.
  3. Mugen is a 2-D fighting game like Mortal Kombat, except you can do all sorts of cool things like add in your own stages, make your own characters, create alternate costumes that don't already exist, and use your own mp3 files for music. You can fight anybody from Super Mario to Ryu from SFA to Sub-Zero from MK to Goku from DBZ. The possibilities are limitless, as long as you can find the right place to download each character. If you want to know more about Mugen, go on youtube and under search, type "Mugen". I was even able to find some GIJOE characters(COBRA Commander and Snake Eyes) and create my own GIJOE characters(Storm Shadow(using Hanzo from Samurai Showdown), Shockwave(Half-Life Grunt), Big Boa(Bane), etc.). If you haven't tried it out yet, download it now. Just make sure your hard drive has enough room for it.
  4. Snake Eyes and Scarlett capture a pair of criminals. They point their weapons at them while Scarlett questions them, showing they mean serious business. Please note that these two "criminals" are not Alpine and Faces(Faces is dead in my universe, plus I use the TF version as the real Alpine).
  5. Fourth custom I have is another LBC---Wild Bill. I felt v1 was so-so(but wanted the ball jointed head), the other Battle Corps versions looked too much like Calvary scouts, and the new sculpt versions just didn't quite cut it for me, so this is my solution. This will become my default Wild Bill. My fifth custom is Stalker. This custom is designed to be a homage of the valor vs. venom version. Not too bad of a figure, especially since I know some collectors liked the comic pack version that came with Classified and Tommy Arashikage. Next up is Lock Down, one of my S.W.A.T. characters. The one I previously had was good, but I felt he needed a torso with body armor. The Sonic Fighters Dial-Tone torso inspired me to change him into this new look. I also think this would have been a better look for Bullet-Proof. Last, but not least, is my latest Shockwave custom. You're probably wondering, why so many Shockwave customs? Didn't you finish that army building craze a long time ago? Well, I think if this particular custom was released by Hasbro, I think a lot more collectors would buy him like crazy. I know many out there associate the baseball cap with ski mask as a "trademark" of Shockwave's, thus I used the v1 head. The v1 torso was a better idea to me than v3's because it looks like it could stop bullets no matter where on the torso he got hit while the other one had weak spots at the upper torso. The rest were all v3 because I felt the arms made him just a tad skinny and he needed knee pads for extra protection. Hope you all love them...let me know what you think, as always. Thanks, and peace out.
  6. Wow, after four weeks of waiting for my knee to heal, I am back and I got customs to show you! First up is my Battle Corps Law. I felt the one Hasbro released was good, but the yellow plus the chest mold struck me as one that I don't think would be used in an urban assault situation. So, to fix this I just did a simple LBC swap using the BC Law head on the Star Brigade Duke body. Second, I have Beach-Head. Now there are those who love the original to death despite the large noggin, while others out there say there hasn't been a good version of him released yet. Well once you see this custom, I think you would love to make one for yourself. I used a pair of scissors to cut off the neck joint(otherwise his head would have looked too tall, unnatural, and it wouldn't have fit) and I repainted the entire head using the forest green paint color from Apple Barrel. This will become my default Beach-Head. Third one is simply a generic mob gangster, using the same green paint I used for Beach-Head's head. I got the idea from playing the arcade game(also on my arcade emulator) the Punisher. There were thugs in suits with top hats on and I couldn't resist creating one of my own. I used an original Muskrat head and repainted a v2 body(including the hands to create gloves...plus the flesh tone would have not matched the pale one had I not done this).
  7. She is wearing the same color scheme as the Brazil Mission team's Mainframe. Weird...guess Mainframe wanted to come out of the closet after he found Zarana to be too ugly.
  8. Thanks for the Imperial Ceremony Guard prototype Joe! I can use him as a mutant in my universe!
  9. Xhairs, You once again blow me away with your greatness! As soon as I recover, which will be in one week, I will definitely post some customs of my own to show!
  10. Wow they look better except for Roadblock. His arms are too thin, which was my biggest peeve about the original. Scarlett looks to be the best out of the bunch though.
  11. Underrated figures, eh? Well here are my top ten underrated figures: 1. Shockwave v3...his color's exactly the same as the original COBRA Commander. 2. Electric Eels(any version)...cool army builders. 3. Low-Light v5...aside from v1, I think this one is the best. 4. Comic Pack COBRA Commander...probably one of the best hooded versions out there. 5. Beach-Head v2...at least he didn't have the yellow vest like v3. 6. Flak-Viper...true the Urban Strike Nullifier improved him, but the original still looks pretty cool despite the neon. 7. Agent Jinx...best version of Jinx made. 8. Gristle...while is costume reminds you of a vampire, his personality makes him cool. 9. Wild Bill v2...while the 2000 version was the best, this one still looked good. 10. 2000 Major Bludd...this figure to me, is THE Major Bludd. Despite the grenades(some I repainted black), he looks bad-ass.
  12. Firefly had better make some really good traps for these guys, because the odds are stacked up against him. Nice shots Xhairs.
  13. I love Dan...he's hilarious and is a character to feel sorry for.
  14. Cool...as soon as they're out during the summer, i'll see if I can get one for myself.
  15. Ok here's an update on my situation: I got an X-ray and apparently i'll be ok, except I have to wear an immbolizer(which keeps my knee straight and hurts when I have to walk) for four weeks, then go for physical therapy. If it doesn't work out, I have to do surgery. Wish me luck and thanks for your support!
  16. Hi all, Please pray for me. Last night I tore my knee ligament as I was going down the stairs to my basement. I hope I don't need surgery. I know I was a foolish idiot for not being careful but I did do some stretches last week. Looks like either way I'll probably be in for some physical therapy. I was lucky I didn't have to go to the hospital that night, but I will have to go for X-rays sometime.
  17. I'd say there were a lot of great characters out there. Best-The Stall siblings Worst-Link Talbot, though I hate Big Brawler for trying to replace Outback.
  18. Happy Birthday CT! Careful you don't drink too much.
  19. Hi all, I just returned from my trip on Sunday and got my internet working today(since my modem wasn't working since I left for the trip). I had a lot of memorable experiences but here are the ones I remember most of the top of my head: Pros: -Awesome authentic Italian food you can't get in the U.S. -Gelaterias where you can pick from many flavors of ice cream(my favorite was Tiramisu). -Beautiful scenery(though it's unfortunate Venice may end up gone in about a year or so, given the rising water level and the lack of financial support to handle the problem) Cons: -Polluted air constantly triggered my asthma -Too expensive to buy food to take to the U.S. Ah yes, and there was one particularly memorable day I'd like to mention about. It was a Friday---my parents and I, along with two other people together in a tour group, went to see various parts of Italy(Sorrento, Naples, etc.). The driver took us to a resturant for lunch that served authentic Italian food you would not find anywhere else. My parents had always mocked me for being Italian because I loved Italian food so much---and once again I'd prove that's true because I was so excited to try it out. The first part of the meal had various meats and vegetables, such as proscuitto(ham) and olives. Wine and lemon flavored liquor were served right afterward. No one in our family drank alcohol, but for the heck of it I wanted to try the liquor. I had no idea it was 95 proof, so I drank it like a cup of tea. It was some strong stuff, as I could feel it at the tip of my throat! I thought I would be dizzy or something but instead the only side effect it gave me was an excessive burst of laughter. I scared the heck out of everybody---particularly my parents. It was hysterical. The second part of the meal was the various pastas---ravioli, lasagna, and one other one(which I can't remember the name of). The third part of the meal was the desserts. I think I ate the most out of everybody because after going on several cruises, I felt "trained" in eating a lot. Ah yes, it would be great to return to Italy---though i'm not expecting to too soon...
  20. I sent mine out already, so as soon as it arrives to you CT, please put some photos up of my guy.
  21. That figure sucks! I'd rather get a 1997 Destro and PRETEND he's the Pimp Daddy version than this pile of junk! So far, i've done customs of mail-aways that are expensive to get, but ugly to look at. 1. Starduster 2. Supertrooper(well not that expensive) 3. Create-a-COBRA 4. Steel Brigade 5. Going to be PDD The only benefit I see in this figure is that it would be a cheaper alternative to the real deal.
  22. Hope you find a good job soon and your customs are always top notch! Love 'em.
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