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  1. http://www.mastercollector.com/neat/GIJOE/.../RAHpreview.cfm After taking a look at the Convention figures, here are my initial opinions and feelings about them: Sparks: An interesting use of parts, particularly since Dial-Tone's right leg has a communicator. He reminds me of the Tan Grunt. It's good to see Hasbro busted out yet another cool new character with this figure. 9.5/10 Flash: After seeing this figure, I was given an idea on how to make a custom Flash. As good as this figure looks, there is one minor and one major gripe I have. The minor one is this figure could just as easily be Grand Slam, depending on whether you imagine Grand Slam with silver or not. The major one is that the lower half just wasn't too good of a choice. It doesn't match the original's by much and he should be wearing something that looks more like armor, not a generic pair of pants. 8/10 Grunt: At first, this reminded me of the Frostbite figure that used the Snow Job mold(came with the Snow Cat) and thought to myself, "Oh no, this can't be good". However, in this case, it looks better than I imagined it could. The head was definitely a better choice to use than the comic pack version in my opinion, and looks like one of the best versions i've seen. The only minor gripe here is the collar, but it's not too big of a deal. As badly as I want to get it, it costs too much and I already have a custom version of my own. 9/10 Lt. Claymore: Ever since the Shock Vipers first appeared as a figure, they have really been one of my favorite COBRA troops. Well, this one is really good, I admit, though i'm wondering why his removable helmet is the same one used for the DTC Major Bludd and Convention Skull Squad figures. If he used one with a gasmask, like say the Spytroops Depth Charge's helmet, I might have liked him better. Call me crazy, but his face reminds me of Link Talbot(shudder...j/k). Looks like this figure will be another commander of COBRA's specialized troops. 9/10 Zap: The look on this figure reminds me of the valor vs. venom Sgt. Bazooka. It's simple, I suppose, but it doesn't really scream Zap to me. I think if he was repainted to look like that VvV Bazooka figure, perhaps he'd look better. I'm wondering how he's gonna hold that giant sized Bazooka with those thin arms. Bottom line is, this one makes me wanna say, "Meh", and not really care much about him. 7/10 Clutch: He looks good, but I think have the odd feeling this figure may have standing issues(I could be wrong though). I can understand the m-4, but why does he have a sniper rifle? He should have had a pistol instead. If he does pose as well without problems, he'll get a higher review from me. 8.5/10 Doc: Ok I'm still confused as to why she's called Doc, after the first medic GIJOE ever had. Rant aside, her uniform looks good and she has a beautiful head sculpt. Off topic from the review, I have a funny feeling if you repainted her face with a flesh tone and repainted her hair red, you'd get a better looking Scarlett. Anyway, I find absolutely no faults about her other than the weird name. 9.5/10 Rock N' Roll: He has the same problem as the Comic Pack version---he has long sleeves instead of short ones. Also, this figure reminds me more of Hollow Point than Rock N' Roll himself because of the camouflage and brown vest. This is another figure that looks dry to me. 7/10 Night Stalkers(commander and troopers): Wow...i'm blown away by these figures. They look like bodyguards who work for the Baroness. They can be used for so many purposes(such as assassinations, infiltration, death squads, etc.), it's amazing. After waiting so long to get a female COBRA trooper, I definitely think these figures made that wait worth it! 10/10 It seems every year Hasbro manages to step up to the plate and make the figures better and better! Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the con and I don't wish to purchase an entire set, so maybe when the figures become a little more affordable to get, I'll get 'em.
  2. Cool you're the second guy to do a James Bond custom(besides me). Yours definitely is better than my LBC and if there's just one thing he's missing, it's his special car with all the guns and devices on it! I can imagine all the babes saying: Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me? @loll@
  3. For those of ya who don't like the cue ball look for Serpentor, either live with it, or use his head for a Salvo custom and then switch the head with one that has short black hair similar to the comic pack version. Problem solved. Only Beach-Head and Buzzer look appealing. The rest can be skipped without any regrets.
  4. Hi all, Here is my second batch of latest customs to unveil. Introducing first, my Urban Assault Storm Shadow, which now replaces my Cloudy version since I repainted him. Second one is Flint. Yes, I like his cocky smile at times but I wanted a figure that conveyed a sense of determination. Well, the JvC versions were horribly sculpted, the Comic Pack version didn't even look like Flint to me, and the 25th Anniversary version looked bland to me. I got the idea for this custom to base it off the JvC version, thus the use of the Taurus lower half. I had to cut off part of the JvC Flint's neck and then superglue it to a piece of tape in order to fit his head in there. Last but not least is Starduster. Having him use Flash's head didn't feel right to me, so I had to use one that didn't have a removable helmet. Much like my Flash custom, I had to supeglue his neck since I cut off the neck joint(I did so unintentionally because I originally was going to superglue his head to a Downtown v1 body instead but changed my mind...oops). I call him Starflyer in my L.A.M.E. Brawler Squad. I'll be showing you all my third batch of customs after the weekend. As always, please let me know what you think.
  5. Wow...without the cast helmets, I think it's really hard to make great customs for Vipers in new sculpt form. Of course, aside from the helmet the other stuff ain't easy either. I love Viper and like the Storm Shadow figure, though i'd have recommended using Hannibal's head or the mail-away's head, but cool nonetheless.
  6. I already managed to get my hands on one 25th Anniversary COBRA 5-pack. I'd rather wait until wave 2 is available and get my hands on Beach-Head and/or the wave 2 COBRA Trooper 5-pack.
  7. Hi all, Just want to show you my newest customs, since I haven't posted any in a long time. I'll show you more and more customs as time passes by. First up is my "Cloudy" Storm Shadow. At first I thought this might look like the Shadow Ninjas version without the color-changing feature and action attack feature. However, after a while I altered it into the Urban Assault Storm Shadow, which you will see later. Sorry it's kinda blurry...the other customs you'll see will have more clarity. Parts: Almost all were from various Storm Shadows utilizing the Ninja Force SS mold except the torso, which is Downtown v1's. Second one is Flash. When I saw at mastercollector.com the Comic Pack Grunt head was going to be used for the Convention Flash, I had to use it. However, I wanted to use the original Flash body because I felt it was more unique to Flash's character. The neck is superglued to the Flash body and the Mirage goggles(semi-repainted) is superglued to the helmet. Third one is Grand Slam. Got a similar idea for this custom, much like my Flash custom. At first I wanted to make this custom into Flash, but then I realized the silver on the waist and arms would better suit Grand Slam(the silver pads RAH version reminded me of this). Parts: Head: Sure Fire v2 Helmet: Lady Jaye Comic Pack Rest: Star Brigade Duke Since I can only post three customs at a time, I figured i'd let you see these three first, leave me your comments on these, and then later on post part 2.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, now I see Shockwave is missing his pistol. I initially thought he was holding it but I was actually looking at one of the pistol holsters at the side of his pants. Oops... So it looks like only Storm Shadow is complete, which is all right. I've just discovered Snake Eyes v2 is holding Quick Kick's sword...might be a good accessory to have even though I already have another Snake Eyes v2(he has his backpack) in my possession already.
  9. Hi all, Here are my latest winnings on ebay. One is for a four figure lot(which I now got in my hands) of Rapid Fire missing helmet only, a yellowed Maverick complete(which is ok because i'm repainting the yellowed/white parts with blue), Budo w/backpack (wanted to use his head for a custom anyway), and NF Shockwave w/backpack: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...N:IT&ih=018 The other auction is for a 6 figure lot(which I will receive next week most likely) of Storm Shadow v2 complete, Shockwave v1 complete(though i'm unusure if he has a different crotch or he just has some sort of extra blue pouch accessory from some other GIJOE), Beach-Head v1(definitely keeping the gun to complete my Frostbite v1 figure), Snake Eyes v2 w/a silver sword that's not his, Sgt. Slaughter(possibly complete if it's his baton, though it could be a nightstick also), and Jinx w/naginata and some other accessory that's not hers: http://cgi.ebay.com/G-I-JOE-VINTAGE-6-FIGU...1QQcmdZViewItem Man, it feels good to be back on a roll.
  10. Yep keep the pythona customs going...we can never get tired of her...especially when she's not made by Hasbro.
  11. Never mind, it's on hold already. Thanks.
  12. Xharis is right Joe. My TRU had NOTHING but Sigma Six stuff for at least a year. So, I consider it a blessing that at least something RAH is still around in stores.
  13. Hi all, I was expecting to find 25th Anniversary single packs at my local TRU(near the Golf Mill shopping center), but what I found instead surprised me. I found the Comic Pack #44(which is the only one I bought) and the Comic Pack #101 around 10:05 a.m. (I was one of the first customers who made it inside). The #44 pack cost me about $13 after tax. The gasmask troopers look nice, and I already have one Lady Jaye figure, so I don't know what i'll do with this extra one...though I may use her head for a custom, since her head(ever since seeing pictures of her) looks like a dead ringer to the Spytroops Zarana. Of course, then i'd need the comic pack Zarana to do that sorta custom. I believe there are two #101s and four #44's left now, so for those of you who are from Illinois(like JoeRhyno), now's your chance to get either of the two before they end up sold out.
  14. Joes: 1. Shockwave 2. Muskrat 3. Repeater 4. Lightfoot 5. Law 6. Mutt 7. Hawk 8. Cover Girl 9. Flash 10. Steeler COBRAs: 1. Zarana(besides the custom one) 2. Alley Viper(as long as we get multiple versions of him, not just the original's paint scheme) 3. any of the other Dreadnoks 4. Vipers 5. Crimson Twins 6. Dr. Mindbender in a lab coat 7. Night Viper(since DTC wave 4 was canned) 8. Wild Weasel 9. Slice/Dice 10. Eels
  15. Happy belated birthday to one of the best customizers of TNI.
  16. I have several ideas: (Left = base, right = idea) Beach-Head: Shockwave, just add the hat Snake Eyes: Low-Light, with a head swap(not my idea, but figured i'd display it) Roadblock: Outback, Sgt. Slaughter, Major Barrage Gung-Ho: Steam Roller(use another head with a detachable baseball cap) Scarlett: Jinx(dye the hair and repaint the body to look like the Valor vs. Venom Jinx) Duke: Colonel Courage(swap with Roadblock's head with a helmet on top) Lady Jaye: Cover Girl, Bombstrike(switch head in either case) COBRA Trooper: Hunter(who was a Joe using the Trooper mold) Storm Shadow: Black Dragon, Ninja Ku, Ninja Viper
  17. How many submitted their entries on time for the contest, Alyosha?
  18. I know I haven't posted in quite a while, but have been busy with physical therapy to strengthen my knee and summer school. This is one of the only female customs i'm adding to my L.A.M.E. Brawler Squad. Yes, I actually used Buzzer's head, but don't blame me if you get nightmares. For those of you who watched Mrs. Doubtfire, you'll remember that song that goes, "Dude looks like a lady...yeah...yeah...", LMAO. @loll@ Well, hey, using Buzzer's head has to be loads better than that ugly Zarana v1 head, am I right? Besides, I use the comic pack version of Buzzer as my default version anyway.
  19. Well done Xhairs, sorry I haven't posted that much lately. Been busy with summer school.
  20. Well done. Did you try using a primer to seal the paint?
  21. I submitted my entry to you via PM, Alyosha.
  22. "There really isn't a new sculpt army builder that is really better than the RAH army builders. " Well CT, i'm afraid I will have to disagree with that. The Tele-Vipers are much better than the originals. After all, their noggins are big and make them look like eskimos.
  23. Wow all these figures look pretty cool. I can't believe the Gasmask trooper, valor vs. venom COBRA Commander, and valor vs. venom Storm Shadow are all being redone. I hope that more characters(like Shockwave, Mutt, Lightfoot, etc.) will all get figures next year.
  24. Nooooo! I was supposed to have a better custom. D'oh! Just kidding man, yours makes mine look amateurish.
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