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  1. Haha CT, that is so true. I just hope the Shockwave figure for this year's con set would look nice...otherwise, I'm just gonna stick with my custom Shockwave as my default.
  2. Well, after many updates, and adding and dropping characters left and right, I finally have my complete current S.W.A.T. roster: http://s154.photobucket.com/albums/s254/co...shockwave/SWAT/ Click on each photo to see a short description/bio for each character. Some of them are customs, some are not, but I think they all go well together...as always, feel free to leave me your feedback. Thanks.
  3. Rock N' Roll: The Duke arms do really look out of place here. Not a bad look...but this figure doesn't knock my socks off. Torpedo: This figure as well as Snow Job are both true improvements over their original RAH counterparts. This is another gem. COBRA Commander: All right! If I can get the blue Snake Eyes and swap his head with this guy's, then I can have an easy LBC Shockwave DEF style and this guy would still look pretty cool(then again, perhaps using Serpentor's bald head could be a better idea). At least these figures look better than how I initially saw them.
  4. Aw rats, after tallying the votes again it's now a tie between the "Sigma 6" and "RAH fusion look". Since nobody at yojoe is probably gonna add any more votes anytime soon, i'll need one more either in favor of Sigma 6 or RAH fusion. Thanks...
  5. I counted the votes yet again and it's a dead heat. However, I've decided the "RAH fusion/Riot" look would be the one i'd use the most as my default. Thanks for your votes and replies.
  6. CapnJeffro and Xhairs, Shockwave is the only figure I own from the Sigma 6 line. Glad you like that. Admiral Hunter, yes the character is a terrorist, but i'm just going for the look...it's like in wrestling saying he looks like a bad guy but he's actually a face. @loll@ Clam34, no your eyes are not playing tricks. I used Apple Barrel's bright blue, but it's a decent combo between the v1's sky blue and the v3's light blue. Glad to hear your feedback so far. I've checked the votes from both my post here and at yojoe. It looks like all three choices have two votes so far. However, someone made a post that I'm counting as a vote in favor of the "Time Crisis" look, so that means the first choice is in the lead by one. However, I intend to wait until at least after the weekend before I decide which choice is the best. #US1#
  7. I loved each of Dennis Quaid's performances, especially in Alamo and the Day after Tomorrow. It would make sense for him to be Hawk, I feel. The choice for Duke, on the other hand, was pretty stupid, even though I haven't watched the guy in the movie Step Up. A better choice would have been Russell Crowe.
  8. The first one is mainly a homage to a videogame character I saw from Time Crisis 4: http://media.ps3.ign.com/media/896/896236/img_4896131.html The second one is made to look a lot like the Sigma Six version: http://s6c.joebattlelines.com/graphics/toy...shockwave-2.jpg Finally, the third one is designed to have a removable helmet that can be the customized Drop Zone helmet for riot gear or the 1992 DEF Shockwave helmet. Either way, the same face would be underneath. I'd call it the Riot Gear/RAH fusion look(because it's a fusion of the original Shockwave and DEF version). Hope you like each of the three.
  9. Hey all, After a long absence filled with a busy semester of college and some personal issues that have gotten in the way, I'm back to give my review to this wave. Duke: Maybe my eyes are playing tricks here, but he looks like he'd fit in more for Winter Ops, though the jetpack would be useful to give to some other character(like Stalker perhaps). Snake Eyes: At least Hasbro was kind enough to make Snake Eyes a homage to a different version, as opposed to just another repaint. I like how this figure looks. Wild Bill: The only thing bothering me about the figure is his glasses. The lenses should have been spaced a little further apart...because he looks more like some Hollywood star. Spirit: This is the best version of Spirit to date, bar none. He deserved a better version even though I didn't care for him much. HISS Driver: This figure looks great. A true homage to the original and at least we get two great versions of this figure. Also, he can potentially be customized and used for the Rip It character. COBRA Viper: The arms look really thin and the helmet doesn't quite fit the original's look. Maybe if he has a different head and different set of arms someone can customize him into an Alley Viper. Getting these figures is definitely not a priority for me...in fact, there are plenty of figures higher on my list that I want.
  10. Goody...Tuesday I will be making a trip there to see if there's anything...hopefully a Legions 5-pack!
  11. Some look good, others look bad. None are worth buying.
  12. ToiletMonkey...you are one sick puppy!!! @loll@ Destro and the BAT are hilarious! In all seriousness, your customs rock man!
  13. Cool. I just went to Target...nothing there. Arghhhh...now I have to try one last location on Tuesday and if it's not there...then I must find them online.
  14. Right, I understand that, but since the Battle Corps version was a hooded version, I still think this one was based on the VvV version, mainly due to the additional gold color.
  15. GIJOES: 1. Shockwave v1 or v3(can be easily made off a Beach-Head repaint) 2. Low-Light v1(can use the Snake Eyes mold with a Duke head or a new head) 3. Wild Bill v1 4. Jinx 5. Short-Fuze COBRAs: 1. Dr. Mindbender(VvV style) 2. Viper 3. Alley Viper 4. Night Viper 5. Monkeywrench Joe Vehicles: 1. Silver Mirage 2. A repaint of the RHINO 3. A repaint of the ROCC 4. Killer W.H.A.L.E. 5. U.S.S. Flagg(but hey, one can hope, lol) COBRA Vehicles: 1. COBRA Rage 2. Trouble Bubble w/a Viper 3. Stinger(would make sense since we got a Stinger Driver) 4. Venom Cycle without the sound attack 5. Moray(the newer one kinda sucked)
  16. Wait, isn't the COBRA Commander also based on one of his Valor vs. Venom paint schemes also? The one that came with the O-ringed Valor vs. Venom Duke?
  17. Ill be glad to help you with whatever i can.....I think Ive already might have enough people to give those figs to though..... Well, if you don't have enough to go around, that's ok. I only pray my Target has one of the COBRA Legions 5-packs lying around...
  18. This is probably why you should get the silver ones instead of the gold ones---since the original PDD had a silver head in the first place.
  19. Sent you a PM as well spacemonkey. Also, I'm hoping within the next couple of weeks I can get my hands on a 5-pack at Target.
  20. Well I like some of the figures, while others I hate. I only own the wave 1 COBRA 5-pack, and so far the only one that has me peeved is Baroness. The other GIJOEs from wave 1 look mostly bland to me except Scarlett. For wave 2, I love Beach-Head and the COBRA 5-pack(all of them, actually). The others I hate from that wave. Wave 3 has only the COBRA Trooper that is redeemable. The others I hate or have at least one major flaw that makes me not want them. If there are two things I hate about the 25th Anniversary figures, it's this: 1. They need to come with a lot more accessories. 2. Not all figures are designed equally(particularly Baroness, who sucks big time). I don't keep anything MOC because if I don't get to play with any of my figures, they're just eye candy and I wouldn't be able to give them roles in my universe. Aside from the negatives, I must say this about some figures: COBRA Commander from the 5-pack(Wave 1): Despite the small head, I love this figure. It suits as THE perfect COBRA Commander. Destro: Looks great as a secondary version while the 1988 version remains my default version. COBRA Trooper(Wave 1): Aside from his baldness, he looks a lot like the originals and is a good substitute over the easily breakable originals. Storm Shadow(Wave 1): Finally, the PERFECT Storm Shadow has arrived. V1, the comic pack version, and the Valor vs. Venom version that came with Kamakura all had their own merits but none of them could beat this version. Beach-Head: I am throughly impressed with the figure because this can replace the original one with the melon head(although my satisfaction with my custom Beach-Head has me wondering if I want to buy this one). Stinger Driver: See wave 1 COBRA Trooper. Storm Shadow(wave 2): Before the comic pack version ever existed, the valor vs. Venom version was my default version. He had so much detail and looked cool. With the skirt gone, I definitely find this figure more appealing. COBRA Commander: I would probably use this figure as an impostor or someone else...not sure. COBRA Air Trooper: A better looking version of the gasmask troopers...if I did buy the 5-pack I would definitely get rid of the old gasmask troopers I got. COBRA Trooper: Looks more appealing than the original comic pack COBRA Troopers. Single Pack COBRA Commander and Storm Shadow: See my description for the wave 1 COBRA Trooper. Overall, Hasbro is off to a great start with these figures.
  21. If you don't get the "Hello ladies" part, you gotta watch more WWE wrestling, lol. Anyways, I did three customs of both GIJOE and COBRA ladies and I gotta say they look fine! Introducing first is one of the two most well-known ladies from the GIJOE team-Lady Jaye. So far, only the comic pack version has done justice to her character, and while I did like that version, I felt her head would have a better use for another custom, which you will see soon. Anyways, I cut off the comic pack Scarlett's ponytail and repainted her hair brown to make her look like a more attractive looking Lady Jaye. Second one is Vypra, who was used as a bodyguard of COBRA Commander in General Hawk's dio. I couldn't afford the real deal, so I created my own. After reading her filecard, I imagined that behind the mask this is how she would look. Yes, she may not look pretty, but she can still break your neck. Last, but not least, is Dreadnok Zarana. The Spytroops version was cool, but I wanted to make one that would work as an RAH version without looking ugly like her previous two versions. Remember the Lady Jaye comic pack head I mentioned before? Compare this custom with the actual new sculpt version: http://www.yojoe.com/action/03/zarana2.shtml If there's two things I love about the hobby of GIJOE, it's collecting and customizing! YOJOE!
  22. All I gotta say is danggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg---that kicks butt!
  23. Wow...after seeing the pics, I'm once again taken by surprise. Flash and Grand Slam: Beautiful! These two truly represent THE characters in perfection. Destro: This one really blows the original 25th Anniversary version away! Ever since I got the 1988 version, I felt that one was THE Destro and this proves it! Snake Eyes and Scarlett: I see Hasbro was trying to make these two look like the Toyfare 2-pack versions. Snake Eyes doesn't look too appealing to me and Scarlett has another good paint scheme. Crimson Guard: Simple yet effective. However, the helmet looks a little odd. Comic Pack COBRA Commander: The original 25th Anniversary version still looks like the best looking COBRA Commander while this one is probably the worst one so far. Comic Pack Duke: At least he's not sporting yellow like the original comic pack version, but the green pants is still not appealing. Doc: All right! No need to worry about broken crotches or thumbs anymore, because now we got another cool version of Doc! Blue Snake Eyes: I guess if you didn't want to shell out too much to get the original blue version, then this would be a cheaper alternative. Otherwise, don't use this one as Snake Eyes, but maybe as a SWAT commando. Completely black Snake Eyes: Meh, this one is bland. Who cares? Snow Job: Looks absolutely excellent, except once you remove the hood and all, he looks like the Battle Corps Frostbite. I am now confused as to whether I should think of him as Snow Job or Frostbite. So, it actually looks like it's half good and bad. None of them, however, warrant enough desire for me to get them yet.
  24. Hi all, I remembered about a year ago yojoe member dfunk7 showed up showing off the prototypes he had, and one of them was that of a Viper. Thanks to dfunk7 for the pic. Now before I worked on my custom, I wasn't really sure if it was actually pink or a really bright red. No, I wasn't colorblind. I just wasn't sure how the prototype actually looked like. The Jungle Viper figure looked bland to me in his color scheme. So, I wanted to change him and at least somewhat look like the prototype. Here are some pics: Note: There are a couple of spots of paint wear, but I've fixed them so consider them minor. I found out later the color was more red than pink when I asked dfunk7 about how it looked. He liked it though. I would say this color scheme is a combination of both the 1997 Maroon Viper and the prototype. He will be used for my LAME Brawler Squad as well as in urban assault situations. Yes, he's a sitting duck in battle but he'll make good target practice for my SWAT team.
  25. I notice you have quite a few Crimson Venom Cycle Vipers. Wondering if by any chance you managed to get any Midnight Chinese prototype figures?
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