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  1. I hope this episode makes it onto YouTube long enough for me to watch it considering it looks like it may be a great episode just like Arrow and Sneeze. YouTube has begun to remove Smallville episodes from their site so, for all of you who watch Smallville on YouTube, get on over to watch the ones you want to see right away after thursdays. I notice most people get new Smallville episodes posted on friday nights and weekends.
  2. You are just thinking of the more popular Prince Adam version of He-Man. The original mini-comic barbarian He-Man would give Superman a very good fight. In the original mini-comics He-Man was a jungle barbarian warrior and was very brutal towards his enemies going so far as to threatening them. I think this version of He-Man even hurled Skeletor off of the roof of Castle Grayskull to certain death if it weren't for the intervention of Beast Man saving Skelly's @$$.
  3. If a battle between Superman and He-Man were to happen you'd probably be watching it all afternoon and night. A fight between these two would carry on for hours considering: -Both of them are virtually indestructible -Both of them have roughly the same strength level among a few other shared powers He-Man, depending on what canon you follow, is more of a warrior than Superman. Superman and He-Man have experience in two very different kinds of combat. I can't choose a winner because I like both of these characters equally.
  4. So did I until I saw the pics on these boards of the backs of the packages of wave 4. The Supergirl figure depicted is a variant of the Linda Danvers one from the first Superman wave of this line. The only changes are black skirt and black boots. I was hoping the variant was going to be the Kara Zor-El figure but I guess they really had to make room for Brainiac or something.
  5. Heh, the movie would have really been bad if Schumacher had gotten his hands on it. Mr.Fantastic's privates would probably be stretching around and his costume would have nipples on it. Schumacher should never be allowed to direct another superhero movie again. He shouldn't direct at all.
  6. I'm not a G.I. Joe fan but even I know why Sigma six isn't selling. It is a cheap, pale imitation of the original G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra. Maybe the DC Superhero line isn't dead yet but it will be in my area soon if my local stores don't quit buying one wave in bulk and then skipping all of the additional waves. I'd actually like to get the Kara Zor-El figure that was supposed to be coming out this fall within my own lifetime.
  7. So it isn't just happening in my area exclusively. My area wal-mart is so bad that they still have the same Marvel legends figures on the shelves from March. As for the DC Superhero line one half of the fault is Mattel while the rest is stores like wal-mart that buy up a single wave in bulk and decide to pull the line after they don't sell off the bulk of their stock in a month or so.
  8. Nope, Mattel won't learn because they don't care. I spoke with someone at the .org forums the other day about the reasons why MotU failed the second time around and the whole case ratio and bad marketing thing came up. The guy who I spoke with said he used to be in on the inside of Mattel and pretty much summed up that Mattel is really only concerned with profits and don't care much about what the consumers want out of their action figure lines. It appears DC Superheroes might have a similar fate to the MotU revival considering that my local stores skipped the first Superman wave of figures because they bought up all of the Batman wave up in full stock that they are still having trouble selling them off.
  9. Well FF wasn't a bad movie but the origins of the characters were just too drawn out across the entire length of the film. The only fight scene happens towards the end. Hopefully the sequel will have alot more action this time around because there were at least a couple of times there where I could have fallen asleep during FF.
  10. I remeber this episode, it was with the Scarecrow. Wasn't this when Adam west was doing the voice? jiM Yes, this was the series when Adam West did the voice of Batman. I think it is the only time Adam West has ever portrayed Batman in a serious way. The Fear was an awesome as well as the death of Superman one. Too bad Galactic Guardians didn't last alot longer.
  11. The Galactic Guardians series was the best version of the DC superheroes until Justice League and Justice League Unlimited came around. GG dropped the silliness of super friends and actually thrust the heroes into darker territory. GG actually revealed the true origin of Batman for the first time on animated tv. It was an awesome show.
  12. It could be just the photograph or maybe the face for that one is messed up. I know mine looks a hell of a lot nicer than that one. The only thing that is wrong with mine is it has a hairline scratch under her left eye that goes across her cheek. I noticed similar scratches on my Superman figure's face too. It doesn't bother me, the scratches are only noticeable if they are looked at really,really up close.
  13. That only being the case when the director and writers don't know what the hell they are doing. For some reason alot of them love to mess around with the origin of the super hero and all general plot. Look at the Tim Burton Batman movies, they did help revive the Dark Knight back to his roots but it depicted him as a cold blooded killer who would toss his adversaries off of a building. That goes against the definitive Batman's code. The Schumacher Batman films just further ruined the franchise. At least, with Batman Begins, Mr. Nolan kept the character closely grounded to the comic book counterpart. Spider-Man 2 has it's faults. Did you notice that Spider-Man keeps taking off his mask in public for most of the movie? That and the fact that the film was written by the super hero hating ##$%$#s who write the hum-drum soap dating plots of Smallville. Then there is Daredevil. I'm not even going to talk about that one considering it was a very bad film. Alot of the people who make the superhero movies are just in it for the money; they could care less about actually making a good movie true to the super hero character.
  14. I actually could care less about what Heath Ledger says. For the record,I hate Heath Ledger movies, they bore me $*&^less and are dumb. I wouldn't touch brokeback mountain with a 100 foot pole. I hate that this guy is slated to play the Joker.
  15. I just hope this Zod -is from Krypton -a fearsome warrior and a master tactician -as powerful or more powerful than Superman -looks like Zod from Superman 2 only I wasn't too fond of the russian guy who went around calling himself Zod for awhile there. Hopefully the new Zod in the comics is going to stick around in Superman's Rogues Gallery for quite awhile. There is only so much that can be done with Lex Luthor.
  16. We'll see how he does but I still think Ledger as choice for the Joker is #WTF# Well, there is a high point to all of this. At least they didn't cast Dicrapio in this film. It would have made the Dark Knight film totally unwatchable for me.
  17. @loll@ Perhaps they will call her that. I'm not very happy now. Why oh why does Mattel like to do this? They show us the new Supergirl figure at the SDCC and then decide not to release her until an unnamed future wave. The first Supergirl didn't even make it to my local stores, they were all overstocked with wave one Batman pegwarmers and probably will again when the new Batman wave comes. I'm guessing my local stores skipped on the Superman wave of this line because they had overabundances of the Superman Returns figures.
  18. The day I do that is the day when hell freezes over and Heath Ledger actually makes a movie that doesn't make me #yuk@# or @puke@ . Basically, never going to happen.
  19. There's pics of her in that other thread Doom Saber mentioned. It's just repainted with black skirt and boots, and the yellow on the "S" shield was painted black too. @grumpy@ ???????? What????? From the pics from the SDCC the next Supergirl that was supposed to be coming out was the Kara Zor-El Supergirl dressed in the new costume featured in the current comics. So, any word on when the Kara Zor-El Supergirl will be seeing the light of day, or even see it at all? I don't seem to recall the Linda Danvers Supergirl ever wearing a black skirt. Did Mattel just make it up for no reason??
  20. So where is the Supergirl variant that was supposed to come out in wave four?
  21. The line will probably end for the U.S. shortly before the second Supergirl figure comes out. My local stores never even had the Superman wave, all they ever had were the peg-warming Batman wave. I had to get my Supes and Supergirl on an online store.
  22. It looks more like the Joker than Heath Ledger ever could be. Ledger will be a terrible Joker, he'll probably be like Ceasar Romero's Joker.
  23. Alot of research must have went into that. Neat.
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