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  1. Well I popped open an extra Shipwreck just to test it out with some vice grip pliers and it worked well, some of the tiny pegs broke inside but they will easily glue back together, only thing is that the upper torso just flops around once back together, its so loose, nothing was missing that wasnt there before so how do I tighten the torso back up?
  2. Yea that sounds kinda risky, thanks for the reply tho I appreciate it.
  3. Hey I got an easy question for all your customizing masters out there, how the heck do I split the torso on these new joes so I can switch arms? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. You can get a hold of a Zarana for a decent price, I got mine for under 30 bucks on ebay, They probably jacked up the prices now with this new pack coming out but I saw some after I one the auction going only as high as 20-30 dollars. I know thats still a lot to pay for one figure, but, I had to have her knowing that we would probably never see in mass retail.
  5. Now all we need is an updated classic Zartan, the new sculpting style is excellent and I would love a newer version of the classic Zartan look, painted just like my avatar. To go a stretch further, I would also be happy with an updated Buzzer, one that actually has the thigh guards on his legs like the original design, and either lose the elbow and shoulder guards on him or Ripper so they werent so similar. They could make that work with some of the new existing scuplts I think.
  6. Cant believe we are getting all the remaining 'noks in one pack, to finally get a Zandar and Zanzibar since their debut in the 80's is amazing, and not to mention the debut of Zanya, they really did an outstanding job in giving the fans what they want. That being said, now, im definately not a "nay sayer" or anything, but, did anyone else notcie the odd facial sculpting they chose for Zandar and Thrasher? They really dont look anything like their comic or cartoon conterparts, Thrasher looks like a guy in his 40's or so whose had too much sun, maybe its the eyebrows, and Zandars face looks nothing like him (in my point of view anyway) they almost look like you might know them personally, like an old high school buddy or high school teacher. Still preordered them b*tches tho lol, Anyway, so glad I got a Zarana on ebay for a decent price, cant wait for the whole gang to be reunited!
  7. Definatley great work they look great. Can i ask how you take apart the modern/25th style joes? i have some things id love to do regarding part swapping put dont know how to successfully take these guys apart.
  8. Watched and interview with Stephen Sommers and he commented on this design< he said he never liked the hooded version, but he does really like the chrome face plate look. He also said because this movie is called"The Rise of Cobra" we might see a more original design face mask in future films. (If their is a sequel of course) Glad to see that Zartan made it into the first film, being a high ranking member of Cobra he should be in the first. Sommer's said there are a lot of cameos in this move, one being Dr. Mindbender, he only has a small part though. Might see Firefly in the second. As for the movie figures, just thinking about getting Firefly and maybe SS and SE for custom parts but thats all. Also waiting for that 2-pack with Monkeywrench.
  9. LoL you know you drew those last week stop lying lol, j/k bro. I used to draw a lot of war themed chaos pictures too, tho mine were more stick figures lol
  10. i wouldnt say dat im new here. been visiting regularly 4 many years. jus havent been much of a participant in da forums as of late. yes, im talkin bout da sunbow joe toons. all of us hav diff tastes so if u dont like it, dats cool. same way i dont like resolute n others do. but my complaints bout resolute r specific. u seem 2 b pointing out da absurdities of da original joe cartoon. but dat was a diff time than now. toons r radically diff. but as far as storytelling, entertainment, n characterization, n even themes, resolute cant hold a candle 2 anything from da originals. granted resolute is a stand-alone, i understand that n tryin 2 compare an hour to several years aint necessarily fair. but lumpin all da original concepts n comparin it 2 resolute is wut im talkin bout. an ep here n there like ur doin aint how im makin my comparisons if im makin sense. if resolute is better dan da original joe cartoon as a whole, then tell me in wut way. cuz i can watch any ep of da original gijoe n luv it n not jus 4 nostalgia. yet i could barely make it thru resolute. Nevermind. My eyes hurt. Agreed
  11. If you look closly resolute Zartan is based off of the 25th Wave 3 Zartan from 2007. So there is no need for a "resolute Zartan" Plus I highly doubt we are getting anymore resolute figures anyways. He is slightly based off of the wave 3 Zartan but he is different, resolute Zartans chest armor is plated, and his hood looks more like a cloth wrapped around his neck and head to make the hood, look its no secret Zartan is my absolute favorite character Cobra or otherwise so its no wonder i pick up small details like this. I still would love this version of him, but the way hasbro has been lately.. he wouldnt be produced first off and second, if he was.... he would be a rehash of figures and wouldnt look exactly like this resolute version anyway. I totally wouldnt mind ridiculous amounts of re-paints or re-tooled Zartans like we get for Duke, CC, SS and SE
  12. Ok, this IS the ultimate GI Joe, this is how all of us older people used to play with our joe figures, anyway, now i really want a whole line up Resolute figures, loving the designs. Heres to hoping we get more characters down the road, im especially loving that Snake Eyes design and Firefly, CANT WAIT to see Zartan.
  13. Where did you get the idea these were supposed to be the "definitive" versions? IMO, if that were the case, they wouldn't have had TWO Snake-Eyes on there. Every promotion i have read has said that these are the "Definitive" versions of these characters, i might be wrong but thats what ive read for these guys, and we have 2 Snake Eyes figures because they are the 2 most distinct versions of him, (goggles and visor look) giving us the definitive V1 and V2...
  14. Nice score! The only HoH figure i have right now is Zartan, and i must say... hes a huge let down, never mind the horrible paint applications (i will get to those in a moment) i was excited to get an all Silver classic Zartan, the promo pics as well as the card art itself, shows Zartan with a silver chest plate and shoulder guards, while in actuality they are a metallic green, NOT silver, and it doesnt match his pure silver boots and silver outlined thigh plates. These are suppose to be the "definitive" versions of these guys and in my opinion, this isnt the definitive Zartan, Hasbro just cant seem to get him right in my eyes. He is also missing paint on his shoulders, the whole joint is skin color when it should be black, plus they didnt paint his belt black, when its black on the card art, and the paint is missing on his hips where his legs meet (just like the new Cobra boxset version) i had to fix all these minor paint isues myself but for what they are charging i shouldnt have had to. We are paying over $15 with shipping and handling for these guys, at least they could do is get the paint apps right. All and all disappointed with this guy...Im still on the fence though whether or not he is better than the wave 11 version, but he still isnt "the" Zartan....just have to wait and see about the other figures in this wave.....
  15. Great stuff, very creative but damn, some people just have way too much time on their hands.
  16. Nice custom jobs really, i do agree with Joe on the Slice and Dice, and the over wash on Zandars pants but still its better than i can do i respect your effort, please tell me because there have been many thoughts on this, but, how do you take these guys apart, with little to no damage to the figure, i really need to know, im going to have to do some part swapping with the new Zartan coming out and a few others, your help would be well appreciated. Keep up the good work man.
  17. Great thanks, will post it later
  18. I did a custom paint job on Zartan and want to post it here but not sure how too, if anyone can help it would be great, thanks!
  19. Can we see a front pic of that Zartan with the version wave 3 head on it, thinking about doing it myself...and did you get the green color off of him too ? Great pics man.
  20. Still waiting on Zandar,Zarana,Monkeywrench,Thrasher,Road Pig, Mindbender, if we can get these guys then i think im pretty much set
  21. Me too, the 2 Walmarts in Norwalk CT have a bunch of revision cases, and the Kohls has all of wave 10, well they did a few days ago, the Stop and Shops have a few revision cases as well.
  22. Mr Creed

    Wave 7 08

    Just got my Zartan from smalljoes.com on monday and the only problem i had was that the hip sockets werent painted the same color as his pants, so it made his legs look like they didnt fit into the socket, i have a paint that is exactly the color as his pants so it was easily fixed..looks much better now. He is an excellent figure. Now id really like to get a true Devils Due version of him.
  23. As for the "backwards arms" on Gung Ho, a few figures ive bought came like that...all you need to do is simply turn them around, then turn the lower part of the arm around too.
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