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  1. Three of the deluxe figures could be Airazor, Rattrap and Cheetor which make sense as they're all smaller characters compared to the other Maximals. So that's all the season one Maximals mostly likely accounted for. With all the voyager figures supposedly named, could all the season one Predacons really be deluxes other than Megatron who should be one of those two leader figures? Scorponok and Blackarachnia are smaller characters while Waspinator and Tarantulas are medium sized so those four could easily be deluxe figures. However Terrorsaur and Inferno are larger like Tigatron, Rhinox a
  2. Got my preorder in. Pretty good price all things considered. Still wish they do a version of Lobclaw to match at some point. Half Shell was with Turtler in the comics so he knew of Lobclaw's existence when he made his own team.
  3. I grabbed a green Psycho Ranger. Missed the Legacy version but at least I have one now. The other figures look great but I can't quite fit them into the budget at the moment. Role play items aren't my thing but I do like the stand the morpher comes with.
  4. Shame there's no Lobclaw redeco. I couldn't care less if he wasn't in the original. Scylla is an even more feminine retool of Tentakill. Or rather, the chest and head are retooled but the legs are "detooled". As in they've been reverted back to Moonracer's legs. Like I said, Tentakill is already pretty feminine looking even though it's trying not to be but it's greatly appreciated that they chose to really make Scylla stand out.
  5. I'm not a playset or vehicle kind of collector so while really cool, those are out for me. I'd be down for figures that are meant to be large though. So I guess old Toybiz ML build a figure retreads. Which is good for me as I only recently got into Marvel Legends. I'd say more TF combiners but there's no reason why they can't just release them individually as they do normally regardless if they're Generations or MP. They also do a titan class figure a year so we get large figures from Transformers and all that would be left is a Cybertron/Primus. Maybe an Animated ark/Omega Supreme?
  6. I love most of the designs for the sixth and extra rangers and other heroes. So I'll be down for things like Wolf Warrior, Sentinel Knight, Ninja Storm green samurai, Blue Senturion, Shadow Ranger and so on. While I don't want every bad guy, I do want most generals or baddies from the main cast. For the monsters of the week, just a few here and there would be cool. Ones that hold a higher significance on their season or in general and not every one from every season...or just MMPR. Every foot soldier is a must though. Tengu, Z putties, cogs, quantrons, krybots (all colors), chillers and m
  7. I see so many people commenting that they don't want to "double dip" on these molds already but I'm sitting here wanting the Transformers Collector's Club version as well now. I'm one of those who has a floppy Piranacon but I like the base figures enough to get another two more sets. I can always tighten up some of the joint to make them hold up better when combined. I just did it to Orthia so that she could hold a custom Botcon Knight Flareup as a weapon without her arms flopping down.
  8. I already made myself a Siege Deep Cover as I never thought they'd make one. Made Tigertrack and Clamp Down as well. Not really looking forward to more versions that are just dirtier though. Do something crazy like make Impactor in his FoC colors or something. Make Red Alert based on Animated Red Alert and use Chromia. However things like this are extremely unlikely as they'd have nothing to do with the show. I just really don't care for figures that are going to clog shelves because we have them already in a slightly different deco that doesn't change them enough to warrant a second, or
  9. It looks great, amazing even. However, I just don't really care. If this had been Beast Wars Bonecrusher instead of Sideswipe then I'd actually care. Yeah I know he's a bison, not a bull but close enough. I'm more trying to say that why make a Sideswipe beastformer or a Hot Rod beastformer when there's an abundance of beastformer characters that could use an updating instead. If you're bothering to make something like this then you're not worried about the limited and niche appeal of it so why not do a niche character anyway. It's just so odd when a third party company finally does somet
  10. "the most accurate representation of what Unicron looked like in G1" It's like they didn't even watch the movie. The only time he ever showed up in the movie in those colors was when there were laser blasts near him changing his color. The blasts or effects act as extra lighting sources and that's why they change the color. Unicron is orange and grey with a bluish hue. Not yellow and blue. And the silver, where did that even come from? Sometimes those parts appear white, sometimes just a lighter shade of the blueish grey but never silver. If this is to be the be all, end all of
  11. It is indeed and impressive figure. While I don't always agree with Anthony's Customs, he is correct with some of his complaints about the figure now that I have it in hand myself. The cape's segments should've all be molded as single strands. Also, the feet really do sit weird on the ankles. While it's nowhere near as bad as his video made it look, they do look disjointed. The cape also doesn't look all that bad either. It's just more of a shame than a major letdown. The colors and the overall look though, are amazing.
  12. 2007 Megatron looks pretty damn good. Shockwave too. I still don't like the Chromia mold for Nightbird. It looks amazing but so would anything in that color scheme. I just think that they stuck too closely to the design of Moonracer when designing Chromia. It shares all the limitations Chromia does but doesn't have an arm or leg mode to make up for it. I'm fine if they wanted to reuse the base design as they've done it before with G2 Smokescreen & Energon Starscream as well as with Energon Bonecrusher & Cybertron Hardtop but they didn't do enough different with Chromia to have ma
  13. I'm really enjoying the Bring Arts line but these FFIX figures are a tad pricey. I got Fei, Elly and Weltall for the same price as one of these FFIX two-packs. Even the DQXI two-Pack costs less. They're not any larger than any other Bring Arts figure and they don't have any extra accessories either. They might seem to have more tooling and might need more paint but I doubt it's really any more than the three Xenogears figures had.
  14. I can't wait to own this figure already. I love how some of the back kibble can shift down to the waist. It looks like Vierge from Xenogears that way. Some of the kibble is left on the back and looks like Vierge's "hair" and the car sides look like the skirt armor.
  15. I was excited to see some Thundercats figures at retail. Then I seen the prices. That price is a tad high. I don't know much about Matty Collector or Super 7 so I'm not too sure if prices like this are normal. Going by comments and videos talking about them though, I don't think they are. I just want some cool toys that aren't too expensive. I don't have enough to spread around these days.
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