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  1. I don't think we are getting 3 non-movie figures in wave 2, wave one is 5 figures and if they continue that trend we will have 5 for wave 2. One of those names match Scarlett from wave one so I think we are gettting 3 movies figs 2 non moves figs and a repack of Scarlett.
  2. For a toy collector his knowledge kinda sucked he said Thundercats ran till 90 it was over in 89 but the thing that made me cringe the most was when he said M.A.S.K was the precursor to Transformers.
  3. Look at the comic he comes with for starters, he was pretty much blue all through the Marvel run. Its just the way they colored black back in the day.
  4. You also have to remember these are comic packs so they have to kinda stick with the confines of the comic. Maybe Duke is the only character with a feasable easy repaint in this issue.
  5. I'm thinking with the rumor of the Viper coming soon that the vest belongs to him.
  6. I don't think he attacked you he just stated what he thought of the idea, I think your reading more into it then he ment. He called the figures "Atrocious" not you or your idea. Alot of people agree with him, none of the VvV or Spytroops figures matched up aesthetically. Alot of them were pretty ugly, thunder thighs, huge chests, mismatched weapons and just plain poor designs plagued those figures badly. And you admitted you stole the idea from Star Wars so I'm pretty sure that didn't take alot of imagination hence the "not very imaginative".
  7. I'm with TM. I am not liking the CG at all. What happend to his shotgun? Why is his eye slit so curved? Why is he cross dressing with high heel lady's boots? Then why are there so many revolvers all of a sudden? Couldn't Destro have his signature gun in gold? Dude what are you talking about? CG doesn't have high healed boots. That gun he has is freakin fantastic. And the IG destro didn't even come with a gun. Sounds like you are nitpicking just to nitpick Not to mention the CG never had a shotgun that is a great representation of CG original gun.
  8. I'm hoping we get a comic pack figure or rerelease down the road of her without the hat.
  9. Didn't Hasbro say that there would be a troop builder in every wave? The original List with Rock an Roll and the other 4 didn't seem to jive with that but now with these 4 additions it works. Maybe Hiss Driver or Viper will be wave 2 troop builder and the other would be wave 3, with these 2 lists we almost have enough for 2 more waves. I guess we will have to wait and see if this all pans out.
  10. I do have Jinx and also found I have Heat Viper 89. Like I said let me know if interested in any.
  11. I have a Barbecue and Wet Suit but both have tiny slits in bubble and paper money was removed. The others I do have are Mainframe, Falcon, 87 Cobra Commander and Sneak Peak, I might still have Jinx I will have to look. Let me know if interested in any.
  12. Sounds Like it was possibly switched out with a Volga.
  13. Yes,to remind you my topic was a general statment of frustration immediately after the incident occured, As for the insult you didn't call me an idiot out right but added the pretext "some idiot" and of course you direct that comment towards me. And again I said the kids not being into Joes thing is a based on my own personal experience with my son his buddies, and the kids in the toy aisles. I always stated that their lack of interest was my opinion, NOT absolute fact in the very same paragraph. There's always an exception, like i said before. That's why I was sure to say "in general". No one has to agree with me, I was just frustrated and started the topic because it's happened to people in the past, and I needed to vent and see what to do the next time this situation happens. Some people offered up some great advice and solutions in this thread, but you resorted to insults and flame baiting, So I had to call you out on it. Nothing personal, but that post was just mean and unecessary. Thank you for airing out what was bothering you in this thread in a civil and polite response. I Apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. Like I said I buy 2 of everything one for me and one for my son who is 13, he really likes these new figs and wants them all. He has been into GI Joe on and off Since Joe Vs Cobra then into Spytroops and VVV but I admit this is the first time he has been 100% serious about getting them all. As I said he bought the first 2 5 packs with his own birthday money and I made a deal with him that if I find the ones he needs I will buy them no matter what and he can earn them. Mainly due to the fact they are somewhat hard to find. I also apologize if you feel I attacked your son, It wasn't my purpose I added the 13 becuz I realised he had to be younger but I was trying to point out not everyones kid is as young as you seemed to assume. I understand you were frustrated I think we all are a bit, I went to Wal-Mart this morning and found a lone Red Ninja I couldn't help but feel frustrated then thinking I always seem to miss em by just a bit, I just missed wave 3 and if only I had come earlier like I originally planned I coulda nabbed em. It's hard trying to collect one of each 2 is getting to be murder.
  14. Well in that scenario you would be acting like a you know where this comment could go. Buy the son a set yeah right! That's as believable as the old "this money's going in you college fund give me a break" Now if your were talking about BEN-10 or Nintendo DS games, I might believe you, but I haven't seen the average kid interested in GI Joe for years (there's always exceptions). I guess I just had the idea that the toy aisle was one big joe con, almost like a brotherhood, and if you can spot a fan, make a friend kind of deal, he missed out on future trades, another local collector, all because he was in a big hurry to take 'em both and get the eff outta there before his conscience set in. MAybe I should have said the but it's for my kid line you like to use. But it'd be hard for my son tolet go of the death grip on his power rangers and legos. So know your calling me a liar, No offense but I don't need your brotherhood. My son has been collecting GI Joe on and off through Spy Troops and VVV and he has lots of old vehicles and figures I gave him. He has bought both 5 packs with his own money and has most of wave one. I guess if your 13 year old has a death grip on PR and lego then maybe you should be more worried about getting him out of diapers then who got the last 5 pack. I despise guys like you that try and start flame wars, that is so 2002. I don't care that other forums engage and entice it, but TNI is above the internet trash talking. That's why it's the only forum I'm a member of, and a proud one at that. Listen buddy, obviously I'm going off of personal experience. It's an opinion, I'm not the 13th apostle carving in stone. My son's 7, and him and his buddies could give two shakes about GI Joe, and I'm in toy aisles all the time it's just not the in toyline for kids these day, not their thing. The whole I'm buying it for my son excuse is one I've heard before, so I tend to disregard them. If you really have a son into Joe, that's awesome, and I'm sure a great bonding experience. I'm stoked your boy is into GI Joe, but he's the exception, not the rule. Next time you post, please make it relevent to the topic, I could tell by both of your posts you just an angry induvidual, there's no need to call me an idiot and then bag on my little one. Both posts were lame and vengeful, and that's why they been ignored by everyone in this thread. Bring a valid debate to the post next time you chime in please. You start a topic calling people you don't know an M'Fer and call people A'holes in said topic then attack everyone who disagree's with you. I made a simple joke about putting them on Ebay and you attacked me called me a liar, but I'm the one that starts flamewars. Then try and cover it all with I thought there was brotherhood in the toy aisle sorry but I smell the pot calling the kettle black. If never once called you an idiot but I guess your read into that all yourself, hey if the shoe fits wear it. And how do you figure its the exception and not the rule just cause you say so? A few posters have stated there kids are into the new Joes but I guess they are wrong becuz of your "personal experience". Next time I post make it relevent to the topic? I did that I stated why I would buy 2 you just choice to blow it off, call it a lie then mock it. But I guess its not valid if it doesn't bow down and agree with you.
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