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  1. Well, Yamats valks have always been pricy. WHy? I dont know, but they are. They're awesome toys though, with phenomenal detail! the vf-0S and 0A ARE 1/60 scale, but then relative to a VF-1 they are bigger planes. The 0 actually stands about as tall as a 1/48 Yamato in Battleroid mode. Its also packed with detail and has perfect transformation, something that Yamato was the first to perfect with the 1/48 series as well.
  2. Based on the pics at Sigma 6 central: Gallery 1: COBRA COMMANDER Ok, thats pretty much the CC i was telling people they would love. No chest action feature, the helmet is removable, and all black baby! I didnt get the first CC, and Im really glad! i dunno about the weapos though, i might have to try n get someone to send me the gear from CC1 or somthing... Overall though, an awesome looking toy. LT. STONE Wow. worst posed figure EVER! That said; some great elements to the toy there! The belt and gun holsters are fantastic, I love the design of the boots. The beret looks only so-so, but i suspect a part of that is the pose. His head looks to large in this pose as well, but i think its the angle. The weapon and armour is both very nice....Im a little suprised by the zartan head actually. Makes me wonder if we'll see some story of him disguised as zartan in the show. Like most people ill probably get a couple and turn some into permanent cobra troops. and the weapon seems to me like a kind of net gun. Like Pepsi mentioned in the other thread; take the missle out and u have a winner. I like the basic costume design, especially the boots, and the bionic arm is an EXTREMELY nice looking element. Overall a very impressive figure, and one im highly anticipating. ARCTIC SNAKE EYES AND TIMBER U have no idea how hard it was to not say anythign about having a TIMBER in the line. And he looks very very nice. the figure is worth getting for that alone, but there are a lot of otehr nice points also. The mask and jacket are very cool, and the snowboard is pretty sweet. I wonder if the mask is removable? It doesnt seem to be. If ever a figure was asking to be customised into a snowviper...but anyway. the first pics seem to show he comes with his standard tonfa sword, and he definitely has a lot of shiroken. The boot design is nice too, and the board itself is pretty sweet. Overall, its a nice package, and different enough from the regular snake eyes to be worth it. STORM SHADOW 3 Im not as sure on this one. and since theres only one pic of him, I guess Jus wasnt impressed either! the only real selling point for me is the scabbard that looks lik it can be pegged to SEs back. otherwise its all resued parts from the first SE and Kamakura. i think I may pass on this one, even to customise. theres just not enough there. NOTE: He has the same knees as chopper SE! Thanx for the point Pepsi! ZARTAN Theres not as much here to like as i expected for me. While he basic body design is fantastic, and i think the head and shoulders are really nice looking, his gear is just stupid. Lame oversized quiver, so so crossbow and a...what IS that otehr thing? Im not even sure! Might be better in person, I dont know. OK, as i go through more pics, the rossbow is kinda cool...but the man needs a gun! at least pistols! *sigh* Ah well. hes still nice, and i look forward to getting him, just not as much as many otehrs seem too. Gallery 2: GRAND SLAM Oh HELL YES! What an amazing looking design! This figure blows me away from go to woah! The basic costume design is really cool, with the sculpted bulky pants look varying things up significantly! the wicked looking knife and bazooka are both cool, and if any character looked right for a bazooka its this dude! I like the helmet as well, though I notice the visor doesnt tilt, its the whole helmet pushedback. ah well, still nice. His p90ish gun is possibly my new fav sigma gun...but it wont be staying with Grand Slam. It seems a bit too....small for him. even TRs MP5 would be better, especially with the strap. Lucky i have a few of those His bandolier is a nice accessory too. Adds some nice extra elements to the finished piece. Overall hes a winner. very very nice design and cool gear. sold! JETPACK STORM SHADOW Well, at least we get some new gear, bizarre as it is. There are some nice elements to be sure; the basic look of the figure is pretty good, and seems to be based off the Crossbow Stormy mold. the pack itself is actually pretty cool i think. It looks pretty deadly, and even as just a neat jetpack I like it. The scabbord for the sai is a nice touch as well. Is that a staff and nunchucks as his other accessories? Not bad, not bad at all. Definitely not my fav, but still pretty cool. Worth a couple just to have a few of the packs n belts! BLACK DUKE Wow. I cant explain why...but this figure just held me gaze right off the bat. I REALLY like the black/green look. Like Pepsi, my bet is on a Night Ops duke...and colour me sold! the belt and holster, the mask, the basic black all help pull me in to this very appealing figure.and the PISTOL! Wow! i really look forward to learnign more about this guy! Im intruiged! the big gun he comes with, and what looks like a pack thing behind him are both neat accessories as well. I cant wait for this one! HELICOPTER SNAKE EYES Did none of you see? Look at his KNEES!!!!! doubl jointed knees ona basic SE mold with good colours guys! The gear is just gravy! Short of any major foul ups along the line somewhere, THIS is my default Snake eyes to come! gah, in some shots even the elbows look double jointed! Wow! the Chopper pack i think looks really cool, and the big gun at his feet is neat as well. I like the chest and shoulder armour, and the visor is a nice looking piece as well. Ill probably give all that stuff to a Duke or soemthing. I like the gear, but that default snake eyes is just stunning me. Im so totally sold! Winner! Gallery 3: GLIDE WING KAMAKURA wow. i really like the glider! the figure itself isnt to bad. Once again, we get yellow which is upsetting. but i think Ill keep this Kamakura yellow. I have some ideas ona head mod to make hima different character. The blade fans are nice, and if they fold up will be spectacular weapons. the pack is the winning point for me though. I love the fold up glider idea, its very cool. the swords in there just add to the cool factor. very nice. Too yellow, but nice. SPIRIT 2 very nice jacket and knife holster. cool crossbow. otherwse...ima tad underwhelmed. the snake is a nice piece, but doesnt seemt o fit anything, and the other weapon..I dunno what that is! Still, I do like the kacket and crossbow, so Im in DEMOLITION TUNNEL RAT Biggest let down of the show. The colours suck, the gear is lame. Just a real waste. he has a couple of cool grenades and stuff, but...nah Im not into him at all. Probably pass. Gallery 4: Duke Quad Still cool, but seen before SE Quad. Booyah! Very Very nice lookin quad, and in camo paaint! Awesome! Lose the SE figure, give his helmet to someone else and we're on like Donkey Kong! sweetness! Overall Im psyched. Hasbro definitely has me in for these next few waves!
  3. Sig Strike Duke I thought was July. The quad came with Duke last I heard...
  4. thanx man Ok! Group shots! AND some repaints on the bikes:
  5. also just sculpted it. I use reeally bad stuff that dries in a little under 5 minutes. So the beard is a bit iffy up close. i did the moustache after i had finished the part round his chin, and up close u can see its not all even. I need to import some Apoxie putty.
  6. firefly starts off as a joe, but will apparently change sides to Cobra
  7. Well, with the new influx of Sig6's arriving at my door I sat down and spent a few days fixing them into new characters. and then since they were turning out better, I went and fixed up some of my older ones as well! So first, the updates: Shockwave was a V1 Snake eyes with the webgear off a TR. I originally just did bit of him blue, but was never 100% happy with him. So this time, i went over the blue cleaner, and added the darker blue "camo" stripes to make him more like his original counterpart. i gave him NOSE grenades and NV gear, TRs grenades, Armour SE's rifle and modded the backpack to fit a SE short sword and TR light. Overall Im much happier with him now, though he still isnt perfect. Stalker was changed only a little. I gacve him the gun from a Spawn figure that will eventually go to a Sci Fi custom i have planned. I repainted all the grey green, and eliminated the pael green stripes. I took off the previous hair I had done, and made a nicer tighter look.I then epainted a slightly lighter skin tone on him. The I split the back of the hemet to allow it to fit on him. Overall i think he looks badass. Oh; He was otiginally a V1 Snake eyes Body with a Spirit head. Recondo (Yes i decided thats who it is) Was otiginally Long Range. I shaved all the hair, filled in the eye scar and remolded hair onto him. when i went to fix him up, I found a betterskin tone, elminiated the camo paint on his skin (Which I never liked anyway). I remolded the hair to look bettr (Then forgot to take a pic) and then repainted a HD Bandanna for his head, and SE pants for his legs. He has a 12" figures gun and Backpack. i need a visor for him to be finished. Im much happier with him now than I was. Gen. hawk was a duke. He has LRs coat and Dukes switchfire pistol ina holster. Some random 12" rifle i bought. The changes are in the hair and skin; a better skintone thanbefore, and a lighter hair tone with grey at the back and edges. He looks a bit older now, and different to the other Duke figures. Beachhead 2 is a complete redo, since I sold my first one. v1SE body, witha modified head. I filled in the techdetails and hopefully made the mask look a little more like just a balaclava. He has a Moded TR belt (to make it fit better) with a legstrap and grenades froma Dukw, Rifle from JP Duke, grenades and pistol from TR> The backpack was a TR sled i cut up, glued Dukes grenades too and then added to spots of a cut up TR belt to add his grenades. The knife is Dukes ina modified snake eyes holster. Im trying to figure a way to do another knife thing and attach it securely to Dukes belt. Hey! New character! Barrel roll is a Jetwing duke with modified hair and the soul patch added. I painted all the dark blue bits ligter, both on him and his gear. I ended up giving him NOSE rifle coz it looks really cool with this figure. And then i had soem spare Switchfires, so i gacve him those (And gave his belt to Long Range) Inferno here is a HD v1, with a beard and mohawk added. Then i painted him red, and gave him Flame HDs gear. I gave all of the originals gear to HD, and Justin is right; it all looks better this way. Not much else to say on him,except ill probably not get any more HD figures unless they come with REALLY REALLY good gear. Not much else u can really do to custom, him into someone else and have him look different. Outback was my old Dusty custom, which i was never that happy with. I stripped off thebandanna i sculpted, painted up one ofhis jackets, sculpted hai and a beard for him and voila! He carries TRs gun and not a great deal else, except a visor (I need more!!!). I ended up painting the legs parts of the suit green and the top white, to be a little more outback like. I like this much better than i liked Dusty. Shipwreck has been done by everyone else. a TR with a beard, skin colour changed, hair n beard black and S suit blue toned. a couple oSE uzis and a SE web harness witht he shoulder pads cut off. Simple, ok looking...not the best. Spearhead was the desert Long Range. I cut his hair off and modded it to make it different, and gave him a new skintone. then i painted the suit a darker brown, and added stripes in a darker brown again. Added em to the hat, and at the last minute did up a spare Duke jacket I had the same way. some stripes on the bandanna and a rifle froma ML Bishop and hes done. i really need a decent machine gun for him. I think Spearhead is my personal fav; Im just really happy with how he came out. I also painted the bazooka black, but dunno who to give it too, so it can sit aside for now. Thats pretty much it. i gave the S6 Strom Shadow i had done the web belt from NOSE, andpainted it black. Wasnt really worth taking a pic of. So till next time some figrues come my way, Im done
  8. got my shipment finally with Snmake eyes and Long Range in it (And the SkyBAT, Jet Duke and Flame HD in it), and i like both figs. LR looks MUCH better in hand than the pics suggest, and Snake eyes has become my default SE. I split his gear up over other characters, but the fig itself is great. Oh, and his NV gear fits on some other characters. it def fits on original SE and Long Range.
  9. yep, it works fine. just boil for slightly longer than u would a legend, and take it slow.
  10. Well, i managed to polish off 4 and modify a fifth over the wekeend: Beachead was a Snake eyes head with a spirit body. I cut down then sculpted over the indian esque boots. the rest is just paint. Dusty is a repainted Duke with a sculpted Bandanna. Storm Shadow was easy; Ninja showdown body with a stromy head. i always liked it when Stormy wa sa Joe, so now he is Stalker came about after i started the custom. I liked the armoured SE body but wanted a different character. sp I put Spirits head on him, which Id already cut the hair off. But....i had no idea where to go after that. After ummign and ahhing I started to just sculpt this hair and goatea and....well, he became Stalker. And lastly is just a mod. i gave LR the spare spirit backpack i had, cutting it down and modding the interior to hold the barrel extensions on his rifle. I then decided to mod the visor he had been given by me, and so cut off one sides camera and added a telescopic one, which is from a ML Hawkeyes bow. And thats it from me for awhile! im now out of spare parts!
  11. iccant wait to get Stromy and the new BAT
  12. thanx all Seems people are of 2 mins about him. Ive had a few suggestions of Claymore, and Recondo is equal fav. 12inch gear is slightly to large for these guys, so any hat would have to be made, and Im not that good a sculpter. Hence he shall have to remain hatless for now. i tend to do the Sig 6 guys in more of a tribute than a letter perfect conversion. Im not enough of a huge classic Joe fan to be anal about how they look, as long as they're in the spirit of the character I want to represent. I'm working on Dusty now, whos has the VIBE of classic dusty, but isnt exact. thank u all for the kind words, they're much appreciated.
  13. all with citadel paints. dark angels green base with catachan green and scorched brown in patterns over the top.
  14. Recondo, or Footloose. im honestly not sure. He started off as Footloose, but after working on him for awhile, he sorta looked like recondo to me. Or maybe Ambush. But i wanna do a different guy for ambush so probably not him. Anyway, he is a Long Range figure with resculpted hair and a moustache. I also filled in the scar over his eye and through his eyebrow. I then camoed up dukes jacket and Spirits knife and...voila! he came out pretty well i think.
  15. well, here he is. Mostly Duke, with shaved down hair. only one switchfire pistol and LRs jacket. Im pretty happy with how he came out
  16. yeah but u should see the prices... As i said to u via PM brother, I find its easiestto either trade or buy from US sellers. If Joe has some; grab em! Take any that come your way, u can always custopmise extras!
  17. i like the Stromy more than i thought. Its different enough that a paint job will make him into someone else. Nice
  18. i dont think the animation bothers most people. Its the story.
  19. i got sent some sigma stuff froma friend in the US and customs opened the box. All the Sig 6 weapons not ina holster were just put loose into the box (The toys were opened) and as a result I lost Spirits little falcon perch thing and a set of dogtags. Not a huge loss, true. But its the preinciple of the thing!
  20. hey man, how do u prevent paint rub on your figures? All that white will come off when u pose him wont it?
  21. I should say Im not going for any great accuracy, more the spirit of the character. Shockwave is never gonna have a hat, because to me a swat trooper would be armoured up. and Im pretty sure there was a DEF version of Shockwave in swat armour anyway. But I could be wrong. And yeah Lifelines hea ddoes look like Shipwreck. that bothered me a bit actually, but I decided it was better than having him look like TR with new hair. Still, maybe Ill go back and make him beardless....
  22. Cloth pants were going to be added when i got the box set snake eyes/stormy
  23. Thanx all I was going for a slightly more armoured look with the Shockwave. When i have a spare, Im going to swap his legs below the knees with a Duke figure so he has boots. He'll also probably inherit a version of the second Snake eyes armour when i get it. The stripes on the costume isnt a bad idea. I might do that....
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