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  1. I'm really surprised how much I like that Duke. (Argh, if I buy it, then Hasbro would be encouraged to keep churning out more versions of Duke!) @firedevil@ I like the shock trooper. I would probably get two of those. Snake Eyes is okay, but I already have my perfect commando and ninja versions of him. If they did a black "Ninja Gaiden Sigma" repaint of Storm Shadow with a silver crest, then I would get him. I don't mind the funky sculpt, but I don't care for the colors. PharmV
  2. I don't mind costume tweaks or redesigns. However, I'd rather see Superman's enemies get more of a dramatic overhaul if anything. PharmV
  3. Just saw Quick Kick and Spirit at Toys R Us in Huntington Beach, CA. They are plenty of each left. PharmV
  4. If Hasbro decided to make a Cobra base for the Pursuit of Cobra line, what would you like to see? A big-ticket item like the Terrordrome? A classic cartoon-style base with a giant Cobra figurehead? While it would be cool to see a Terrordrome, I don't think we have enough collectors and fans of the line to justify a $100 item price point like in Star Wars. (I remember reading somewhere that the Rise of Cobra PIT headquarters didn't do too well, but that could just be hearsay.) Considering where the Pursuit of Cobra line seems to be going, I think it wouldn't make sense for Cobra have some grandiose base of operations anymore (since it got blown up in the movie). I would like to see something more mobile, like the ROCC, but smaller. Your thoughts? PharmV (By the way, if anyone is interested in seeing more pictures of the custom Cobra base I posted or even interested in buying it, go to the trading forum. Thanks.)
  5. Wait, is Voltron attacking the Statue of Liberty in one of those pictures? While those pictures do look like Bayformers, I have to admit that the classic designs would look pretty dated and possibly cheesy on the big screen. PharmV
  6. Very nice! Yeah, I wish Hasbro made an official white suit Storm Shadow. Pharmv
  7. The pics and review of the 5-pack Baroness at generalsjoes.com, along with your and Draven's recommendations make me want to get it, but that Baroness seems to run for at least $20+ (not including shipping) on Ebay. Hopefully, Hasbro will re-release it on single card some day. The 2nd movie Baroness has a good body sculpt, but I didn't like the head sculpt too much. PharmV
  8. I recently sold off a part of my Transformers collection to help raise funds for my church to build a mission center. As I was sorting out items to sell and items to keep, it struck me how my collecting priorities have changed over the years. I used to want to have every single version of Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream that came out. Nowadays, I tend to want to have only what I think is the "best" version(s) of the characters I like. For example, the only Optimii have left are WFC Prime, Galaxy Force (Cybertron) Prime, chibi Energon Prime (I think he looks cool powerlinked to Rodimus and holding Energon weapons), and the newest movie voyager Prime. I also prefer deluxes as my favorite size class now, although I will buy voyager-sized figures also. Ever since getting Animated Megatron and Ultra Magnus, I've decided not to get leader-sized or supreme-sized figures anymore (unless one day they decide to make WFC Omega Supreme or classics Overlord). The only other leaders I have left are the aforementioned Cybertron Prime, Cybertron Galvatron, Energon Galvatron, and Armada Unicron. I'm also finding I tend to like the repaints better than the original for quite a few figures now. For example, Banzaitron looks a lot cooler to me than Bludgeon (I guess his red mask reminds me of a hollow from Bleach). Has anyone else experienced something similar in their collecting habits? PharmV
  9. I recently had this thought when I got new Pursuit of Cobra Duke and Snake Eyes. I finally have found a version of Duke and (visored) Snake Eyes I really like, even though so many iterations of each character have come before. (City Strike Snake Eyes is my favorite non-visored version of Snake Eyes). Here are the figures I would like to see another version of (because I am not completely happy with any of the previous versions for whatever reason0: Destro (I haven't liked the head sculpts of any of the newer figures - I like the Spy Troops version 10, but he's so shrimpy) Helmeted Cobra Commander (I have the black Resolute version, but I would like a better blue version - the blue Resolute version looks like a grandma to me, for some reason) Scarlett (closest thing I have is the movie version in black suit, but I want one in a classic colors with a better head sculpt than the Resolute version) Tomax and Xamot in business suits (I like the 25th anniversary version in the gymnastic uniforms, but it's a pretty silly look for evil corporate types) Roadblock (Resolute version is good, but I want a face sculpt closer to the original cartoon) Baroness (pretty much every version seemed lacking to me in either face sculpt or body sculpt, although I heard the 2nd 25th ann. 5-pack Baroness was really good - I have an Agent Annika figure as my placeholder Baroness) What about you guys? PharmV
  10. Wait, what does having Fox News on label you as, exactly? I don't get why those people were so offended. Is it a liberal/conservative thing or something? PharmV
  11. The shock trooper looks nice. I could probably use those as new regular cobra troops. Is it just me or does Storm Shadow look like the main character from Ninja Gaiden Sigma (especially the helmet)? Intentional homage? PharmV
  12. Things I like about the prequel trilogy: - Some cool new characters introduced:Darth Maul, Qui Gonn Jinn, Count Dooku, Jango Fett, Mace Windu - Gave birth to Clone Wars animated series, which also introduced cool characters like Durge and General Grievous - Episode 1 is still pretty fun to watch Things I didn't like about the prequel trilogy: - A lot of the acting (e.g. emo Anakin), but that's mostly George Lucas' fault - All the cool characters I liked received either pointless or cheesy deaths - Yoda's decision to send Obi Wan to take Anakin out instead of having Obi Wan go with him to kill the Sith master in the senate - The creation of Darth Vader scene was unnecessary in my opinion and takes away from dramatic impact of Vader/Luke scene in Empire Strikes Back - Anakin and Obi Wan should have been a lot closer and acted more friendlier with each other (like Obi Wan was the only person in the world Anakin could trust), which would make the fight between them more tragic - Jedi seemed so awesome in Clone Wars, but died so easily after Order 66 was put into play (except for the Jedi that got killed in the spaceship - that kind of death I could buy) PharmV
  13. That's a pretty good haul, Viper Hunter. I was able to find wave 1 a couple of weeks ago, also. I only got one alley viper, though. He didn't seem to impress me that much in person for some reason. Speaking of hauls, has anyone else seen wave 2 in stores? I came across the following figures the other day at a Target in Westminster: - Destro in arctic gear - Recondo - Dusty - Zartan - Snake Eyes (in robo gear?) - Jungle viper This wave didn't impress me as much as wave 1, so I only got one jungle viper. I know lots of people think his camouflage gear is silly, but I actually think he's pretty cool in hand. PharmV
  14. Hmmm, I'd be happy with Blink, Abyss, Sabertooth, and Holocaust in additions to the ones already coming out. I can't think of any other cool characters from that crossover... PharmV
  15. On the plus side, they have Archangel. I've been slowly building my own minimates collection, and he seems pretty pricey on Ebay. I do agree that Deadpool is completely unnecessary. I think he's being a pushed a little too much lately. They should have put in Thunderbird or another X-Force member. PharmV
  16. What did you order, Drexl? Dang, and I was thinking about buying a Hunter Rose Grendel. Maybe I'll just wait a few more weeks and see how everything shakes out with Shocker Toys... PharmV
  17. Wait, there's an action feature for Snake Eyes? Is it like a spinning torso or something? PharmV
  18. My local Wal-Mart brought the price of Joes from $9.97 to $6.97. Just got an alley viper. PharmV
  19. My list... 1. Human Alliance Jazz 2. FP Munitioner/Explorer 3. Animated Blackout 4. WFC Megatron 5. BBTS Seacons PharmV
  20. The movie was a great Blockbuster rental for me, but I don't think I will buy this movie to see it again. [WARNING MOVIE SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!] I agree that this is one of the best DC cartoon movies out there. However, I think the movie would have been a lot crazier if Jason Todd killed Joker out right or at least permanently crippled him in front of Batman to show that he truly believed in his ideals. I mean, Jason Todd killed all those other drug dealers without a second thought. Other than the ending and the Amazo thing (how amazing is this robot if Batman, a non-powered superhero can defeat it by himself?), I have no other problems with this movie. I think the changes made from the original comic make sense. I liked Nightwing's personality in the movie. I don't think Batman's successor would have to be as dark and brooding as Batman. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. PharmV
  21. Was there any news on when they will bring out Battle Beasts minimates? The alligator one they gave out at Comic-Con is pretty cool. He's 3-inches tall instead of 2-inches. Overall, I got a pretty good haul from the San Diego Comic Con: - 90'x X-Force 4-pack ($17) - Taskmaster/USAgent ($10) - Sentinel/Rachel Summers ($8) - Nova/Gamora ($10) - alligator Battle Beast (free) I think Taskmaster is my new all-time favorite minimate! He puts the Marvel Legends version too shame. PharmV
  22. What I liked about your origin story is that it keeps Primus and Unicron from being gods of light and darkness. I also like the idea that Primus and Unicron would be originally built from a now-dead organic race. Personally, I've always preferred Unicron to be this mysterious weapon of mass destruction from antiquity, a surviving remnant from an ancient galactic war that destroyed both sides. PharmV
  23. Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't gotten Animated Arcee yet: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4024386 On sale, too! PharmV
  24. Man, if only Hasbro can make their Marvel Universe figures look as nice as your customs. Good work, SP! PharmV
  25. What Leroy said plus online stores like BBTS... Word of warning PharmV... These things gets real addicting... LOL Ha ha, these things are addicting! I just got the Iron Man/Titanium man 2-pack from my local comic shop. One more question - are the minimates compatible with Legos? I was just looking at their feet and wondering if they would fit with Legos. Thanks! PharmV
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