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  1. I just saw the movie and wanted to share my thoughts: Pro: - Sinestro is pretty cool in the movie - I kinda wish he would stay good in the sequel(s) if they get made - I really liked Hal's training session on Oa (best part of movie for me) - Seeing cameos of some of Green Lanterns in the group shots - Amanda Waller cameo Con: - The green lantern suits don't really look that good to me - Ryan Reynolds plays more like Kyle Rayner than Hal Jordan until near the end of the movie - Hector Hammond was a sucky minion - Two villains were combined into one - Power of the villain was fairly inconsistent (from planet destroying to being hurt by missiles) - Villain looked pretty lamed compared to comics version - Lots of Superman music was cribbed in the movie - Hal needed a "Spiderman moment" to start being a superhero - Guardians are still lame (to be fair I never liked them in comic either) In summary, I think there was wasted potential in the movie. It almost seemed as the movie sped through all the outerspace segments at breakneck speed then slowed to a crawl in the earth segments. I understand that regular movie-goers might not dig the cosmic stuff, but the pacing was a little erratic for me as a result. Also, the climactic battle should have been longer and cooler, especially with the power of imagination. I liked Thor and X-men: First Class way better than this movie as far as comic book movies go. PharmV
  2. Looks like Ross is getting the GI Joe mechs. They had both the Joe and Cobra mechs at the store in my area for $7.99 each. PharmV
  3. Very nice! I was thinking of doing something similar using the bald female Rebel pilot. It's kind of weird how female Star Wars figures heads seem to be better than GI Joe female heads on average, though. PharmV
  4. I've warmed up to this series, but I'm not sure I like having Ripcord around with bio-viper powers. (I personally don't mind bio-vipers as bad guy cannon fodder.) However, it would be interesting to see where they go next from here. The most obvious answer would be to take Ripcord to General Abernathy and clear their name. PharmV
  5. I, too, will miss Dick Grayson as Batman. I thought he and Damien made for interesting partners, especially since Damien thinks he can be a better Batman than Dick. I can understand why in the Marvel Universe Steve Rogers has to go back to being Captain America because of the movie, but I thought DC had a previous history of "passing the torch" to new characters (e.g. Green Lantern and Flash). I like the idea of Bruce becoming a mentor type figure to the next generation. Perhaps DC is chucking the "legacy" concept out the door in this new universe, hence no JSA? PharmV
  6. Bleedingcool.com has a sneak peak at the new Superman #1 cover. I have to say I'm not liking the design tweaks on his costume. I can dig ditching the red underpants, but the armor-like touches to his costume seems out of place. You would think that out of any superhero, Superman wouldn't need any armor because of his near-invincibility. Based on the cover preview art from Yojoebro's link: - Batman mostly unchanged (only Babs now Batgirl and Dick goes back to being Nightwing) - Flash looks the same - Aquaman looks the same - Green Lantern looks the same (only new thing is there's a Rainbow Corp book in the relaunch) - Martian Manhunter now hanging out with the Authority (will he be more grim and gritty now?) - Green Arrow looks mostly the same with some minor design tweaks - Wonder Woman has new costume, probably will be revamped a lot - Superman has a lot of design tweaks, looks younger, maybe revamped quite a bit? PharmV
  7. Well, based on all the info that's come out so far, it looks like Batman doesn't get changed too much relative to the other DC superheroes. The "Leviathan" story arc from Batman Inc. is going to continue next year. Only major change it looks like to me is that Batgirl is going to be an uncrippled Barbara Gordon. Since a lot of things are going to change in this relaunch/reboot/re-imagining/etc, any changes you want to see happen? A single Superman as it is rumored might happen? Aquaman with characterization from the Brave and the Bold cartoon? My friend and I were thinking what could be done to make Wonder Woman cool, but we came up with nothing. PharmV
  8. Well, there are like 52 DC universes, right? I think it's better to think of this relaunch as focusing on one of the other universes for a while instead of the current one. If this relaunch can somehow make Superman and Wonderwoman cool, then I'm all for it. On the other hand, I'm really digging the current direction of the Batman and Green Lantern books, so it's sad to see those stories go away... PharmV
  9. Very nice. Can you give me a rundown of which BAF goes with which figure? PharmV
  10. Wow, those customs bring back so many fond memories of my brother and I playing Streets of Rage together back in the day. Excellent work, GDX! Would you consider doing some of the boss characters? PharmV
  11. Good reviews, Zedhatch. Looking forward to these two figures. PharmV
  12. Dang, you DO NOT mess with Cobra Commander, even when he's weak and sick! I have to say, the Renegades iteration of Cobra Commander seems like the most dangerous version yet... PharmV
  13. Wow, I really like that Bleez in the Red Lantern photo group! PharmV
  14. Whoa, the POC Viper is really that much taller? PharmV
  15. Is it just Wal-Marts, though? All the Wal-Marts in my area have tiny sections for leftover joes from the arctic Destro wave, but the Targets in my area are pretty much in the same boat. The only place that gets anything new is the local Toys R Us, where I was able to get the cool Snake Eyes (the one with two heads and lots of gear) last month. PharmV
  16. Very nice work! Cobra CLAWS is my favorite, followed by the neo-viper. Joe vs. Cobra is what got me back into collecting Joes. PharmV
  17. All of Predakingrules ideas are good. I would add: - DOTM leader-sized Black Zarak - DOTM voyager-sized Unicron (to be in scale with a supreme-sized DOTM Primus) - DOTM voyager-sized Blitzwing (based on Animated design with three heads) - DOTM Breakdown (from War for Cybertron video game) - DOTM Sharkticon - DOTM Quintesson (updated version of Alpha-Q, but with 5 heads) PharmV
  18. I would like to see: Transformers - Marissa Fairbourne - Old Snake Sigma 6 - Cobra Commander with cowl and open helmet - Lt. Stone GI Joe Extreme - Iron Klaw - any good guy MASK - Miles Mayhem - any good guy Action Man - Action Man - Red Shadow soldier Tomax/Xamot in business suits Everything on Straight Edge's list. PharmV
  19. Ha ha, I didn't read the first post completely. I thought it was going to a picture of Jessica Alba eating a donut in front of Yum Yum Donuts. I was wondering how they got her to promote their chain... PharmV
  20. Apocalypse. This probably will be the closest representation of the classic comic version for me. (The Marvel Legends BAF would have been perfect if it weren't so huge.) All other toy versions of Apocalypse make him too squat and chunky. Honorable mention goes to Taskmaster (perfect comic book representation - better than Marvel Legends, IMO). PharmV
  21. Good review. You should definitely do the Ertl John Deere monster truck treads tire mod. It makes the VAMP even cooler. I do agree with the criticism of the red undercarriage, which is why I painted mine brown. PharmV
  22. But they don't really show it. Snake Eyes has his back to the camera,so it's pretty much up to your imagination what happened. thought I saw some blood drip out but it could have been the the lighting on another note I really don't like the Phantom of the opera mask on Cobra Commander the WW2 trench coat looks cool though The "phantom of the opera" mask is growing on me for some reason, and the full mask looks pretty cool from the toy fair pics. The only thing I don't like about Renegades so far is too many characters are getting scarred up to match the cartoon or movie personas: - Cobra Commander seems to be hideously scarred (like in movie) - Snake Eyes seems to be hideously scarred also (like in comic book), but incident is independent of him losing his speech - Major Blood lost an eye (like comic book) - Destro gets mask drilled into his head and is seemingly unremovable (like in movie, well kinda) - Scrap Iron gets faced messed up (like in comic) - Zartan gets blackened eyes (like in comic), but I admit that was interesting way to get to his iconic look @firedevil@ PharmV
  23. Anyone consider that this drop might be temporary? Since GI Joe doesn't really have any supporting media besides the cartoon (and Renegades toys won't show up until fall), maybe Wal-Mart is cutting down on GI Joe for now to make room for the upcoming movie toy tie-ins like Thor and Green Lantern? I know in my area all of the Wal-Marts stopped carrying DC Universe Classics for a while until wave 12 (Darkseid wave) and then they all started carrying them again (wave 15 is available in my area as of now). PharmV
  24. A third option would be to wait for the deluxe Starscream from the new movie line coming out this summer... PharmV
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