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  1. Nice. I got a set of the four Renegades figures from BBTS myself recently. Cobra Commander is cool, but the face on the half-mask is not intimidating like in the cartoon. I'm surprised how much I like Firefly. Snake Eyes and Duke are just average (although I do like Snake Eye's webgear). PharmV
  2. What the...? Dang, Abel looks like a little kid! He should way bigger than Guile! I might pick up one of these packs if I see them in stores just to see how they compare, but these photos don't look very promising. PharmV
  3. Very nice. I really like Clive and Tanzio. PharmV
  4. Green Lantern #1 is good, but only if you've been following the story for the past couple of years. Otherwise, I would say this is a horrible issue for new readers. Same thing for Red Lanterns #1. PharmV
  5. Heh, I actually kinda like Sportsmaster. He is way more badass in this show than he has any right to be (considering how lame every single previous iteration of him is). I always liked Aqualad, but Red Arrow and Superboy are growing on me. They're growing up a little, and acting less douchey than in previous episodes. PharmV It really is awesome. Before tonight, I don't know if I would have said it's the best, but tonight's episode was bada** and I agree with you. That's why I'm worried CN will screw it up again. It's so hard to catch this show cause it seems like it's never on at the same time week to week. But that's another discussion. Red Arrow is just plain cool. So is Aqualad. I've always been a Robin fan, but I like both of them more than Tim in this show. Actually, Robin is probably one of my least favorite characters. He's behind Arrow, 'Lad, and Superboy. He's ahead of Kid Flash, though. My only complaint about tonight is Sportsmaster, who I think is lame.
  6. I got Stalker, hazard viper, and an iron grenadier at my local Wal-Mart today. I really like the card art style - very striking. PharmV
  7. I think Thanos is more powerful than Silver Surfer, having been able to shrug off attacks from the likes of Odin. He is considered a galactic-level threat in the Marvel universe and the combination of a cosmic cube and the Nova force only slowed him down in the last cosmic crossover. (Interestingly, as a side note, I recently found out that Jim Starlin originally based Thanos off of Metron, but was asked to beef him by his editor.) I think Thanos is probably on par with Darkseid, but it's hard for me to tell because it seems like Darkseid's power has been watered down over the years. How does a fully-powered and well-written Darkseid compare to Superman, by the way? I would think Darkseid would be stronger, but I have no idea. The only thing that prevents me from ranking Superman as a total beast (although he already is in the upper echelons of power) is that I haven't really seen him utilize his powers to their maximum potential. Only clever use of his powers (besides All-Star Superman which isn't in continuity) in recent years that I know of is when he beat those Authority knock-offs. Even Batman has said the same thing about Superman. Slightly off-topic, but is there anyone here besides me that gets annoyed that Batman usually beats Superman in the comics? I like Batman a lot (my favorite DC character), but beating Superman and taking on cosmic-level guys like Darkseid is a bit much for my tastes. PharmV
  8. I'm probably more of a Marvel fan if anything, but I'm pretty sure DC superheroes are more powerful than Marvel superheroes overall. Even though post-Crisis Superman has been greatly de-powered (no more throwing planets around for you, son!), he's still pretty powerful. I would say he could beat Thor in a fair fight more than half the time, although the advantage goes to Thor the longer the fight lasts. Thor's final lightning attack could take out Superman after a long slugfest, but he'd really have to wear Superman down before he could use it. I think Thor is probably a better fighter than Superman (Thor would win if they were both de-powered), but Superman has so many weapons in his arsenal to use against Thor. Therefore, I would say Superman would beat Thor 6 out of 10 times, but he would be pretty jacked up after the fight. Superman could beat Hulk 8 or 9 out of 10 times, given that Hulk's power level is variable depending upon his rage level. Only way Superman loses is if he did something really messed up to enrage Hulk, like vaporize Betty or Rick Jones with heat vision in front of Hulk's face. Only then I would think Hulk would have enough anger and therefore power to take out Superman. However, Superman would never do anything like that. Gladiator would be a tougher fight than one would think (isn't Gladiator basically a Marvel version of Superman?), but I think Superman would come out on top 7 out of 10 times. As much as I like Iron Man, no way does he win against Superman in a solo fight. Armor and technology can only go so far, in my opinion. Juggernaut would be tough for Superman initially, but I think Superman would eventually take him out once he knocks his helmet off. Silver Surfer is probably the only character mentioned so far that could take out Superman more than half the time. It's not exactly fair since Silver Surfer is on another power level altogether, being powered by the Power Cosmic. Anyways, that's just my opinion. I have to say it's rather amusing to see people get so pissy about which superhero is the strongest. It's kinda like watching hardcore basketball or football fans arguing which player is the greatest of all time. PharmV
  9. That actually wasn't half bad. I would've watched the series. While I would watch a Wonder Woman movie, is it even possible to make a good movie that the mass market audience would also want to see? I mean, even though Wonder Woman is a venerable character, has she ever had a good successful and popular comic book run? It seems she has been rebooted more than once in the past few years, but she hasn't found any success. I mean, up until the "New 52", DC has been struggling to make Superman a high-selling comic book. Do they even know what to do with Wonder Woman? PharmV
  10. I am lucky enough to have both the SDCC and ML versions. I have to say I like the SDCC better, if only because in my mind the ML version is Rover (the good Sentinel robot) from the last New X-Men storyline. PharmV
  11. Thanks for sharing. This was a welcome antidote to watching the (allegedly) two new altered scenes from the Star Wars blu-ray: Darth Vader yelling "noooo!" in ROTJ climax and the goofy krayt dragon howl in New Hope. PharmV
  12. The holographic doctor was my favorite character in the series. The series started out interesting, but ran into too many "hit the reset button" episodes, in my opinion. PharmV
  13. Thanks for the pics xhairs! I originally was going to pass on the Black Dragon VTOL, but I think I'm going to get one now. PharmV
  14. The only thing that would tempt me to buy that Blu-Ray is that Sinestro Corp Batman skin for Arkham City. However, ~$20 for DLC would be too much for me. The main reason I think Green Lantern was the weakest movie is that the main villain got so messed up in the translation from comic book to movie. Comic Parallax Comic Krona Movie Parallax I didn't like how the comic versions of Parallax and Krona, who each should've headlined a movie as the main villain (and had better visual designs), were combined to make a watered-down blob monster in the movie. (I agree with Spidersam that Galactus is the worst comic-to-movie translation of a character, though.) All the other comic movies had pretty cool villains in comparison (although I admit it was disappointing that Destroyer was beaten way too easily in the Thor movie). I also thought movie Green Lantern seemed the least like his comic counterpart compared to the other comic book movies. I felt Ryan Reynolds was a little too jokey as Hal (I still think he would've made a great Kyle Rayner), but that's probably more the script's fault, if anything. I won't get the Blu-Ray or watch Green Lantern again, but I do hope they make a (better) sequel. (I think GL should have at least broken even now if you factor in the world box office results.) PharmV
  15. Thanks for sharing the WIP pics! Very slick custom (and I normally don't care for the Penguin). I can't wait to see your takes on Riddler and Scarecrow! PharmV
  16. I am totally in if Iron Klaw and Old Snake are announced to be part of the sub! PharmV
  17. If I were a 6-inch collector, I would get a sub. It's a little pricey, but I would think it would be worth to be able to get Poison Ivy and cool-but-kids-would-never-buy figures like Metron (and his chair). PharmV
  18. So awesome! If only there were official Marvel Legends (or even MU) style MVC toys... PharmV
  19. I'm probably one of the few Joe fans who never cared for the Terrordrome, but that Shadow Drome custom is very impressive! The colors really pop! PharmV
  20. Nice. I like the skull head. Did the Red Shadows have anything like this in the comics? PharmV
  21. Sucks, Zarana sold out while I was in the payment processing line. At least I was able to still get a Sentinel with free shipping, so no complaints here. PharmV
  22. I recommend Onyx Phoenix Productions. http://onyxphoenixproductions.ecrater.com/c/1304755/custom-cast-head-sculpts I've bought stuff from them a couple of times and the casts have been pretty good. PharmV
  23. So what do people want to see in a Green Lantern sequel? More cosmic or more earthbound events? I just want Sinestro to stay a quasi-good guy in the second movie and not turn into a villain yet. Any ideas for a good villain? I don't know much about Green Lantern's rogues gallery pre-Sinestro War, so please post pics of your ideas! PharmV
  24. I guess this reboot or re-whatever doesn't bother me as much because I haven't followed DC characters as long as some people here. For example, I only thought Green Lantern became interesting after the whole Sinestro War arc (but that led to the whole rainbow war which quite a few people may be unhappy with). I think I will try a couple of the books out of curiosity. PharmV
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