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  1. There is a pretty cool Transformer-related Kickstarter project called Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts, where you have little mechanical beasts that partsform into weapons. The weapons are designed to fit 5mm peg holes. Note I am not a part of the Kickstarter project; I just think it is a cool idea. Check out the Kickstarter link and pledge! PharmV
  2. My main problem with MOS is that I felt the Superman/Lois relationship felt very forced. I personally thought Superman had more chemistry with the bartender girl than Lois. I can accept the "disaster porn" and collateral damage in the movie as part of Superman's inexperience and as a set-up for someone (namely Lex Luthor) to take advantage of the circumstances to make a name for himself in the rebuilding process and ride a wave of anti-alien hype. One regret I have of MOS is that it effectively kills the Dark Knight universe and reboots Batman. (I would have liked to see a new Batman under the cowl with Bruce Wayne as his benefactor in another Nolan movie.) PharmV
  3. While I like the greener color of the Encore 20 better, the re-decoed heads and the more cartoon-accurate Devastator head sculpt of Encore 20A leads me to choose the latter. I say get Encore 20A. It's worth it, even though BBTS is selling it for $10 more. PharmV
  4. I dunno, I like Shazam as an exclusive. He's an iconic character, but not one in high demand. What if the exclusive were a character everyone was excited about? Then we'd all be complaining we can't get the exclusive because it sold out so fast. @smilepunch@ PharmV
  5. Awesome customs, as always, Jin. I could totally see that the Cyclocon 2.0 body could make for a decent Airrachnid... PharmV
  6. I am cautiously optimistic about the movie, although I was lukewarm on 300 and Watchmen. The only think I don't like about the new movie so far is that they are re-hashing Zod and his minions. I would've preferred other Superman bad guys besides them or Lex Luthor, honestly. PharmV
  7. Just a heads up, it looks like Toys R Us re-stocking the Transformers Prime deluxe Optimus Prime versus Megatron two-pack with DVD. I got mine the other day for $29.99. PharmV
  8. Wow, that's pretty crazy. I only got Batgirl #13 a couple day ago because the guy working at the comic shop told me it was a tie-in to "Death in the Family." On the plus side, the actual tie-in was very minimal, so people won't miss much. I'm pretty sure DC is going to reprint these issues out the whazoo anyways. PharmV
  9. These look cool, but I kinda wished they made GI Joe minimates instead. PharmV
  10. SPOILERS: Cyclops grabbed all the power of the Phoenix for himself. Professor X tried to stop him, but Cyclops killed him in retaliation. Cyclops started crying afterwards, asking why was he pushed to this point. Immediately afterwards, he went into Dark Phoenix mode. PharmV
  11. It's a bit early for me to tell since GL#13 was basically a set-up issue. We still don't know much about Baz yet. We did see a sign of Hal and Sinestro in this issue - in the form of a message to the new ringbearer. @smilepunch@ In the context of the story, it makes sense to remove Hal and Sinestro off the board since the Guardians are pretty much hell-bent on taking out all the Green Lanterns. Wasn't Kyle Rayner introduced under similar circumstances, when it was thought that all the Green Lanterns were dead at some point? (I didn't start reading GL until after Rebirth.) PharmV
  12. From this issue, I speculate that Baz is carrying gun because he doesn't know or trusts the power of the GL ring (at least early on for the next few issues). He probably chooses a full mask because he is a fugitive and doesn't want anyone to know who he is (especially his sister, I'll bet). PharmV
  13. I got Green Lantern #0 - WARNING SPOILERS BELOW S P O I L E R S Let me give a little context first, or the issue won't make any sense. You pretty much have to have been reading Green Lantern for the past few years as Green Lantern somehow survived getting rebooted in the New 52 universe (along with Batman). The Guardians (Green Lantern's bosses) have pretty much gone crazy and/or turned evil. They have decided that free will is causing too much chaos in the universe. They plan to eliminate all the other color corps, as well as destroy their own Green Lanterns. They are going to raise new warriors as their so-called "Third Army." (I am assuming the Manhunters were their first army and the Green Lantern corps were their second army.) The Guardians travel to a secret prison holding a being called "the first Green Lantern." It turns out the TFGL has been guarded by a group of Guardians for the past billion years because he is so powerful and unstable. The other-Guardians refuse to release TFGL and a fight ensues until the containment unit breaks and leader of the other-Guardians is killed. The Guardians take the TFGL away in his lantern-prison and lock up the other-Guardians. Around this time, Sinestro (with a Green Lantern ring) and Hal Jordan (whose ring is empowered by Sinestro because the Guardians dismissed Hal) are fighting Black Hand on earth. The Guardians warp to earth and give Black Hand a power boost. He sucks Sinestro and Hal into his black ring, "killing" them. Before they get sucked away, Sinestro tells they must concentrate together to find a replacement not of the Guardians' choosing and leave a message on the ring. The Guardians thank Black Hand and decide they will employ him to help "save the universe." They teleport him against his will to the secret prison. Black Hand can't stop them because his boss Nekron (a being powerful enough to withstand the Guardians) is dead. The Guardians use the power of TFGL (much to his protests) to create the first soldier in their third army, which looks like a bluish zombie monster with no mouth. A police officer unfortunate enough to investigate the battle scene gets attacked by the zombie soldier, who transforms the police officer into a similar being like himself. In the process the police officer's heart pops out. The Guardians are satisfied as these soldiers have no mind of their own and blindly follow the Guardians' will. The Guardians then send one soldier out into the universe to create more soldiers and the other one is to create an army on earth. Okay, now to the actual issue #0. Simon Baz is an Arab American who has fallen onto hard times. He was laid off at the auto plant and has been stealing cars to make money. As he is being chased by the police in his latest heist, he is horrified to find out that there are bombs packed in the back of the van he took. He drives the van back towards the abandoned auto plant and jumps out. The auto plant explodes Baz is taken into custody as a suspected terrorist. (Apparently he gets taken into Guantanamo Bay or some place outside America.) He tells the interrogators he is a car thief but not a terrorist. During the interrogation we learn that Baz used to street race back in the day, but he survived a hideous car crash that killed his brother-in-law. (We now learn part of the reason Baz steals is to make money to help out his sister and her kid.) We also learn that the tatoo on Baz' forearms means "courage." The lead interrogator decides to subject Baz to water-boarding. The second interrogator (Agent Fed - yeah, seriously) protests but reluctantly goes along with it. Apparently, the lead interrogator doesn't like Agent Fed, but can't get rid of him because he is on Amanda Waller's good side for some reason. Baz tries to resist getting waterboarded. Just as Agent Fed draws a gun on Baz to make him stop resisting, Sinestro's GL ring breaks in and chooses Baz. Baz busts out, much to everyone's shock. Agent Fed reports to Amanda Waller about the incident, but she decides not to tell the Justice League. However, Batman intercepts this conversation and tells Cyborg. Baz crashes someplace and is unconscious. His ring is glowing with a status notification of "message waiting." Meanwhile Sinestro and Hal are in a black and white place, confused to their whereabouts.
  14. I really like all your customs Jin, but this is my favorite one ever! PharmV
  15. Very nice! Did you use Psylocke as the base? PharmV
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