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  1. Bryan Flynn said today in the Fwoosh-cast video that she will finish production that Friday and begin shipping out of the factory the following week (I think this interview was made last week), but he did say that it might take up to 90 days to have them in their warehouses in the US so I'm thinking we probably wont be seeing her shipped to costumers till the beginning or mid august!
  2. Finally the figure Ive been waiting since I was a little kid, need this now!
  3. Is it just me? I know Arnold was huge back then but the shoulders on this figure still look too big to me (just like the iconic pose one), maybe its not the shoulders but the legs being a too small for the arms, if the legs were longer then the big arms wouldnt look that weird.
  4. I understand these designs (and the death metal ones) are right on point with the McFarlane brand but Its getting kind of old with all the Batmen (both in comics and in this line of figures), having so much batman everywhere makes the character boring, and takes aways a little of the special. As for the Mcfarlane toys Im these are cool looking and Im sure McFarlane is trying to capitalize on these desings as fast as they can before the next thing comes along in the comics, but come one they have the rights to ALL the Dc universe and so far the line seems to be more like Batman and a couple Friends... "sometimes", rather than DC Multiverse. Its time they start making figure of other characters outside "the Batman" comics, (yeah I know someone will say theyve done superman, flash, wonderwoman 84 and teen titans cyborg, and im not complaining about those its just there should be more of a balance between batman characters and the rest of the dc universe not like now where its about 80%batman/20%the rest.
  5. Intresting, interchangeable chestplates, the figure looks nice, too bad its a mezco exclusive those tend to sell out so quickly
  6. I agree, its not a matter of making recurring characters or not its more of a character that has more importance in the series than a character that only apeared once or that even though was a recurring character was just a third tier character only there to fill in space like those sheep things, just like you mentioned there are several villians that appeared in one or two episodes that were better than that Pumm-Ra (specially since he's basically just mumm-ra disguised, and we already hace 2 mumm-ras already, why not give us other characters). Im sure Ratar O will be released soon (probably in wave 6) since theyre making one Mutant per wave so far with Vulture Man most likely being in the next one, but They could have easily started With the Berserks or the Lunatacks in this wave, have one Thundercat, one mutant, one ally/standalone character like snowman is and one lunatack or berserk would be a great balance in each wave.
  7. I agree, its not a bad looking figure but as much as he is a character from a very well liked episode I dont think they should have made him so early in the series, there are a ton of characters that are more "important" than these 3rd tier characters they are putting in each wave, there are 5/6 Lunatacks (5 if you pack luna with amok), 4 Berserkers and a ton of other characters that should be done before these very episode specific characters, and dont get me started on the fact that we're 4 waves in and still no Snarf/Snarfer. As for the rest, Monkeian is the only one that Im completely good with, I like Linx-o but he's a little light on the accesories (thats a very empty looking package compared to the rest, they could have included snarf or snarfer with this one) and that Snarling head is looking weird, I would have rather him come with a head done in transluscent plastic with the face painted to simulate his glowing eyes/ears when he uses his powers, and even though Snowman looks really nice I would have prefered them to make him in a deluxe single release with snowmeow (which would free the space in this wave for someone else)
  8. It doesnt, I think it was wrongly labled or you read it wrong, its the other way around, the Pumm-Ra figure comes with an extra bigger scaled Snarling Pumm-Ra head (it seems to be the same sculpt as the normal snaring head only done in a slightly larger scale) this one will fit over the Mumm-ra the eveliving Body (its scaled bigger to be in proportion that bigger body), So no, We're not getting an extra snarling Mumm-ra head.
  9. I'd like to see wave 4 be: - Lynx-o - Monkian - One of the Twins with Snarf - Though I'd like to see vultureman Im sure theyll instead make the 4th figure a less important character secondary character like they did with Captain Cracker for wave 5 Id like to see: - Bengali - Vulture man - The other Twin with Snarfer - And start with one of the Pirates or the Lunattacks Then they could just keep releasing for each wave the rest of the lunatacks and or the pirates along with another third tier villian, and secondary ally like Willa, Nadya, maybe make 2 packs of the berbils (like Ro-Bear-Bill with Ro-Bear-Bob and Ro-Bear-Belee with Ro-Bear-Bert) I'd also like to see special Deluxe oversized figures as standalone figures in between waves like: - Mandora and her ElectroCharger - Snowman & Snowmeow Set - Hachiman and Dojikage - Luna & Amok - Some of the smaller vehicles like the Thunderclaw, the Hovercat, The mutant Nosediver and The mutant Sky Cuter, and Chilla's Ice Runner. And then do a yearly big vehicle like the Thundertank (first), The Thunderstriker, The mutank, The Fistpounder.
  10. I hope neca doesn't only do Homelander and Starlight figures, I really want them to make more of the cast.
  11. Im thinking masterverse will be Mattel's Replacement for the DC Multiverse line they used to make but with MOTU characters (having figures from all sorts of media, like classic cartoon, 2000x, movie, comics and the upcomming cartoons), or atleast thats their plan. As far as the first wave Im thinking it'll be a wave that ties in to the MOTU Revelation cartoon coming up (will most likely have slitghtly updated desings to the classic ones) hence the slight differences in the silhouette of the images, my take is that the first 8 figures seem to be (in order from left to right) He-Man, Trap Jaw, Skeletor, Evil Lynn (4 figures in the upper level) & Man-At-Arms, Teela, Beast man, and the last one I cant really tell but looking at the image it seems to be a thinner male character with the puffy furry boots so im thinking maybe Prince Adam (4 figures in the lower level), At least thats what I think (my guess is that it'd only be logical to make figures that tie in to the new upcoming cartoon, either that or more recent comicbook designs) I wasnt really intrested in the origins line and was thinking I wouldnt be buying any MOTU figures any time soon but with this 7in line I might have to get those
  12. Yeah its somewhat similar though the skirt piece is longer on the SFV version and he has the gray hair, if anything the one who is the closest from both games is Chun-Li, she is practically the same (she's just younger and a little slimmer)
  13. Great article @JayC , I agree completely, I think the companies should make an effort in keeping costumers happy like implementing countermeasures that only allow 1 or 2 of the same item to be purchased per account or even adress (now this can be circumvented but it does slow down a little enough for collectors to actually pick up the items they want before they are all out in seconds) another meassure is that the toy manufacturers ask for these countermeasures to be placed if said retail store wants an exclusive (companies like Neca or Hasbro or what not should tell Wallmart/Target, yeah we'll give you exclusives but we want you to put in meassures to prevent bots/scalping), but in the end its the collectors like you said that have to do their part and even though as you put it there is no silver bullet the one thing that comes close to it (and believe me it works) is STOP buying from scalpers, sooner or later theyll buckle under with having inventory that isnt selling (most of these people use this thing to earn money quickly cause they invest a good ammount of income they have in buying these items to sell them quickly and make a proffit and repeat the process, its not in their best intrest to be sitting on product that isnt selling because they need that money back fast either to invest in the next sought after product or just for their daily spending). Just as a little insight on where im comming from, Ill give a little info on how scalping works in my country: In mexico (like in most places scalping is not reserved to toys, heck with covid people started scalping lysol bottles, facemasks, and even Beer cause beer manufacturers shut down and there was a shortage) but sticking to Toys, most scalping in my country is with low priced item (since most scalpers try to move quantity over quality) like kids toys or hotwheels (there is a big issue with hot wheels scalping here), the more collector figures hadnt been scalped that much because they werent items that were on high demand but a couple of years now demand has gone up with figure collecting (its become more of a hobby and more people are getting into it) and this has brought on scalpers (many who scalped cheaper items have moved to scalping action figures because their profits are larger with these items and now there is a demand) but one thing that happened is that when collecting rose we werent getting a lot of product in stores so it was getting hard to find these items because of scalpers, lately companies like hasbro saw the demand and have been bringing more and more quantities of figures which hit a lot of scalpers hard (they would buy the first run and try to sell them for double or triple the price but before they could the stores would be stocked back up and people would prefer to buy them for retail and leave the scalpers with unsold inventory which later down the road would have to practically give away just to recup some of the invesment they made) that being said there is still scalping but luckily it hasnt gotten as bad as in the US (mostly because collecting also hasnt gotten as big and most people dont collect items more expensive than the average Marvel Legends or black series, so more expensive items though have their scalpers if you have patience and know where to buy you can easily find them for retail prices) the issue comes in with the fact that most of these "new" collectors that have just started lately to collect arent real fans, some just collect because its a fad or its cool, they post their purchases and what not just to gain views, stuff like that, its these people who dont have the patience to wait for the figures and end up buying from the scalpers (most of the times in facebook groups or social media theyll even thank these scalpers for selling them their items and recomending them further down as great sellers, even though they paid double the price of the figure, just because these "scalpers" helped them find the figure they were looking for but didnt bother to wait or search for it, and most of the times when they cant find it its because that same scalper already cleaned the stores) these kids only feed the scalpers because they are too lazy or desperate to put in the work to find the figures, but I have seen several scalpers go under because of reading the market wrong or just not being able to re-sell these figures, so in the end I agree that it does work when you dont feed these scalpers, you might miss out on a couple figures in the process but sooner or later these scalpers will stop if they dont see a profit coming their way.
  14. Wow, I see a lot of hate towards the TMNT lines from neca (warranted hate I might add) mostly because of how hard it is to get these figures (either because of bots/scalpers scooping everything before it can get to real collectors or lousy websites or stocking in Walmart/Target's part) It sucks that Neca is doing such an amazing job with both the Movie and the Cartoon TMNT Lines and its going so aweful, I cant even begin to know how Randy and the rest of the Neca team feels to know they are doing such great work and putting so much effort into the figures only to be having such a lousy reception because of issues out of their control. Dont get me wrong, Im not blaming anyone for speaking out on these issues, its just sad to see this happening because of things and people outside of the 2 parties that want these lines to do well (real collectors and the guys at neca) Now talking about this teaser, as some of you have already said, thats just amazing, this set looks to be a really cool adition, and I feel the same way as many of you that Its hard to get excited over something that looks to be really cool but I wont ever get my hands on it.
  15. wow that figure looks really nice, though we're still missing Blanka, a more classic SFII Chun-Li and all the bosses (Vega, Balrog and a Classic SFII M.Bison) aside from the mentioned Dalshim, and thats just the original SFII Cast, if I remember correctly these more classic figures were under the banner of SFII Turbo so then we'd still need D.J, T. Hawk, Fei Long and a Classic SFII Turbo Cammy, bring on all the fighters Storm!!! I wonder what accesories he'll have and how theyll recreate his signature 100 palm strike attack or theyll just add some sort of effect to place on his head to recreate his flying headbutt attack.
  16. im guessing the other 2 figures in this wave might be the other 2 Triceratons showed before, if thats the case theyll probably pack in Vernon with one triceraton, Mondo Geko with the other one and it will leave Rat King and Muckman to be the other 2 pack (which will be the one everyone will be after)
  17. Im not as big of a fan of MK to know the slight costume changes between games but this new one looks better in my opinion than the first MK1 Scorpion figure, Im liking how it looks
  18. Intresting Atom smasher is probably one of the characters I never imagined in a movie, even less a Black Adam Movie but then again we'll see how this movie turns out
  19. That cobra commander figure looks really nice, dont think I need another repaint of him though even with the added accesories and cool paint but its looking nice.
  20. never really been a Chucky fan, I dont see this series doing well too.
  21. Nice, now if only Boss Fight releases their Sam and Max figures (they should have been released already)
  22. Yeah thats very upsetting that hasbro did this, specially knowing there will be 3 different decos of Cobra commander Figures released this year, knowing this they should have packed CC 2 per case not three, at the very least the case should have been 2 of each per case though I thik Gun Ho could have been packed 1 per case and 3 ninjas knowing these are army builders, hopefully they repack him in another wave and they learn from this and future army builders are better packed
  23. The figure looks really nice, a bit on the pricey side for it being a model kit but I guess its because its an import figure and it'll probablt be a better price if bought from an overseas store
  24. I really hope these are not Walmart Exclusives entirely because itll be harder to get them that way and even though Walmart in my country seems to bring hasbro figures usually including their in store Walmart Exclusive Figures, I dont see that happening with big expensive sets like the SDCC Marvel sets.
  25. I think they are diferent, since the water emergence is a figure based on the design of the predator from the first movie (I believe it was decoed to look like the scene where he's coming out of the lake and its partially invisible but there are glimpses of how he really looks like), and as far as I can tell the new City Demon one is based on the Predator from the Predator 2 movie (the scene where he's standing on a building out in a lightning storm that gives him that effect with his stealth tech) I believe they are different molds. This new one will probably just be a repainted in clear plastic with the electricity deco version of the Ultimate City Hunter (Demon) Predator which seem to be the best Predator neca has made based on the Predator 2 movie.
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